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Deep Study: Willard Collins, Pastor of the Branham Tabernacle

Grandfather of John Collins, Author and Webmaster.

Rev. Willard Collins was born in 1926 in Glensfork, Kentucky. He attended the Glensfork school system until his junior year of high school, at which time he transferred to Knifley High School after the Glensfork school was closed. He loved sports, and played basketball for the Knifley High School basketball team.

In 1945, Willard married Naomi Eastridge at the Methodist parsonage in Cane Valley, Adair County, Kentucky. His father-in-law, Rev. Eastridge, was a Methodist pastor, and performed the ceremony at his house. After being married, the newlywed couple lived with his mother and father at their farm until they could afford the purchase of Willard's first farm in Glensfork.

Five years later, Willard was ordained into the Methodist Church. He sold the farm and moved to Columbia, Adair County, Kentucky to start the Mission Church in Columbia. There, Willard preached the Gospel from behind the pulpit of the small church, on the local radio, and on the road. By the time he started his ministry as an evangelist, Willard and Naomi had a musical family. As he traveled from county to county holding tent revivals and preaching, his family would sing hymns to tunes on an accordion and a steel guitar. During this time, Willard came in contact with Rev. Tom Meredith and Estel Beeler, who had a "faith healing" ministry. It was through these men that Willard first learned of "faith healer" William Marrion Branham from Jeffersonville, Indiana, and was eventually recruited into Branham's "Message" cult following.

After accepting position as pastor of the Methodist Church in Mannsville, Kentucky, the Methodist Church asked Willard to attend a pastoral school in Macon Georgia. During his time there, Willard attended a "healing revival" by Branham. Shortly after in 1955, he dropped out of the Methodist school and moved to Charlestown, Indiana to take the position of associate pastor at Branham's church, the "Branham Tabernacle", in nearby Jeffersonville Indiana. This position was created to assist Rev. Orman Neville, who was a part-time assistant pastor at Branham's church. Rev. Neville split his time between the Branham Tabernacle and his "Neville Tabernacle" he planted in 1950 in Henryville, Indiana. With Branham's continual absence during his "faith healing" meetings, it was evident that Rev. Neville performed the duties of "pastor" while Willard performed the duties of "assistant pastor". By 1958, Willard's position in the Branham Tabernacle was made official by William Branham, when it was announced that he served as both "deacon" and "Assistant to Brother Neville".

Over the next few years, Willard Collins became very close with William Branham. Not only did they spend a lot of time together in the ministry, they spent many hours together as personal friends. The children of both men became close childhood friends, and those relationships would continue to grow and strengthen for the remainder of their lives. Eventually, William Branham would issue his "prophetic" blessing to Willard: "All your children and your grandchildren shall be saved".

In 1963, one of Willard's children was diagnosed with rheumatic fever, an inflammatory disease resulting from inadequately treated strep throat or scarlet fever. Under doctors' orders, the child was placed on bedrest. Willard telephoned the "faith healer" to heal his child, and the child was healed. Though the disease can cause damage to the heart, death only occurs from rheumatic fever in rare cases. Most recover, developing other health problems. Branham convinced Willard that his son was dying, however, and the child's recovery was a testimony Willard would often tell others as an example of Branham's "healing power".

In 1964, a year after William Branham migrated his family to Tucson, Arizona, Willard Collins and his family also migrated to Tucson. There, he assumed position as chairman of the deacon board in Branham's church in Tucson while he and his family lived in a "house trailer". It wasn't until 1968, three years after Branham's death, that Willard finally purchased a home in Tucson to settle into. Their time in the home was short, however. A year later, after inheriting a dairy farm in his home town of Glensfork, Kentucky, Willard sold his Tucson home and migrated back to Kentucky.

In 1969, Willard accepted the position of head pastor of the Branham Tabernacle. Still living in Glensfork, Kentucky, the family made the two-and-a-half-hour trip to spend all-day Sunday and Wednesday evenings with the people of the Branham Tabernacle church. Eventually, they sold yet another farm in Kentucky to migrate back to Jeffersonville area.

In the years that followed, Willard's position began to transition from minister to proxy for a voice from the grave. William Branham's sermons recorded from 1947 to 1965 were becoming the "authoritative voice" for the cult following. After Branham's death in 1965, the central figure for the cult slowly transitioned from Branham's person to Branham's voice. Under suggestive labels such as "The Spoken Word" or "The Voice of God", members of Branham's cult following began to refer to the statements recorded by Branham as authority in doctrine and scripture. Over time, the cult required the "Written Word" (the Christian Bible) to be interpreted only through the "Spoken Word" (Branham's recordings").

Willard's leadership of the Branham Tabernacle included a combination of sermons he preached and pre-recorded sermons of William Branham. Over time, however, many members of and visitors to the Branham Tabernacle began objecting to his preaching from the Christian Bible. On many occasions, members and visitors of the church would leave their seats and exit the building when he chose to preach instead of listening to a recording of William Branham. This eventually caused a division in the church between those of the "tape crowd" and those of the "preaching crowd". As time went on, the "tape crowd" outnumbered those who wanted to hear preaching from the Christian Bible. Though he fought against this ideology, this was a battle he would not win. Eventually, he gave up, choosing to play recordings from magnetic tapes each and every Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday evening, and revival meeting. The preacher's voice had been silenced.

As time continued with his voice muted, Willard began to lose control of the church. Many viewed him as nothing more than a figurehead, in a position only necessary for ceremonial purposes. The sermons now coming only from the dead voice of William Branham, some began claiming that the deceased Branham was their "pastor", and refused to accept Willard as holding that position. A large number of people started paying tithes and offerings to the cult headquarters rather than the church, and funds used to help the needy began decreasing. This was disheartening to Willard, whose passion was helping the poor in his church. Rather than ignore the needy, Willard often helped the poor with money he earned through farming and cattle, even helping those who refused to donate to the church.

By 2015, the situation had gone out of control. Deacons in the Branham Tabernacle recognized the financial problems in the church, and began investigating. To their surprise, they found evidence that they claimed to be criminal. According to their testimonies when they resigned, William Branham's sons had been allegedly stealing from the church, and cult headquarters appeared to be stealing and stockpiling money. Tax records revealed a hundred million dollars in assets, and a second legal entity was created for the sole purpose of moving money. Homes (not owned by Willard) were claimed as "parsonages" to allegedly avoid paying income tax, and a large portion of the property underneath the Branham Tabernacle was deeded away from the church to one of Branham's sons. Comparing the expenses to the money collected, a large discrepancy was found. Deacons publicly demanded to know where the money went. In October of 2015, Willard resigned from his position as "pastor" of the Branham Tabernacle. Along with him, the entire staff of deacons, From late 2015 through 2017, Willard pastored a "Message" cult church in New Albany, Indiana.

Until the day of his death, Willard believed that William Branham would resurrect from the grave to fulfil prophecies that did not come to pass in his lifetime. Willard was a strong supporter of Branham's "tent vision", Branham's claim that he would give the "chosen ones" their "new bodies" while holding one last "healing campaign". Though Branham's "tent prophecy" was an unpopular subject for many ministers in the "Message" cult, Willard would often refer to it in his sermons. He would also refer to a vision in which he and his wife, Naomi, would be standing in their motor home when William Branham returned for them. Sadly, both men went to their graves without closure to these unfulfilled "prophecies". Willard died of cancer, one of the primary diseases William Branham's "divine healing" cult claimed to cure.

