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When we consider all of the above accounts William Branham gave regarding his


New Albany vision, the following is to be noted:


1.   The vision occurred anywhere from 15 months old to about 4 years old.


2.   Branham’s claim of being only 15, or 18 months old, yet somehow he had a vision he could articulate, including the concept of locale and city name, without even having the motor skills to walk. (Yet he somehow had the motor skills to throw a rock in the mud)


3.     Branham also stated that his brother Edward (Humpy) was still crawling in a dress when the vision occurred. Humpy was born on May 12, 1910. Presuming that Humpy still crawled at 12 months old, that would place Branham’s vision on May 12, 1912. Branham also said that about a year, or less than a year later, his father was in Indiana. This would bring the moving date to New Albany to approximately 1913. Yet, according to the 1930 USA Census, the next brother, Melvin F (Francis?) Branham, was born in Indiana, in 1912. It is evident that only William Branham and Humpy were born in Kentucky.


6.  Throughout his ministry career, Branham spoke about his hardships and about the cabin they lived in:



For more information see, “Legend of the Fall” from






























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