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And…the grandma had a house that had a complete mirror on the door. And so, little boy…seen another little boy in front of him. And the little boywas running, also. So he thought he should stop a few minutes and see what the little lad was going to do. And when he stopped, the little boy stopped. When he turned his head, the little boy turned his head. He scratched his head, the little boy scratched his. Finally, walked closer, to investigate. And he turned around. And his mother watching him, and his grandmother, with amazement. Said, "Why, mother, that's me."


(It should be noted that William Branham’s grandmother was living in a house near Jeffersonville, IN at the time).


Apr. 19, 1959 Aft., MY LIFE STORY, LOS ANGELES, CA I was born in a little mountain cabin, way up in the moun-­tains of Kentucky. They had one room that we lived in, no rug on the floor, not even wood on the floor, it was just simply a bare floor. And a stump, top of a stump cut off with three legs on it, that was our table. And all those little Branhams would pile around there, and out on the front of the little old cabin, and wallowed out, looked like where a bunch of opposums had been wallowing out there in the dust, you know, all the little brothers.There was nine of us, and one little girl, and she really had a rough time amongst that bunch of boys.


Only two boys, William and Humpy, were born in Kentucky. This should make it clear that Branham’s stories about all these children, including his sister Dolores, living in this Kentucky cabin, were fabricated to create emotional appeal in his audience.


In reality, by that time, Ella Branham had a boarding house and her husband was not spoken about much. Charlie Branham appeared to be a drunkard.


Jan. 17, 1955, How The Angel Come To Me And My Commission, Chicago, IL, My mother used to run a boardinghouse. And I went down there one day to find out... There a great group of men boarded there, and the big, long table set.


One would think that would bring in sufficient funds to care for a family.



















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