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Deacons Demand To Know Where The Stolen Money Went (transcript)

Pastor of the Branham Tabernacle Resigns (audio)
Pastor of the Branham Tabernacle Resigns (transcript)

Song Leader of the Branham Tabernacle Resigns (audio)
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Letter to the Trustees of the Branham Tabernacle (audio)
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Letter Demanding Return of Stolen Propery (audio)
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More Resignations from the Branham Tabernacle (audio)
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Acceptance Speech by Samuel Barber, Willard Collins' Replacement (audio)
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Farewell Speech by Willard Collins (audio)
Farewell Speech by Willard Collins (transcript)

Government Documents:
Government Records

Deacon's Public Statement Demanding To Know Where The Stolen Money Went: (audio)
This is from Brother [deacon], precious brother, we thank him for the service he has given to us. We really appreciate him. Here's what he said.

I consider myself a very fortunate man to have had the opportunity to serve our precious Lord Jesus as a deacon. Likewise, to work with our precious brother [pastor] in service to believers in the Branham Tabernacle.

Brother Branham appointed Brother [pastor] as pastor of this church. He is the absolute authority in all things. Brother [pastor] never tried to build himself an empire of wealth and fame. He chose a humble and unselfish route. What an honor to love and know this man.

God's people in the Tabernacle are truly some of the most sincere and wonderful people to walk with in the face of the earth. It humbles me to know and worship with such devout believers of this glorious Message.

The trustees announced that the attorney made a mistake concerning the deed of the church. When there is a mistake, it should be corrected. The church should have been returned to the people, not given away to a trustee family and his organization. Surely, Brother Branham would be displeased with the turn of events. He and Sister Branham deeded the church to the people in 1953. I believe that something that is STOLEN from all of us is dispersed to the Lord and can never be blessed for it is tainted.

The deacons have been unable to fulfill all of their duties for a while because the treasurer/trustee has said there is no funds available to help those in need. The question is WHERE IS THE MONEY?

I've endeavored to do my best for the Branham Tabernacle. Brother Branham intended this to be a sovereign church, not one owned by an organization. I must step down because of the decision this church is now going.

So it is with a heavy heart and deep regards that I resign my position as deacon. I trust and hope that everyone will understand the seriousness of this thing that has been done. God bless you brothers and sisters.

Signed [deacon], 8/30/15

Letter To The Trustees: (audio)
To the trustees of the Branham Tabernacle, August 5, 2015. Since very little was resolved in the recent board meeting, we have determined that the trustees must do their duty concerning the restoring of the Tabernacle to the people as it is stated in 1953 deed.

It is not for the pastor to go to anyone and ask that the tabernacle be returned. He has nothing to do with giving it away. The property was signed away by one trustee. And he is responsible for the return of said property.

Therefore, once again, we demand that the trustee responsible for this error return the property to the rightful owners. This is the property of the people. It is not the property of one or two men.

Brother Branham deeded the Branham Tabernacle to the people because he wanted it to be that way. This must be taken care of immediately.

[elders of the Branham Tabernacle]

Willard's Resignation From The Branham Tabernacle: (audio)
I hate this time has come that I must do this. I wish to retire as pastor of the Branham Tabernacle as of this date: Sunday, August 30, 2015. I have labored so hard for this Message, and I am 89 years old and have tried so hard to keep it on the word. But it looks like it is falling apart. It is the only thing I know to do. Therefore, I'll pray for you folks, and be sure and pray for me. I won't be having any more funerals or weddings.

Willard's Farewell Speech: (audio)
There's a bunch of them! [new pastor attempts to interrupt]. Just a minute. We know one thing. We've had the greatest bunch of men I've seen together to hold this "Message" as best they knew how. I believe that. And I believe there's some trying times ahead. I believe that it won't be long 'til we'll look back and say, "wasn't those precious times?"

Wasn't that great? We enjoyed the blessings of the Lord coming among us. I don't know what's going to happen. But I can tell you one thing, the Lord knows. And it'd better be kept straight now. We're too close to home to mess it up. We'd better look to Him to help us at this hour. He's our only help. But He is a great help. And I appreciate being able to be with you folks for almost 46 years now as a pastor of the Tabernacle. I worked with Brother Branham, watched him, watched how he maneuvered. How he handled things. I've been with him a lot. And I saw how that he'd meet a stranger. He didn't jump on him with all four feet and tell him he's going to hell if he didn't straighten up -- you know, some people have that idea. I'll tell you what he would do. He'd talk to that fellow about fishing, about hunting.

Aw, just anything the man wanted to talk about. And sometimes he would never mention the church, the Bible, or nothing. Other times, he would. If he found the place where he thought there was hope of reaching the man, he would stay with him. Otherwise, he'd let it drop. Because, after all, there's only so many. And he knew who would and who would not! He had the answer!

He could tell you what you had for breakfast three weeks ago if he wanted to! I'll tell you, he was-he was God tabernacled in the flesh! Nothing short of it! And he had all the answers, just like they should be to help the people! He come to help the people, not to hurt them. He didn't want to hurt nobody. He wanted to help everybody. And I've been so honored to be with him since 1955.

I feel like that it's really strengthened me in the things of the Lord, and I thank him for that. And I thank you for putting up with me all this time. You've been very gallant, and I appreciate it. Some of you stayed away from church. Let me tell you something he told me. I was resigning a long time ago. I was tired and weary, and when I'd get up to speak, people would get up and march out. That makes a preacher feel bad, I don't care who he is.

And then, I'd meet them outside and put down my hand and shake hands with them, and they'd just turn their back and walk away. Then they started leaving the church, one by one. Well, I thought maybe if I'd resign, they'd come back. I wasn't blaming them. And I had my resignation written out. He called me one Saturday from Tucson, Arizona. He said, "Brother Collins, I was up in the mountains praying today, and the angel of the Lord told me to call you. What's the matter?" I said, "I guess everything's alright Brother Branham," and he said, "No, no, that's not it."

He said, "There's a problem, and you tell me what it is."

I said, "Well, I was resigning tomorrow," and I told him why.

He said, "Don't you do that." He said, "I can tell you the reason why they went out from us."

I didn't know what to expect then. I said, "What, Brother Branham?"

He said, "Because they weren't of us!"

Now that shook me. They weren't of us.

And I believe the true believers will hold to nothing but the Word of the Lord that come to this day. This is the greatest day in history. It's a lovely time, and I trust that God blesses every one of you supremely from now on. I don't know what I'm going to do now, but I felt like it was time to do something, because I worked under the Methodist church for a long time and it wasn't easy.

And I went through some things very similar to what I see going on. I'm going to tell you one thing, they promote it. And that was, get the young people, get the young people, get the young people. Whatever you have to do to get them! And I found what their theory was. If you get the young people, eventually you'll get the parents. And if you get the parents, eventually, you'll get their money!

I find nearly everything is based on money value. You can't base this on money value! This is the Word of the Lord that he so generously given to us! And the Lord helping me, I'll stay with it the longest day I live, which won't be too long now. You know, I'll soon be ninety years old. It won't be too long, but I want to give Him every thing I've got, however I have to do it. I love the Lord. And ever since I went to that meeting in Macon, GA,

I've understood more about the Lord than I ever knew was possible to know. And I've watched, and I see what's taken place. If you'll watch your "types," you'll see it too. But God bless you and be with you is our prayer.

