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these grounds. It's a... I have been blessed as I moved across the little creek there, and see this court. And I... One time when Brother Leo was making tapes, and I told him that surely there was something greater in life for him than to make tape. And, course, tape-­making is something that we must do, but it's blessed us, but there is something else. We're all cut out for different things to do.


And to come here this morning and look, this fine little Jerusalem setting out here, little, what I called, it Goshen, I believe, when we come over this morning. Remember, Goshen was one of the places that they worshipped, one of the first places the tent was pitched. And to meet old friends, and-­-­and new, and to have this time allotted to us, I just... It seems like that-­-­that you just don't want to leave. There's just something that wants to hold you. I can see why you people would want to stay here. See? It's something that grips you.


I don't believe I was ever in any sweeter worship and fellowship, as these songs and things, that I set there and bite my lips and shake my feet, and try to hold myself back from screaming out, when I heard those old songs sang in the way I think they ought to be sung, and that's sung in the Spirit. Now, that's what we-­-­ we... Paul said, "If I sing, I'll sing in the Spirit." Now, I can't imagine the Spirit as being screaming to the top of our voice. I-­-­I think the Spirit of Christ is love, and gentleness, and peace, that-­-­that brings something to our souls, that feed us. I think, there, that's the way them songs should be sang.




This group, in “The Park”, worshipped together with William Branham’s full support. Like several churches of the day, they connected into the meetings by phone.


We send greetings up in the mountains, Prescott, Arizona, to Brother Leo Mercier and his group that's up there waiting for the Coming of the Lord. WHAT.IS.THE.ATTRACTION.ON.THE.MOUNTAIN_ JEFF.IN V-­8 N-­8 SUNDAY_ 65-­0725E



California Supreme Court case # S045060 (People Vs. Loker) describe the physical, sexual, emotional, and spiritual abuse at the hands of Leo Mercer in their defense for the murderer created by this commune in Prescott, AZ.


Children and adults, both men and women, were sexually abused under the name of God.


For more information, see­v-­loker-­ 33137


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