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William Branham gives an account several times describing his “New Albany” prophecy, how a voice from a tree spoke to him and told him that he would spend a great deal of his life near a city called “New Albany.” To those who have never been blessed with children, these claims of understanding the voice and the location at an age of fifteen months seems plausible, but to any who have watched their toddlers learn motor skills and language skills, red flags start to be raised.


The scriptures instruct us to test the prophecies, and though this was a prophecy from the mouth of a babe, we still should follow the Bible’s instruction and test the prophecy to see if it is from God or from a presumptuous prophet.


Let’s examine the ages of the toddler prophet:


1.    May 01, 1951, EXHORTATION OF.DIVINE HEALING, LOS.ANGELES, CA Later on when I was about three years old, I remember hearing a voice speak to me and tell me that I would live near a city called New Albany


2.    Jun. 12, 1953-­0612, PALMERWORM LOCUST CANKERWORM CATERPILLAR, CONNERSVILLE, IN And from a …little small lad of about, I suppose, 2 yrs old, was the first time I remember of that speaking to me.


3.   Nov. 04, 1953, DEEP CALLETH UNTO THE DEEP OWENSBORO, KY At about fifteen, eighteen months old I had my first vision.


4.              Jul. 19, 1954 PM, GOD'S PROVIDED WAY OF HEALING, CHICAGO, IL One of

the first things I can remember, it seems strange, but I remember when I was yet crawling. In my days when baby was crawling, they had long dresses…And the next


thing I remember was God speaking to me in a vision, and telling me that I'd spend a bigger part of my life near a city called New Albany.


5.              Jan. 17, 1955, HOW.THE.ANGEL.CAME.TO.ME.AND.HIS.COMMISSION_ CHICAGO.IL …I had a rock and was throwing it down like that, in the mud, trying to show my little brother how strong I was…and a Voice said, "You're going to spend a big part of your life near a city called New Albany." 28 That's three miles from where I was raised. Went, about a year later, to the place, having no idea of ever going...New Albany.


6.              Aug. 11, 1957 PM, EXPECTATIONS AND LEADINGS OF THE SPIRIT, EDMONTON, AB When I was about three or four, between three and four years old, He spoke to me. I was in the mountains of Kentucky, said, "You'll live near a city called New Albany."






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