William Branham's statements about Willard Collins:
And I was thinking on the road up today, as Brother Collins, back there, a Methodist minister, that's with us, and also to Brother Beeler, that's... I believe he held a meeting here sometime, Brother Beeler did, at Brother Jackson's church. And we're... And Brother Wood, and Sister Wood, which is in the main campaigns as our agents for books... And we were talking, I said, "Well, you know, I... Michigan is a--a beautiful state, lot of green trees, and lakes, and so forth. And me being a fisherman, and hunter, I--I'm just right at home here in Michigan to begin with." And I certainly appreciate the opportunity.
Branham, 56-0120 - Fellowship With God Through Reconciliation

A Methodist minister, I was just setting in a car with a few moments ago, that had came down with me, a very fine beloved brother, and wife and family. And we were speaking about that just before coming into the building. And he was saying that... I said the first thing that I always try to find out, Brother Collins, was--was whether it was God's will or not to do a certain thing and then test my motive towards doing it. If I have no selfishness, nothing, and I know it's God's will and I'm doing it for that purpose because it is His will, He won't fail you then. But if it's His will and you got a selfish motive in it, it's just the same as not being His will, because it won't work. But when all the lines are clear (See?), and they're--ringing through clear, they're--all things are possible then to them that believe.
Branham, 56-0128 - Inspiration

Now, you want to come up here and sit down here? There's two little girlies, or three little girlies. My, that's just fine and dandy. Now, I want... This little story this morning is for little girls and boys. Mrs. Collins, I believe that's you there, and the other little sister; you want to go right over there, honey, and sit down. Yeah, I believe there's a place right here, if the lady would--would move her pocketbook. And--and may... Right over here is a couple seats over here.
Branham, 56-0513 - Teaching On Moses

Brother Collins, are you free, there, for a minute? Come here, just a minute. I think Brother Beeler's in the recording room there, yet, isn't he? Was you free? I want you to--to be humming this song for me over here, Only Believe, right after prayer, if you will. Will you be praying for the... All right. All right. With your heads bowed now, everybody together now.
Branham, 56-0902 - The Handwriting On The Wall

Now, look this way again. We're glad to have with us this morning Brother George Craig from Arizona, one of our brethren. We're glad to have Brother Whitney here from St. Louis. He will be at Brother Cauble's tonight in a teaching of prophecy from the chart at Brother Cauble's church. And--and then our Brother Junior Jackson's back there. And also a Brother--Brother Collins, and Brother John O'Bannon, and--and many of the other ministers here. We're all happy to see you in now.
Branham, 57-0602 - Life

Now, I want to take a portion here of the reading of the Word from our good brother and friend, Brother Collins. I wish to take a portion of this Word, the 11th verse of this 32nd chapter of Deuteronomy, the first line: And as the eagle stirreth up her nest,...
Branham, 57-0714 - As The Eagle Stirreth Up Her Nest

I hope his father and mother, that we had been staying with this last week, was here to hear this marvelous message from our Brother Collins. He's being around here for so long, and we have thought, maybe, that we would just put him to work. So, that's a, sometimes, a good thing, and so we are very happy for the message.
Branham, 57-0922M - Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever

Now remember, the principle of it, as Brother Collins had just said: he placed it not in a man, not in a gift, but in the Giver, God, He's the One. And only by faith, whether you're there, here or anywhere, it's your own personal faith in a finished work (See?), it has to be that.
Branham, 57-0922M - Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever

Brother Collins, I don't think he is in tonight. But listening at him this morning, he gave the most gallant talk on that. See? See? He did. He said, "Now, the same faith you have up here, you're going to have to have out there. Because, it's your individual faith, not in your denomination, but in Christ. You've got to have that faith." That's just exactly right. Absolutely.
Branham, 57-0922E - Hebrews, Chapter Seven #2

And yesterday they dismissed him from the insane institution in Kentucky, as, a perfect, normal, well man. And our little Methodist preacher brother, Brother Collins, another trophy of God's grace... He may be here this morning. Both of them, all of them, may be here. Come to my house last night, with Brother Palmer from Georgia, and was telling that this boy passed by on his road to Louisville, after being dismissed from the insane institution. He's been saved, also, and was going down to make restitutions for all his wrong that he had done: a trophy, God's immortal grace.
Branham, 57-1222 - The Great Shining Light

If I'm not mistaken, I believe I see my good friend, Brother, Sister Collins back there from Kentucky, Louisville. That's mighty fine. Brother Collins, Sister Collins, good friends of mine, he's a Methodist minister, and his brother also.
Branham, 58-0209A - Hear Ye Him

Also, we have found, and by the vote of the board, that Brother Collins also has been found an honorable and just man. Being a minister himself; therefore, we would ask him to come and to be a--a deacon of the church; and not only deacon, but an associate to Brother Neville, and perhaps to a Sunday school class, or to take the place of Brother Neville, or whatever is being called on, he to be an associate to Brother Neville. That's Brother Collins.
Branham, 58-0720E - The Placing Of Deacons

Also, we have found, and by the vote of the board, that Brother Collins also has been found an honorable and just man. Being a minister himself; therefore, we would ask him to come and to be a--a deacon of the church; and not only deacon, but an associate to Brother Neville, and perhaps to a Sunday school class, or to take the place of Brother Neville, or whatever is being called on, he to be an associate to Brother Neville. That's Brother Collins.
Branham, 58-0720E - The Placing Of Deacons

Does this congregation find Brother Collins to be the same, a righteous and honorable man, and worthy of the job of being deacon of this church? Would you raise your hand? [Brother Branham pauses--Ed.] All right. Contrary, would you raise your hand? [Brother Branham pauses--Ed.]
Branham, 58-0720E - The Placing Of Deacons

I just want to shake your hands: Brother Harned, and Brother Zabel, and Brother Collins, Brother Hickerson, and Brother Taylor. So happy to know that we have fellowshipped all this time with such honorable men. God bless you now. And we will see you right away, as soon as I get a little rest, to get back, and see how you like your office. All right, by their vote, I think was one hundred percent, no contrary at all.
Branham, 58-0720E - The Placing Of Deacons

And isn't this setting right here this little brother from Georgia, back--back here setting by Brother Collins? Glad to see you up here again tonight, brother. And the rest of you, all of you. Each one knows who you are.
Branham, 58-0928E - The Serpent's Seed

Number 6, that one come? Number 7, number 8, who has prayer card 8? Already got it? Number 9? 8, number 8, we want you get it now. Maybe somebody outside, if they are, somebody raise their hand or some somebody outside who couldn't get in. Number 8? Brother Collins, is there anybody back there, prayer card number 8 trying to get in? All right, prayer card number 8. All right number 9. Prayer card 9, raise up your hand. Maybe they went out, couldn't get in. If they come in, put them in the line.
Branham, 58-1005E - God-Called Man

So I was speaking to Brother Collins. I suppose he's in the building. And so I said to him... He come over, and they was telling him about it. I said, "Brother Collins, I... Honestly," I said, "I'm pretty near thirty years old as a preacher, and I certainly ought to know what a sermon is." I said, "That's the poorest I ever heard."
Branham, 58-1228 - Why Little Bethlehem?

