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Miss Cook:


She called the nurse, Miss Cook. She said, "Come here." She said, "Set down just a minute. I've just got a few minutes left."


And she was Hope's friend. And she was biting her lip.


She said, "When you get married, I hope you get a husband like mine."


51-­0415A LIFE.STORY


Louise Hale:


Just then the nurse run in the door, said, "Reverend Branham, you better take this."


She motioned to the nurse. She took me by the hand, she said, "Louise," we knew them all well. She said, "Louise," (Hale) she said, "I hope when you get married that you have a husband like mine."


52-­0720A LIFE.STORY




I said, "Just a minute, nurse." We knew her real well.


My wife called her over. She said, "Juanita," said, "I hope when you get married you have a husband like mine." Said, "He's been so good to me," and she had her arm around me.


53-­1108A LIFE.STORY






























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