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Using an interpreter to translate, Avak is said to have healed over a thousand people in the Shrine Auditorium alone.


Many of you has heard of Avak. You know, they come over here that time. Well, we've been trying to meet each other for some time. We met a few days ago in Florida, and put our pictures together and said, "[blank spot in tape] American [blank spot in tape ] consults Divine healing." Anyhow, fellow, why he-­-­he-­-­He was a man that had long beard, and long hair.




Avak got his start in America through the funding of a very wealthy family in California, who had spent several thousands of dollars in an attempt to heal their son.


Not long ago in California, some of the Armenian people, who had all sold out of their winery and things, sent me a check-­-­a check that amounted to more than a million dollars. And I wouldn't even put my hands upon it. I sent them back. I'd rather be poor and live in a shack and have favor with God, and the feeling that I had the satisfaction I love Him, than all the wealth the world owns. And when one of those little cross-­eyed children, and their eyes are straightened...


That poor old mother done crippled up, for her to be healed, that means more than all the money the world has. And it's no charges; it's absolutely free. I have nothing to do with it. I'm just trying to make my body an instrument to help other people. 49-­0718 I.WAS.NOT.DISOBEDIENT.TO.THE.HEAVENLY.VISION_



Vaughn Arukellian, struggled with epilepsy since he was struck by a bus at the age of 9. His father placed his faith in Avak the healer to heal his invalid son.


Avak began his work at St. Paul’s Armenian church in Fresno California. His entourage included a very wealthy Tom Kardashian, who claimed to have been healed of diabetes during Avak’s visit from Armenia.


Before long, newspapers across the nation began dubbing Avak with titles such as "Avak the Great," drawing eager eyes to their every article describing the wonders that the 20-­year-­old Armenian could perform.


By September of 1947, nearly a million people had tried to reach "Avak the Great" for the healing of their bodies. All who came in contact with Avak claimed to have been either healed or somewhat better off than before.


By June, the month of Branham’s first healing campaign recognized by the press, Avak was a name mentioned in the barber shops and dinner tables across the nation. Crowds had grown to a point where police direction was required to ensure


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