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Deep Study: Honesty

There are many in the list of pastors in the following of William Branham, those that are considered the "founding fathers," that promote the idea that every word spoken by Branham can be considered an "absolute." In a series of sermons in Russia, Joseph Branham and his associates furthered this idea by teaching this doctrine, and the idea started to spread throughout the following.

While some in the following have stood firmly against this claim, there are several statements made by Branham on recorded sermons that cannot be substanciated by scripture or recorded history. Many do not realize that by supporting these statements without confirming their accuracy, they are promoting that very same idea.

If you are looking for a condensed list, has a condensed list of issues with the message

Was he was a professional boxer?

Branham claimed that he was a professional boxer, one who faught against "Six Second Smith," won fifteen straight fights, and was finally defeated by Billy Frick. Did he win the Golden Gloves tournament in the Bantamweight division? Since there are no records of Branham in the matches, was he being truthful? Or was this an appeal to the interest of the crowd?

When I was a kiddie, I used to like to box, right smart. Now, we had a — just a Falls City championship there. I boxed a whole lot in that. And then I got to getting up to where I could fight eight and ten round fights. I won fifteen straight professional fights. And I lost my sixteenth one to Billy Frick from Huntington, West Virginia, Evansville, Indiana, at the arena. Fought it... One of them give a draw and the other one given him the decision because he really rightly did it. The first time in my life I ever looked up to God to make a promise. I wasn't sure of myself when I went in the ring that night. I said, "Well, I... If You'll just let me come through this one Mister, I — I won't have no more of it." So I stood in boxing rings since then. But I'm fighting another opponent, the devil. That's right.

  Was he a scout master?

Though there are no records of Branham in any of the local Scout troops, Branham claimed that he held the title "Scout Master" for several years. Was this another appeal to the interest of the crowd?

And I went to a little cabin. I was scout master of the Baptist troop at Jeffersonville for years.
Was he really a game warden?

Similar to the Scout Master claim, there is no record of William Branham being a game warden for the state of Indiana — yet he promoted this idea to his congregation. Was this claim accurate, or was this a diversion from the truth to avoid exposing the truth behind his former life?

And I was a — a game warden in Indiana.
50-0110 MOSES

Why did he add extra details to the bible stories? Branham's followers will tell you that his stories about the bible simply "come alive" during his sermons. At first glance, the stories seem to match the scriptures, however, upon close examination we find many extra details given as though they were scriptural fact. Because of this, some followers believe that Branham could peer into history through prophetic gifts, and tell us the details between the lines of scripture. Are these statements really accurate, or was Branham appealing to the itching ears of crowds who wanted more than their Bible could offer?

Did Adam have long black shaggy hair? Did Eve have blond hair and blue eyes? Was Samson really a little-bitty, curly headed shrimp? Was David, Sarah, and Mary seventeen years old during their most glorious moments in life? When Jesus was baptized was Lazarus really wearing a blue robe? Did Noah converse with Enoch? Did Goliath really have fourteen inch fingers? Many of these questions are the fundamental elements of doctrines that Branham promoted as scriptural truth.

Then I can see Adam and Eve starting, his big black shaggy hair, tears running down their cheeks, watch over at Eve, most beautiful body, Adam's big strong arms and shoulders, down across his legs the blood running beneath those sheepskins.

So there I can imagine seeing that poor little Eve, when she looked at Adam, her long blond hair hanging down her back, those big, bright, blue eyes that looked like the skies, where God had made them, the tears pouring down, mixing with the blood on the garments, and flapping down around her body, Eve... Adam, with his strong body, caught her and leaned her over on his bosom, and there the tears, mingling, falling, as it run through the sheepskins, blood dripping down. Blood, all the way. There. Now, He says, "You have to depart out of My Presence." And I can see Eve and Adam, with their arms around one another, going, moving out like this, them old sheepskins flopping against their leg, bloody, beating on their leg. [Brother Branham clapped his hands together once — Ed.]

Samson, one time, when they had him all backed up on the corner, he was just a man. He was standing there; he didn't know, he didn't have a weapon in his hand, or nothing. He looked down there laid the jawbone of a mule. He picked up that jawbone of a mule and slew a thousand Philistines. What's in your hand? He did it after the Spirit of God come on him. That's right. A lion ran and roared one time, a little old curly-headed shrimp about that big standing there seven locks hanging down like a little sissy. And the lion went out to roar and he couldn't do nothing. But the Spirit of the Lord come on him and he slew the lion. He took a jawbone of an ass and killed a thousand men with it (Hallelujah.) when the Spirit of God come upon him. I'm saying here tonight, brother, if there's any time that the Spirit of God ought to fall on the Church, it's today. Turn your troughs up. Hallelujah. Get under the sprout.

His name was David. And about the time David arrived in the camp, Goliath come out and made his boast again, "Why don't some of you come out and fight me?" He said it at the wrong time. There happened to be a little knotty looking fellow that maybe didn't have much education, but he knew God. He didn't have the training Saul had, but he knowed a God that Saul knowed nothing about. And he said to the men of Israel, "Do you mean to tell me that you'll stand and let that uncircumcised Philistine defy the armies of the living God? I'll go fight him." Oh, my. A little bitty drawed over, knotty looking thing, the Bible said he was ruddy, just a little old boy about seventeen, eighteen years old, kinda, maybe stooped in his shoulders from hard work. "I will go fight him." Why, he could have took one finger and wrapped it around his waist. But he had courage, for he knew he was right.

Notice, I can see Sarah there, a little grandma, you know, great-great-great-great-great-grandma, hundred years old nearly, little dust cap on, little shawl over her shoulders, walking on a cane. And you know what? Something happened. Now, you know it would be hard for that woman to give birth to a baby, anyone knows that. The first thing, Abraham had lived with her since she was about seventeen years old, and she was about forty-five years past menopause. Now, the impossible... But notice, Abraham, the longer it went, the stronger he got. Now, today, if you get prayed for tonight and tomorrow you ain't perfectly well, you'd say, "Well, they ain't nothing in Divine healing. I never got it." Then you're not a child of Abraham. That's right. Cause Abraham knowed, older he got, the greater miracle it was going to be, so he was strong giving praise to God, said Romans 4. The longer it went, the more blessing it would be, the more miracle it would be, longer it took. So Abraham just kept getting stronger and stronger, giving glory to God. As his shoulders went down, down, he kept giving more praise to God.
55-0608 ABRAHAM

And I can see little Mary, about seventeen years old, engaged to a man about forty-five, some children. Here she come up along. But she was righteous in her heart, because Joseph was a just man before God. Feel a lot better if women — young ladies today picked something like that today, instead of some little boy with a pack of cigarettes in his pocket.

And notice, back there in that evil day just before the destruction, when God had a man out preaching the Gospel, a poor man, humble man, not very much of the world, but a man who had a heart to listen to God: Noah. There was Noah and Enoch preaching at the same time. And if you notice over in Revelations 11, it said, "I'll give power unto My two witnesses in the last day." Two witnesses again in the last day, Revelations 11... And they performed signs and wonders among the people.

Got so many he had to stand him on the other side of the river, his crowds got so big. And after while, I notice and here come One coming walking down. He said, "Behold..." "Behold" means "to look at." "Behold, the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world." There He comes, an ordinary little Fellow walking down through there with His blue robe on and His hair a blowing, about thirty years old. Oh, what a Man. Brother, I tell you; there's the Prince of all princes, King of all kings, Lord of all lords, the Son of the living God, God's Divine Promise.

When the children of Israel come up through there, they found men, even some of them had fingers of fourteen inches long. And think of that, great giants. David slew Goliath, which was a great fellow, and he said that his spear looked like a weaver's needle. And how many... Nine feet tall and something, and what a mighty fellow he was.
55-0522 THE.ARK

Did he really visit the well in the Bible city of Sychar? Some of the stories Branham told are formed into a question, one that leads the listener to believe more than the words are stating. By asking his listeners if they have been to Sychar, and describing the scene with great detail, many listeners believe that William Branham was actually there. But did he visit this city? Or was this leading the followers to conclusions that he wanted them to make?

Now we find Him going up to this city of Sychar, and — and it was along about noontime. And the disciples went away into the city, to buy some food. Victuals, it's called in the Scripture. And while they were gone, Jesus waited. If you've ever been there, it's kind of a panoramic like this; a well, or the city well, public, outside the city. It still stands today. And the people come out and get their water, and go back into the city. And they carry it on their head, jugs. And the women can put about a five-gallon jug on their head, and put one on each hip and can walk along, talking with women just as women can do, and — and never spill a drop of water. I — I don't see how they can do it, but they — they do it, such a perfect balance, talking and talking like ladies do as they walk along, with these jugs on, about fifteen gallons of water, walking along like that, talking. And these women, because... Still they do the same thing just like they did then, and these women come out to the well to get their water.
Could he have really been converted in four separate locations?

William Branham claimed that one could never forget the day they gave their heart and soul to the Lord, yet it would seem as though he struggled with this memory. Is it possible that Branham was converted to Christ in four different locations, did he actually forget about this event, or was he unsure of his own salvation?

I was converted in the Baptist church, and just come out from the Baptist church. I belong to no church now, that I might pull together the family of God. Not representing any one church, but only the one Church and that's the only true Church, the Body of Jesus Christ. When it first came to me, many different of the organizations... The Baptist people never kicked me out; only way you get kicked out of a Baptist conference is immoral living, not your doctrine; it's immoral living. But they didn't believe in Divine healing and gifts. They said, "Won't work." But now they see that it does.

