About Seek The Truth

This website is dedicated to those trapped into or having escaped from the religious following of William Marrion Braham. Within the movement are genuine, loving individuals that believe their denomination of faith is founded in the Bible, but in reality, is founded around the fictional stories of a man from Jeffersonville, Indiana. The folklore of this man became a part of the way of life for so many of our friends and family, and to remove any portion of this fiction is to remove a part of your inner being.

For many, the painful journey out of this false religion began in 2011. Around the world, God began to open the eyes of the people who called themselves part of the "Message," the name given to this denomination of faith. Sadly, for many this was a journey of hardship. God sent us through the fire, testing us, trying us, and delivering us from the worst rising threat we would ever know: ourselves. The ministry of William Branham taught us to grow in the sin of pride. We were proud to be Christian, proud to be part of God's Bride, but had become scornful of other Christians. The movement had severed itself from the Body of Christ, and other Christians were seen as a different class of people. We were programmed to believe that our group was the Bride of Christ, but at the same time were trained to believe that other Christians were not part of that Body.

But God is calling a church that is built on Love. The Church is one living, breathing, functioning body whose joints and ligaments are sewn together with the Love of Christ. God is not calling a people to separate themselves or a people to become scornful of others. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a Gospel that saves even the lowest sinner, and we are here for one purpose: to be lights shining for the Gospel. Our salvation is a Gift, and it is not earned. It is only by the Grace of Jesus Christ that we are saved, and there is nothing that we can do to save ourselves. It is a Gift from the Father, given through His Son, and that Gift is freely offered to all who will believe in His Name.

As God began to call us out of the severed body of William Branham and into the healthy Body of Christ, we began to examine our foundation. Many of us were shocked at what we found. While being taught that our faith was built on absolute truth, we were quickly starting to realize that the foundation of this religious following was nothing more than a human being who had denied the Christ of the Bible and had created a different god of worship. We found that the folklore we were trained to follow was built on inconsistent fictional stories, and that very little truth was found in those stories. We found a ministry filled with failed prophecies, twisted scriptures, and very little truth. It tore our hearts out, and many of us went through a severe emotional battle as our world was taken out from underneath our feet.

God is faithful, and promised that he would never leave us nor forsake us. When Christ ascended to the Father, he promised to send His Holy Spirit to lead us and to guide us. That promise was fulfilled in each and every one of us as we made our journey out of a cult and into the Grace of the Living God.

This site is dedicated to those who have made that journey, and to those who are awakening to make that journey. We offer you a promise: You won't have to make that journey alone.

Family may forsake you, friends may leave you, and all that you held dear may be taken away as the emotional abuse targets your weakest threads of hope, but you are not alone. God is with you, and many of us have made this journey ahead of you. We are here to help you every step of the way.