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Now, if I get... You notice, usually Brother Vayle, usually watches me, and Billy Paul, my boy, Mr. Goad setting here, and Mr. Mercier , they watch me. I don't know when the anointing strikes, I don't know how tired I am, but they've been with me so long, they know when I've got enough; they run in and pat me on the side. That's to let me know that I've gone far enough. THE.QUEEN.OF.THE.SOUTH_ GREENVILLE.SC FRIDAY_ 58-­0620


Brother Leo Mercier (He's somewhere here in the building.) and Brother Gene Goad, setting here. Precious boys that goes with me wherever I go, making tapes and so forth. And if you want the tapes, see Brother Mercier ; he kindy takes care of it. Brother Goad takes the tapes; Brother Mercier has the selling of them, which is just a-­-­quite a margin, just so they can barely live. Two precious boys...




This tape is being made for the Kingdom of God, as I am presenting it to Brother Lee Vayle for a manuscript. Brother Vayle has asked me, here in the presence of Brother Mercier , to-­-­to give some of the former visions.

Of course, visions was... Now, one of the first things I can remember is visions coming. Visions come all the time, but after my conversion is where I think you were interested in, Brother Vayle.






The disconcerting part is that they were not only in charge of the recordings, but the transcription as well. They would take the prophecies, and “make them more up-­to-­ date”. This is very concerning when you consider the degree of which the “prophecies” changed over the years to fit the knowledge available at the time.


By the way, Mr. Mercier and many of them are going to take some of these old prophecies, and dig them out, and revise them a little, or bring them up to date, and put them in papers.








Gene and Leo setup a trailer park in Prescott, AZ. William Branham came to preach in their little following.


Brother Leo, Brother Gene and pilgrims, I-­-­I deem this one of the grand privileges that I've had, to come here to see for myself what you have here on

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