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Deep Study: Only Believe, Theme Song Written by Paul Rader

In the "Message," the collective name for the many splinter groups in the cult following of William Branham, every single person is familiar with the song "Only Believe." It is a song that most cult churches sing during every single worship service. Those in the "tape service" sect -- the churches that still play William Branham's 1947-1965 recordings as their "sermon" -- typically sing this song immediately prior to pressing the "play" button on their selection of recordings from yesteryear.

It is so common for this song to be heard from behind cult doors that some have now claimed that this song was "written for Brother Branham." Song books in the pews are named after the song "Only Believe," and other cult propaganda often bears the same name.

"Only Believe" was the song William Branham chose to introduce him in his healing campaigns, and over time it became known as his "Theme Song." According to William Branham, he had never heard the song before 1950 when visiting the Fort Wayne Gospel Tabernacle. Branham claimed that an "angel" told him that "it" liked this song.

How many knows who wrote that song? Paul Rader. Oh, how... What a gallant soldier. I was acquainted with Brother Rader. I knew him. He belonged the Baptist church. Hear of his death when he died... I telephoned him not long ago...?... great warrior. The little Moody Bible school broadcast was down there singing, they tell me, at his... So they had all the curtains pulled down in the room, the shades. And they were sing in there, singing, "Nearer My God To Thee," and something. And Brother Rader was quite a cut-up. You know how he was. He looked around; he said, "Who's dying, you or I?" Said, "Raise up those curtains." Said, "Sing some good old fashion Gospel songs." So they started singing "All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name," and...?... So Luke was standing there, his brother. I guess you knew Luke. Called Luke up to his side and said, "Luke, we've been a long ways together. But to think of it, five minutes from now I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness." Closed his eyes and went to meet God. A few weeks ago, I was at Fort Wayne Gospel Tabernacle where we were having a service. And in there... I never had heard the song before. A night or two after the Angel of the Lord appeared to me and commissioned me, I was in--walked into my church, my pianist was over there playing, "Only Believe." And I said, "Play that again." The Angel of the Lord seemed to like that.
- Branham, 50-0823 TESTIMONY

It is believed by some that this song contributes to the mind control of the cult, and when combined with the undue influence and other advanced strategies of persuasion, it becomes powerful in thought stopping technique. When faced with the many fundamental issues of cult doctrine, followers halt critical thought and respond, "I don't understand, but I believe it anyway." Some begin humming the tune as an involuntary mechanism of defense.

But was William Branham being completely honest with the people about this song and Paul Rader?

Paul Rader was a gospel evangelist that was well-known in Pentecostal Circles for his staunch fundamentalist stance. He was an associate and later contemporary of Aimee Semple McPherson, founder of the Pentecostal Foursquare Church Cult. In fact, when McPherson's health was failing, she named Rader to be her replacement and lead her following in the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, California where William Branham later held his Los Angeles campaigns.

But he was better known for his radio broadcasts, evangelistic campaigns, and leadership of the Moody Church in Chicago, IL. Paul Rader was a name many in the nation were familiar with, and his name was one that William Branham often dropped in a sermon. But Branham's connection to Paul Rader appears to be much deeper than he let his congregations know. When one examines the Rader family history, it is difficult not to ask the question: Why did William Branham never mention the rest of the Rader family? Was he avoiding the truth behind his theme song, "Only Believe?"

Paul Rader's father became the mayor of Jeffersonville when he won the election against Isaac F. Whiteside. Born in Henryville, Indiana, Thomas B. Rader was deeply involved with Jeffersonville politics, as well as the local fraternal organizations. One of his sons (Paul's brother Ralph), was in himself a miracle story. Apparently Ralph ran with a bad crowd, one who purposefully went to administer a harsh beating from time to time. While going with a friend to give one man his second beating, Ralph was shot in the back with a pistol. It was feared that he would be completely paralyzed, but Ralph managed to escape a bedridden condition. But this didn't stop Ralph from capturing interest of the Jeffersonville news. Ralph was almost caught at gambling, but managed to avoid any trouble.

But Ralph turned his life around. He went to Chicago to study for the ministry, and in 1914, it was announced that he would become a Methodist minister in Jeffersonville, Indiana. At some point in time, Ralph moved to Los Angeles, California, and made national news speaking on behalf of the Latin-American Home Missionary conference of the Methodist Episcopal church against dance, liquor and cigarettes. Though we can't be certain, it is likely during his time in Los Angeles at the home of Aimee Semple McPherson where Ralph came in contact with the Pentecostal doctrine.

During this time, in 1921, Paul Rader wrote the song "Only Believe." By this time, Paul Rader was the president of the Christian and Missionary Allicance, and had learned the power of the beat used in American Jazz music. According to Paul, ragtime and jazz were very effective on "converting heathens" to Christianity, and therefore he began stressing that it be used in the missionary field. A hundred missionaries were armed with the jazz beat by 1923, and Paul Rader said that the rocky jazz beat "delighted" the savages when he put sacred words to a jazz beat. Ironically, those in the cult following of William Branham are often scolded by their pastors for listening to any sort of music with a beat -- the pastors claim that this type of music "came from heathens." It would be comical if a person studied in the history of Chrisitan music heard such a statement in a sermon that followed the singing of "Only Believe," especially when it had enough beat to inspire Elvis Presley to sing it during his days as the "King of Rock and Roll."

Interestingly, "Only Believe" was also the theme song for the Smith Wigglesworth campaigns. Wigglesworth also used a banner of "Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever" as Branham did.

While in Sacremento, Ralph Rader fell deathly ill and needed an operation. He fasted for 27 days straight, and it was announced that he no longer needed any operation. Whether related to his illness or simply because he felt homesick, Ralph Rader came back to Jeffersonville to start a church. Before long, the newspapers began advertising the Rader Gospel Tabernacle on 739 Spring Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Interestingly, the subject matter of his sermons sounds eerily familiar to that of William Branham's. Reverend Ralph Rader addressed subjects such as "Is Russia mentioned in the Bible in Prophecy?" He preached sermons addressing questions about automobiles, airplanes, Jews in Palestine, World Wars, the church going through (or escaping) the great tribulation, and more.

But things really get interesting when Roy E. Davis fled charges of swindling and fraud in Louisville, KY after leaving behind a congregation still reeling from his underaged sex scandal. Before starting a church of his own, the spokesman for the Ku Klux Klan became a choir leader in Ralph Rader's Gospel Tabernacle. It is most likely that as choir leader, Roy E. Davis would have been singing "Only Believe" in the church of Paul Rader's brother. Does this mean that William Branham learned the tune from Roy Davis? Was he singing it when he was in charge of the worship service in Roy Davis' Pentecostal Tabernacle in 1933?

Davis' time as choir leader for the Rader Gospel Tabernacle was brief. Shortly after becoming active in the services, Davis was terminated for reasons unpublished, and left Rader to start his own Pentecostal Tabernacle. When he left, Davis took several of the people away from Ralph Rader's church. Quite literally, Roy Davis' church was formed through stealing members from Ralph Rader's congregation. And worse, the funds for starting the Pentecostal Tabernacle came directly from the money swindled in Louisville. According to the newspapers, the deed to Davis' church was thus invalid. It was from this church separation that Davis set up his base of operations to promote and recruit for the Ku Klux Klan on his path to becoming the Imperial Grand Dragon of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Why does William Branham never mention Mayor Rader or Ralph Rader's church in Jeffersonville? When the nationally-recognized pastor of the Rader Gospel Tabernacle -- and former mayor's son -- returned to Jeffersonville, would it not have been the talk of the town? Was William Branham part of the congregation that left with Roy Davis when Rader's church split? Is this why Roy Davis chose William Branham to become one of the first elders in his church?

When Roy E. Davis was extradited to Arkansas on charges of grand theft and connection to murder shortly after his "church plant," William Branham assumed the role of pastor while the other elders in Roy Davis' church assumed roles of elders under William Branham. Branham effectively became the new pastor for a large portion of Ralph Rader's church. Did William Branham avoid mentioning Ralph Rader or his connection to Paul through the Rader Gospel Tabernacle because the masses would learn of his dealings with Rader's church?

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William Branham's statements about Paul Rader:
E-32 Here not long ago in Fort Wayne, we were having a meeting, a glorious meeting there where Paul Rader used to preach, B. E. Rediger, many of you knows those national, international known ministers. And I was setting in the room when they was singing, "Only Believe" in the very room that Paul Rader wrote the song, a few months ago. And we were staying at the Indiana Hotel. Many times, they don't let the people know where I am. Now, that's what's hard to me, to have to pass through people that I know that love me. And I--I just... My heart cries for them. But you--you... There's so many. It just takes the very life. It's... When them vibrations hit the hand here sometime, you watch my brother and them. They watch me. They know when I have enough; they'll grab me and run from the platform. Sometimes, friends, I pass completely out, and they ride me around over the city maybe for two or three hours trying to get me to myself. It just depletes my strength so bad.
- Branham, 50-0405 EXPECTATION NEW

E-38 How many knows who wrote that song? Paul Rader. Oh, how... What a gallant soldier. I was acquainted with Brother Rader. I knew him. He belonged the Baptist church. Hear of his death when he died... I telephoned him not long ago...?... great warrior. The little Moody Bible school broadcast was down there singing, they tell me, at his... So they had all the curtains pulled down in the room, the shades. And they were sing in there, singing, "Nearer My God To Thee," and something. And Brother Rader was quite a cut-up. You know how he was. He looked around; he said, "Who's dying, you or I?" Said, "Raise up those curtains." Said, "Sing some good old fashion Gospel songs." So they started singing "All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name," and...?... So Luke was standing there, his brother. I guess you knew Luke. Called Luke up to his side and said, "Luke, we've been a long ways together. But to think of it, five minutes from now I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness." Closed his eyes and went to meet God. A few weeks ago, I was at Fort Wayne Gospel Tabernacle where we were having a service. And in there... I never had heard the song before. A night or two after the Angel of the Lord appeared to me and commissioned me, I was in--walked into my church, my pianist was over there playing, "Only Believe." And I said, "Play that again." The Angel of the Lord seemed to like that.
- Branham, 50-0823 TESTIMONY

E-41 While setting there in the Fort Wayne Tabernacle there, listening, I heard that song come in, "Only Believe." Right in the same seat where Paul Rader set. Oh, my. Something moved over my heart. Oh, my. He's gone, but his songs live on. Lives of great men all remind us We can make our life sublime, Partings leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time; Let's pray now. Father, I'm thinking of Thy servant Paul Rader, thinking of how he believed You for Divine healing; thinking of Brother Rediger. O God, how each year they climb up there to his grave, them dear precious people at the... His love lingers on in their heart. Many of them want to be buried around him, knowing that someday the grave will come open; he will come out. Across the world, there's many of those dear precious saints of God that Your children has rallied around. Wouldn't it be wonderful if someday, when we all come forth to go to meet each other, and then be caught up in the air to meet the Lord. We're longing for that day, Father, which we know is near. Bless us now tonight as we, this generation, are doing our part to make a path that others might follow behind. Help us, Father, tonight. And now, I realize I'm to stand here before demon powers, and know that they're in this building tonight, circling, haunting against me. But Thou art here, Father, to protect me from all powers of evil. I pray that You'll help me tonight. May every spirit unclean spirit leave the people. May they be made whole in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. []...?...
- Branham, 50-0823 TESTIMONY

