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About The Author


John Collins is the author and Webmaster of


Almost 36 years in “the Message”, the name of the group of people (cult) following the teachings of William Marrion Branham, John has dedicated his life towards helping those who are still in this cult, and to those who are no longer bound but serving Jesus Christ with many questions. His goal is to remind both groups that we serve a living God who does not look to any organization, doctrine, mystery, or gift of the Spirit; we serve a God who looks at the heart.


His main purpose is to point others back to the Bible, which is the Absolute.  All words of men may fail, but the Word of God will never fail.  We should put our hearts and minds back on Jesus Christ, who died on the cross so that ALL could be saved by grace through faith.


Seek Ye The Truth started as a central place for all cult followers to ask the questions openly and anonymously, many of which they had in their hearts and minds for several years and were afraid to ask.  The original goal was to go "hand in hand" with the local pastors, spreading the answers and vindicating the teachings of William Marrion Branham. 


As research started to progress, more false teachings were found than truths.  More prophecies had failed than had succeeded.  None could be proven.  Bible teachings came from Gnostic texts and other strange beliefs, and did not line up with the Word of God.  Cult pastors had no answer.


While some live normal lives walking "middle ground," many are starting to become very hurt and abused.  Many suffer depression.  Physical and sexual abuse, and self-condemnation stories started surfacing.


Over time, Seek Ye The Truth slowly transformed from a site of questions into a site dedicated to help those in need.  There are almost two million cult followers of William Branham around the world, making it larger than some of the other cult followings, and there are almost no support groups for those desperately seeking help.  Please join us as we help others. 


God Bless You!