Is Brother Collins near, or, brother, or... Let him come forward if he will here for this service if... He's one of our associate pastors here of the church, and we'd like to have him here with prayer of--with us, if possible.
Branham, 59-0329M - Water Baptism

"Lord, there's little kinks and curves in my life. I been sitting listening to Brother Parnell, and Brother--Brother Neville, and the other fine ministers, and--and Brother Collins, and many of those brethren who are preaching. I been listening. But, Lord, tonight, I just come to this conclusion: What are they telling me? What are they trying to get over to me? I see that they're trying to get me to be like Jesus. And there's no way for me to do it. I--I'm a leopard. I got spots. And if I lick them, I just make them whiter. They just become more plainer to the world."
Branham, 59-0525 - Images Of Christ

There's so many others in here, that I just can't numerate who they are. I see Brother Collins back there, our brother, and--then other ministers, and our good friend Brother Sothmann, his family, from northern Saskatchewan. And I know Brother Evans is here; I haven't seen him as yet, but I seen his family, and--from down in--in Georgia. And there's Brother Palmer there and--from down in Georgia, and--and Brother West, I believe, from Alabama or Georgia. Where you from, Brother West? I... It's... Oh, Huntsville. And then... Oh, we're just happy to see all you in here.
Branham, 59-0628E - Questions And Answers

And then I have here also some--something for the bulletin board this morning, about the meeting of the board and their authority. And it'll be on the bulletin board, and I got a copy for Brother Roberson who is the chairman of the de--of the trustees. And then I got a copy for Brother Collins, I think, who acts as the chairman of the deacon board. And now, all these offices are set according to the Scripture, and they must have the Scriptural rules of what they must do. Therefore, the trustees has an office of their own. And the deacons has an office of their own. The Sunday school superintendent has an office of his own. And the pastor is the head of the flock.
Branham, 59-0712 - A Total Deliverance

I'm going to ask Doc; I think he's back there, or one of the deacons is present, that the church might read this. Doc, come put this on the bulletin board so the church can see it as they go out. And then Brother Collins, if he's here... Is Brother Collins in? Give him this other one.
Branham, 59-0712 - A Total Deliverance

That's it. Brother Wood is coming. Brother Collins, Methodist preacher, his wife, others...
Branham, 59-1227M - A Super Sign

My son is here somewhere... Here he is, setting right down here. Standing in the door, stands three or four men that I know: Brother Collins, the Methodist preacher that's just received the Holy Ghost, another brother from Kentucky, and one of the trustees in the church, and a brother from Canada, two of them. I thought I seen somebody here awhile ago on this side, that I knew, but I--I've lost their place. Oh, yes, Brother Palmer, right here... Outside of that, there's no one that I see in here that I know. But remember, Jesus knows every one of you.
Branham, 60-0109 - Sirs, We Would See Jesus

Now, Brother Collins or Billy, what... What say? Prayer cards number A, one to one hundred. All right, we can't get them all tonight. We'll have to get just some of them tonight. Tomorrow night, we'll get somewhere else, where we leave off or maybe somewhere else. I don't know where it will be. Cause I might want to stop where I--start where I leave off; I don't know what we'll do. Just wait and see what the Holy Spirit does.
Branham, 60-0109 - Sirs, We Would See Jesus

Brother Collins...?... [Brother Collins speaks with Brother Branham-- Ed.] Lord, this precious brother seeks the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Lord, with all that's in me, I pronounce this blessing upon my Brother Collins. May the Holy Ghost come upon him, and may he be filled...?... Grant it. Amen. Brother Collins, you've got to receive It. It just has to come. God only tests us...?...
Branham, 60-0417M - Go, Tell

And glad to see many of our minister brothers in. I can't never think of his name here, the missionary, Brother Humes. And Sister Humes, is that you setting right here, and the little ones, we're glad to have them, a missionary. Other ones, Brother Pat, Brother Daulton, and, oh, just so many, Brother Beeler. And seen Brother Collins just a few moments ago. And, oh, it'd be kind of hard to call them all. But we're very happy to have you in the house of the Lord tonight.
Branham, 60-0515E - Adoption #1

I remember standing yonder, Brother Collins, some thirty years ago, when this church wasn't built yet, was a little tent meeting setting here on the corner, my first meeting. I was preaching this same Gospel, same thing, the unsearchable riches of Christ, water baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ, believing every Word to be the truth, baptism of the Holy Ghost, Divine healing, the powers of God, just like I preach It now, never varied one inch from any of It. God's revealed more of It to me, so as He reveals It, I just keep bringing It on. He never takes away from what has been; He just keeps adding more on to It
Branham, 60-0515E - Adoption #1

In this promised land, everything belongs to us in the promised land. See it, Brother Collins? See, everything in the promised land... When Israel crossed over this Jordan into the promised land, fought down everything...
Branham, 60-0518 - Adoption #2

We want to wait to be sure that every seeker comes. I got standing before me tonight a lovely, little brother, a Methodist preacher come up here with me to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Brother Collins, want you to get It tonight. This is the hour. Amen. His brother is one of the outstanding Methodists in the fields today. I want him to receive the Holy Ghost, so he can go tell his brother what joy it is, how much different it is after you're born again. I believe it's tonight, Brother Collins; this is the hour; this is the time.
Branham, 60-0606 - To Whom Would We Go?

I pray, Father, that You will grant them these blessings. And now, as they go with these others, may our prayers be together that every one of these now that's going to receive the Holy Ghost. God, some of these here, this Brother Collins, that I know personally, that's hungering and thirsting. His little wife back there crying and begging out to God, just received the Holy Ghost a few days ago, and she wants her darling husband to receive the Holy Ghost. Now, Father, fill him tonight. Oh, God may he set that country afire with the Gospel.
Branham, 60-0606 - To Whom Would We Go?

We're going to close Sunday afternoon, because we do not want to hold the people from their churches on Sunday night. To your denomination and to your own choice of church, that's your duty to stand at your post of duty, exactly; for your pastor and uphold him as a man of God. If he doesn't see the Light yet, don't fall out with him. Love him and pray for him. That's the thing to do to get him into it. That's right. If you're... If you with a church that doesn't believe in the Pentecostal blessing, that doesn't hurt a thing. You go right on and keep... You receive the Pentecostal blessing; then tell your pastor about it and tell him how sweet it is, and the first thing you know he will be like Brother Collins the other night, the Methodist preacher, when he got the Holy Ghost. He had to go get his brother, and sister-in-law, and all of them; they got the Holy Ghost. So, that's just the way it goes. See?
Branham, 60-0610 - The Rejected King

If there's anybody here from my church down at Jeffersonville that hasn't received the Holy Ghost as yet... Brother Collins, and all of them has got the Holy Ghost since they been here. Oh, they've tore up the country. Come around; this is the time for you to receive it right now. Go in. Don't you come out of there till you got the Holy Ghost. Come now, all sinners. Go in here and seek God for salvation. That's the way.
Branham, 60-0611E - Faith Is The Sixth Sense

