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Most Message followers are also familiar with a vision Rev. Branham had concerning his shooting of a grizzly bear during one of his many hunting trips. The bear rug now lies in his Tucson home, and many are familiar with the event


Again, the question would arise of what spiritual significance this vision serves other than to instruct eager followers to help fund other hunting trips, but what many of his followers don't know is that Rev. Branham also prophesied at least 3 times that he would shoot a large brown bear as well. In one of the retellings of this vision, he claimed that it would happen during his hunting trip “when I come back next year”. He said:


Coming home the other night, or the other day, or just 'fore I come home, I was-­ -­fell into a vision; and I seen some little fellows, thin, looked like young boys or something, had on caps. And we were standing hunting. And I'd shot a mammoth, big, brown-­looking bear. And then, they turned around and said to me, said, "But there's some confusion about the meeting." And I said, "No matter what the confusion is, if I was supposed to go, wherever it was, I'll go anyhow. (See?) It doesn't matter." And the vision stopped. I don't know where that's at, but this is on tape. It's going to happen. See? Just remember; it's going to happen; it's a vision. . .




Many of you remember the vision that I had, where I had shot the grizzly bear, nine-­foot grizzly bear (And the church remembers me telling it here.) and the caribou. I had another. Remember it's on tape here, I seen a great huge brown bear. That might be a Kodiak and it wouldn't have worked down there in Canada, 'cause they're not there. You see? But wherever it will be, it'll be. It will be; that's THUS SAITH THE LORD. It will be.




Now, I'm going back into the country, that you might know, when I come back next year. I'm going to get a brown bear that's almost twice that size. You see if it's right or not. I seen it. When we was standing, put my hands on his haunches laying on the ground, like that. And I could put my hands on his hips like that, and him laying down. Now, you find out if that's right or not. BRANHAM, PRESUMING_ S.PINES.NC SUNDAY_ 62-­0610M


This prophecy was never fulfilled in 1963, or until Branham's death in 1965. The


interesting part about this vision, however, is the fact that it is only one of two visions that Branham prophesied before the event on recording, and is the only one

that describes an event that did not come to pass completely.






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