E-6 Don't forget to pray for me. And when you're... when you're praying, and whenever you think of me, sing, "Only Believe," will you. That's my favorite song. It's a... Paul Rader wrote that song. Paul Rader was a friend of mine. And I just come into the church one night it was being played. I didn't even know that he wrote the song. And right immediately after the Angel of the Lord had visit me. And something just struck me. And ever since then, it's been the campaign theme song, "Only Believe." If I shall go and have to be buried before Jesus comes, it's arranged that when I go down beneath the dirt, why, that they're going to sing "Only Believe, all things are possible." If you hear of me going that hour, will you just stop somewhere and remember me? Hum to yourself, "Only Believe." For I believe that someday that I shall come out again.
- Branham, 50-0405 EXPECTATION NEW

E-18 Recently in Fort Wayne, we were having a meeting. How many's ever been... Why, was anybody here was at the Fort Wayne meetings? Somebody perhaps... Yes, here's two or three hands is here, at the Fort Wayne meetings. Marvelous crowds gathered. B. E. Rediger, how many ever heard of B. E. Rediger, years ago? Paul Rader, wrote our song, "Only Believe" in his meeting there. Well, Mr. Rediger had some daughters... He's gone on to glory, quite awhile ago, one the nation's most outstanding men on Divine healing.
- Branham, 50-0715 LED BY THE SPIRIT

E-53 Right here where Mrs. McPherson went down, Paul Rader went down, great warriors of faith has went down here. O God, let me do it too, is my prayer. Let me stand here. Let me bring that faith that they've taught to a realization to the people, where it'll be a citywide sweep everywhere. Then men and women will realize that the great Physician now is near, the sympathizing Jesus. Yes. That's what I want to do.
- Branham, 51-0502 THE ANGEL OF THE LORD LOS

E-55 I love Paul Rader. Oh, I was a little boy, set at his feet back there when he was teaching. He preached. I remember one of his sermons he preached when he was in some land, and oh, what taken place. And he's setting on the log, saying, "I'm riding on it; I'm riding on it." He had malaria fever, or something or other, done blacked out and God healed him, and he believed it. I'm standing in his platform tonight. O God, have mercy. Yes. May God grant the great healing. Now, let's call the prayer line. Where'd we call from last night? One? All right. Where... How... Did you give out what today? All right, let's start somewhere over, let's get eighty, start from eighty tonight. Wha--what you--what's the letter? S, S-eighty, eighty to ninety, that'll be eleven. Let's try them first. You--You here now which crippled in the wheelchairs and things, well you just--you just keep watching and look this a-way and if you've got a prayer card hold it up. I don't see but about two or three with--with prayer cards. Watch the--the different ones now in these chairs and things, line up quickly now. Let's sing if you will, "A Great Physician Now Is Near." Oh, let's everyone believe that He's going to show Himself tonight, before the audience. If you'll just give me a few minutes, and everybody be reverent now, just a few minutes now. Oh Father, help me. Do Lord, speaking now, the hour is getting late. But I pray God that your Angel will anoint Thy servant like never before. Grant it Lord, that these next few minutes, grant there'll be more healings done as ever been done here in the last revival that I had, Lord. Grant it, in Jesus' Name, I pray.
- Branham, 51-0502 THE ANGEL OF THE LORD LOS

E-15 When King George of England... God bless you, Congressman. [The Congressman says, "Leaning on the Everlasting Arm."--Ed.] Amen. Leaning on the Everlasting Arm. When Congr-... when Geor-... King George of England, when a man that... over at Saint or at Fort Wayne, Indiana, setting in a wheelchair, paralyzed from his waist down, a bed patient, ten years, multiple sclerosis. And I was preaching, some of his people tried to lift him up. He wanted to touch my trouser legs. Now, and they couldn't even get him to me. The... They formed a line of ushers and they... people was jumping over the ushers, like that, getting up. Wonderful, marvelous, that was the home of Paul Rader, B. E. Rediger, and them old daddies back yonder that preached Divine healing. And while I was standing there, I said, "Just set him down a minute." I said, "Look this way, sir." And he looked up that way, I said, "You been a bed patient ten years. You own a certain business that does this here." Said, "That's right, Brother Branham." Said, "How did you know that?" I said, "I see a vision. You do the most of your work from a bed. They have a special bed they raise you up in, you have your typewriter." Said, "That's right. Exactly right." I said, "You prayed much," and told him what had happened. He said, "That's right." I turned around like this. I looked going along through there and there went a man right over the top of the people's head going walking, like that, walking out. I said, "Sir, God has heard your prayer. He's healed you in the Name of the Lord Jesus, stand on your feet." [Brother Branham snaps his fingers--Ed.] Right up he went, down through the audience. The people swaying and dropping everywhere. About that time, an old man laying there with his hands shaking like that, paralyzed, no he had arthritis, his hands had done got knots on them. I knowed there was some connection 'cause this man run back and started to hugging him. I looked down, I seen a vision. I said, "You lay... you live on a farm, don't you, sir?" He said, "I do." I said, "You been paralyzed from that condition there, crippled up for many years." He said, "That's right, sir." He said, "Oh, what can I do?" I said, "I don't know, sir, the vision has stopped." I looked back and started to speak again, this man just taken the house and everybody screaming and going on. I looked back again. I seen that man sitting on a tractor, driving along, waving his hand. I said, "Jesus Christ has healed you, my brother, stand on your feet." [Brother Branham snaps his fingers--Ed.] Up he got, there he went.
- Branham, 51-0506E AT THY WORD LOS

E-40 A little girl once... I think this is Brother Rediger said this, Paul Rader's friend, and I believe it was at the Fort Wayne Tabernacle. A little girl got saved, and she was coming up the street. She had the Bible over her heart and just singing, you know, and her hair plaited back, and her little face a shining. And she was singing that good old hymn. So there was an old infidel standing on the side of the street. He looked over at her and said, "What you so happy about, sis?" Said, "The Lord saved me." Oh, said, "I'm happy." Said, "Are you saved?" He said, "Oh, no. There is no such a thing as that." Said, "That's all you know about it." Said, "Well..." Said, "Do you believe that Book you got in your hand?" Said, "Yes, sir. I believe every bit of it," a little old girl all fired up with the Holy Spirit, you know. Said, "I guess you believe that story about the whale and Jonah." She said, "Oh, yes, sir." Said, "I believe it. Sure it's the truth." Said, "How're you going to prove it besides any other way... besides faith?" She said, "Why, when I get to heaven, I'm going to ask Brother Jonah." He said, "Perhaps Brother Jonah won't be there?" She said, "Then you ask him." That's right. "You ask him." You know where he'd be then. All right. I believe it's the truth. Amen. Yes, sir. If the Bible said Jonah swallowed the whale, I'd believe it because it's the Word of God. Amen. All right.
- Branham, 51-0507 EXPECTATIONS LOS

E-1 Thank you, Brother Baxter. Thank you, Brother Baxter. Good evening, friends, or good afternoon. Very happy to be in this afternoon to speak to you of the love in my heart for this great Lord that we serve, Jesus Christ. And I'm hearing that glorious old song "Only Believe," and of Paul Rader, the writer of that song. And I was a little boy setting at his feet when he was writing that song. Guess, little did he know then that would be my theme song around the world. But when I was at Fort Wayne and was in the room there where Paul studying the first night there, and I heard that coming in over that public address outfit, "Only Believe, All Things Are Possible." I thought of that great gallant hero. How many ever heard of Paul Rader? Oh, practically all of you. Oh, what a heroic death he had. He never died; he just went to be with the Lord. He--he--he...

E-43 Now, I can do nothing in myself, but it's what the Holy Spirit speaks, that can I do. How many understands that now? That can I do when the Holy Spirit says do it. Now, if the organist, pianist, or the organ, or whatever you wish, either one, I want you softly, if you can, that glorious song, "Only Believe." Paul Rader wrote that song. Not long ago in California when he was going home to meet Jesus, he called for his brother, Luke, he said, "Luke, we've been through many a tough fight together," but said, "parting time is near at hand, Luke." He said, "But think of it, in five minutes from now, I'll be standing in the presence of Jesus Christ clothed in His righteousness." Closed his eyes and went out to meet Him. That's the way I want to go. Let me die with the harness on me. Yes, sir. I want to go like--like one of the brethren of old, one of the gallant heroes of God, and die preaching the Gospel. I believe it; I've lived by it; I want to die by it. God be blessed now while we bow our head.
- Branham, 51-0928 AT THY WORD NEW

E-29 What is it? That same God that moved on them... If you believe in Divine healing tonight, believe there is a fountain open somewhere, the same Holy Ghost was on Simeon was on Ann, has moved you into the temple tonight, where there is a fountain open freely for healing tonight. Be expecting it. God gave you the promise that you could be healed by His power. And He's here to do it tonight. Do you believe that? How that I've seen, wondered through the meetings, how the leadings of the Spirit. There's a woman setting present now that I wish to speak to. I was in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A great revival was going on there from the B. E. Rediger, and Paul Rader, many of those gallant men. Brother Bosworth was setting; he was at the meeting, speaking. I got up in the Indiana Hotel and they found out I was in Indiana Hotel, and the usher come, a bellhop come told me, said, "Brother Branham, you can't even get down, there's so many people there."
- Branham, 51-0930E EXPECTATION NEW

E-5 Behind him was a cross that represented the cross--the cross of Christ was back there, by his baptistery. And he stood up like that, he said, "If I have one word I want to say, is this: All hail the power of Jesus' Name! Let angels prostrate fall; Bring forth the royal diadem, And crown Him Lord of all. He started staggering backwards like that. When he went backwards, he throwed one arm around one side of the cross, and one, the other, and then throwed his head down, and went to meet the Lord. Hallelujah. That's the way to go. I think of Paul Rader, that great, gallant hero who stormed Chicago, about the last revival you've ever had in Chicago. When Paul Rader stood there, went out there and he was among his own people, put him to grief and sorrow, and upset which gave him a cancer, and after while, died. The--the people that was against him, and doing so was the ones who done it. When he was... The little Moody Bible Institute over here had their little quartet, as I understand, out there singing for him. They had the window shades pulled down, and he was dying. And Paul was quite a--a cutup. Puts me in the like form of mind of Brother Bosworth. He's always has a little sense of humor.
- Branham, 52-0720A LIFE STORY

E-14 And now, to think that here on the platform in this tabernacle where once stood great men, the founder, our brother, Paul Rader, and many of those great men who stood here. And tonight, the Christ that they preached is coming down in great power, manifesting Himself, sending forth His Angel to declare His Light. O God, have mercy upon us. And may we pinch, as it was, our conscience, waking ourselves up to the realization that the time is drawing nigh. Deliverance is at the door. And we're ready for the journey. Help us to put on the full armor of God now tonight, get ready, buckle up, shod ourselves with the Gospel, put the helmet of righteousness, the breastplate, and the armor, and take the sword, and go forward now (Grant it, Lord), as full dressed warriors tonight of Christ. May every demon of darkness be driven back. May the power of the Holy Ghost come down in this building, the Angel of God appear visibly right here on the platform tonight, giving us such a shaking like we've never had before. Grant it, Lord. May many be healed tonight and saved. For we ask it in the Name of Thy Child, Jesus. Amen.
- Branham, 51-0502 THE ANGEL OF THE LORD LOS

E-57 Now, just look at the people's been healed. Look at the things that's taken place. Look at this old brother, the Congressman (He isn't here tonight.), that was a cripple for sixty-six years, paralyzed from his waist down. Set in great meetings back yonder with Billy Sunday and all them great men, and down through with Paul Rader and Rediger, them men who taught Divine healing down through the age. Men, Mr. Freeman, and Mr. Ogilvie, and many of those men who preached Divine healing, that set and prayed for him and everything. But he just couldn't take a hold. And then when he come in, and I walked in here, never seen or heard of the man in my life, and seen that vision come there, seen him as a--in the high courts and things like that, and spoke. And I wondered where it was at. Looked around a few minutes and spoke to a little colored girl laying over on this side. Then a few minutes, I seen a doctor standing there with something on his head, and begin to describe, and the lady begin to weep. Looked back, and I just see it, and then seen the man walking out, and the man said, "Well, if God is here to know my life back there, it's the truth." And he threw down his crutches, and there he went (See?) perfectly normal. That was in February. He's been here every night. But tonight, he had to speak tonight, is going to be back tomorrow night.

