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As with many of his other visions, the story changed over time. Rather than including the portions of the actual event that described his being kicked out of the meeting, it became a story of vindication of the original vision.


And yet, in the midst of five hundred thousand people that I was speaking to at Bombay, the Lord Jesus Christ and Christianity triumphed over everyone of them and put every witch doctor and holy man and everything else to shame. And there's no way of telling how many came to the Lord Jesus. We had no cooperation amongst the churches and just dropped in for three days, and there was no way of telling how many was saved.


BRANHAM, Be not Afraid, It is I, July 20, 1960 (tape #60-­0720)


There are small followings in India today, but for the most part are very few and far between. Christianity is very much frowned upon by the culture, and Christians are killed in the streets in parts of India. There definitely are not “of tens of thousands times thousands being saved.”









































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