I was converted in an old coal shed. And when I come in, I didn't know nothing about shouting or praising the Lord. So, I felt so good I — I didn't even touch a board coming up from the shed to the house. I graBranhamed a song book and begin to look at it, and then — and my Bible, and begin to read. And Mother said, "What you so nervous about?" I said, "Nothing."

I was converted in a converted barroom. And I feel very much at home now. I look back there and see that counter, and so forth. It was a little, colored church, where I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, was led there by the Lord. Now, to see these kind of places, they — they don't want to. They got to have the big flowery name behind it. It's got to have so much behind it, or people won't. It's got to be so pretty, outwardly, until if it — it isn't that way, then the people don't want nothing to do with it.

Many of you people right here in this building tonight from right around the home places here, that would've been dead in their grave if it hadn't been for Jesus Christ. And I am one of them. That's right. I'd have went years ago right here in the Jewish hospital when a doctor of this city, one of the famous doctors of this city, give me three minutes to live. And I'm here by the grace of God. Then when He let me live, I gave my heart to Him and been screaming from the housetop ever since. And I believe Him with all my heart. May He come tonight and bless your humble soul.

Could the serpent's blood really mix with human blood?

Branham would often claim that Satan chose the serpent because it was the only blood that would mix with the blood of a human being. But is this statement accurate? Or was he supporting the idea from Kabalah through use of an inaccurate scientific theory?

Now, watch the serpent, this serpent which was first. Let's draw a picture of him now. He's a great big fellow. He's between the chimpanzee and the man. And the serpent, the devil, Lucifer, knew that that was the only blood that would mix with this human blood. The only person he could deal with... He couldn't deal with the chimpanzee. That blood wouldn't mix. He couldn't deal with different things. He couldn't deal with the sheep. He couldn't deal with the horse. He couldn't deal with any animal. He had to deal with this serpent. Let's take him now and see what he looks like: Great big fellow, prehistoric giant. That's where they find these big bones, and I'll show you this in the Bible. Now, watch closely then. All right. This great big fellow, let's say he was — he was ten foot tall, great big shoulders, looked just like a man. And his blood, after coming down, coinciding one animal to another...
Did Enoch really build the Pyramids with atomic power?

While promoting the idea that science was from the pits of hell, William Branham himself seemed to be fascinated by it. And not just the modern scientific progress of his own time, Branham evidently enjoyed fringe science that was made popular by science fiction movies and the national enquirer.

Man destroys himself by his knowledge, like he did in the garden of Eden at the tree, so forth. And so some fanatic got a hold of some atomicpower, somewhere, that they had it. They — they could work with it then, 'cause they could do things then with it that we have never learned yet. We are not that far advanced. Maybe take three or four years yet, or more, 'fore we can do it, to do what they did. They built the pyramids and the sphinx and so forth. We could never do that. We couldn't reproduce that, there's no way for us to do it, only unless we can get an atomic power. Gasoline power, electric power, wouldn't lift one of them boulders, wouldn't move it off the ground. And some of them are a city block high, up in the air, and weighing a billion tons. How'd they get them up there? See, they knowed.

Did he really visit Mohammad's grave in Saudi Arabia? Branham claimed to have toured the high places of the other major world religions, including the tomb of Mohammed. Did he really visit Saudi Arabia? Or did he "step into" the story that he heard from Paris Reidhead?

It's been my privilege of going into my second million, leading to Christ. Now, I would like... And seen all different religions: Mohammedan, and Buddha, Jains, Sikhs, oh, every different kinds of religion... Was entertained in India one afternoon by seventeen different religions, that every one denied Christianity. Now all those religions, as many as there are, there's not a one of them but their founder is dead and gone, 'less it's some new one just sprung up. They're dead and gone. At the grave of Mohammed stands a horse. It's been there for twenty some odd hundred years, about. They change guards every four hours. And a white horse stands at Mohammed's grave, expecting him to raise someday, and ride the whole world down, conquer it. Mohammed, which was a son of Abraham too, but not through the woman which was free.

Did he really have a visitation by an angel? Branham claims to have been visited by an angel, receiving his commission to heal the sick. Yet he doesn't seem to remember where. Did this even occur in a cabin or a cave? Or was it at a rangers station? Was it the dirt floor of the wilderness, or the wood floor that was warmed by the heat of a stove? And why commission him again, after receiving a different commission to heal the sick in 1945?

But when the Angel of the Lord appeared to me out there on Green's Mill bank, out there in that little cabin that night, He told me to go, and I'd be praying for statesmen, and great men, and kings, and monarchs. It would sweep around the world, and now, there's a revival sweeping the world, originating in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Amen. Oh, how wonderful.

Well, one night up yonder in Green's Mill, Indiana, to a cave where I was at in a place, the Angelof the Lord appeared and said, "You're to go pray for sick people." And told me what would take place. He said, "Do not fear. I will be with you." I took off, and come through the country, and down through Jonesboro, telling what He said was and what would come to pass. And it's been that way and proved now plumb around the world.

And I set down on this little stool. And I just sitting, oh, kind of in this position, just like that. And, all at once, I seen a Light flicker in the room. And I thought somebody was coming up with a flashlight. And I looked around, and I thought, "Well..." And here It was, right out in front of me. And old wooden boards on the floor. And there It was, right in front of me. It's a little old drum stove sitting in the corner, the top was tore out of it. And — and right in here there was a — a Light on the floor, and I thought, "Well, where's that? Well, that couldn't be coming..." I looked around. And here It was above me, this very same Light, right there above me, hanging right like that. Circling around like a fire, it's kind of a emerald color, going, "Whoossh, whoossh, whoossh!" like that, just above It, like that. And I looked at That. I thought, "What is That?" Now, It scared me.

Are the Pyramids and the Zodiac to be considered God's "Bible" or some was this a form of ancient evil?

While the Bible tells us that worship of the sun, moon, and stars are abominations before the Lord, Branham claimed that this very thing was given to the people as a "Bible." Why did Branham promote the objects of worship in pagan religion?

God is from above. He's writing the zodiac in the sky. Zodiac starts with the Virgin, the first coming of Christ, ends up with the Leo, the Lion, the second coming. And He's writing His first Bible. There's three of them. One of them was written in the skies, one in the pyramids, one on this. Everything in God is in a trinity, like a man's in a trinity. All right. Then after He got all that written, the stars and the planets off that sun. Then I can see a big ball of ice laying yonder somewhere, this earth. And He brood over the earth, moved it over around the sun, dried it off. And He begin His creation on the earth.

Did Branham really see King George in a parade, in Vancouver, in 1939?

Branham often told a story of a child trying to see a king as he passed by. Over time, this story was integrated with himself and King George passing by. Did William Branham really see King George in Vancouver? Or was this another story to appeal to the emotions of the crowd?

It reminds me of a little girl not long ago in Canada. Some years ago when I was over at Vancouver, the great late King George was a visiting Vancouver. And I was noticing the emotion upon my manager, Mr. Baxter, while he was watching the king and the queen as they rode by. And how she in her beautiful garment, and the king though suffering with multiple sclerosis, and also a stomach trouble, he set correct in his carriage and was speaking and bowing to his subjects, or the people, as he passed by. And Mr. Baxter, he said he stood and wept because the king was passing by. It was the first time he'd ever seen him, and it brought emotion to him just that moment, in the little view of the king passing by. I thought, "Oh, what will it be when our King of kings passes by...?... Just one glimpse of Him in glory when our journey is completed, these little cold nights in the theaters, and disappointments will just vanish like nothing then.

Did he really write a poem at age 12?
Branham would often recite the poetry that he learned in grammar school, telling them as precious memories. Towards the end of his life, those memories described poetry that he, himself had written. Did he really write this poem? If so, why are there two versions?

I used to make a little poem, started it, I used to make poems all the time. I got up there and I said,
I am lonesome, oh, so lonesome,
For that far away northwest,
Where the shadows fall the deepest
over the mountain chest;
I can see the lurking coyotes
all around the purple haze;
And can hear the leopards hollering
down where the longhorns graze.
But somewhere up the canyon,
I can hear the lion's whine,
In the far off crystal mountains
on the Arizona line.

I am lonesome, oh, so lonesome for that far away southwest,
Where the shadows fall the deepest over the mountain crest.
I can see a lurking coyote all around the purple haze;
I can hear a lobo hollering down where the longhorns graze.
And somewhere up a canyon I can hear a lion whine,
In that far off Catalina Mountains at the Arizona line.

Why did he promote Moses as 'god' before the people?

When describing the role of a prophet, in a sermon entitled 'The Unveiling of God,' Branham described Moses as 'god' before the people? Why did he say this? Was it to promote himself as a god before his congregation?

The Word had to come from Moses, first. See? Moses had the Word. They were written by God, nobody could interpret Them, Moses had to interpret Them, first. That's the reason he veiled his face, 'cause he... Do you see It? [Congregation says, "Amen." — Ed.] See? Here It is. [Brother Branham picks up his Bible — Ed.] We could pick It, pack It up, and everything else there, but It's got to be revealed. In order to reveal, Moses had to become God to the people. You say, "That's nonsense." Why, He told, even told Moses, Hisself, "You'll be God, and Aaron will be your prophet!...?..." See? So there He come, see, He had to veil Himself, 'cause God is always behind a veil. Oh, my! Do you see It? [Congregation says, "Amen." — Ed.] God is hid from the public. Said, "Father, I thank You, You've hid It from the wise and prudent, and revealed It to babes, to them that wants to learn." See?

