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To this day, cult followers still believe that 1909 is Branham’s correct birth year. Very few have caught the fact that Branham gave a third birth year in an appeal to the followers of John Alexander Dowie.


In Branham’s 1949 sermon, "I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision" in Zion Illinois, he has great respect for John Alexander Dowie. Dowie, he claims, prophesied that Branham would come.


Just recently, this afternoon, one of the brothers that's on the platform now, handed me a letter from a lady, said... A very saintly looking, motherly lady, aged, was standing in the hotel lobby, said, "Give this personally to Brother Branham." She was acquainted, of your, our great renowned brother that's-­-­that's sleeping tonight, no, not sleeping (his body is); his soul's with Jesus: Doctor Alexander Dowie. "And forty years before... When he died, he prophesied," she said.


He said, "It'll be forty years after my death, that this city shall go on the rock, but after that forty years there'll come a revival, that'll be more glorious than it was in the first place." And I have the writings here in-­-­in-­-­in just in part that I might read there. It's kinda... "Doctor Dowieprophesied that some forty years after his death, that the churches would be restored in more power and glory than they were in-­-­in the former."




Oh, if I... If Jesus tarries, and I can stay that long, let me be like that. That's right. Brother Richey here, how I could speak of him, of how down through the age when I was a little boy in school, he was out there preaching the Gospel and praying for the sick, when I was just a boy. Your mothers and dads listened to him preach the Gospel on Divine healing, both of them out of Zion, Illinois. Candidates are out from under the-­ -­the great teacher late Doctor Dowie. How Doctor Dowie in his death prophesied that I would come to that city forty years from the time that he died. Not knowing nothing about it, he died on one day, and I was borned on the next. And forty years to the day I entered the city, not knowing nothing about it. Oh, how God's great move is coming together; I hear the sound of abundance of rain.


-­-­51-­0929 OUR.HOPE.IS.IN.GOD



To those in Zion, he claimed to have been born the day after Dowie's death in 1907.

John Alexander Dowie died March 9, 1907, so Branham claimed to have been born


March 10, 1907. Branham wanted to become the “Elisha” to Dowie’s “Elijah.”














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