E-9 Reminds me of Paul Rader. How many of you ever heard of Paul Rader? Well, I guess you all have. He's probably preached here many years ago. He said, "One day he--him and his wife..." He was setting at a table, and oh, you know how families are. Something come up; she wanted to go somewhere, and he wouldn't let her go. So he said, "No, I just can't do it. I got something else to do." And so he hurt her feelings. He looked over and she was crying. So he just thought, "Well, cry." And he said he got his hat and started out. And she'd always meet him at the door and kiss him good-bye when he left. Said, "Brother Branham, when I come to the door," said, "she was standing there with her head down." Said, "She kissed me good-bye, all right." Said, "I went out the gate, and pulled the gate together, and looked back; she'd always stand at the gate and wave." And said, "She was standing..." or stand at the door and waved as he went out the gate. Said, "She was at the door; she waved." Said, "I went on down the street." And said, "I begin to think about it." Said, "My, my heart begin to get bigger and bigger (You know?), think about what'd happened. What if something were to happen to me today? She's my wife. I love her. I remember the vows." Said, "After a while he got--or his heart so big he couldn't stand it, and he turned around and back up that way he went up the street, opened the gate, ran in the door real quick and shoved the door open, looking around for her." And said, "She was standing behind the door, crying." Said, "He just grabbed her, never said a word, turned her around, kissed her, turned around and walked out the door." Said, "He walked on down to the gate and started out the gate." Said, "He turned around and she was standing at the gate." Said, "He waved good-bye. And said, "She waved good-bye again." I said, "What was the matter? What was wrong?" Said, "The last time it had a feeling in it." So--so--so that's the way about religion. I like a religion that's got a feeling in it. You see? So... I not mu--much of a speaker, friends. I thought we'd come down tonight and kinda talk about the Lord for a little bit together. But I'm not much of a speaker. But I pray that God will take the words that we will use and have a feeling in it (You see?) that...
- Branham, 51-1003 BELIEVEST THOU THIS NEW

E-33 Our Heavenly Father, thinking just now of a lovely One coming down from the mountain, a father brought a boy, said, "Lord, he's variously vexed with a devil. He falls in the fire and in the water," realizing today that we would call it epilepsy. Nothing seemed to be able to do him any good. Jesus said, "Do you believe?" Said, "I can, if you believe, for all things are possible to them that believe." As this music is now sweeping out, and here's the people, I'm thinking of our good friend, Paul Rader, the writer. "All things are possible to them that believe." Now, here is people that's dying, Lord. Realizing that before God, we have to answer for our deeds that's done in this body. In this hurry-up, rush time, the hour is getting late. Many, as we pass through in the line, may they be healed, Lord, every one. Grant just now, that the Angel of God may come near. And may He bless every one that's been prayed for and will be prayed for. For He said, "Whatever you bind on earth, I'll bind in Heaven. What you loose on earth, I'll loose in Heaven." Grant, Lord, that those things might be said and done tonight, and there might be a great results from this meeting. And we'll leave it to You, Father. And seemingly, there is a lovely spirit among the people, ready for a revival; then, Lord, grant this as a "go-light" for us, as it was. We'll return back then, if it's Your will, for a great revival where we can take time one by one, pray for many hundreds and thousands of people that is in need here in Western Canada. Just now, may the Holy Spirit come near, and respect the prayer of Your servant. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-2 If the good Lord willing, we're going over to Battle Creek. How long we'll be there, I don't know. That'll be up to God, anywhere from one night until Jesus comes. I don't know. It's just a set meeting. And wherever He says go, we may be there one night; we may be there two nights. We may be there five nights; we may be there five weeks. I don't know. I never intend to have any routine drawed out, set out: just what the Lord leads, that's what we do. See? I think that's better. I've already found that it's better. But I do want to say this. With all my heart, I trust that God will let me come back to Chicago, to unite with you grand bunch of Christian people for a revival for months to come. I think... I pray that He will. Will you be praying to that end, that we can get an auditorium somewhere, that it won't be just two or three nights, just so we can set it for weeks, or whatever it is, and from that one to another, way the Lord leads. I've always wanted to come to Chicago. And a great respects of great men, Moody... Paul Rader and many others, in the days before our ministry. And I... Chicago really hasn't had a shaking since then. And it really needs a shaking. And it takes the--it takes the supernatural to do it. And so, if the good Lord would happen to tell me to come to Chicago, like He's sending me to--to India, then He will do it. But if I come within myself, I'd miss it. You see? That's my way. But God's way is a different way. God does all things perfect. Anything that man does, any covenant, or anything else that man enters in with to God, he always breaks it. But when God does it, it's His grace, it's His power. See? God always...

37 Paul Rader, a bosom friend of mine, that wrote my theme song, "Only Believe"; when he was dying yonder and he had just leaned his shoulder, head over on the shoulder of my manager, Mr. Baxter. He'd been a great gallant man who had traveled the seas and the overseas, and everything, and he'd got mixed up out yonder, and got mixed up with some fundamentalists, and his message just worried him to death. And when he was dying, he was laying in the room, and near death, was struggling up close. And here's the real victory of a man. He was always a great cutup, Paul was, as many of you knew him. They had the quartet from the little Moody Bible Institute down there. And they had the shades all pulled down around the windows, when he was going. He raised up, looked. He shook his head, and he said, "Who's dying, you or I?" Said, "Raise them curtains, and sing me some good, lively, resurrection, Gospel songs."
- Branham, 53-0405S GO TELL MY DISCIPLES

E-1 Thank you. Thank you, Brother Reed. Good evening again, friends. It's a happy privilege to be here tonight again, to serve in the Name of our dear Lord Jesus Christ. His many blessings that He's bestowed upon us... Just wonder ourself, why we's even at Jonesboro, but the Lord has sent us this a way. So we are happy to be here. Don't want to take no more time than we can. I got to hear that lovely song that was just sang just then by our--our sisters, "List' To The Voice." I trust that's what we will all do tonight: list' to the voice of the Saviour. Now, in each evening, I said before we got a crowd of people in here where we couldn't... You know it--sometimes it gets kindly congested and we... I've tried to hold down in the--what I would call, maybe, speak a little. We've been trying to exalt Jesus Christ to the people. And I... Someone said one time, said, "Brother Branham, you sure brag on Him a lot." I said, "He's worthy of every bit of it." That's right. I just can't brag too much on Him: He's Life; He's my only Hope; He's--He's only--all I have. He's my Joy, my Peace, my Salvation, my Healer, all--all that I have, so I haven't got much more to talk about, so just talk about Him. My little girl, the other day, was singing, said, "Daddy, I know a good song for you." I said, "What's it?" "I will sing it for you." It was a little school song. You probably sing it here in your Bible schools or something: "Let's Talk About Jesus, the King of King is He, the Lord of Lord's supreme, throughout eternity, the great I am, the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Joy..." Some... You know, she had a--really had a song of it: "Let's Talk about Jesus more and more," (so...) "...the Truth, the Life, the Door. Let's talk about Jesus more and more," that's the way it was. I said, "Well, that's right, honey, just keep talking about Him." Now, I'm... I was going to start tonight and just put most of my time into the praying for the sick. Brother Reed said, they--those people like to hear you speak a little, once in a while. So I... The manager usually does the preaching and speaking, so I just usually pray for the sick. I never did claim to be any preacher. I was telling Brother Reed was--here not long ago I was preaching in Louisville in Dr. Cauble's church. He used to be the Dean of Asbury, one of the greatest fundamental churches, that part of the south. I was preaching there one night, and I--and I guess, what I call getting blessed; I just got to feeling real good. And I didn't have any theological experience, you know, so I just "hit" and "hain't" and "carry," and what will work. So I was doing the best I could, and I got to preaching so hard that after while I happen to notice I got slobbering. I took my sleeve and wiped it off the pulpit like that and... My wife would've got me for that. But I said, "You all excuse me," I said, "I just come back from Canaan; I been eating some of them grapes over there, and it caused me to slobber." So... I just love Him. At Fort Wayne, Indiana, I was at the Rediger Gospel Tabernacle there, and I was having a service, here not long ago. That's where Mr. Lehman was healed that calls me his... He was a friend to King George's private secretary. He was healed of multiple sclerosis after being a bed patient for ten years: saw in a vision was healed. I remember one night I got back, was coming back. I was setting in Paul Rader's study, and I heard that song come in, "Only Believe," and I thought it was right in that same study room where Paul Rader wrote the song, "Only Believe." I just weeping like a baby. And after the service that night I was talking. That's where "We the People," wrote that service up in that famous magazine of "We the People," about a little blind girl being healed. And so they... There's a fellow that, I guess, knowed as much about as Mr. Webster; at least he thought he did; he said, "Brother Branham," said, "your grammar's very poor." I said, "Yes, sir, I know that." He said, "Oh, at the--at the mistakes you made tonight." And I said, "Yes, sir," I said, "that's--that's right." I said, "I'm sorry." I said, "I was raised a big family and I didn't get an education." And I said, "I... My father died and I had to work--have to take care of ten children." I said, "It... Didn't get a chance to get any education." He said, "Oh, but that's no excuse now." And I said, "Well, that's right," I said, "but since this ministry's come on," I said, "I can't even get a chance to eat my dinner at home, let alone study grammar." I said, "I'm just... people... praying for the sick." He said, "Oh," but said, "you could take a correspondence; you could do something." Said, "I noticed one--one mistake that you certainly made that you ought to correct." And I said, "What?" "You said, 'The people coming by this 'polepit.'" He said, "Your congregation would appreciate you more if you said, 'Pulpit' and not 'polepit.'" He just kinda pull me a little hard. I said, "Look, brother, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but them people out there don't care whether I say 'polepit' or 'pulpit.' The only thing they want me to do is to preach the Gospel good and clear in everyday language, and live what I preach. And then if God performs the signs and wonders and takes care of the rest of it..." So that's right. Isn't that right? That's right. So the main thing is produce what you're talking about. That's right. If God will back up your word, if the word is "pulpit" or "polepit," it will be just the same. Tonight, for a few moments, if you will spare the time, I like to read some Scripture out of two places in the Bible, and just talk to you a few moments, and then we will go right in and have prayer for the sick. And I want to read out of Acts, the 1st chapter of Acts, the 8th verse. Jesus commissioned His disciples: But ye shall receive... [] the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and you shall be witnesses of Me both in Jerusalem, Judaea, Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth. And over in Exodus the 4th chapter, God commissioning Moses. Moses answered and said, But, behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, The Lord has not appeared unto thee. And the Lord said unto him, What is that in thy hand? And he said, A rod. Shall we bow our heads just a moment.