There's so many things that I could say. Many of my friends from Jeffersonville is here, and from different parts. The Downings are here, from down in Tennessee. I've never seen them, but waved at them. Brother Welch Evans, his wife and family's here somewhere. I couldn't find them now. Brother Banks Wood, his father, and mother, and brother, and all are converted Jehovah Witnesses. And they're here in the--the meeting. And oh, I hear that Brother Hickerson received the Holy Ghost last night (Oh, praise be to God!) him and his wife. Brother Collins, the Methodist preacher, his... He and his wife, and his brother and--and his wife, all received the Holy Ghost. And oh, I tell you, things are just rolling on wonderfully.
Branham, 60-0612 - Speak To This Rock

Now, a few days ago, when Sister Wood, and my wife and I, were setting in the room, speaking on the baptism... There's so many of our precious brethren here, that we are grateful to God that He's given the Holy Ghost, such as Brother Willard Collins back there, and--and I think Brother Hickerson, and--and their--their wives, and Brother Charlie Cox and his wife, and--and Brother Mike Egan back here, and, oh, how many more, that has received the Holy Ghost. And it's begin to be a talk among us. Oh, may it revive us to a spot that we'll go to searching, hungering, and pulling for realities of God. God is a reality.
Branham, 60-0626 - The Unfailing Realities Of The Living God

There was... Last night, or yesterday it was, my little girl, Sarah, it was kind of cute. Mother and I was looking over her little paper; she was taking my notes. And she had everything down just right, Isaiah and Matthew and everything. And right at the end of the--the paper, she had "And--and death... The grave hasn't got any more victory in it, and the death had its stinger pulled out." She's about seven years old. And then she instead of having the "Revelation," she said, "The book of revolutions." Well, that shows they're interested in trying to get something, anyhow, aren't they? I think Brother Collins' little girl, she's setting back there. They wrote "revolution"? "Day of revolutions," Brother Neville says. He's agreeing with her. I guess we all have to do that.
Branham, 60-1205 - The Ephesian Church Age

As little Sarah wrote the other morning, my little girl sitting back there. She was taking notes, her and Brother Collins' little girl, I believe, on what I was going to say. So I was reading the paper, her mother and I, and she said, "The book of revolutions." Amen. She said... And you know the little story I told at the end about death, you know. You've heard it, having no stinger. Was you here then when that was told? See, death once had a stinger in it, but when...
Branham, 60-1211M - The Ten Virgins, And The Hundred And Forty-Four Thousand Jews

Now, I'm going to ask for Brother Wood, Brother Fred Sothmann, and some of the trustees to come here just a moment. Some of you trustee brethren, or deacons, or whatever, come here just a moment. Now, it's going to be rather congested here, and I want you to help. Now, to you, you people on this, my right side, that's going to be prayed for, I want you to come on this side here. And brother, Brother Collins, stand right down in there, if you will. And come right down here, and so they can come by and be prayed for.
Branham, 60-1218 - The Uncertain Sound

Say, for instance, I'm going to say we spoke in tongues, somebody, we're... This is a--a gifted bunch of men. And Leo raised up and spoke in tongues, and--and a brother here, Willard, give the interpretation. All right. Now, I want to say Brother Neville and Brother Junie and Brother Willard Collins was the discerners. See? Now, because Leo spoke... Now, we're just here in like in a little saints' meeting, a gifts meeting, and Leo spoke and Willard give the interpretation here, and he said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, Wednesday night there's coming a woman in here, and she's going to--she's going to be violent. Tell Brother Branham not to rebuke her, because she's insane. But tell him to take her over to the corner, because it was in a corner where she did a wicked thing one time and a certain thing taken place." See? That sounds very good, doesn't it? See? All right. 159 Now, but the first thing, you know, in the Old Scripture, no matter what the prophet said or what anybody else said, it was tested by the Urim Thummim first. See, it went to the Word. And if them lights didn't flash, they let it alone. See? And the first thing now, let's take it back to the Word. Now, this man spoke in tongues, sound all right. This one interpreted, sounded all right. But the Word said, "Let it be judged by two or three judges first." Take it to the Urim Thummim. Now, first thing, Willard Collins says, "It was of the Lord." Junie says, "It's of the Lord--Lord." That's two out of three. All right, it's put on a piece of paper; it's spoke out right here in this church. Then when the people who sees it read before it ever happens, and then see it happen, they say, "Brother, that's God. See, that's God."
Branham, 61-0112 - Questions And Answers

Yeah, I happen to see Brother and Sister Collins setting back here in the audience. Somebody don't believe that God gives Methodist preachers the baptism of the Holy Ghost, there sets one that He gave the baptism of the Holy Ghost: a--a Methodist preacher, Kentucky Methodist preacher that receives the Holy Ghost and God's humble servant now. So we're glad that the Holy Ghost is for anybody that wants it. Anybody that's willing to come to God's terms can receive the Holy Ghost. Yes, sir. It's for Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Catholic, Jew, Protestant, yellow, black, white, brown and indifferent, all of us together. The Holy Ghost is for all.
Branham, 61-0316 - The Church Choosing Law For Grace

And there's a few here I know. I'll try to make out who this man is setting here, and I believe this man setting here with the light suit on, I see him somewhere... Brother and Sister Kidd, I know them. And I know that I've got some friends here from Jeffersonville. They're back here somewhere: one of the deacons of our church, Brother Fred Sothmann, he's here. Another one of the deacons, or he's a trustee, one of the deacons: a Methodist preacher, Brother Collins. He was here the other day. He and his wife are here. Brother Welch Evans and his family from down in Georgia. Them people drives around, well... with a round trip, I'd say it's about fourteen or fifteen hundred miles every Sunday to hear me preach at Jeffersonville. Talk about friends...! Die for you!
Branham, 61-0318 - Abraham's Covenant Confirmed

Just one moment. You Methodist students here, I'd like to speak to you just a moment. Kneeling here before me is a Methodist preacher. His brother is one of the great men at Asbury. Still a Methodist, but is filled with the Holy Ghost. The power of God's in his life. Brother Collins, would you just stand to your feet a minute? A Methodist preacher, here's all of his family's Methodists: come through the Methodist college and schools, everything. High degrees and everything, and here he is. Hears the voice of God, and come and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Is it real, Brother Collins--to the Methodist students? Come all of you. "There is a fountain filled with Blood, drawn from Emmanuel's veins." Come.
Branham, 61-0415E - The Uncertain Sound

Now, this "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit," if the minister is sincere, just let--let us know (You see?), we'd be glad... Brother Neville, myself, or Brother Beeler, or Brother Collins, or any of these ministers here who are ordained to this ministry, and so forth, can--can do so.
Branham, 61-0723E - God Being Misunderstood

Now, Brother Collins--if he's here this morning, I don't know whether he is or not--in the questions the other night he asked a question (I guess it's all right for me to say Brother Collins.) about the abomination that maketh desolations (See?), what it meant. Jesus spoke of it in Matthew the 24th chapter, and we find out... Yeah, Matthew 24:15.
Branham, 61-0730M - Gabriel's Instructions To Daniel

Sister Downing's little girl, and--and... I--I noticed her. And little--or little--little--Brother Collins' little... What's her name? Little... Betty--little... I kinda just laughed a little bit to myself, but I seen all the pretty, you know, all fixed up, and then directly it was...
Branham, 61-0730E - The Sixfold Purpose Of Gabriel's Visit To Daniel