Why did William Branham claim to be standing underneath a cloud in Arizona, when he was not there? While preaching a sermon in Houston, TX, Branham announces his upcoming hunting trip. A trip that occurred in March. Yet, after seeing a cloud formation in a magazine, he claims to have been standing directly underneath. Why does he say this, when the cloud occurred in February?

I seen the rocks tumbling off the side of the hill, rolling down. And I looked up, there was that white Circle above me there, circling around. Here come seven Angels, come moving down out of the air, picked me up, and said, "Go back to your home, to the East, right away, and bring those Seven Seals. For, there is seven mysteries, for the complete Word is revealed now in these seven mysteries." If you've never heard, if you ever believed I ever said anything in a sermon, inspired, you take them tapes of the Seven Seals. I'm not a tape salesman. I... Mr. Sothmann here sells tapes, him and Mr. Maguire, but I don't sell tapes. They take them. And if you ever heard anything that's really, as I can say it's THUS SAITH THE LORD, get those.

Was there really a constellation of angels, were there 5 or was it 7 angels?

Describing this event with the cloud he was not under, two angels are added to the story. Why were they added?

And then, all at once, as I realized that I had been... They were around me. I couldn't see Them, but I had been brought into this constellation of a pyramid of Them, inside this constellation of — of Angels, of five. And I thought, "Now, Death Angel would will be one. Five would be grace." I was thinking that. I thought, "Oh! It's — It's coming with my Message. That's my second climax. They're coming to bring me the Message from the Lord." And I screamed out with all my might, as loud as I could, "O Jesus, what would You have me do?" And when I did, It just — just went away from me.

And Those, blasting, the other morning, that shook me plumb till I raised up in the air, as high as this building, that constellation of Angels, seven Angels in the form of a pyramid. Is that them Thunders that's coming forth? Could it be? This is all interpreted. According to his dream, it was all finished. According to God's Word, the seventh messenger will finish, seventh Message will be finished, and then the SevenThunders. And he saw the capstone rolled over. Which, many people don't even know there is SevenSeals to be revealed. I've read many men's books on Revelation, never did hear It talked on. They skip That. But it's been told you that It's there.
Are there really seven dimensions? Why is God in a separate dimension than Christ?

Now, the sixth dimension is in Christ, the saints, dead saints, or resting saints, who is completely, work finished on earth, and has entered into rest with Christ under the altar, beautifully. You could parallel it like a wonderful dream that you didn't want to wake up. It ain't a dream, it's natural. It's real. But I'm just making a parable to you. And 'course, the seventh dimension is God alone.
Is the 'halo' photograph really supernatural?

Several times on recorded sermon, William Branham makes a claim that God had his picture taken with him during an event in the Houston Coliseum. But is this story really true? Why does he claim that George J. Lacy is the "head of the FBI," when Lacy was simply a subcontracted examiner? Why does he claim that the photograph hangs in the "Religious Hall of Art," when there is no such buiding? Why does he claim that Lacy's report stated that the photograph was proof of the supernatural, when the actual report has no such description? Why does he claim that Lacy was called in from California, when Lacy's agency was located in the city of Houston? Why the secrecy surrounding the copyright of the photograph? Was it copyrighted for proof of God as Branham claimed, or was this photograph copyrighted for monetary gain? Why does Branham claim there were 30,000 people present, when the newspapers reported around eight thousand?

How many ever — never did see It, let's see your hand, never even seen a picture of the Angel? Here It is. This is by the American Photographer Association, hangs in the religious hall of art in New York City, the only supernatural Being that was ever taken in all the world's history. You can see the Pillar of Fire. Here's George J. Lacy the head of the FBI. There's his signed signature that It was a supernatural Being there, when It was taken before thirty thousand people. And you see that, it said, "It looked like a yellow... [ — Ed.]...?... right in this here.
Were the three wise men religious scholars or magic-workers, magicians?

Branham promoted the idea that Balaam was a prophet with the same annointing as Moses, and that the Magi followed the star because of Balaam's prophecy about the Star of Jacob. Why did he say this? Were they from India or Babylon? Were they poor, humble servants, or were they rich and powerful?

Way across the country was some humble wise men, they was called Magi, "stargazers." When I was in the east, not long ago, they still set the same way. They're a very poor type of people. They go in threes. They set right in the street. Billy and I, there in India in back in there is where they come from, India. Now, they said, "We have seen His Star in the east." They was in the east when they saw the Star. Jerusalem's west, so Palestine was west of — of India. So they saw His Star while they were in the east, and come to worship Him. 60-1225 GOD'S.WRAPPED.GIFT
Did the fallen angels really take human form?

Branham's sermons are filled with reverence to angels, from the one he claimed to be on the platform in his sermons to Christ — who he claimed to be the Archangel Michael. Did the fallen angels really take human form to rage war against the angels of God?

his great, first battle that was ever fought, begin in Heaven, when Michael and His Angels fought against Lucifer and his angels. It first started, the first battle was in Heaven. So, sin did not originate on earth, it originated in Heaven. And then it was thrown down from Heaven, cast out of Heaven, to the earth, and fell on human beings. Then the battle, from angels, become human battles. And Satan come to destroy God's creation, what God had created to be for Hisself. He had, Satan, come to destroy this. That's what his purpose was, was to destroy it. Then the battle begin here on earth, and begin in us, and has been raging ever since.

Was Cain really the son of Satan?

Though the Bible describes Eve describing Cain as a son from the Lord, Branham claims that Cain was the son of Satan. Why did he say this?

And remember, in glory the first thing that ever caused the first sin, that Satan wanted a little better things than what Michael had, went over and set himself up a — a better, beau — more beautiful kingdom. See? That's beauty. Here it falls right down into his son, Cain, coming right on down. And he decorated his altar, beautiful.

Along with this teaching, Branham claims that the bloodline of Cain produced the giants of the ancient world. Is this scripturally accurate?

Cain, the nature of his daddy. And I believe that big beast was up like a man; he walked upright, and that's where these great giants come from. Yeah, that's exactly. Now, that's my own thought, and I — I could be wrong. That's my thought. See? But they were great men.

Was Satan really Eve's designer?

According to Branham, Satan designed the female part of the human race. Though the Bible says "Male and Female" were created by God, this idea of Satan being involved in the creation is a fundamental teaching. Why does he teach this?

But in the human race, it's the woman that's pretty, not the man; if he is, there is something wrong, there is crossed-up seed somewhere. Originally it's that way. Why, why was it done? To deceive by. Her designer, Satan, is still working on her, too, in these last days.

Was Branham born in 1907, 1908, or 1909?

William Branham gave three birthdates — two of which were tied to spiritual events. Why did he do this, and what year was he born — the year he gave the government on his marriage certificate, or the year that he told his following?

When I was born on April the sixth, 1909, about five o'clock in the morning... We lived in a little cabin. There's a picture in the book. We didn't have windows like you people have that live in nice homes. We had just a door that you push back, like a little window, you know, push back. Don't guess you all ever seen anything like that up in this country. But a little old window you push... [ — Ed.]... once...

Did Branham receive his commission in 1945 or 1946 – he claimed both?

In a 1945 pamphlet entitled "I Was Not Disobedient To The Heavenly Vision," Branham describes a vision from the Lord that he claims to be a commission to heal the sick. Also in the same pamphlet, he describes the success of the healing campaign, stories that would be told throughout the rest of his ministry. But later, he claimed that this "commission" happened in 1946, the very day that Israel became a nation. Why did he change the date? Why did he add an angel to the story?

Israel became a nation in 1947 on the same night the Angel of the Lord visit me. When It came at me at twelve o'clock, it was noon when they signed the — that peace pact with the world and the League of Nations and so forth, overseas.
59-1004M WHO.IS.THIS

There are many other questions surfacing in the statements made by William Branham on recorded tape. Many of them are revered as 'scriptural truth,' yet they seem to have originated in the Gnostic Dead Sea Scrolls, cult leaders such as Charles Taze Russel, Joseph Smith, and John Alexander Dowie. What was the motivation behind these extra-bibilical and fictional statements?

Anyone who makes a habit of listening to these sermons should examine these questions, and ask themselves if anything the man said can be trusted. If he was not truthful in the majority of these examples, then can we really trust his handling of the Word of God?

Why did Branham claim that his father died during his childhood, when he preached the funeral service?

Branham blames his poor grammar on the death of his father, claiming that he had to drop out of school to help provide for his widowed mother and siblings. Why does he say this, when he preached his father's funeral as a Pentecostal pastor? Why does he claim that his father died hungry, when his father was a chauffer for a very wealthy Mr. Wathen?

You know in my talk that I'm uneducated. I was raised in a big family of ten children. I got not even a grammar schooleducation. Seventh grade was as far as I got in school. I had to go to work, take care of nine children. My father wasn't very healthy, died young, and I had to work. I never got my education

Why did Branham demote Christ to an archangel? Did he hear this teaching from the Jehovah's witnesses?

And at that time Michael shall stand, the great prince." Michael was Christ, of course, Who fought the angelicwars in heaven with the devil.

Were all of Branham's visions fulfilled by 1963 as he claimed?

Branham claims that all of his prophecies were fulfilled, as early as 1963. Yet pastors in the following still await Branham's resurrection to fulfill the visions that have not yet happened. Why did he claim that the India vision was not fulfilled because of his own mistake? Why do the pastors of the following overlook the vision of the second brown bear that has not yet taken place? Why do they overlook the vision of the Pope that will rise into power from the United States?