E-47 The power of what? The Gospel. They preach the Gospel but deny the power. Paul said, "The Gospel come to us, not in Word only, but through power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost." There you are. "Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof: from such turn away." I said, "Doctor, that's the reason I turned away." I said, "A few of you fundamentalist get out there with your lips hanging down, set there and sour, and freeze me to death the first night." I said, "As Paul Rader said when he leaned over Hodges' shoulder out yonder in Los Angeles, right in the same temple where Congressman Upshaw was healed, he said, 'If...' I told Ern Baxter, my manger, he had said Paul was crying. And he said, 'Ern, if I would've sold my message to the red-hot Pentecost, I wouldn't be in this condition today. But they've grieved me, and worried me, till here I am dying with a cancer.'"

E-27 All you have to do is believe. And Paul Rader wrote this song in Fort Wayne recently. Was any of you up to Fort Wayne meeting when I was there? I was setting in his study room there, where Rediger--Mr. Rediger, the gallant hero of faith years ago when I was a little bitty boy. His daughter had been insane institution two years, perfectly insane. They had her in my coal shed down there behind the church, setting in there, pulling her beautiful hair down and saying, "A nickel and a penny and a nickel and a penny... " like that. Insane. Her sister died in the same condition. When I heard that Rediger's daughter was laying in my coal shed back there, I went back and there was a lovely Miss Rediger, sweet lovely woman, setting there saying, "Now, honey, don't do that." I come in the door. I noticed a vision break before. I could think of her old daddy who died in the harness. And the evil spirit had caught the girl. The Lord gave a rebuke, said, "Come out of the girl." She looked up and said, "Mother, where are we at?" She's married and got children now. From that very hour, God made her whole. That's Mrs. B. E. Rediger, the owner of the Fort Wayne Gospel Tabernacle. Many of you know of it. Write and ask her the... What was it? Look and live. The grace of Christ.
- Branham, 53-0606 AN ENSIGN

E-80 Now, while we have our heads bowed, you that wants the baptism of the Spirit, won't you move up around the altar real quietly while we sing one more verse: Precious Lord, (Come right down here. If you really want It, come now.) Lead me on... God bless you. Oh, looky here. What if Paul Rader could rise to the scene this afternoon? ... weak, I am worn; Through the storm, through the night, (Hallelujah.) Lead me on to the light; Precious Lord, take my hand, lead me home. Precious Lord, hold my hand, lead me on, let me stand, I am tired, I am weak, I am worn; Through the storm, through the night, O lead me on to the light; Now, Precious Lord, take my hand, lead me home.
- Branham, 53-0830A WHY I AM A HOLY ROLLER

E-58 God bless you. You believe Christ makes you well? Yes, sir. He did. You've got some fever that's bothered you for a long time. It started back before the First World War started. I see soldiers marching with pinches in their hat with wrapped leggings on. And you're... You got it in some country where there's a dark people, dark. I believe it's Mexico, Mexican people. You have some kind of a swelling condition that takes place, something in you. And you've had a injury in the spine, two or three of them. You're a friend to Fred Bosworth. I see him standing before me now and a fat, heavyset fellow with his hair co... It's Paul Rader. Is that right? God bless you. Go on...?... and God be with you make you well.

E-2 Today he said, "What about preaching on the resurrection of Lazarus?" So I said, "I've perhaps preached it before." So I trust that God will give us a great evening of it, and God's blessing be upon you all. I am happy to be here in this memorial tabernacle today where great men has stood on the platform, men that's gone on to heaven. I don't know how true this is. It is told to me by a good authority that the late Paul Rader, I believe the founder of this tabernacle if I'm not sure... The founder of the tabernacle... I got to hear him once in my life at Fort Wayne, and they said last night he was saw in a vision here at the platform. He's not dead, but he lives. His name will be immortal in people's hearts for years and years to come.
- Branham, 53-0906A BELIEVEST THOU THIS

E-3 They said when he was dying, and out in California, that they were singing songs; and as I understand Brother Rader right or they, or the people right about Brother Rader, he had quite a sense of humor, and said they were singing sad songs, and he said, "Say, who's dying me or you?" He said, "Raise those curtains--shades, rather, and sing me some real good snappy, Gospel songs." They started singing something: "Down at the Cross," or something, he said, "that sounds better." Said, "Where's Luke?" And Luke, 'course, not wanting to see his brother die came into the room, and said he grabbed Luke by the hand and said, "Luke, we've come a long ways together, but think of it, in five minutes from now I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness." I think lives of great man all remind us; We can make our lives sublime, With partings leave behind us, Footprints on the sands of time. That's right. The great notable Billy Sunday that's preached in this tabernacle, week after week in revivals, some of you people here has probably come to hear him...
- Branham, 53-0906A BELIEVEST THOU THIS

E-92 What a wonderful time. How many of you sinners wants to come up here and say, "I want to be saved right now, Brother Branham. I want to accept Jesus Christ as my Saviour." Raise up your hand. Raise up your hand, all sinners, raise up your hands, everywhere. That's right. Would you come here? If God will hear my prayers to open the ears of the deaf, make the blind to see, won't He hear me for your salvation? Come up here. Every sinner's invited right now while we sing, Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour, Hear my humble cry; While on other Thou art calling, Do not pass me by. Listen, friends, what if Paul Rader could look down in here, your pastor, this afternoon? This is the same kind of services Paul Rader had. What if old Billy Sunday, setting yonder in the eternal realms of glory, setting down by God at the evergreen trees yonder, that preached over this same pulpit here come in here this afternoon he would holler, "Hit the sawdust trail." That's right.
- Branham, 53-0906A BELIEVEST THOU THIS

E-17 It might happen today. What a glorious hour for it to take place. And, Father, I--I pray that our hearts will be moved as we think of that. For You said when the signs that we see appearing now, "to lift up our heads our redemption is drawing nigh," and I just pray, God, that You will bless--bless the church, Brother Boze, his--the Philadelphian church that's sponsoring the meeting here. God, we pray that You will give them the exceedingly abundantly. And bless this tabernacle, Lord, this great place here where many of Your servants that's under Your altar today there with You; has preached in this same pulpit that wonderful great evangelist, Billy Sunday, and Paul Rader, and many of the others who's done crossed over the Jordan. Father, we pray that You will send the power that was upon them, that brought conviction to the sinner, send Him this afternoon. The same Holy Spirit still lives and reigns, watching over the work. "I, the Lord, have planted it. I will water it day and night lest some should pluck it from My hand."

E-52 A little silly grin... You know what? I like a good old fashioned, Methodist, pump handle shake like that, brother, got some feeling in it. Paul Rader said one time, him and his wife was having a little spat, fussing, or something another. Said, "He setting at his table reading the paper, he'd always kiss her good-bye when he went out the door." And said, "He got up that morning, go out the door," and said, "she was standing at the door with her head down," said, "she puckered up her lips and he kissed her." Said, "She was always stand when he got out the gate, then he'd close the gate, turn around and say, 'Good-bye.'" Said, "He turned that morning, say, 'Good-bye.'" She said, "Good-bye." "Went on down the street, and he got thinking about it." Said, "You know what? What if something would happen to me today? And you know the Lord don't want me to feel that way about that." Said, "Maybe I was in the wrong."

E-16 And I was setting there with my coat up, my wife and boy setting there. Well, when he come up for the discussion, the moderators and so forth come to the platform. Mr. Cy Ramsar, who used to be Paul Rader's song leader, was leading songs for us. And he was singing. Very much of a diplomat on the platform, he was leading the singing, and just before he turned the service over to the moderator, he said, "I was reading in the paper the other day where that someone said that William Branham ought to be run out of the city a religious impostor. Said, "If you people of Houston would put more time running bootleggers out of the city than you would do a religious man like that," said, "your city would be better off." And a great roar went up all through the place.
- Branham, 53-1129E TESTIMONY WEST PALM

E-57 A, prayer card A. What was that number? A what? What did I call--start calling tonight? 85, 85, 85, 86 up to 100. And the rest of you if you'll just look this a way... I want you to believe. I want you to have faith. Don't doubt, only believe. Now, let's sing it. How many knew Paul Rader? Let's see your hands. Paul Rader, the great evangelist wrote this song. When he was dying out in California, I heard his story. They said as he was leaving the earth, he said, "Where's Luke?" And they called Luke in. He held Luke by the hand, his brother, and he said, "We've been through a many a hard battle together, Luke." He said, "Yes."
- Branham, 53-1204 AT THY WORD WEST PALM

E-64 All right. Now, B-10 to B-15. Would... Oh, yes, sir, that one. B-10 to 15, B-15 to B-20, B-20 to B-25. Let's see how many that makes for a few moments. That'd be 1 to 25, let's see how that works. Now, every one of you that's got a prayer card, or see somebody setting near you who has a prayer card, I want you to look at them, they might be deaf or... Look at these wheelchair cases and see if--if any of those, there's two or three wheelchairs standing here, see if they have a card that's called in that number. All right. All right, as they line them up, let's sing once more: "Only Believe," will you, everybody. You know, I love that song. When you singing that song, think of me. You know, if I go before Jesus comes, they got it fixed, when they're putting my body in the ground, my friends are going sing "Only Believe." It's called me to the platform around the world now, that marvelous song, Paul Rader's. All together now, sing it to the glory of God now. Only believe, only believe, All things are possible, only believe; Only believe, only... (B-6 is missing.) All things are possible, only believe.

E-1 Good evening, friends. Good afternoon, rather. I always get that mixed up. In Kentucky this is evening. I hope there's no one here from Kentucky hearing me say that, but we're happy to be here in the service of the Lord Jesus Christ. It's always a privilege to speak to people. I love to do that. There's not... [] Back in behind the stage, why, where this famous song was written. Paul Rader used to be the pastor there after Brother Rediger. I was standing back there, and it was right after service, and there's so many people around I couldn't get out, so they was just walking me around, back and forth in the building. So they was a man came back there. He said, "Say, Brother Branham." I said, "Yes, sir." He said, "My, you have awful grammar." I said, "Yes, sir. I know that."

