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Leo Mercier and Gene Goad are at the center of many troubling rumors and allegations, some of which would fetch criminal prosecution, but none of which can be proven. It is said that they were homosexual.


At the same time Leo and Gene, two homosexuals, attached themselves to Bro. Branham's ministry, tape boys, which was allowed by God, and when they absolutely showed what they were, God warned Bro. Branham what would happen to them. And I saw the vision in the vision book. "Leave them alone. They will leave and go into false doctrine." Now watch: doctrine. People hate the thought of doctrine. They don't want me to teach doctrine. They despise it. Lee Vayle, Godhead 7/2/2000



William Branham knew this, and supported them from the beginning of their involvement to the very end. It is said that Mericer and Goad held the only copies of the original recordings until the very end of their own ministry, and buried them for none to find.


They were first introduced in 1955, in Macon, GA.


Now, to someone else. Here is a friend of mine, Brother Leo Mercier. He's from up in Michigan. And he-­-­he comes from that badger state, I believe, up there, 'course you can be forgiven for that, you know, from being from Michigan. And a very fine boy , him and Gene Goad, another chum, bosom friend... I call them my students. They're missionary boys, studying for missionary. They come along in the meetings and take tape recordings and so forth. You boys stand up just a minute: two fine, Christian brothers. This is Mr. Mercier here, and this is Mr. Goad here. And these fellows here come along and take-­-­take tape recordings of the meetings. And they get their things cheap enough, that they don't... If anyone wants a recording, to find out just what taken place, see these men. A.GREATER.WITNESS.THAN.JOHN_ MACON.GA THURSDAY_ 55-­0609


Gene and Leo brought copies of “the pillar of fire” to distribute in Phoenix for William Branham.


You all seen that picture, I guess, tonight. The boys (I think), Leo and Gene brought some, the picture of the Pillar of Fire. That's what's settling right here, around here, right now. See? That's right. Moving in, just like someone else walking into you. That's what she feels. She's standing close to me






Leo was a bashful type, and had been in the meetings before. They were from Hammond, IN.


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