And so far as I know, that every vision that He's ever give me has been fulfilled, except the one that I'm a change in my ministry, to where I'm to pray for people in a little place like a little room under a tent, or a big auditorium or something. It looked, to me, like a tent. You remember that, two or three years ago? Most all of it was brought to pass. I was to go down in Mexico, and how it would rain that night and what would take place down there. And He told me my ministry of the First Pull. Remember about catching the little bitty fish, or missing it? Second one was a small fish. But then He told me, "On the Third Pull, don't fail." See? "And don't tell people." I'm always trying to explain what I'm trying to do. He let me know not to tell people what you're doing. Just do what He tells me to do and let it alone. See?

Was Mary the mother of Jesus? Branham claimed both that she was his mother, and that she was not.

So Jesus then, when He came, He was a Man born of a virgin birth. His mother was Mary; His Father was Jehovah God.

I do not believe that Jesus was any part of Mary. That was not His mother. It was a woman that God used for that purpose, a incubator to bear His Child. If Mary... If the seed of the woman, which, she is the egg and the man has the hemoglobin... If that's right, doctor, and (See?) the — the blood. The life lays in the blood cell. And a hen can lay an egg. But if she hasn't been with the male bird, it'll never hatch. I've often said this, and I say it again: It's coming springtime. The birds will all be building their nests. An old mother bird can get on her nest and hover them eggs, and stay on there so loyal until she nearly starves to death. She gets so poor she can't fly off the nest. Them eggs will never hatch, if she hasn't been with the mate.
62-0128A A.PARADOX

Were those in the meeting in Mishawaka his first encounter with Pentecostal people, when he was already a Pentecostal preacher?

She said, "Be... One thing. Promise me too, that you'll never let loose, but you'll preach this Gospel that you heard up there at Mishawaka." I said, "I promise." She said, "It's glorious to die by, Bill." And said, "I hate to leave you and the babies, but it's so good to go back." And I said, "Honey, on that day the sun will be as black as sackcloth, bloody. The skies will be waving and gray too." I said, "If I'm alive, I'll be on the battlefield, but if I'm not, I'll be sleeping by your side. And if you go before I do, if I'm alive, and you go before I do, when you see the city coming lowering down from God out of Heaven," I said, "go over to the east side of the gate; stand there by the big pillar. When you see Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and them coming by," I said, "scream my name as loud as you can: Bill, Bill." I said, "I'll gather the children together, and I'll meet you there at the gate." She said, "I'll meet you, honey." And I kissed her. That was my last date with my wife." And brother, sister, now sometimes I get weary and tired, but I'm going to keep that appointment. One day I'm going to meet her.

Could the name "Ricky" or "Elvis" - not be spoken until this day?

That expression. If you only — only knew the numerology of the Bible, and know what Elvis or — or Ricky means, to the Scripture! Uh-huh. Just like, why did Jesus... You say, "There is nothing to that, your name." There isn't? That name could only come in this last days, for this last-days people. Why did Jesus change Abram's name to Abraham, then, Sarai to Sarah? Why did He change Saul to Paul? Why did He change Simon to Peter, and so forth? You see, certainly it means something. That name could not be spoken till this day. That's the reason we got this hellish thing we got in the earth today, because of such things. The whole human race is corrupted. It's — it's gone, see, and that's why it is.
Did he really think or believe that Lee Vayle had an earned or honorary PHD?

Mr. Reidhead said, "I kicked the floor, Brother Branham, kicked the dust like that, and I couldn't answer the man." He said, "I purposed in my heart to come see you after that, and ask what this was all about." And said, "Here I am." He said, "If the Holy Ghost..." Said, "Brother Branham, my mother sent me to school." And said, "I, when I got my BA, I thought there is exactly..." I said, "I know what you mean." Said, "Then one day I got my BA, I thought right there I'd find Christ. He wasn't there when I got my Doctor's Degree." Said, "I've got enough degrees, honorary degrees, to plaster your walls, and where is Christ in all of it?" I said, "Who am I to say that the teachers are wrong? But that's not what we're talking about. It's the Person, Christ, that you must know." Now the man is holding great campaigns everywhere. And Doctor Lee Vayle there, a good friend of mine, is a friend of his, also. And he's having great success, praying for the sick and holding great big campaigns and everything. It's because that man believed.

Did Adam and Eve have 70 sons and daughters – is it in the Bible?

Course we're taught by historians, that Adam and Eve had seventy sons and daughters.
55-0522 THE.ARK

Is it true that John the Baptist only had – six converts?

Are we going to walk into Eternity, like it was in the days of Noah, with eight souls saved? Are we going to come like Lot, with three out of Sodom? Are we going to come, like in the days of John the Baptist, with six believers?

Are UFO's really investigating angels of judgment?

They were Lights from Heaven, that came down in the investigating judgment. One's... Look where they're all found. Around the Pentagon, and things, they find them. That's the world judgment, Sodom. And there is One represented, will be represented amongst the churches, will be Christ Himself, vindicating Himself. See? "Sights on the... in heavens above, and signs in the earth below." Certainly.

Did Khrushchev and Eisenhower represent the 10 toes of Daniel's vision?

Now, did you notice? Did you know what the name Khrushchev means in Russia? Dirt or clay. He was a heading up of them kingdoms. You know what Eisenhower means, the head of this? Iron. Iron and clay and they couldn't mix together. He took his shoe and beat it on the... There's no mixing together. They can't mix. They won't cleave one to the other.

Are our bodies realy made up of light?

Not long ago science made fun of man, when... in the Bible. And the Bible said, "Your whole body is full of light." Science said, "Your body, full of light? Who ever heard of such. It can't be. No light in your body." But they find out, that's wrong. They invented an x-ray. And the x-ray takes your own light meters. It don't take any other light. Your own lightmakes the x-ray. The x-ray doesn't have any light of its own. It's your light that takes the picture, the lights that's in your body. So God was right after all.

Were there really 500 baptized or just 14 baptized - as reported in the paper? Were there really 10,000 spectators present on the river bank that day? Did the story really get published by the Associated Press? Why is there no record of that publication?

But It appeared down there on the Ohio River before nearly ten thousand people while I was baptizing in August. I was baptizing some fi — five hundred, I guess, that afternoon. Hundreds of them was standing, and the choir singing, On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand. Was about two o'clock. We hadn't had rain for about two weeks. I had my seventeenth candidate I was taking out in the water. And I raised up, and I asked him if he believed. He had. He would been repented at the meeting? Yes. I raised up my hand, I said, "Father, as I baptize this boy with water, may You baptize him with the Holy Spirit." And as I started, Something went, whew [Brother Branham illustrates — Ed.] I looked up. I heard a Voice. Said, "Look up." Thousands standing all over the bank on the Ohio River facing Louisville. Paper carried a big article of it.

Did Elijah really condemn the Jackie Kennedy haircuts in his day?

There was Elijah in the time that all the women cut their hair, like Mrs. Kennedy and them does today.

Did Enoch walk with God 500 years or was it 365 years as the Bible says?

He was Enoch, who claimed that he walked with God for five hundred years, and had a testimony he pleased God.
56-0304 MAKING.A.WAY

Was 70% of the ministry of Jesus Christ focused on Divine Healing, or for the restoration of Israel?

At this point of the reading of the Scriptures, that Jesus' ministry had become very popular. About seventy percent of His ministry was upon Divine healing.
Will the Bride be picked up by UFO's to go in the rapture?

You see these little pockets going through the air, they call "saucers," so forth. People so... That, well, we better leave that alone. "Hear all these people come up missing?" you say. Don't hear from them; they're standing there, and they're not there. That's the way the Rapture is going to be. One of them will drop right down, and this terrestrial body will take on a celestial body. And they'll be... hide, hair, or bones left; it'll be transformed in a moment of time, dropping right out of space and taking Home that. We see all this going on now, and the — and the Pentagon wondering about these lights, and mystic lights, and everything they're seeing in the — in the sky. You seen they had one here in the paper at Jeffersonville this week, and so forth, "a mystic light." So, oh, they don't know what that is. But listen, little children, It's going to pick you up, one of these days. See? See? Don't worry. Remember, Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Sodom."

Does God write your name in the Book of Life – when you raise your hand?

When you raise your hand, God writes it down on the Book of Life.

Is a theophany really - a human body that's glorified?

And now the Logos that went out of God, which was the — the Logos, all this begin to form into a — a body shape. And this body shape was called, in the scholar's teaching, Logos, the Logos that went out of God. In other words, a — a better word for it, was what we call a theophany. (Theophany is a human body that's glorified.) Not exactly with flesh and blood like it will be in its glorified stage, but it is of a form of a human body that doesn't eat, neither does it drink, but it's — it's a body, a body that's waiting for us as soon as we leave this one. Now, in there, we enter into that body. And that's the kind of body that God was, for He said, "Let Us make man in Our Own image and in Our likeness."

Is God eternal or did he have a beginning – Branham said both?

We believe that God is eternal. And anything that has a beginning has an end. But God had no beginning; so therefore, He has no end. And the world was made by Him, because He is the Creator. He made it out of things He had not to make with, just His spoken Word, it come into existence. And there's only one type of healing, that's Divine healing."

In the beginning, He wasn't even God. Now, our English word today, God, means "an object of worship." How confusing it is to the mind. You can make somebody a god. You can make anything a god.

Is following God's prophet evidence of the Holy Spirit?

Now see that. The proof of the indwelling Spirit was to acknowledge and FOLLOW what God's prophet gave for his age as he set the church in order. Paul had to say to those who claimed another revelation, (verse 36) "What, came the Word of God out from you? or came it unto you only?" The evidence of a Spirit-filled Christian believer is not to produce the truth (Word), but to receive the truth (Word), and to believe and obey it.