The big ecclesiastical machines that we've got, the big church machines has carboned up; it's got a spiritual knock in them. (Brother Collins is somewhere here, and Brother Hickerson...) I think the crankshaft's bad. Something has gone wrong. They use the wrong kind of gasoline; she's all carboned up. They use seminary experience instead of the Holy Ghost.
Branham, 61-1119 - Perfect Strength By Perfect Weakness

Now, today is a kind of a full day, and this morning I was thinking there, I just thought I'd teach awhile in a Sunday school class. Like, make it a Sunday school class out of it this morning. And tonight at seven-thirty, I want to, if it be the will of God, to bring my--my New Year's message, as last Sunday or Sunday night I brought my Christmas message. And tonight I'll bring my New Year's message at seven-thirty, the Lord willing. Brother Neville will have his New Year's message, and I see Brother Stricker over here, and Brother Collins, and, oh, other ministers around, and Brother Palmer's up here with us from Georgia, and--and different ones around. It's ministers, you'll be hearing from them tonight.
Branham, 61-1231M - You Must Be Born Again

Brother, I know you, know your condition. You believe right now, while I'm under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, that God will heal you and make you well? Go and believe it, Brother Collins, and be made well. All right.
Branham, 62-0218 - Perseverance

I went into a place, three brethren. Two brethren and I went into the place across from Springfield, Missouri, the other morning for breakfast, coming from Arizona. And a little lady there that Brother Wood called my attention to, that looked like our Sister Collins; blond, with a big bunch of hair in the back. And he said, "Doesn't that look like Brother Wilbur Collins' wife?"
Branham, 62-0318 - The Spoken Word Is The Original Seed

I know some of these people setting along here. And I don't know many. I know Mrs. Collins here. I'm sure of that. Sister, Brother Ben's wife, and I seen Brother and Sister Dauch here, a while... Brother Wright; Brother, Sister Dauch; brother over there on the end. I know some of you, around here. But I--I don't know too many of you, 'cause I'm not in here very much, to get aquainted. And we have strangers in here.
Branham, 62-0422 - The Restoration Of The Bride Tree

Mr. Collins, a friend of mine, brother from California, Arizona there. Your--your... [Brother Neville says, "Elmer."--Ed.] Elmer. I said, "Well, I guess you're going to some fine little Methodist church."
Branham, 62-0513M - The Way Of A True Prophet Of God

Now, tonight, we have our pastor with us from the Tabernacle, that--that takes my place while I'm gone. I suppose maybe he's been introduced: Brother Neville. We also have other pastors here of sister churches: Brother Bryant (I guess all of them), Brother Collins, Brother Wilbur Collins, a Methodist minister who just received the Holy Ghost recently, and in the faith. And Brother Neville also was a Methodist minister. Brother Jackson was a Methodist minister. And so it looks like the Methodists down our way is just coming right along. So we...
Branham, 62-0611 - It Is I, Be Not Afraid

Now, I believe all the brethren has been introduced, I think, all the way along the line. And one little brother that I left off at the other meeting, and that's the little Methodist boy that was a dyed-in-the-wool Methodist out of the seminary. And--and got a brother that's a very prominent figure in Asbury, Wilmore, Kentucky. And this boy and his family has come out and received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, preaching the Full Gospel. That's Brother Collins, Wilbur Collins. Where you at, Wilbur? Wilbur Collins, somewhere back in the back. Would you just like to give us a word from there, or come up here? I'd like somebody to see a Methodist that's got the Holy Ghost, besides Brother Neville over here. Come here, and just say a word for us. And I guess, Brother Junior Jackson. You've been introduced, have you, Brother Jackson? Another Methodist, dyed-in-the-wool, and with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. 8 Brother Collins, I've knowed him for a number of years--sweet precious Christian, a real man of God. He and his wife and family is all under the order of--God's order of the Bible. Brother Collins. [Brother Collins says a few words--Ed.] Thank you, Brother Collins, the Lord bless you. That's very fine.
Branham, 62-0612 - Behold, A Greater Than Solomon Is Here

Brother Collins, I've knowed him for a number of years--sweet precious Christian, a real man of God. He and his wife and family is all under the order of--God's order of the Bible. Brother Collins. [Brother Collins says a few words--Ed.] Thank you, Brother Collins, the Lord bless you. That's very fine. Now, the Methodist people here, we don't mean that you're not a Christian. See? But you know what the Pentecostal church is? The advanced Methodist church. See?
Branham, 62-0612 - Behold, A Greater Than Solomon Is Here

We have a Brother Brown setting here, tonight, Brother Dauch, and Brother Brown, and Brother McKinney. I can't think of the other brethren's names setting over there. But we're glad to have them from up in Ohio. I see Brother Pat Tyler here, and Brother Stricker back there, the ministers of the Gospel, which is behind me. Brother Collins, also, and Brother Hickerson.
Branham, 62-1104E - Ordination

Brother Neville, Brother Collins, ministers, if you'd like to stand by, we would be glad for you to come up here, just a minute.
Branham, 62-1104E - Ordination

Now, you're strangers. Now, looking around, I know Brother Williams setting here. I see Sister Moore. I think that's Sister Boutliere setting beside her. I didn't recognize her last night. I'm trying to see if I see anybody that I know. This brother here, I--I can't think of his name, he's... What? Brother Harris. I know him. Brother and Sister Dauch setting right here from Toledo--up in Ohio. That's about it. I believe I see Brother Collins. Is that right, Brother Collins? A good old Methodist boy, received the Holy Ghost, is one of my deacons at the church now. God bless you, Brother Collins, Sister Collins.
Branham, 62-1123 - The Way Back

I see Brother and Sister Tom Simpson setting right behind them. Right behind that is Brother and Sister Fred Sothmann. They're Canadians, just come. Brother and Sister Collins... Why, here's Brother and Sister Dauch. And here... Now, Brother and--and Sister Dauch is from up in Ohio. They've been friends to me for long years. Here's our friends from down here in Tennessee, drive four--eight hundred miles every time I speak, coming to the meeting. All that's associated with the Branham Tabernacle, just stand up just a minute, just comes to the Tabernacle. Let's see how many's still represented. Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, and North Carolina, New York, Ohio...
Branham, 62-1125M - Convinced And Then Concerned

Now as our sister chords, sweetly and softly, I'm going to ask our good brother... Brother Neville, you got a word you want to say, anything? All right. I'm going to ask Brother Collins back there, our loyal, little brother here, one of the associates, if he would dismiss us in prayer. While we bow our heads, Brother Collins.
Branham, 62-1209 - Remembering The Lord

And there will be some fine speakers here tomorrow night, sure enough. There is some fine... Brother from Georgia is up here, Brother Palmer, a wonderful speaker. Brother Junior Jackson will be here tomorrow night; Brother Beeler, Brother Neville. Oh, my, my! And just on and on, fine men of God who will be here, Brother Wilbur Collins, and all them brethren that's been giving us such great messages. And maybe others will be dropping in, so we'll expect a great time tomorrow night.
Branham, 62-1230E - Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir?

