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safety, and "believers" were trampled as they tried to gain entrance to see the "mighty man of God."


Followers even tried to touch the hem of his robe, just as the followers of Christ did before the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.


I thought, "That looks like the Lord Jesus." I thought, "I wonder if it is?" He was looking just exactly, directly towards where our house sets now. So I moved around this way to see if I could see Him. And I could see the side of His face like that. But He... I had to turn way around this way to see Him. And I said, "Uhm!" Never moved Him. And I thought, "I believe I'll call Him."


AvakAnd I said, "Jesus." And when He did, He looked around like that. That was all I remember, He just reached out His arms. There's not an artist in the world could paint His picture, the characters of His face. The best I've ever seen is that Hofmann's Head of Christ at Thirty-­Three, I've got it on all literature and everything I use. That's because that looks just like it, and so then... or pretty near, as close as it could be.
































Sadly, the epileptic son of the rich man who brought Avak to the United States was quickly left behind. Though he was told his healing would come within only a couple weeks, he remained unchanged.


Avak was eventually deported due to his attempt to stay in the United States permanently on a visa that did not permit it.

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