Did the ministry of Christ include "three pulls?"

Jesus' ministry consisted of Three Pulls. Did you know that? Notice! And be sincere, if you ever was in your life, now for a minute, few minutes. 270 His First Pull was healing the sick. He become a very popular man. Everybody believed Him, seemed like. Is that right? When He went forth healing the sick, everybody wanted Him in their church. 271 But one day He turned around and started prophesying, for He was the Word, and He was the Prophet that Moses spoke of. And when He went to tell them, and tell them how they was living, and the things they were doing, He become very unpopular. That was His Second Pull. 272 Wonder if it has typed right back again? Just think a minute. Could it be? The First, healing, everybody. The Second: "Oh, it could be Jesus Only. It could be Beelzebub, it could be a..." That's the same thing they did there. See? Same spirits living in the same kind of people, condemned people that can never be saved, because they were condemned before; they, like Judas Iscariot, born the son of perdition. You say, "Judas?" Sure.

Did Marilyn Monroe die of a heart attack as Branham said – or a drug overdose?

And I didn't wake the family up, in the little cow camp, or where the cowboys stay, where we'd go back there to round up the cattle. I — I just let them sleep until morning. And then the next day, I mentioned it. And I said, "Some young woman, very attractive, is going to die in a heart attack." And on the road out, two days later, there it come in on the radio. That this Miss... I can't think of her name. [Someone says, "Monroe." — Ed.] Monroe, Mrs. Monroe. I think that was her stage name, or whatever it was. Her name was something else. And she had died, and they said she committed suicide.

Was Branham's 1st vision at age 18 mos. or in his mother's womb – he said both?

Now, I only claim, that I... it's by a vision, that God gave me. When I was a little baby in my mother's womb, when I was born, just a few minutes, here It come circling over where I was.

Is Capernaum, today at the bottom of the sea?

Where is Capernaum today? At the bottom of the Dead Sea. Every city that received Jesus, they stand today. Every city that He cursed, is gone today. Sure, He was more than a prophet; He was God manifested in the flesh.

Was Columba the messenger to Thyatira when he died before the age began?

Now, this great saint here was Columba. He was a great man of God. Now, I've got his history kind of written down here. First, the fourth church age, Thyatira, it means to be "laxed, loose," or, "hazy." See? It was just a illegitimate time from 606 to 1500.

When will the Church go into complete apostasy – it sure wasn't in 77?

I don't say it will be, but predict that it will end by 1977, that the church will go completely into apostasy and she'll be ousted out of the mouth of God. And the Second Coming, or the Rapture of Christ, might come anytime.

Why did he claim that General Valdena allowed the first Protestant group into Mexico, when Protestants had been in Mexico for centuries?

I come back home. Well, I went out to pray. Many people were there, and Brother Arganbright come up from down in there, and he said, "Brother Branham, here's the General Valdenaand many of the Mexican government, and the first time in all the world's history, or the history of Mexico that ever a Protestant was invited in by the — by the government." And said, "You must come." And so I said, "Let me pray first." I went back out to the woods and I prayed. And the next morning before daylight, the Lord came to me, give a vision. And said, "Go on back down to Mexico; I'll be with you." So away I went to Mexico the next day. And when we went in down there... You can imagine how poor the people are; it was pitifully. And they wouldn't let us have no newspaper room. All the advertisements, they wouldn't let us put them out or nothing. And they wouldn't let us have no place to seat the people. They just give us a great big lot of a thing about two city blocks — kinda oblong, like that, and everybody had to stand. I could have three nights of meetings for them. And — and we averaged how much ground we had. And there was standing on the ground by the multitudes, they were standing six people every three square feet. Now, they stood up from morning until ten, eleven o'clock at night, just standing there. But they're used to standing, sacrifice.
Does it really take man less time than an angel to get from Mars to Earth?

If an Angel started from the farthest star, and coming here, it would take him billions times billions times billions of years to get here. If he started from Mars and come here, flying at the speed of — of light — of light-space, or light speed. It would take him billions of years to get here.

In 1961 did we really just have 17 years left to the jubilee, the going up?

Now, counting the time, we find that we have exactly (Listen.) seventeen years left, and we will have the same span of time given to us as God dealing with us in the power of the Holy Spirit since A.D. 33 until 1977, the same span of time of 1954 years.
Do you believe Branham will ride this trail again?

Why, me an old man, suffered all my life, why did He heal me now? I believe I'll ride this trail again, I got to bring a Message!

Why did Branham allow Gene and Leo to revise and update his prophecies?

By the way, Mr. Mercier and many of them are going to take some of these old prophecies, and dig them out, and revise them a little, or bring them up to date, and put them in papers.

Did Malachi promise that God would appear in human form in the last days?

And promised that there would come a time in the last days, according to Malachi 4 and according to Saint Luke, that He would appear again in human form among His people and do the same things, and reveal the same thing, the same Messianic sign. How many knows that, you Bible readers, knows that's the Truth? Say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen." — Ed.] Must all be Bible readers.

Was Adam first created as a "theophany," and later received a physical body?

And — and as he walked through the garden of Eden, first as a theophany (like the Holy Spirit is in here now walking in here), it led the animal life. It controlled everything, but it couldn't till the soil. See? So God put him in flesh so that he could till the soil, give him his five senses to till the soil and fix up the — the vineyards and — and so forth, and then the man still looked lonesome. Oh, this is a beautiful picture. Look, for when he was first made, he was made two people together. He was made both male and female; the man was. The Bible said he was. God made man both male and female, "created He him." Notice. Now, when man was separated from the theophany and put in flesh, he was — he wasn't just altogether there; part of his being was still a theophany, so it didn't look right. There went the male and female in the cow; there went the horse; and there went the ox; and there went everything else, pairs. But Adam, he... it was... See, there was something lacking. That very crave showed that there was a mate waiting for him. You get it? And the very thoughts that we have to die here, that we're troubled and perplexed, and we long for a Life that has no death, it shows it's waiting for us. See?

Why is it Branham never detailed his 33' vision until many, many years later?

First mention on recorded sermon:

But just remember this. I predict this: that a woman will be president before we're annihilated. That's right. I said that in 1933 by a vision. Sure, it's a woman's world. Where did it start from? Hollywood. All your dirty, filthy dressing and things, that's what's crept into our homes and things like that. And now comes through television, everything else. It's a disgrace. All of our revivals won't help nothing till we get back to the good old fashion foundation again. Oh, when I... Well, so much for that; the preachers will tell you about that. But now, notice, when Abraham, talking to God, Sarah back in the tent, when God said to Abraham, "I'm going to visit you about the time of life next month. And you're going to have a baby."

Are the - book of life and the Lamb's book of life really two separate books?

here is your two books. One of them is the Lamb's Book of Life. Your name on There is predestinated on There. It can't go, because you can no more take that away than nothing, see, because it was foreordained to be on There. But the regular book of life, can take that off at any time. See? You don't repent, it's off, anyhow, 'cause you're going to stand the Judgment. The Bride don't even stand the Judgment; goes in the Rapture. Just as...

If God was the first creation – how did He create Himself?

The first creation was God Himself; then out of God came the Logos, which was the Son of God; then out of the Logos, which was the Word ("In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us."), out of the Logos came forth the — the man.

Was Branham "God's voice to you," or was the Bible correct in the Holy Spirit being our Guide, the Word spoken to us by Christ Himself"

If I offended you by saying that, forgive me. But I felt that might been resented. But I am God's Voice to you. See? I say that again. That time was under inspiration. See? And I — I felt bad about it the first time, but It repeated it.

If Unionized Religion is not far off, when will it happen?

No, sir. Don't never look for that. It'll be a boycott, certainly. No man could buy or sell 'less he belongs to the confederation of churches. That's true. That'll come like a union, unionizing the thing, bringing it down, unionized religion. Mark my word; it ain't far off. And you'll see it, she's just around the corner. The reason you don't know these things; you're here at home all the time. Follow me over these countries where Catholicism has the upper hand one time, and see what takes place. Brother, they tell them all what to do and what not to.

Are women really responsible for – 98% of all crime in the U.S.?

And an analyst just from Chicago, a — a woman wrote this article, the police force; that they chased down, in United States, metropolitan United States, that "Ninety-eight percent of every crime that was ever did in any form, in the United States, there was either a woman in it or behind it." Now I'm saying all this, to get to one thing here at the end, so that you can see what's the matter.

Are there any records of Branham - traveling seven times around the world?

Someday I got to stop. Someday I'll close my Bible for the last time. I've got to meet God and give an account for every one of you. And every person to... I guess I've preached direct or indirect to twenty or thirty million people around the world, seven times around. And I — I — I know I've got to answer for that. And I've got to be in the deepest of sincerity and know that I'm telling them the truth. You don't realize the goodness of God. If a person, a sinner, could only open their eyes and see how good God is. If He could just rub a little salve on their eyes and they could look around and see how good He is...

Was Paul Rader a bosom friend and a buddy of Branham?

Paul Rader, a bosom friend of mine, that wrote my theme song, "Only Believe"; when he was dying yonder and he had just leaned his shoulder, head over on the shoulder of my manager, Mr. Baxter. He'd been a great gallant man who had traveled the seas and the overseas, and everything, and he'd got mixed up out yonder, and got mixed up with some fundamentalists, and his message just worried him to death. And when he was dying, he was laying in the room, and near death, was struggling up close.

Did William Branham really have "Tens of thousands of visions" that never failed?