Notice, immediately after that. Sister Collins, are you here? Sister Collins dreamed a dream of being here at the church, and there was a wedding fixing to take place. And when she did, she saw the Bridegroom come in, perfect; but the Bride wasn't very perfect, yet it was the Bride; now, that's the Church. And there was like a communion, or a--a service going on here, like a dinner being set. And it kind of got next to her because that Brother Neville was serving a dinner in the church, but she said it was the best Food that she had ever seen. She was so hungry. But she thought maybe that, in the dream, that he shouldn't serve It, and she and Brother Willard was going to go up to the Ranch House and eat. And when they did, the Light on the right-hand side went out. Now, you know what That is.
Branham, 62-1230E - Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir?

The people are present now, the six people that had those dreams. Isn't it strange there wasn't seven? Isn't it very strange? That six led right up, and then that vision, immediately. The people are here. Brother Jackson, here, was one; Brother Parnell was another; Sister Collins was another; Sister Steffy was another; Brother Roberson was another; and Brother Beeler was another one. And the Heavenly Father knows there was not one more pertaining to it. And at the end of that, seventh one... which was Sister Steffy, immediately the vision broke forth. You see? You see why I'm leaving? You see why I got to go? I must do it.
Branham, 62-1230E - Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir?

And then, a few days ago when I was out to my home now in--in Arizona, a--we got a--a call that said there was a little boy that had rheumatic fever; and that goes to the heart. And he was such a... His father and mother are such darling precious friends of mine. It was one of our deacons here of the church, Brother Collins. His little boy, little Mikie (Joe's playmate) was suffering with rheumatic fever of the heart, and the doctors had sent him home, put him in the bed, and told the parents not to even let him up, nor raise him up to take a drink of water: take it out of a straw; he was so bad. And the parents, faithful, comes to the tabernacle here and believes.
Branham, 63-0322 - The Fifth Seal

Now, I--is the Collins here... I might've told that wrong. I don't... Is that right, Sister Collins? Yep. That's little Mikie Collins, just about six, seven years old; and that happened right in the room about three nights ago.
Branham, 63-0322 - The Fifth Seal

And I'm sure that you've noticed the things that's been happening this week. I'm sure you noticed that little Collins' boy laying there dying the other night, that little leukemia girl. The Kingdom of God is coming. And it's becoming more from the negative to the positive as it has been. Now, that oughtn't to choke people. From justification to sanctification to the baptism of the Holy Ghost and then here--here. See? We're just drawing closer to God all the time. Can't you see, Methodist ministers, how that your message of sanctification was above that which Luther preached? You Pentecostals, can't you see your message of the baptism is beyond that which Methodists preached? You know what I mean? Oh, we've had a lot of things go forth, and that's right. And if there's anybody that despises wrong and people saying something that's actually lies and not the truth, I hate that; but I--I do love the solid truth. No matter how much it interrupts this way or that way, if it's Truth, God will finally show that it's Truth. And if He doesn't do that, one of these days soon, then my vision wasn't right. Now, you see where I just laid myself.
Branham, 63-0324E - The Seventh Seal

Where is Willard Collins? Is he in the building this morning? Where you at, Brother Willard? I thought he was around here. Another Methodist minister standing over here, if you don't think Methodists can receive the Holy Ghost and be rebaptized. Stand up, Brother Collins. There is another one. The brother was up to Asbury College at Wilmore, Kentucky, out of a fine Methodist background.
Branham, 63-0628M - O Lord, Just Once More

Where is Brother Wilbur Collins at? Another minister, Methodist minister, just received the Holy Ghost, and baptized. I'd like for him to come.
Branham, 63-0628E - A Greater Than Solomon Is Here

Now, I know it's hot out there. I want to say to the janitor, my brother, Doc, or other, them takes care of it. Some of the sisters are ruining their skirts on the--on the grease that's on the chair. How many got some of it on them? I know, there's my wife, my two daughters, little Betty Collins, Mrs. Beeler, some of them. It's something, grease on there. If you take a look at it, Doc, when you can. It's, I believe, it's where they... It's grease or paint, or something, right where they work up and down, the seats. And it isn't? [Brother Edgar "Doc" Branham says, "There's no grease on them, to get it off from."--Ed.] Well, I--I don't know what it is, then. Something I just... Is mentioned to me, and I said I'll mention it to--to Doc. All right.
Branham, 63-0630E - Is Your Life Worthy Of The Gospel?

Brother Collins, don't worry about that fish. It was white. You just didn't know how to handle it
Branham, 63-0714M - Why Cry? Speak!

And this little fellow back here, brother, I met him the other night over there, Allen, little Brother Allen. I hope Brother Collins here will get with Brother Allen, if he doesn't know him. They're both Methodist ministers, and has--has seen Truth of Word.
Branham, 63-0714E - Humble Thyself

And I believe, just before we start, we have a little baby here, a Collins. I met the father just a few moments ago, and--and he had a little baby he wanted dedicated. And we want to do that now, if Brother or Sister Collins, one, will bring the little one forward so we can have the dedicational service for this little fellow. 8 Leaving, you know, why, it causes... as these are loyal members or... of the Body of Christ. You notice, I never said "of the tabernacle." "Of the bodies of Christ," the... this body here, a part of His Body. 9 And they got a little fellow here they want dedicated. And--and this is always a job I think my--my wife envies me of, to hold the babies. Uh-huh. And Brother Neville, if you'll come forward, if you will. 10 What is your first name, brother? [The father says, "Clyde."--Ed.] This is Brother and Sister Clyde Collins, is the brother to our precious brother here, Reverend Collins, Wilbur. And they've had an increase to the number of Collinses here, I see, and a very cute little fellow. 11 How old is he, Sister Collins? [The mother says, "Almost four months."--Ed.] Almost four months. And what's his name? ["Mark David Collins."] Mark David. That's a very fine name. He looks like a very fine boy. Say, he's kind of a big boy, too.
Branham, 63-0728 - Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed

Just a minute. Here is this Light, It's standing over a woman. I know who she is. She is setting right here. Don't worry, Mrs. Collins, stop bothering about that, making yourself sick. It'll all come out all right. God leads. Now, I know that woman. I know who she is. She is from down Indiana, or Kentucky. I know her. Her husband there, is a member of my church, he's a--he's a deacon down there, a fine man. But there is that Light. Don't you see It right over her? She has been bothered, she is sick, and she is upset about something that she don't know whether to do or not. You just remember, quit fretting, sister, it'll be all right. He knows all about it. He'll lead if you'll just let Him go.
Branham, 63-0801 - A Paradox

If anybody wants to know, this little Collins, here. And during the time of the Seven Seals, the doctors had told that little boy, with rheumatic fever, that he had to lay on his back and drink through a tube; that--that was it. And the father and mother brought him from the home and set him in the room, prayed for him. And the Lord Jesus healed him so completely, he went back to school; and the authorities called them in about it. So they called the specialist who was waiting on him, and she couldn't believe... He couldn't believe such a thing as that, and they brought the boy down for a test, and he was perfectly, normally well. Then, Jesus came, the tempter's power was then broken!
Branham, 63-0825E - Perfect Faith

Heal my Sister Collins, Lord, in Jesus' Name.
Branham, 63-0825E - Perfect Faith

Now, remember, what if He had on this suit here, that He had His disci-... one of His servants, Brother and Sister Collins sitting out there, from my tabernacle, to give me? What if--if He was here wearing this suit, and He was standing here just like I'm standing here now? Do you know, if you'd say, "Lord, will You heal me," do you know He could not do it against your unbelief? How many knows that's true? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] You would have to believe Him the same as you do now. That's right. You would have to believe Him just like you do now.
Branham, 63-1130E - Go, Awake Jesus