E-4 Which reminds me, here at Fort Wayne, sometime ago, there was a man where this song of Paul Rader: used to be here in this city. I think that was about the last great revival that Chicago's ever had, a real city shaking revival, in the days of Paul Rader, and--and Armedea, some of those. And he wrote that famous song, "Only Believe," and it's been my theme song. I never heard it until one night I come in, and I didn't know that Paul had written this song, and my pianist was playing it, and it just struck my heart. I've used it in all across the country there at campaigns, and you hear the people singing.
- Branham, 54-0321 WHAT THINK YE OF CHRIST

E-6 In this place where Mr. Rader, as I was starting to say, had wrote this song, there was a scholar come in there; and he said, "Brother Branham," he said, "you're grammar's very poor." And I said, "Yes, sir, that's right." And then he said, "Oh, I noticed some of your grammatic mistakes tonight." Said, "Oh, it was terrible." And I said, "Yes, sir, I didn't get much education." I said, "I was raised in a very poor family: ten children." And I said, "I was the oldest, and I had to make a living for the rest of them." He said, "Well, that's no excuse now." He said, "You're a man." I said, "Well, that's right too," but I said, "Since the Lord sent me out to pray for sick, I'm never alone enough to study grammar," I said, "I just have to pray for the sick." And he said, "Oh, but you could take a correspondence." Said, "Now, for instance, tonight I heard you use a word there." He said, "You said, 'All you people now, come up on the 'polepit,' here" and said, "Why, did you know them people would appreciate you more if you said, 'pulpit,' instead of 'polepit'"? I said, "Well, brother, I don't know whether they would or not." I said, "I believe what them people want me do, is to live the right kind of life and produce what I'm talking about; they don't care whether I say 'pulpit' or 'polepit,'" That's right, isn't it? As the old saying is, "there's proof of the pudding is the eating thereof," isn't it? That's right? You know, I... And I'm not trying to support my ignorance by that. I remember... I wished I did know better words and grammar, but if it's taking anything away from Jesus, I'd rather know Jesus any time, and know Him in the power, as Paul said, "in the power of His resurrection."
- Branham, 54-0321 WHAT THINK YE OF CHRIST

E-56 And remember, it was in the evening time when the Bride was chosen. Rebekah was taken in the evening time. It was the evening time that she met Isaac: he was out in the field. It's evening time. Our Gentile revival is ending pretty soon. The Jews are going to take the revival. As soon as they can see the power of God manifesting and receive the Holy Ghost, they'll take the Gospel. Our Gentile days are ending. Get into the Kingdom while you're--have a chance to get into the Kingdom. A great--I feel like a great noted man that used to be in Chicago, some of your--one of your friends, Paul Rader... One day... Paul used to be a--a logger. He's preached here at the--at Chicago Gospel Tabernacle, pastored here, I suppose, and many of you has heard him, a great man. I heard him once in my life (I was just a boy).

252 While we're going to pray for the sick, I want a--a special right now. I want Sister Gertie and her daughter, if they will, to come here. And this is the original old song; I want you to sing it for me, "Only Believe." I remember, was walking in that door, and this song has followed me all across the nations. And I--I want them to sing; she was the first one to play it, the first when I heard it. A buddy of mine wrote it, Paul Rader. And before we pray for the sick, I want them to sing it while God's blessings rest upon the people for the sick. We've taken a lot of time. I'm sorry, Brother Neville. God bless you. Do you love questions? I do. Oh, and them were real good ones; they were just so good. And there's just another bunch. And, really, some of them hasn't been thoroughly went through yet. Oh, there's just so much to go through them. May the Lord bless.
- Branham, 54-0103M QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 1

E-2 And when we're singing that glorious old song awhile ago, "Only Believe, All Things Are Possible, Only Believe," I was thinking of that--of that, who wrote that song--Paul Rader. How many ever knew Paul Rader? Is anybody know Paul Rader? Sure, a wonderful man. Not long ago I was standing in his, in the very place where he wrote the song, and it was coming in over the--the ether waves of "Only Believe," and I was thinking of Paul. I tell you. I'm kind of a temperamental person. And when I heard that, and know that Paul Rader, perhaps, set on that same chair when he wrote "Only Believe," and they was introducing me to the platform, oh, I just couldn't keep from crying. I--I just... Something just gripped down in my heart. Paul Rader, I was thinking when he died here in California, the remarks he made. He told a very personal friend of mine, who's a bosom chum; he said, "Brother, if I'd have sold my message of grace to the red-hot Pentecostals, instead of coming over here doing what I did, I'd been better off today." That's right. I say, "Amen" to that. Yes, sir.
- Branham, 54-0307E DO YOU NOW BELIEVE

E-1 Marvelous meeting, at Brother Rediger's place there. Where him... Many great men stood in the same pulpit. And this song that's been my theme now for eight years, "Only Believe," when Paul Rader, who wrote it, pastored the tabernacle after the death of Brother Rediger... I was right in the room, and hear it coming in, in just inspiration, and "Only believe, all things are possible." I know that Paul made that song up sitting right there. And he was a dear friend, that's gone on to glory. And while sitting there, why, that night I know we was having a great time. You Pentecostal people, or Assemblies of God, seen the article that was written. The little girl had been blind, you know, and was healed. "We The People" packed it in the--the book of "We The People." And oh, it went everywhere of the little blind girl that night, that I just held in my arms till she got her sight.
- Branham, 54-0620A I WILL RESTORE DES

E-4 Now, I'm going to... Brother Bosworth and I, returned from Africa together. We had a marvelous meeting down there where the Lord did blessed in great things. And Brother Bosworth was in this city, many, many, years ago with Paul Rader, Billy Sunday. He reminds me of an old pine tree that's standing on the hill alone. Only two... [] Here, we just love good singing. And we're very grateful for these men who are with us, and for Sister Shakarian, the other singers, the musicians, and so forth, to bring us the Gospel in the way of singing and in music. May the Lord richly bless them. I've always said, "When I get to heaven, I sure want to get around where there's singing. That's where the place that I want to be."
- Branham, 54-0720E IT IS I BE NOT AFRAID

E-30 []...?... all of your hearts... Who wrote this song? Does anyone know? [A man says, "Paul Rader."--Ed.] Paul Rader is right, perhaps wrote right here. Was it at Fort Wayne, do you know, Brother Bosworth? If Paul Rader wrote that song right here in, here, right here in Chicago... Right here's where that song was born then: in Chicago. It's been my theme song. It's been sang in many different languages in different parts of the world. It's called me to the platform for the past ten years, I guess. Only believe; all things are possible, if you can only believe. Now, have faith; have faith in God and believe with all your heart while we sing slowly now, altogether. Only believe, only believe, All things are possible, only believe; Only believe, only believe, All things are possible, only believe. I wonder if the audience would do this for me. Let's just close our eyes now, and raise up our hands, and say, "Now, I believe." Now, I believe, now, I believe, All things are possible, now, I believe; Now, I believe, now, I believe, All things are possible, now, I believe.
- Branham, 54-0720E IT IS I BE NOT AFRAID

E-31 I see my brother setting there weeping when he heard that song. Many times it's called us, hasn't it, Brother Bosworth, many times? As time is going on, Brother Bosworth, the clock ticking on to eternity, I wonder if Paul Rader tonight, yonder in glory... How many ever heard his last words when he was dying? He always had a sense of humor. They was singing for him, so I'm told, that he said, "Raise them curtains and sing me some good snappy Gospel songs." Said, "Who's dying, me or you?" So they raised the curtains and begin to sing the Gospel songs; he said, "That sounds better." He called his brother Luke in; he said, "Luke, we been a long ways together. But think of it, in five minutes from now I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ clothed in His righteousness." Went to meet God...
- Branham, 54-0720E IT IS I BE NOT AFRAID

E-55 And then when we... That was right following Paul Rader, there my old friend, and so forth. Then when I started, looked out, I seen a vision, of Mr. Lehman a walking. I know Mrs. Morgan, Mayo's nurse, give up with cancer years ago, laying on the dead list right now. And go to Louisville, Kentucky, and look and see if she hasn't died, eight years ago. And come over Jeffersonville Hospital and look at her nursing now. And so, she was supposed to have died eight years ago. Dead, done pronounced dead, and laying there yet still on the dead list in Kentucky, of cancer research. And then, when she was there, she felt sorry for that man, because he was--looked so much like her husband. And I seen a vision of him walking. But in the vision, He told me, "Go down and pray for that man." And I went down, put my hands upon him, right without a prayer card, or anything, walked down and said, "The Lord said, 'Lay hands on you brother, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.'" And I walked back up. And I seen somebody laying on a cot, they was trying to move him over, and a man with arthritis touched me like that, and held on to my coat, as I was coming by. About four or five days after that, or maybe six days, I'll give you their address, if you want to write to them. This one was a farmer laying there with arthritis, and when he... Man pulled me, turned around, I seen him doing something on the farm. I said, "You're a farmer." He said, "Yes, sir." I said, "Don't worry, for THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're going to be well." And four days later, Mr. Lehman was going down the road, driving his car, and he looked over in the field, and here was this farmer setting out there on a tractor, running the tractor; and he jumps out of his car, the man jumps off the tractor; they run grabbed at one another, lifting one another up and down, a praising God, how that the Lord had did it.
- Branham, 54-1206 EXPECTATION

E-77 Come back to Christ to a heart of love tonight. Come back to a place, till all your enemies you love with them and could shake their hand. Not because you owe it to duty, but because something in your heart says so. Something will make you love the bitterest enemy you've got. If that is in your heart tonight, regardless of what emotion you've had, you're still outside of Christ, outside of God, lost, alienated from God without mercy. That's right. Won't you come and receive Him on the basis of Divine love? Shall we pray. Heavenly Father, Oh, how I... Oh my heart bleeds when I know that the people in this world, and seeing this great city here of Los Angeles, where I think of Paul Rader, up down there leaning his shoulder, his head over on a man's shoulder, and crying, and said, "Why didn't I sell my message to the red-hot Pentecostals." And he went away, making a mistake, trying to pat the people around. God, don't let me make it.

E-4 Here sometime ago, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I was amazed. It just comes to my mind now. I walked behind a pulpit, where you that read this famous book, "We the People." Just the outstanding things of the world takes place; they put it in this. On the religious article, they wrote something about my services at Fort Wayne, where God made a total blind girl to receive her sight. And a baby that had its feet clubbed in was made completely whole at the platform. I'd gotten real weak. They had taken me behind the stage where my friend, Paul Rader that went to glory many years ago, had wrote the famous song that I pack with me now, "Only Believe." Standing in there, an educated man come in, very scholarly. From the sound of his talk, he must have taught Mr. Webster what to say. He said, "Brother Branham," said, "there's one thing wrong with your ministry." I said, "Well, kind sir, I would like to know if there's anything wrong." I said, "I don't mean for it to be." He said, "That is your grammar." Said, "Oh, it's poorly." I said, "Yes, sir; that is right." I said, "I... There was nine of us children, boys and one girl, ten children. My father died young." I said, "I had to work and take care of ten children." And I said, "I--I didn't get much education, just the seventh grade." He said, "But, Brother Branham, you're a man now." Said, "That don't count now." Said, "You could take a correspondence or something, I... And check up on your grammar." Said, "It's terrible." I said, "Yes, sir. I know that." I said, "I'm sorry. But," I said, "after the Lord has ministered to me, and I must go minister to Him, the people crowd so much in the... Right today, four hundred major cities in the United States is calling for services. Sign papers and things where tens of thousands attend the meeting." And I said, "How could I go, sir, like that?"