I've seen tens of thousands of visions, and signs and wonders, and not one of them have ever failed. And that's right. He's foretold me things that's never failed to happen just exactly. I'll bring any man to trial for that. That's right. I don't claim to be a prophet, but you listen to me.
60-0522E ADOPTION.4

Why does William Branham say that the Great Pyramid of Giza does not cast a shadow if he had visited the ancient wonder?

And that pyramid, the big pyramidsetting there, geographically, is so perfect in the center of the earth, no matter where the sun is, there's never a shadowaround it. Engineering, we got a lot of — long ways to come, to compare with them. And to think, that's been more than right on five thousand years ago, they had that.
54-1006 LAW.OR.GRACE

Does the Bible say "in whom I am well pleased" or "pleased TO DWELL IN"?

"This is My beloved Son in Whom I'm pleased to dwell." The right translation there is, "In whom I am pleased to dwell in."

Why did Branham add the words "EVEN IN YOU" to scripture?

And now notice, "A little while and the world seeth Me no more; yet you'll see Me, for I'll be with you, even in you, even to the end of the world."

Do FBI Agents act as private couriers - to deliver million dollar checks?

One person brought me a check, FBI agent, for a million, five hundred thousand dollars, a bank draft, and I refused to look at it from the Mission Bell Winery in California. A woman was healed, been to St. Louis, and both breasts taken off, and she was... Cancer went through her, and a doctor was converted on the case, Dr. Theodore Palouveas, which is preaching the Gospel this afternoon in Oakland, California. And how the Lord spoke to the woman, told her on three days she'd be shopping in the street. Told her daughter she was unconscious. The doctor said, "The very idea, Reverend Branham, you build somebody up on a false hope like that, and that woman laying there dying."

Did every FBI agent who investigated William Branham get converted to the faith?

Every time an FBI agent come in my meeting he got — they got saved. Their chief got saved in my meeting, Captain Al Farrar." I said, and, oh, I said, "No FBI does anything like that."

Did Hal Hermon, movie director, get converted to Christ in Branham's meetings?

Then I come up to Berlin for two nights, there with Hal Herman, the very noted movie director that was converted in the meetings, my meetings in California, and is preaching the Gospel to the Germans.

Why does he claim that Al Farrar was an FBI agent? Was Al Farrar really converted to Christ in Branham's meeting?

"I've got a little bill here that says here tonight that I am Simon the sorcerer and going to be exposed by the FBI here tonight." I said, "All right, FBI, I am on the platform in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ; come to the platform now and expose me." I said, "If I'm doing anything outside of God Almighty's Bible, come here and expose me." I said, "Where you at?" Thousands setting there and everybody was crying, I said, "I'm waiting for the FBI. According to your paper here, you was going to expose me tonight." Just then I waited a few minutes, and I felt that Spirit coming around. I said, "It wasn't the FBI. I'm no criminal." I said, "Every time an FBI agent come in my meeting he got — they got saved. Their chief got saved in my meeting, Captain Al Farrar." I said, and, oh, I said, "No FBI does anything like that."

Will there be a short quick message that will shake the nations?

But when you stay in the Kingdom, stay in the Gospel, stay right, one of these days God will call you out and set you aside, adopt you as His son before the people, and give you something that'll shake the nations with it. See what I mean? It's the adoption into the family.

Should we still eat eggs and live in the valley – if the H.S. warned against it?

Do you remember years ago when I first, when we had the little bitty structure here, and I was prophesying, and said, "It shall come to pass in the last days, don't live in a valley and don't eat eggs." I've got it on my book. I thought there was something about that, and I went and looked at it. "Don't eat eggs." That was way back in 1933. Eggs has got something in them now, and I see where science says that a man over fifty years old should never eat an egg, because it's the hardest thing on a heart that can be eaten. Diseases!

Are we still waiting for Russia to go down to get the oil – after 60 years?

When Russia goes down there to get that oil, look out. That's all she needs. That's what the prophet said it would do. And we're ready for it then. So Church, get ready to meet Christ. He's sending great revivals and meetings, and stirring the full Gospel people. Signs and wonders appearing everywhere, Great wonders to draw His people together. And one day He shall come, the Deliverer.

In 1965, were 80% of school children in Arizona – Mentally Retarded?

I told you the other day, they was taking an analysis there of the schools in Arizona where I live, and eighty percent of the children in school is mentally retarded.

Were Branham's visions "PERFECTLY ON THE DOT, EVERY TIME"?

And think of all of the times, year after year, it's never one time has He ever said anything but what was perfectly, exactly the truth; in all languages, around the whole world, seven times. See? No man, nowhere, can say but what it's been perfectly, exactly on the dot, every time. When He says a certain thing will happen, it happened just exactly that way. Tell it for weeks and months, and years, even, before it happens, and it always is perfectly on the dot. Never one time to fail, and it never will, 'cause that's God. Now, I can fail, as a man. Don't never look at me for an example, because I — I'm just as you, just a sinner saved by grace. But that is God, the supernatural, see, identifying Himself. He don't have to do that, but He promised He would do it.

Are people "swarming away" from California, like flies?

"It could happen in five minutes." And notice the next thing he said, "Five years." I never said that now. He said that, the scientist. They're swarming away from California like flies. See? Well, the day that Lot went out of Sodom, the same day it rained fire down upon the earth. One of these days God is going to take our Message, and we're going to leave here. Something is going to happen, sure enough, then, when the Church is gone, His Body, His Bride.

Does the Catholic Church pay off the US debt – if so - can she even do it?

Next thing they do, they take their money and — and pay off the debt of the United States, and borrow it from the church, and then you're sold out. Now, we're — we're living today, paying our foreign debts over there, with tax money that won't be paid in until forty years has passed. We have no more money. But the church has it. Don't the Bible say, "She was decked with gold"? And, oh, my! But you... That's the way it does, see, marry your daughters, daughters marry your sons, raise your children Catholic, exactly, kills them with spiritual death. Didn't the Bible say, that, "He would throw her in a bed of worldliness, and kill her children with spiritual death"? Revelation 17. See?

Do eagles have a 14 foot wingspan or - is it closer to 7 feet?

A good sized bald eaglecan spread fourteen feet from wing to wing. That's right.

Was Matt Dillon as yellow as a rabbit or was he just a fictional character?

And I heard on the Monitor the other day that the fellow that plays it, Arness or something, or Arness, or I forget what his name is, and he's supposed to take... He represents Matt Dillon who was a sheriff in Kansas. And Matt Dillon was as yellow as a rabbit.

Do crows really live 300 years?

The crow is a very long-life bird, and he lives (they are claimed) for, sometimes, two or three hundred years, that a crow... A parrot lives longer than that.

Did Martin Luther King really lead a million people into a death trap?

And I think that Martin Luther King is Communistic inspired, which is going to lead about a million people to a absolutely a death trap. See? I don't say the Lord told me that. "I" believe, see. And I believe it shouldn't be done. I think that people ought to be Christians and recognize one another as brothers. And, but I think just because...

Is the flag of Israel really the oldest flag in the world?

And tonight, the oldest flag in all the world, the six-point star of David, flies over Jerusalem for the first time in twenty-five hundred years, since the carrying away of Babylon. Jesus said, "When you see the fig tree putting forth its buds." There she is. There He said, "Learn a parable. You say summer's nigh. When you see this, know that the times is at the door." We're right at the end of time.

Can anyone confirm – 55 kill shots – straight – some over 800 yards?

You know, that rifle, a Brother here gave me years ago, I killed fifty-five head of game with it, without missing a shot, some of them seven to eight hundred yards. I call it "Blondie" because my wife's a brunette, so she said I think more of the rifle than I do her. But... So, I — I'd like to set it against a tree, and say, "Lord, let Joseph find it someday." I like to take the wings of a dove and fly away. But just like one time up in the mountains and watching an eagle, and seeing him fly away (you know my story of it), I said, "It's good to be here, Lord; like Peter said, 'we could build three tabernacles.' But down at the foot of the mountain, the sick and the afflicted are waiting, the lost and dying are waiting." So let us do what we can while it's day, and someday there'll be a... the wings of a white Eagle will come down, He'll bear us away.

Do we believe that Branham could and did speak squirrels into existence – twice?

I thought, "Right here is where God gave me them squirrels last year to speak into existence."

Do babies of cigarette smoking mothers die - in less than 18 months?

Listen. You talk about a fifth columnist, a cigarette-smoking mother is the greatest fifth columnist America's got. Doctors claim that they can't even raise their babies like normal. It's nicotine poisoning will kill the baby 'fore it's eighteen monthsold. Eighty percent of them die. That's government statistics.

Did a sword suddenly just appear in his had and then suddenly disappear?

Then one day in Sabino Canyon, while God called me early in the morning up there, I was up with my hands in the air, praying, and a sword came into my hands. You know that. I stood there and looked at it, just natural as my hand is now, not knowing what it meant. And it was left me with a Voice that said, "This is the Sword of the King."

If Israel became a nation 05-07-47 – why do they celebrate on 05-14-48?

And a strange thing of that, that you might not know, the very day the Angel of the Lord called me out, May the 6th, 1947, and issued the gift to pray for the sick, was the very same day that Israel become a nation for the first time for twenty-five hundred years. Oh, I believe there's something in it. I just can't keep from believing that we're near the end of time. That's right. There's the Jews awaiting the great signpost. Everything's pointing right to them: watching the Jews, them turning in, packing their loved ones.

Were the plants of creation really a seed from another civilization?

