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Now, when I said, "Brother Mercier ," I seen him duck his head; he's kind of a bashful sort of a boy. He and Brother Gene here, they-­-­they kindly... You've met them; they've been in pretty near all my meetings here. They kindly was going to play a FBI trick on me one time, when they first come into the meetings. They... Down in Hammond, Indiana, they seen those things going on; they said, "There's a trick to it somewhere. So we're going to find out." WHEN.LOVE.IS.PROJECTED_ MINNEAPOLIS.MN SATURDAY_ 56-­0218B


Mercier and Goad became involved more and more in William Branham’s teachings, to the point they felt a calling to minister it. They became students of William Branham.


Here not long ago, you might've heard it in the magazines. I love wild animals. And I was setting on my porch with my student ministers down here, Mr. Mercier and Mr. Goad, I, the tape boys. And they come up there and we talk. AN.EXODUS_ INDIANAPOLIS.IN FRIDAY_ 56-­0615


Following William Branham all across the country, they were regarded with very high respect, as fine Christian boys.


Leo and Gene is two fine boys that goes with in the meetings, one of Catholic family and the other one had formed a little FBI of their own. They were going to investigate me. And they did. And they've been going with me ever since, taking tape recordings. And they're fine Christian boys. And when they did, they were setting on the porch, and I call them my students. And I was teaching to them the love of God.




William Branham continued to compliment the “tape boys”, and give them great respect in the meetings.


I've got two trusted boys here, Mr. Mercier and Mr. Goad. THE.GREAT.COMMISSION_ EDMONTON.AB SUNDAY_ 57-­0804A



And now, the tape boys are here, my boys, Brother Leo Mercier and Gene. And now, they have the tapes here for sale. And as I was saying the other night, we don't sell them on Sunday. And through the week is when you have to buy them. And I'm sure, these boys... I've knowed them for years. They were some of my, kind of a converts when they... These two young man, one being formerly out of a Catholic home and the other... I don't know just where Brother Gene come from, what his people were, perhaps Methodists or something. And they come down to the meeting just to get a general conception of it. And the Lord spoke to them.

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