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A little over two years ago now, I was sitting in the room. I was reading my little Scofield Bible, and I heard something. First, I saw a Light. And I thought it was an automobile that turned the corner. But it turned, but it got brighter. And I looked out the door and there was no automobile. Then I heard something coming like this, going... [Brother Branham knocks on the podium four times.-­-­Ed.] walking. And I looked, and the Light got greater. And just above me hung a great Star. And the Light was kind of a, more of a green, between green and yellow, shining on the floor. And coming walking through this Light, came a Man that looked like, as I said before, would weigh two hundred pounds, a huge Man. He did not have beard over His face, like Christ's picture does. Who He is, I do not know. But He had... [­-­Ed.]...


shoulder. He was more of an olive complexion; He had dark eyes. He walked as


close to me as the microphone is there.




And It came into the room and walked to me that time, a Man, somewhat six foot tall, but of an olivelooking complexion, dark hair to His shoulders, weighing about two hundred pounds in human weight, and told me that I was brought to this world to pray for sick people. If I'd get them to believe and be sincere when I prayed, that nothing would stand before the prayer.




And He looked at me, He's tall, big Man, about two hundred pounds, got dark hair to His shoulders, kind of a olive complexion, always carries His arms folded, comes from the right, always coming to me. He's come since I was a little bitty baby. I was just a few minutes old when He made His first appearance in a little log cabin in Kentucky.

























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