E-57 But I was reading his book some time ago. He said he was over in some of the countries over there doing some missionary work, and he took a--some kind of a fever, blackwater fever, or yellow fever, or something. And it rose so high on him till he begin to come unconscious. He said to his wife, "Don't leave me; stay by me and pray for me." And said she kept praying. And said he--he went in a coma. And he believed in God. Paul Rader preached Divine healing. He not only preached it, but he practiced it. So he--he said he went unconscious, and when he did he dreamed that he was back in the woods as a logger, as he used to be, cutting the timber. And said he cut a big log. His boss had sent him up on the hill to cut a log. And said he cut the log, stuck his axe in the soft timber of the evergreen, and started to pick it up. And said he just couldn't pick it up; it was too much for him. Said, he said, "Well, why would my boss ask me to cut a log like this and couldn't pick it up?" If you get the symbol of what it meant. God will never give you nothing this Gospel do, what He give you grace to do it with. That's right. He will never promise thus in there, but what He will fulfill it. And said he tried to pick it up and he couldn't. And said he just wore hisself out tugging at it.

E-33 Paul Rader, a friend of mine, Baptist preacher, died here some years ago over here in California. A wonderful man, missionary, great believer in healing, told a little story once, said, he was way down South America, somewhere on a missionary trip, he and his wife. And he developed some kind of a fever, yellow fever. I believe, it was black water fever. And it kills you in just a few hours. And he was way back, miles and miles back in the jungles with the natives went back there on a little boat. And said, that after supper that night, they'd eaten, and he went into his room. He was getting sicker and sicker." And he said to his loving wife, he said, "Darling, if you'll just kneel down here and start praying for me," said, "I believe that; it seems like I'm... it's getting black in the room." So she knelt down, held her hands up, said, "Honey, do you want me to go for a doctor?" Said, "No, don't go for the doctor; it'd be too long." Said, "Hard telling, it coming night like this," he said, "you couldn't get the doctor now." He said, "Just pray for me, honey, and keep your hands on me." And it kept getting darker and darker in the room as his life begin to fade out and after while it all become dark. Said he was dreaming he was back up in Oregon again. That was his home, where he used to chop the trees. And he was a very strong man. And said, he... His boss, one time told him. He was dreaming, that said, "Go up the mountain, Paul, and cut me a certain size log and bring it down." He said, "All right, boss."
- Branham, 55-0301 ELIJAH

E-17 At Fort Wayne recently, they... You all, that take this "We The People," they wrote up an article, the Lord did, in my meeting up there for Him, of a little blind girl being healed. You Assembly of God people, it come out in your "Evangel" and so forth. And so that night we come from the platform, a little club-footed baby was made straight, and a--and a little blind girl received her sight. And so they'd put it in the "Evangel," and in "We The People," that speaks on religions and so forth. It's a... Goes over the world and the events on things and it writes it up. So, I was back in behind the stage where my song that they sing for me... My old friend Paul Rader wrote it, "Only Believe." And I was back there just thinking, when I heard it come through the microphone, think, right in this same room Paul wrote that song. He's gone on to glory long ago. And I--I was back there, and there was a man came back there who had more education then he had knowledge to know what to do with it, I guess. And he said, "Brother Branham," he said, "your message was nice," he said, "but, oh, your grammar." I said, "Yes, sir, that's right." I said--I said, "I know my grammar's awful." I said, "I'm sorry about that." I said, "I was raised in a family of ten, and I was the oldest. And my daddy died, and I had to take care of ten children, and my mother..." I said, "I didn't get a chance to get an education." "Oh, that's no excuse now," said, "you're a man." I said, "Yeah, I know that's right." I said, "But since the Lord... I had to work so hard till I went in evangelism," I said, "and then when I started here," I said, "the people calling me from everywhere, I don't even get a chance." He said, "Oh, you could take a correspondence course." Said, "Your grammar's so bad." I said, "I know it's awful, brother." I said, "I hate it, but I just can't help it." Said, "You using those words 'hain't,' and 'his,' and 'tain't,' and..." I said, "Well, they seem to understand it pretty good." I said...?... He said, "Well," he said, "look, one mistake you make Brother Branham, is horrible out there, before an audience like that." Said, "You said, 'People coming up to this polpit.'" Said, they'll... and he said, "You should not say 'polpit.'" I said, "Well, isn't that what it is?" And I... He said, "No," said, "You--your congregation will appreciate you more if you said 'pulpit,' not 'polpit.'"
- Branham, 55-1001 EXPECTATION

E-60 A believer not long ago... I walked into the room where an old lady was going away one morning, and she looked over to me, and she said... I said, "Well, Sister Fullman, what about it?" She said, "I love Him, Brother Branham, with all my heart." Said, "Think of it. It won't be very long now till I'll be in His Presence." Oh, what a glorious morning that'll be. Standing by the side of Paul Rader... Many of you knew Paul Rader, didn't you? How he fought to win the prize and standing yonder in California under the influence of the--of great denomination had broke him down, and there he was dying with a cancer in the room. The little Moody Bible quartet was there, singing for him, and when he about ready for him to die... Paul had quite a sense of humor. He said, "Oh, who's dying here, me or you?" Said, "Raise them curtains and sing me some snappy Gospel songs." And they got to singing, Down at the cross where my Saviour died, Down there for cleansing from sin I cried; There to my heart was the blood applied; Glory to His Name! Paul said, "That sounds better." He said, "Where's Luke?" That's his brother that always went with him. They traveled together like Billy, my boy, and I. And when he got... He said, "He's in the next room." He couldn't stand to see his brother go.
- Branham, 56-0212 FELLOWSHIP

E-1 Was he next to the platform tonight now? All right, you ready? Good evening, friends. So happy to be here tonight to serve the Lord Jesus. We are trusting that God will pour out His blessings upon us tonight. It made my heart feel real jumping, when I heard that "Only Believe" in German. A--a friend of mine wrote that song; his name is Paul Rader. Years ago he went to be with the Lord. And when he was dying, he was in Los Angeles, California. And they had him in the hospital. And wh--when he started to die, they had the curtains pulled down and was singing real mournful songs. He had quite a sense of humor; he...?... he said, "Say, who's dying here, me or you?" Said, "Raise up them curtains and sing me some real good snappy Gospel songs." And they begin to sing, "Down at the cross where the Saviour died." He said, "That sounds better." He said, "Where is my brother, Luke?" And they said, "In the next room." He said, "Bring him here." And he took a hold of Luke's hand, and he said, "Brother, we've come a long ways together. We've been missionaries throughout the world. But think of it, brother, in five minutes from now, I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness." And squeezed his brother's hands and went to meet God. That's the way I want to go: clothed in His righteousness, not our own; it--it won't work. But in His, God has already accepted Him. So if He's acc--already accepted Him, and He has accepted me, then I won't have to stand in my own. I stand in His, already accepted. Amen. I like that. He gives life.
- Branham, 55-0813

E-47 Let's have prayer now. Kind heavenly Father, there was some young and old both with their hands up. Come by now, won't You, Jesus? Just speak peace way down deep in their heart. They couldn't have raised their hand 'less You would have told them to. But they did it. And Thou has said in Thy Word, "He that heareth My Word, and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath Everlasting Life and shall not come into condemnation, but's passed from death to Life. We know that right now the transformation of dark shadows of death that hung in the face of these people, is now moving back, and hopes is coming, not with the physical eye, but in the spiritual eye, that they have did that which is right and has accepted Christ now as their Saviour. God, I pray that all their darkness will flee away, and the tempter's, doubter's powers will be broken, and they'll live in Christian life and light the rest of their days, and come home to You in peace at the end time. God, grant that over in the other world some night, someday, rather, for there'll be no night, that I'll meet with them if not here on earth, set down there in the Kingdom where Moody, Sankey, Finney, Knox, Calvin, Paul, Peter, James, John, where many of our friends here: Paul Rader, dear Brother Upshaw, many of those other, oh, gallant soldiers that's passed beyond the veil. Just step beyond the veil, they understand. May I meet with all of them, and with these tonight who has accepted You. Until then, Father, keep them sweet and happy in their experience with Thee. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
- Branham, 55-1115 BLIND BARTIMAEUS SAN

E-53 And she said, "Well, Doctor Branham, I am charmed to meet you," holding her hand up like this. I reached and got a hold of her big fat hand. I said, "Get it down here so I'll know you when I see you." See? So like that. I don't mean to be joking. See? I'm just telling how that people try to put on. See? And then you get cold and indifferent. I like real love, genuine love, something that you can feel. Paul Rader said one time, said, "Brother Billy, I was leaving my wife one morning." Said, "We was setting at the table. And I'd--I'd got up kind of on the wrong side of the bed, and I'd said something to her I know that hurt her feelings." And said, "I never apologized."

E-7 Like Paul Rader once said--said, "He was going to work one morning, so he... He and his wife had had a little, well, a disagreement." And he said, "As he started out, he kissed his wife good bye, she was crying." Said, "He always walked out to the end of the gate and turned back and said, 'Bye.' And she said, 'Good bye.' So that morning when--the same routine, parting time he said, 'Good bye,' and she said, 'Good bye.'" So he went out on the street and begin to think, "What if something would happen to me today, or something would happen to her?" Said, "I'd knowed we'd never meet again on this earth." He got to thinking about it and said, "God begin to deal with him. He ran back to the house real quick, jerked open the door; she was standing behind the door still weeping." Said, "He never said one word to her, but just pulled her around and kissed her again, turned right back around and went out. Went to the gate, and turned back, and said, 'Good bye.'" Said, "She said, 'Good bye,' latched the gate." And said, "The--the difference was, the last time there was a feeling in it; he meant it." So that's the way it is, there's got to be a feeling in it. There's got to be something that--that's projected from you to meet the person you're talking to.
- Branham, 56-0218B WHEN LOVE IS PROJECTED

E-68 I just love that song "Only Believe." How many knows who wrote it? My buddy, Paul Rader, Baptist preacher. I didn't say he was Baptist. He is kinda like I am, I guess, kinda a little Calvinist and... You never did you hear of his last words when he was dying in California? He and Luke stayed together, like my boy and I stay together--his brother. Luke just died recently. Paul was out there, and he got him all tied up with a big bunch of formal religions, and things, and he was a Gospel preacher. He was dying, laying in the hospital, and he said, "Where's Luke?" First, Moody Bible sent down the little quartet there to sing for him, and they had his curtains all down at the windows and things. He said, "Who's dying, me or you?" Said, "Raise up them curtains and sing me some snappy Gospel songs." He had a kind of a sense of humor. They began to sing "Down at the Cross Where My Saviour Died." He said, "That sounds better." Said, "Where's Luke?" Luke couldn't stand to see his brother die. He was over in the other room. Said, "Tell him to come here." Come over, took a hold of Luke's hand, looked up at him, said, "Luke, think of it. In five minutes from now I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ clothed in His righteousness," squeezed his brother's hands and went to meet God. Lives of great man all remind us We could make our lives sublime, Partings leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time. Footprints, that perhaps another, Sailing over life's solemn main, For forlorn and shipwrecked brother, Seeing shall take heart again.
- Branham, 56-0427 FAITH

E-49 Fort Wayne, Indiana, when a man was healed, and he was sent over to the king's private secretary, when he was healed with multiple sclerosis, and then, when he was the secretary, sent for me come to pray for this King George when he had multiple sclerosis... And in that meeting, I walked back behind, when setting there I heard that, "Only Believe," and knowing right in that same room Paul Rader read--wrote that song there in the Rediger Tabernacle... I walked in there and there was a man walked behind me. He said, "Reverend Branham." I said, "Yes, sir." He said, "Your grammar is terrible." And I said, "Yes, sir, I know it is." And he said, "I tell you, a man that speaks to the crowds that you do and use the grammar that you do," said, "you ought to be ashamed of yourself." I said, "I am, sir." And so, stood there he said, "For instance, tonight," said, "you used some of the poorest grammar."