I was talking to a person not long ago. He was trying to discuss with me and saying, "Aren't you ashamed to say that God created the heavens and earth in three days, or, in six days?" I said, "That's what the Bible said." Said, "Well, we got evidence and can prove that the world is millions of years old." I said, "That didn't have anything to do with it. In Genesis 1:1, it said, 'In the beginning God created heavens and earth' period. See? That's all. Now, the world without form and void." And I said, "I believe every seed was laying right there from some other civilization or something, and as soon as the water lifted off and the light struck it, up come the trees and everything." The same thing with the human being; it's a type. When all the — the — the mist is moved away, and the revealed Truth to that real seed laying there still germitized, and the Light of the Gospel can strike it by true a-vindication of the Word, it'll live; it's got Life in it...?... Outside of that it can't live. It hasn't got no Life in it.

Were the three hundred thousand people saved in the India meeting as prophesied by Branham?

Mark my word; write it in the pages of your Bible, for it's THUS SAITH THE LORD, "Remember, when we land in India, you're going to hear of tens of thousands times thousands being saved." The Holy Spirit has said it; I've wrote it here in my Bible; it's wrote in tens of thousands of Bibles right here, like the resurrection of the little boy. By a vision that He said, "There's three hundred thousand of them in there." And you see if that isn't right. There's how the Gospel's going to be preached just overnight. She'll just sweep like that from place to place.

Which is true – Satan can heal or Satan cannot heal – Branham said both?

Divine healing is a gift of the Holy Ghost, and here Beatles are doing it. See? Satan can impersonate any of those gifts. Witches, wizards can speak in tongues and interpret it. The jungle lands, many times a wizard will speak in tongues, drink blood out of a human skull, and interpret unknown tongues.

The devil cannot heal the sick. The devil never did heal the sick; he couldn't. If he would, he'd be tearing down his own kingdom, because the devil is the one who put sickness on you. God is the One Who takes it off. So it can't be... Satan can't cast out Satan. Jesus said he couldn't. But they were accusing Him of it. And what was it? It was one of the signs. And what is it today? The same kind of a sign at the end time.

Is science of the devil or of God – he said both?

God makes science recognize that It's Truth. And here, of the prophecy that was given, God make science testify that It's the Truth. Now where do we stand? I want to keep this, for I — I may speak to a friend of mine, that's present this morning, to — to write those Seven Seals. He might want to use this for it. And so you have a copy of it, why, if you get one, hold it for reference. See?

Knowledge, science, education, is the greatest hindrance that God ever had. It is of the devil.

Must the foolish virgin be martyred in the tribulation?

Now, notice. Now, notice. Thy brethren — thy brethren had to yet be killed, which means the hundred and forty-four thousand yet to be called in the tribulation, the hundred and forty-four thousand is called... Wish we had time. We might get it tomorrow night, if the Lord willing, we — but just before we get in on another Seal. See? Also... Now, watch. They have to be martyred by the antichrist; we just come through, and notice in his last ride, where he breaks that covenant with them Jews down there, and there she goes. See? These Jews, a hundred and forty-four thousand, is to be called out by the two witnesses of Revelation 11.

Did the angel Branham claimed to be on the platform heal? Why did Branham change his mind as to who did the healing?

All right. Now this is the Angel of God sent from Jesus Christ to testify to the Church that the last days are here. It doesn't heal anybody, but it will help bring your faith up to a place... And when you see a person standing here on the platform... Now, to all you there, it might... How many here is to be prayed for, 'fore the meeting closes, let's see your hands. Well, I know that's a lot over fifty. I see prayer cards all around holding their cards up. Notice, when God is doing something here on the platform, that's His attitoward — attitude towards you out there also, do you believe that? And while it's being done here on the platform, remember, if you'll believe with all your heart, and not doubt in your heart, I will assure you that God will pull right out, and call who you are, and raise you up out of the building (That's right.), out of your cot, stretcher, or wherever you are. Here, the other night, a little girl sitting there after a minister seen Him coming down, I — I seen a man coming, a minister preaching, God told him to do something. He failed to do it. And after that, started troubled. His troubles was told him, laying there with a bone graft, happened to look to the side, I seen a man all twisted up. I seen him climbing up on... he is a rigger, seen him tying a double sheepshank knot. And I just begin to tell just what I was seeing, and of certain things. And then, first thing you know, there it was, and he was healed.

How many's ever seen the picture? Let's see your... Oh, many of you... There, that's the part... That's the One that does the healing. Not I myself; I'm just a channel. Like the pool of Bethesda, it — it wasn't the water that healed; it was the Angel on the water that done the healing. It's not man that heals; it's the Spirit of God on the man that does the healing. See? You get what I mean? Now, I know none of you. I — I do not see a person in the audience that I would know. And God knows I know not what's wrong with you, not a one. But under the anointing, there's no one could come to this platform but what would be told just what was wrong with them, and what they were, done in their life (See?), maybe the cause of the sickness.

Was Branham's Message really the shout of I Thessalonians 4:16?

Now, I want you to notice a great thing taking place here now. Don't miss this. See? Now notice. The Word says here, in Second Thessalonians, that there is three things. Notice. From the 13th to the 16th verse, there is three things that has to happen before the Lord Himself appears. Quickly now, so we can close. See? The first thing happens... Notice: a shout, a voice, a trumpet. Let's read It now and see if that's right. See? For the Lord himself (16th verse) shall descend from heaven with a shout, and with the voice of the archangel, and... the trump of God:... Three things happens. A voice... A shout, a voice, a trumpet, has to happen before Jesus appears. Now, a shout... Jesus does all three of them when He's — He's — He's — He's descending. A shout, what is the shout? It's the Message going forth, first, the living Bread of Life bringing forth the Bride. Now, God has a way of doing things. And He never changes His policy. He never changes His po-... He's the unchanging God. In Amos 3:7, He said, "He would do nothing on the earth until first He revealed it to His servants the prophets." And just as certain as He promised it, He'll do it.

In Noah's day, Could scientists really shoot radar instruments to the moon?

Here come Noah and Enoch, with THUS SAITH THE LORD, building away on an ark. Now, notice, Satan's system laughed at God's system. Now compare that with today, "holy-rollers," and whatmore. See? Scoffers, the Bible said, they laughed at God's system. Satan's system laughed at God's system. They thought It didn't stand up to their own science and reasoning. Now, they said, "That old fellow up there on the hill, building that ship, and he says there's some water coming down from up there. Now, we've got the best scientists in the world. Now, they probably have a radar that they can shoot plumb to the moon, and whatmore, and can prove that there is no water there. Now, how is there any coming down? Old fellow, you're crazy." "But I've got THUS SAITH THE LORD." Built right away. Stood right in the door of the ark, preaching the Gospel, and building away, and watching Enoch. When he come in, of an evening, said, "Did they take It, down there?" "No. They laughed at me. They throwed rotten eggs at me, and everything else." "Did the same thing up here. But let's pound right away." See? "Oh, they call me a 'holy-roller,' and everything else, but that's all right." They all gathered in for prayer meeting, and went on just the same, see, just exactly the way it's doing today. Because, they knowed they were fortified, because they were standing behind THUS SAITH THE LORD.

Was Branham born under a Nazarite birth?

Now, I don't say all ministers have to be that. I was bornunder Nazarite birth, of course, and so it's just a little different. And so, many things that I do in my life, I wouldn't ask other people to do. I wouldn't say they had to do that to be Christian, because it was a different... altogether. And many of you understand that, don't you? See? It's just... That's just for me on — or me privately, things that I have to do, and things, the way I have to live, and the things that I have to do. It's a Nazarite birth. And so we — we don't... it's not... You can't teach that all people have to be that way. See? But I mean for myself. And then finally, when he come back in, I said, "All right, Brother Bosworth." They wouldn't let the reporters up steps where I was at. I said, "If you want to do it, and will promise me that you won't argue..." Now, many of Bosworth's friends are setting here and you know him well. And so I... And he said, "I promise you, Brother Branham, that I won't argue a bit." I said, "All right. That's fine. Go ahead." So right down the steps he went like a little child with his first toy. He run down there and told the reporters, said, "Look, Brother Branham, won't — won't do it." But said, "Let me do it." Said, "I will take that up." And so then, of course, the "Houston Chronicle," you know how the newspaper is, great big headlines the next day. "Ecclesiastical fur will fly," you know, something another. I guess that's what they're supposed to do, so here it come everywhere.

Was the white horse rider the Holy Spirit or antichrist – Branham said both?

And a sword went out of His mouth. What was He? The white horse rider of Revelation. Notice the sword. "Out of His mouth goes a sharp two-edged sword," the Word. And, finally, by His Word, when It's made manifest to all the sons of God, He'll tramp every nation down with His Word, by this sharp sword. Look here what happened, as we get it: And... his right hand... and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenances was like the sun shining in its strength. "A sharp two-edged sword." What was going from the mouth of this person? The Word of God. It's a sharp two-edged sword. What was it doing? Discerning the thoughts of the heart, the intents; goes even deeper than the meat, the flesh, the blood cells, into the bone, down into the marrow of the bone, plumb on beyond that, even to a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. That's what the Word of God does.

A white horse rider went out. See? Who is he? He's mighty in his conquering power, is a great fellow in his conquering power. You want me to tell you who he is? He's the antichrist. That's exactly what he is. Now, because, you see, if an antichrist... Jesus said that the two would be so close together until it would deceive the very elected, the Bride, if it was possible. Antichrist, it's the antichrist spirit.

Did Jacob have at least a 12 wives – when the Bible only speaks of 4?

