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facing a great mountain. It seemed to be the mountain of the Lord! It had a towering, high church steeple on the top of it. I was then asked to go west toward the mountain.



I entered the mountain through a door and on the inside I was met by a woman who had on a garment that might have been snow white at one time. Now the garment was very soiled. She asked me if I was Bro. Billy Branham and I replied, "I am." She then introduced herself as Mrs. Methodist.



I asked her why the spots on that lovely white garment. She replied, "I have been so busy." I then said to her, "That's right; you Methodists have so many organizations and societies in your church, you haven't had much time for the Lord." Then she said, "I was told that you were being sent to me. Maybe I should awaken my husband!" Then she disappeared.



Looking to my left, I saw a small heap of smooth-baked bread. There were white fowls standing near it, but they would not eat much of it. Then the Lord said to me, "Do you know them?" I No."


Then He said, "That is your Tabernacle and they won't eat the bread of life anymore. I am sending you this way." Then I journeyed on westward.


I was then brought to a plain where a platform was erected. Seemingly, it was under a large tent or auditorium. There were curtains drawn in back of the platform. The Lord then told me to pull back the curtains and when I did I saw a great mountain of the bread of life. He then said, "Feed these," and turning around I saw white-robed people coming from everywhere, making up a large audience.



The following night, after the vision was over, I explained it to my church just as the Lord had given it to me.


(I Was Not Disobedient Unto the Heavenly Vision : William Branham)






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