E-62 ... and when He was going to heaven He called his brother Luke and said, "Luke..." So I understand, I wasn't there. This was told me. Said, "Luke, we been a long ways together, haven't we? But think of it: in five minutes from now I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness." Little did he know, when I was a little old boy, setting up there at the Rediger Tabernacle, listened to Paul Rader preach, that I'd ever pack his song around the world. How many knows the Rediger Tabernacle, would you hold hand up? Sure. Romaine, the one that had been in the insane institution so long, one day she come down to my house. I didn't know it. I come up from Florida. And they had her back in a coal shed, back there, pulling her hair and screaming, from an insane institution: B. E. Rediger's daughter. A man who died in a harness for Divine healing, big Fort Wayne Gospel Tabernacle pastor and founder. I thought, "B. E. Rediger's daughter in my coal shed?" I went back out there. Mrs. Rediger, a beautiful, lovely lady, she said, "Brother Branham..." I said, "Are you... Mrs. Rediger, you don't remember me. As a little boy I used to come to the Temple." She said, "We heard that God had visit you, Brother Branham." And said, "I brought my child." Said, "Her sister died in the same thing." And I said, "What's the matter." She was setting there saying, "A nickel is a nickel. A penny is a penny." Beautiful young lady about eighteen years old, pulling her hair out like that, and her mother trying to quiet her.
- Branham, 56-0615 AN EXODUS

E-68 Now, let us be real reverent. Sonny, if you will, could you play, "Only Believe," just a moment? There's something about the song. I've heard it sang now in pretty near every language under heaven, where thousands of heathens that war at one another get together and sing, "Only Believe." "Only believe," it was wrote by my friend, Paul Rader, who's gone on to heaven. In his gallant death in California, when the little Moody Bible Institute sent a quartet down there to sing, and they were singing, "Nearer My God to Thee." How many ever knew Paul Rader, heard of him? Sure. He had a sense of humor. By the way, his friend too, F. F. Bosworth may follow me in this meeting or Tommy Osborn. If they do come in here, receive them in Christ. They are real, real brothers. The pastor has been saying, asking maybe he could get a hold of them to come continue on.
- Branham, 57-0106 JEHOVAH JIREH

E-53 I see now that one of the greatest things the church needs (in closing) is this: Is a display of the real love of God. Men and women want to see men and women who is Christians, someone who stands gallant, who really loves with a godly love. You can feel it if it's godly love. Paul Rader who died down here not long ago, a bosom friend, one day he said he was talking to his wife, and they'd had some kind of a little family spat before they left the room. And Paul said when he left he always kissed his wife good-bye, and she was standing at the door with her head down. Said he just kissed her a little peck on the side of the jaw and went out through the gate, and he'd always turn back and waved good-bye at her. Said she was standing at the door there with her head down. He said, "Good-bye." And she said, "Bye."
- Branham, 57-0322 HEAR YE HIM

149 I can think of a very good friend of mine that's gone on to glory: old, blessed old brother, a sainted man, filled with the Holy Ghost, by the name of Paul Rader. One time out yonder on the West Coast, when just before he died, you know his testimony. His song that he had written, "Only Believe," has called me to the pulpit... I wonder if Paul, in glory, hears that old song being sung by the thousands and thousands, and by the different languages. How did he know that that poor little old boy setting before him there, with ragged shoes on and not even a necktie, needed a haircut, that God would let me take that song around the world. God keeps His Word. "I the Lord have planted it; I'll water it day and night," He said, "lest some should pluck it from My hand."
- Branham, 57-0407M GOD KEEPS HIS WORD

E-45 You know, that's the kind of Spirit I love, that soft, tender Spirit of the Lord Jesus. Don't you just love that? It just seems like it just scours out your heart when it comes in. Softly, tenderly, Jesus is calling. I love those old time songs, the old hymns of the church. I like it a better than a lot of this here dancing around and things we have today. I'm just an old fashion preacher, I--I just love the old fashion way. "Nearer, My God, To Thee," "Rock Of Ages Cleft For Me," all those famous old songs, I believe they were inspired as the penman wrote them under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Don't you believe that? I've watched those old Christians when they were going, watch their face light up and say, "I can see Him, Brother Branham." Raise them up on my arm like this, "Can you still see, brother?" "Yes, He's wonderful," go out to meet Him. I--I love that. How many remembers Paul Rader? Sure, you do. Remember what he said when he was dying, don't you? I remember--remember the last words of D. L. Moody, Abraham Lincoln, many of those men. The end tells the story.

E-15 Now, I want to ask you something. Let's let our collars down just a minute. Did you ever see a person that's a good person, you think they are nice, but there's just something about the person you just don't like to be around them? Certainly you do. And then, you've seen people that you just love to be around. What is it? It's that creative power that's upon the people that create an atmosphere around where they're at. If they're full of love, not make-belief, but real love, you can feel it. You know that they're Christians. They shake your hand, say, "I'm your friend, John." You can feel it. You might not agree with me. But I'm thinking of my friend Paul Rader. Now, I believe in heartfelt religion.
- Branham, 57-0519E LOVE

E-33 How I'm thinking tonight of an old man laying yonder, in his last hours of this life, called the other day and wants me to preach his funeral, Paul Rader's tabernacle. That's my good friend F. F. Bosworth, a godly saint going to meet his Maker. And he said, "This is the happiest time of my life, Brother Branham." He said, "I'm so happy to know that I'm going to meet Him; I can't hardly sleep at night." I've heard of Mrs. Aimee McPherson, no disregard to a wonderful woman. I've seen marks and this and that. I've seen marks of Smith Wigglesworth, and Doctor Price, and many of those great men, but not one mark did I ever hear anyone say about F. F. Bosworth. God, let my end be like that: a memorial of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

E-8 Before he left he saw a vision of heaven. And about two hours before his passing over, he went into, in a coma, raising up in his bed, shaking hands with someone, and greeting people that he had met and preached the Gospel to, had been gone for years. I think this of him. Lives of great men all remind us, And we can make our lives sublime, With partings leave behind us, Footprints on the sands of time. I'm sure that he got to shake hands with Paul Rader, which was an associate to him. How many ever heard of Paul Rader? He wrote my theme song, "Only Believe." How little did he know, that that boy setting at his feet would take this song around the world. It's called me in, I don't know how many languages, hundreds of languages around the world, as a theme song.
- Branham, 58-0125 THE QUEEN OF THE SOUTH

E-10 I just heard Brother Duffield make a statement about some saying this and some saying that. I was standing just in Mrs. McPherson's room there where she usually waited. I like to go in there and pray, 'cause I know it's a little chamber perhaps where she waited and others has waited, as Paul Rader and great people who's preached in this temple before. Where they've waited on the Spirit to know what to say when they come out here... And sometimes your message is changed completely from what you were going to speak on. But God knows what He's doing as long as He's a leading. You see, you must always go by the Spirit, and the Spirit will always agree with the Word. Now, if the Spirit leads you contrary to the Word, then it's not the Spirit of God. Now, if the Holy Spirit is leading you, It'll say, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." If it's a religious spirit, or some other type of spirit that isn't the Spirit of God, it'll say, "It was for a day gone by, not now." How could you make that act right? Because it said He is the same. Oh, I'm so glad to have the Holy Spirit. See? God seen that beforehand; Jesus said, "I'll not leave you comfortless, but I'll pray the Father, and He will send you another Comforter which is the Holy Ghost, and He will abide with you forever. And when He comes He will testify of Me and will show you things to come, even the Spirit of truth, Whom the world cannot receive." Oh, how happy we are to see that Spirit of truth bearing record with His Word, that it is the Spirit of truth. Then sons and daughters follow It. It'll stay right in the lids of the Bible and confirm every promise that God made.
- Branham, 59-0410 LOOKING AT THE UNSEEN LOS

144 Now, Lord, the rest is to You. We shall now call these people, and may the Holy Ghost come to this little tabernacle and make a faith in every heart, as they stand and come by here to be prayed for. May they leave today and do like those wise men when they seen the Star again, after the spell of darkness, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. And may these people, as they are anointed and prayed for... James said in the Gospel, "Call the elders and let them anoint them with oil and pray over them. The prayer of faith shall save the sick." May the people rejoice with exceeding great joy, knowing that the faith of God has broke into their hearts, and they shall have what they ask for. Now, Father, You've done Your part. I've done all I know how to do, except lay hands on the people and anoint them. Now, the rest will belong to them. May it not fail. May every wheel of God's immortal clock work perfectly this morning, as the sick are anointed. For Jesus Christ's sake we ask it, in His Name. Amen. If you can only believe, just only believe, All things are possible, only... How that song does something to me. Hundreds of languages... I've heard the heathens and the Hottentots singing that when I was coming to the platform. This same woman, same pianist, far as I know, introduced the song to me eleven years ago before I left in the ministry. Paul Rader, my friend, wrote it.
- Branham, 57-1222 THE GREAT SHINING LIGHT

E-10 Well, I told them, I wouldn't go down, because I don't like arguing. The Scripture to me wasn't--wasn't to be argued; it's to be lived. So however, that night when they packed in, I said, "I'm not going down." So as it got later in the evening, well, I just couldn't keep away, so I said to my wife, "Let's go down." So she and I, and the little girl, and my brother... Two police helped us in, and I went up in balcony thirty, way up. And then while I was setting up there, with my overcoat all pulled up, so wouldn't be recognized, 'cause we were having a wonderful meeting. Mr. Bosworth got up... Now, the moderators and so forth, and he said... Well... Cy Ramsar (Many of you know Cy Ramsar, Paul Rader's singer.), he was singing that night, and he made a little statement; he said, "I was reading in the paper where, they said, 'That Mr. Branham ought to be put out of this city, as a religious heresy.'" He said, "If you people would spend more time putting bootleggers out of your city, instead of godly people that come in here to hold a revival, this city would be better off," and the whole crowd went into a roar. So I knew Mr. Best was lost, right then.
- Branham, 58-0127 JEHOVAH JIREH

E-33 Paul Rader, who perhaps preached right in this tabernacle at this same pulpit where I'm preaching tonight. Gone on to glory. He said one time that he and his wife were setting at the table and she wanted to do something. And, oh, he said, "There's no need of doing that." And so somehow he hurt her feeling. And he thought, "Well, if her feeling's that easy hurt, let them be hurt." So he got up, and laid the paper on the table, and went out the street. Her custom was that she would meet him at the door and kiss him good-bye. And when he went out to the end of the gate he'd always look back and wave. Well, said, "She kissed him good-bye. And went on out to the end of the gate and looked back," and said, "she waved." And said, "He started down the street, and something begin to condemn him." Said, "What if she would die today while you're gone? Or what if something would happen to you? Would that little strange feeling just a family affair...?"
- Branham, 59-0409 MARY'S BELIEF LOS

E-13 And did you ever notice after the wickedness of the night has settled down... And did you ever walk out of a morning real early after all the demons that's... and the roadhouses... and has quietened down and gone to rest, all the wickedness has settled. Then you can walk out early of a morning in that stillness and quietness of the morning, the dew has brought the fragrance of the flowers. It's refreshing to come out into such an atmosphere. And so is it when we can come out of the room of prayer. What a privilege it is for me each night to go into that little room where Mrs. McPherson, and Paul Rader, and great men standing there hearing that song "Only believe, only believe all things are possible"... Do you know who wrote that song? It was Paul Rader. And I've thought standing back there wonder when Paul was--had the inspiration to write that song, if he knowed that little old boy setting at his feet, would be my theme song around and around the world. We don't know what we're doing when we're speaking under inspiration. It has no end to it; it just carries on.