Look at Jacob, out of whom come the patriarchs. He had at least a dozen wives. He married two sisters, and had concubine wives besides that, common-law women that he lived with. And those patriarchs was born right out of those concubine women. Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen." — Ed.] See, you have to make the Word run smooth.

Was Judas' name in the Lamb's Book of Life and removed?

And Judas Iscariot was with them, one of them, called-out, sanctified, and his name written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Read Matthew 10 and see if that's not right. He called each one of them, and Judas and every one of them, right down there. He sent them out, give them power against unclean spirits.

Was Joseph really forty-five years old with children?

And I can see little Mary, about seventeen years old, engaged to a man about forty-five, some children. Here she come up along. But she was righteous in her heart, because Josephwas a just man before God. Feel a lot better if women — young ladies today picked something like that today, instead of some little boy with a pack of cigarettes in his pocket.

Is the Word of God and the "messenger of the age" really one and the same?

Then when a man comes with THUS SAITH THE LORD, he and the Message is one. And when Elijah come with THUS SAITH THE LORD, he and his message became one. Just as Jesus, when He come, He was the Word, Saint John 1. So the Word of God and the messenger of the age was the selfsame thing, all the time. That's right.

Did Branham have to repeat three secret high words for people to be healed?

Have you noticed, always, after I ask or rebuke over a spirit, I'm always perfectly silent for a few moments? Who's noticed that in the meetings, let's see your hands. Have you noticed that? Now, here's what it is. There's three words that I have to repeat at that time. See? And it's the three high words of the Bible. No mortal on earth know it. See? And when I ask that, and then I feel that drop, then it comes shakes back to a place in return of that spirit. Then the...?... healed. That's the reason you hear me say that. See? That's what takes place.

Is a frog the lowest form of life?

Now, watch. What's the lowest form of life we have? Frog. What's the highest form of life? Human. Certainly.

Is hell eternal or is it not – Branham said both?

I must be tormented forever in an eternal hell.
56-0304 MAKING.A.WAY

But sin has an end, suffering has an end. Therefore, there cannot be an Eternal hell.
Branham said "I'm no better than my word." Did he believe this while telling fictional stories?

You're no better than your word. If I can't take your word, I don't want much dealing with you. And the same you should be by me. If you can't take my word, I'm worth no more than my word is.
58-0209A HEAR.YE.HIM
Were the 7 seals revealed in Jeffersonville or in Arizona – Branham said both?

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Will some inherit eternal life for being kind to the bride? Or was this a good way to make people be nice to him?

Did he buy the land for the tabernacle or was it gifted to him? Why did he claim both?

Who inspired "Thinking Man's Filter" - the Holy Spirit or Billy Graham?

Did the flood in Noah's day really - cause the earth to tilt?

There are three accounts of Branham receiving the Holy Ghost – which one true?

Were there a bunch of boys living in the log cabin or just young William and Edward?

Was the Angel a messenger from God or God himself – Branham said both?

Was the Angel a large man or a small man (like Jesus) – Branham implies both?

When he proposed were Charles and Hazel Brumbach married or divorced?

Must the foolish virgins wait until the second resurrection – to come forth?

If we really had enough faith – could we speak worlds into existence?

Why did the details of the 1933 baptism changed over the years?

Was it from Hollywood's influence that women showed up on the money?

Is water baptism essential for salvation or is it not – Branham implied both?

Are all the smart, intelligent and educated – really descendants of Cain?

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Is it true – all believers are the seed of God and all the lost – are serpent seed?

As Branham taught – are those predestined to life – those that hear this Message?

Is the snake the missing link that science will never find?

Did Jesus really heal the sick – to catch the psychology of the people?

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Are we to "say what the tapes say" - even if it contradicts the Bible?

Did Moses (in Sinai) and Branham (in Arizona) stand on the same rock?

Will we really - see out pets in Heaven or is that just a promise to Branham?

Did Branham know or not know - what Jesus looked like – he said both?

Was King George, by prayer, healed of MS, even though he didn't have it?

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Was Eve the tree of Knowledge in the garden or was Satan – Branham said both?

Was the Serpent ten feet tall – and how did he just - ALMOST have a soul?

Was there a time that Satan was co-equal with God – Branham said there was?

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Can one have the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and - still be lost and go to hell?

Was predicting total annihilation of the earth - by '77 – presumptuous?

Do we really believe that the Gentile Church will take the Message to the Jew?

Can you accept Branham's teachings as your ABSOLUTE in faith and doctrine?

Is our body made up of 80% water - or could it actually be less?

When CA goes into the ocean will waves shoot plumb out to KY?

Is it true that men really - have one less rib than women?

Will it take the 7 thunders to be revealed for the Bride to have rapturing faith?

As Branham said do "you owe it to yourself to sit down and search the scriptures"?

Is the earth actually stationary and does not revolve around the sun?

Is the persecution the reason Branham comes back among us to pray for the sick?

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Does the redeemer truly come forth – when the last angel gives his Message?

Is the earth really square or - is it a sphere?

It has been almost 50 years – when will the spiritual bride have her revival?

What about those Alfred Pohl spoke of who were never healed – some died?

Are the Catholics the richest group in the world or - could it be the Jews?

When will the revival happen that will shake the world – we've waited 50 years?

Is it true that a "baby hasn't received life till it's born."?

Are we still "on the border of Say to this Mountain" – after 50 years?

We love the stories of perfect love, the bull and the hornets – but are they true?

If we hold Branham to his own 100% standard – does he pass the test?

Branham had a vision of a tent – almost 60 years ago, do we still look for that tent?

In WWII did the Germans build the Maginot Line or just repair the Siegfried Line?

The Bible says "Take heed lest no man deceive you" – Can you be deceived?

Did Branham really step behind the curtain of time – or was that his imagination?

Is there a Book of Redemption - to be found in the Bible?

Could the 7 sealed "BOOK" in Rev 5 – be symbolic of judgments to come?

Could or did Branham - Plagiarize from the works of Clarence Larkin?

If so – were Branham's Seven Seals Series – preached under divine inspiration?

Is God - not God of the earth, as Branham said – even though the Bible says He is?

Does the Bible say, "we are born and shaped in iniquity" as Branham said?

Or did David say, "I was shapen in iniquity" – was it him or all mankind?

Does the Bible say that Jesus had sparkling blue eyes?

Why did Congressman Upshaw's healing testimony – differ from Branham's?

Was Eve a perversion of the original creation, was she made to deceive man?

Is it true that Branham was – a Seer with the Divine Interpretation of the Word?

Is this true "what a hypocrite I'd be if I told you anything but the Truth"?

If the Message is not a cult – why do so many view it in that light?

Branham taught that his visions (from God) were infallible – is that really true?

With a population of 7 Billion – did the Message introduce Jesus to the world?

If so – why do less than 4 million see the Message – if Christ is found in it?

Are we to say what the tapes say – even if they contradict the Bible?

Is it true that no one has the right to judge a prophet – not even by the Word?

"If I don't speak the truth he (God) will have nothing to do with me. Is that true?"

Were the practices of Franklin Hall & Oral Roberts a positive influence on Branham?

How is it that Branham and Joseph Smith had such similar experiences with angels?

How was there a time that God wasn't even God – isn't this a Mormon doctrine?

Is it true that Jesus "never said he was the son of God"?

How do we explain – Jesus was God, but – Jesus had a father, a beginning?

Does Modalism or Oneness Doctrine – truly line up with scripture?

Is God's name truly – Lord Jesus Christ – what about the sacred of Yahweh?

Can we find a scriptural basis to confirm and vindicate – all that Branham taught?

Can we when it's proved wrong - then don't associate with it no more?

Can we truly serve God within the Message – even if much of it is in error?

When a sinner dies – does he go directly to hell before being judged by God?

Does the Bible teach that all Christians - go directly to heaven when they die?

Did Jesus really preach to souls in prison and if so – why?

Did Branham really mean this - "If the Bible said so, it's true. If it doesn't, it isn't true"?

Is it true that "we must all appear at the Judgment Seat of Christ"?

If so, how is that the Message "Bride will never be judged"?

If that same vision was "Thus Saith the Lord" – why was much of it wrong?

Was this examination designed to launch attacks or to build bridges?

If God is a Spirit – does he look like a man and dwell in a theophany body?

Do all believers go into a theophany body when they die?

Are sinners also in a theophany body - in hell?

Did Branham really understand the Bible definition an use of - the term theophany?

Are all men immortal or God only – as the Bible teaches (I Timothy 6:15)?

Did Branham teach that man is an immortal soul (cannot die) – yet hell is not eternal?

Is man truly a body, soul and spirit or did Adam become a "living soul"?

Which is more correct – we have a soul or that we are a living soul?

Do we believe in the sola Scriptura principle or in extra-biblical revelations?

Did Jesus say that John fulfilled Malachi's prophecy (Matt 17) or not?

Did Malachi project a coming Gentile prophet – or was he a Jew writing to Jews?

Branham was humble – but were ALL his visions, prophecies & discernments correct?

Did Malachi promise to send a seer with a voice – as Branham said?

Did Malachi promise that Elijah would call out a Gentile Bride – as Branham said?

Did Malachi promise that Elijah would have the signs of Lot – as Branham said?

Did Malachi promise that Elijah would bring Jesus on the scene?

Why was Branham tolerant of the homosexual lifestyle of Gene and Leo?

Can it be true that Branham adopted and adapted many teachings outside the Bible?

Why does William Branham seek to avoid identifying John Ryan?

Why does Branham claim he does not know where Milltown, Indiana is located?

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