And then, like this, if Brother Neville, say, well, now let me, pardon me, let me say this: If Brother Collins speaks with tongues and Brother Hickerson gives the interpretation, then they have a ministry together for the church. Now, that isn't the ministry of Brother Neville; that's your ministry to the church. I'm giving this as example. Then you brethren should be just as interested in getting your ministry in the place in the house of God as the pastor is interested in getting his, because it's just as essential that you do it. But you can't do it in the privacy of your own room, if you speak and you interpret, you've got to come together. Now, come together in the church, off in a room to yourself, because you have a private ministry. It's not an openly ministry, it's one that's to help the church. See? It's something to help the church, but it isn't to be done in the main congregation, only the way I'm going to tell you it is to be done. See? Then, whatever Brother Collins speaks, and Brother Hickerson gives the interpretation, as example, then let Brother Somebody write this down, what it is. And then if it's coming...
Branham, 63-1226 - Church Order

If they are members of this church, then you should take two or three with you and call that parent into a private meeting, into one of the offices. I don't care who it is, if it's me, if it's Brother Neville, if it's Billy Paul and his little boy, if it's Brother Collins and one of his children, or any of the rest of you. We are... We love one another, but we're duty bound to God and this Word. If it's Doc, the... no matter who it is, we're to call one another in and be honest with one another. How can God ever deal with us, if we're not honest with one another? How we going to be honest with Him? See?
Branham, 63-1226 - Church Order

Did you get that on yours? To those who are on the tape... And one of the... Brother Collins missed it on his tape. I want to reinstate that quotation again if... 'cause he's one of the deacons.
Branham, 63-1226 - Church Order

Now, no, don't ask Brother Neville. If Brother Neville asks you to do something, then that's--that's your pastor, with courtesy and love and everything... If he'd say, "Brother Collins, Brother Hickerson, Brother Tony, or somebody, would you see what's wrong back there in the corner?" At the post of duty like that, you know, as a real man of God.
Branham, 63-1226 - Church Order

Now, I know we're going out now if there's no--no further any word. Huh? Now, if not, let's dismiss. Yeah. Yes, Brother Collins? [Brother Collins says, "Might be better if the tapes were turned off."--Ed.] All right. []
Branham, 63-1226 - Church Order

And I want to... man, and bless these man, and Brother Collins, and Hickerson, Brother Neville, Brother Capps, the trustees, and all, for the fine reports that's been coming, of how you're orderly, setting the church, and how everything is be coming into its right position. I'm grateful to you man. The Lord bless you for trying to carry out an order. And letter after letter comes into Tucson, to me, "Brother Branham, it's not like it used to be. It's so much different, such a blessed feeling of the Presence of God." And I'm--I'm grateful for that. The Lord ever bless you!
Branham, 64-0614E - The Oddball

So glad tonight to see Brother Palmer, one of our associate pastors over here, from Georgia. Brother Junior Jackson is in the building somewhere, back in the corner, we're glad to have him. Brother Don Ruddell setting over here. Oh, so many! I don't know, if I miss anybody... Brother Ben Bryant here, and many of the others here, fine brother, Wilbur Collins. We're so glad to have all of you here.
Branham, 64-0614E - The Oddball

And we've assembled here now in the church. We pray for Brother Neville, and for Brother Capps, and Brother Collins, and all the rest of the ministers, and the--and the trustees, deacons, and all the laity, and the strangers in our gates. May this be a day that we'll long remember, because of Your Presence.
Branham, 64-0705 - The Masterpiece

Then I, on the road down, I was... Billy Paul and I, and Rebekah and little Collins girl, little Betty Collins. And Billy is a very good sleeper, and Becky is better, and so I... Betty and I talked. And she was setting back with Becky, in the back seat. And I seen something on the road, happen; and, when I did, something struck me. And Betty, if she is here, she noticed I quit talking and started writing something down. That's where I got this text for this morning.
Branham, 64-0705 - The Masterpiece

And now you are--you are welcome to be in our midst at any time. Now, I'm not here all the time, but we have some fine pastors here; Brother Neville, one of our pastors; Brother Capps, another of our pastors; and Brother--and Brother Collins, Wilbur Collins, another, our pastors. And then we have different ones from different parts, our little associated churches. If you're around in--in Texas, the Martin brothers here, and Brother... What's the brother that comes with you out here? I can't see Brother Blair this morning. Oh, Brother Blair, I didn't see you, Brother Blair. Brother Ruddell, right back here, one of the churches on 62, one of the sister churches here. Brother Junior Jackson, sitting right here by Brother Blair, I see him now, another one of our sister churches. And we got churches around over the country from everywhere.
Branham, 64-0816 - Proving His Word

Brother Billy Collins also, we know, mashed his thumb real bad, broke the bone in it, I hear, and they had to set it. So we want to remember him in prayer.
Branham, 64-0816 - Proving His Word

Dear God, so many of these questions here about the people coming to Arizona. Oh, dear God, let those dear, precious people... They'll listen to this tape out there. Let them know that I'm no dictator to tell them where to live, what to do. And may they clearly understand it. If they love that country, so do I, let them be there, Father. But when they're teaching that the rapture must come from there, and there alone, or they must be with me, a poor, unworthy, filthy sinner saved by the grace of God--have to be around me... Lord, I want to be around--I want to be around Paul; I know he's going. And Peter, and James, and John, they're in Palestine buried somewhere there. I know I'll go with them if You've just had my name on that Book since the foundation of the world. I'll be there. And I pray, God, that each one of them will be there. Help me, Lord, to gather them all back here somewhere, where they can... They want to hear the message with these great teachers as Brother Neville, and Brother Capps, and--and all these other brothers here: "Junie," and Brother Ruddell, and oh, J. T., and all them--all of them: Brother Collins, and Brother Beeler, and Brother Palmer, and... God, I pray that You'll just grant this to these... they... Let--let--let them come here where they really hear it, if they want to hear it, not run off out there in that desert. They're trying to do exactly what the Scripture told them not to do. "Lo, it's in the desert; believe it not. Lo, it's in the secret chamber; believe it not." Lord, I'm trying my best to warn them, but it all indicates that the hour is close now. The evening shadows are falling.
Branham, 64-0823M - Questions And Answers #1

I was given, a few moments ago, a--an announcement to make, and then I've got a few things here I'd like to say. And one of them, the announcement was given me concerning a board meeting the other night. And there's been one deacon from the church that's took up resident in Arizona, which is Brother Collins, our noble brother. And while he's away, they, the board, has appointed Brother Charlie Cox to take his place while he's gone. And Brother Charlie Cox is officially appointed by the trustee... or the deacon board of this church, to take the office of Brother Collins, in his absence.
Branham, 65-0801M - The God Of This Evil Age

And so then, again, he went out there and was talking. He said, "Say!" Telling Brother Collins or some of them. Said, "The supper was good. But," said, "I'm telling you," said, "that man must be a Spaniard or something, or a Mexican. That was the hottest pepper I ever taste." Going on like that, and he was talking to the chef.
Branham, 65-1204 - The Rapture

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