E-54 How many knows who wrote that song? A great Chicago preacher, Paul Rader. He's in glory tonight, went like a gallant hero. Before he died... When he was dying, they tell me that in the hospital, he called for his brother Luke. And he said, "Luke, we've come a long ways together. But think of it: In five minutes from now, I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness." Oh, my. He was a wonderful man. God bless Paul.
- Branham, 59-0612 ALL THE DAYS OF OUR LIFE

E-39 I love that song that the organ is now playing so sweetly, "Only Believe." How many knows who wrote that song? A buddy of mine, Paul Rader. I was a little boy, just ordained in the Baptist church as I set at Paul's feet. Not long ago, I was at the Rediger Tabernacle at Fort Wayne. Paul preached the same message I preach right here, the baptism of the Holy Ghost. He believed in Divine healing, the power of God, the second coming. When he was dying yonder in the hospital in Los Angeles, when the Moody Bible School sent down the quartet to sing for him, they had the shades all at the windows. Paul had a sense of humor. He said, "Who's dying here, me or you?" They were singing, "Nearer My God To Thee." He said, "Raise them shades and sing me some snappy Gospel songs." So they got to singing, Down at the cross where my Saviour died, Down there for cleansing from sin I cried, There to my heart was the blood applied; Oh, glory to His name.
- Branham, 59-0708E BE CERTAIN OF GOD

E-2 How many wants to be remembered in prayer, now? Would you just raise your hands and say, "Lord, grant it"? Let us bow our heads. Lord, as we hear this grand old hymn of the church, wrote by my precious friend, Paul Rader, "Only Believe," we are thinking now of a boy, was brought by his fathers to the disciples, no more than ten days after Jesus had given them power to cast out devils and heal the sick, and here they was completely defeated on an epileptic case. And they seen our Lord coming. And the father ran and said, "Lord, have mercy on us. My son is variously vexed with the devil. I brought him to Your disciples and they could not cure him." And Jesus said, "I can, if ye believe. Only believe." O God, You haven't changed a bit since then: You're just the same loving, sweet, and compassionate God. As You were then, so are You today. And Lord, like that father, we all cry, "Lord, help Thou our unbelief." It's so simple; we just stumble over it Father.
- Branham, 60-0402 BELIEVEST THOU THIS

E-53 I got life of Paul Rader, which was spoke of--we was converted in his tabernacle. Paul, when he was dying, he called in his brother Luke, which was in the next room. He said, "Where's Luke?" And Luke was over in the next room. He said him and Paul kindy run together like Billy and I is together. And he--he said, "Luke, we've come a long ways together, haven't we brother?" Said, "We come through a many a hard battle together." Luke said, "That's right, Paul." Paul said, "Think of it. In five minutes from now, I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness." [] I hugged him, kissed him. We walked away, and I went away weeping. A few hours from then, he raised up in the room and he said, "Well, if there ain't Brother So-and-so, was converted in my meeting (Died, been dead fifty years), shook his hand; and stood on the floor, shaking hands with the saints of God, done gone on to heaven, his converts from fifty years ago. I wonder, if he didn't enter that place where I was at the other morning, and seeing there, shaking hands like that. Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, With partings leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time. Footprints, that perhaps another, While sailing over life's solemn main, A forlorn and shipwrecked brother, Seeing, shall take heart again.
- Branham, 60-0611B FELLOWSHIP

E-43 Prayer card B, how many has prayer card B? All with prayer card B, line right up behind A. Prayer card A and B, just line right up. No matter what numbers, just we want to get all the prayer cards lined up. Just come according to your number and according to the letter. Isn't that beautiful? You know, that's what brings the Holy Spirit to me quickly, that "Only Believe." How many knows who wrote it? My friend, Paul Rader. A, B, C, how many has prayer card C now? Now, you stand up. "Only believe," let's sing it softly. Only... I can just see Him coming down off the mountain. The wind blows; I see His beard move. And here comes the disciples. Remember, they'd been given power to cast out devils, but they were stalled on a epileptic. They couldn't do it.
- Branham, 59-1127 BLIND BARTIMAEUS SAN

6 Like the late Paul Rader, he said to his... One time he was telling a story. And he said he and his wife was sitting at the table, and she wanted to go somewhere or do something, and he kept saying to her, "I--I just can't do it," and so forth, and he'd cut her a little short. So he looked around at her, and the tears was coming down her cheeks, and he said to her; he said, "Well, now," thought in his heart, "I--I--if she is that easy hurt, just let her stay hurt." So he, like men, like he folded up his paper and laid it down on his plate.
- Branham, 59-1227E A SUPER SENSE

440 Now, in closing. For both salvation and for healing, let me say these words just for a minute. Paul Rader was a friend of mine. I knew him just a little while; I was just a boy, set at his feet; great minister that died here not long ago in California. And when he was dying... He took cancer and was dying out there in California. The tabernacle now that O. L. Jaggers has, he had it up there, the old... Just, I forget what the name of it was called then, but it's the World Church now. Paul Rader's old tabernacle, and it was up off of Alvarado Street, as you go up towards it; cross over to McPherson's temple, just across the way there at the park. Now, and when Paul Rader was pastoring that, they got out there, and when he was...
- Branham, 60-1218 THE UNCERTAIN SOUND

E-4 I think of his testimony and I think of Paul Rader, when he went. How many ever knew Paul Rader? Many of you people. He was a great man of God, went in California. I used to set at his feet when I was a little boy. And he and Luke kinda stuck together, like my son and I, Billy. And when he was dying, the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago had sent a quartet down to sing. And they were singing kind of a slow song, "Nearer My God To Thee." And Paul, if you knew him, he always had a sense of humor. He wrote this song, my theme song, "Only Believe." And he had a--he had a sense of humor. He was always cracking something, like Brother Bosworth. So when they were singing, "Nearer My God To Thee," he raised up in the bed, said, "Say, who's dying here, me or you?" He said--he said, "Draw..." said, "Raise up those shades and sing me some real good snappy Gospel songs." And they went to singing, "Down at the cross where my Saviour died..." He said, "That sounds better." He said, "Where's Luke?"
- Branham, 61-0119E QUEEN OF SHEBA

E-48 Paul Rader-the man that wrote this song that I sing here, "Only Believe"--said one morning him and his wife was having a little family affair, a little fuss with one another. Said first thing you know... He was reading the paper, and she said something, "Paul, will you give me some money?" Said, "I ain't got no money." And went on like that a little bit, and said after awhile... He never noticed it hurt her feelings. He kind of sat there, and said, "Well, if that's how easy her feelings are hurt, let her set there." You know how we do, brethren, sometimes, I guess. And so, then he said she'd always stand at the door and kiss him when he went out. Then he'd go to the gate. Then when... he'd turn around and wave good-bye, and she'd wave good-bye. Said he got up and got his hat, and said, "Just let her pout it out." Said he went to the door, and said, stuck out her lips, kissed her, went out to the end of the gate, turned around and looked back. Said she was standing there at the door. Said he waved and she waved. Said he started on down the street. Said something begin to deal with him. "You done wrong, Paul." (Poor old Paul's in glory tonight. ) But said, "You done wrong, Paul. What if something would happen to her today?" Said he got to thinking about it. Oh, my, what if something would happen? "He'd never see her again on earth," Oh, my! Said it got worse and worse, so he said, "Lord, forgive me. I'll go back and make it right." Said he run back real quick and opened the gate, shoved the door open, looked all around. He could hear something going [Sound of sniffling--Ed.]. Said she was standing behind the door, crying. Said he reached around. He never said a word. He went [Sound of a kiss--Ed.], kissed her again, run back out to the end of the gate, and turned around and waved. Said she waved, just like she did the first time, but the second time had feeling in it. So I think that's the way it is today. We want a... I want a feeling in it, something that's real to me.
- Branham, 61-0121 MARY'S BELIEF

E-75 Paul Rader said one time, he'd left his wife just setting at the table, and they got in a little dispute about somewhere he wanted to take her. (Great Paul Rader, you know, and a good friend of mine.) He said... He--he got kinda of angry, so he--he went to the door, and his wife would always wait there and kiss him good-bye. And he'd go on out to the steps, and go out to the end of the walk, and wave back at her like that, and go on to work. Said they'd had a little spat at the table about something. And she stood at the door, said he went [Brother Branham makes kissing noise--Ed.] "Bye." She said, "Bye." Went on out and went out to...?... and turned around at the gate, waved back, and said she was standing at the door crying. He said, "Bye." And she said, "Bye." Went on down the street and said it begin to work on his heart (The Holy Spirit got a hold of him, you know.), got to work on his heart. And he said, "Oh, what if she'd die while I was gone? What if she'd drop dead? What if I'd die? What if I'd get hit on the street here in Fort Wayne 'fore I ever get back? What could I do?" Like that, talking about it like that. Oh, my. Said... He said, "Oh, I got so convicted, I didn't know what to do." He said, "I run back real quick, jerked open the gate, and run, and shoved the door open, and said... Looked around and I said, 'Helen, where are you? Where are you?'" Said, "I heard a [Brother Branham sniffs--Ed.]" Said, She was standing behind the door." Said, "I looked at her like that." Said, "I never said a word." Said, "I just reached over and grabbed her in my arms, and kissed her. And I said, '[Brother Branham makes a kissing noise--Ed.]Bye.' She said, 'Bye.'" So he run on out the gate and turned around, looked back. And said, "She was standing in the door, and I said, 'Bye.' and she said, 'Bye.'" Said, "She waved like she did the first time, but the second time she had a feeling in it." So that's just how...
- Branham, 60-0716 FROM THAT TIME KLAMATH

E-73 Like Paul Rader said when he left his home one day. He said him and his wife was having a little fuss at the table. You all remember the late Paul Rader that died down here in California? The graveyard of preachers, Los Angeles, all go in there and die... So then... When they come to the place there, when he left--said he left his wife, and they was having a little spat. And said usually at the door he'd--she'd, kiss her good bye, go on out the gate, and then they'd wave good bye. Said that morning, he went to the door, and she kind of had her head down. Said he kissed her good bye, and went out the gate, waved back good bye. He started down the street, and he happened to think, "What if she'd die? What if something would happen to me? She's the dearest woman on earth; how I love her. I remember when I promised her at the altar I'd live true to her. All these things here, I'd always love, honor and cherish. Oh," he said, "God begin to deal with my heart. Back I went, through the gate, into the door, opened up the door and said, 'Faye, where you at?'" Said, "Here she was... [Brother Branham sniffs--Ed.] (You know how a woman can do. You know.), stand behind the door and kinda crying." Said he looked over at her like that, pulled up her chin, and give her a great big kiss on the lips, turned around, said, "Bye." Said, "Bye." Said he run out the gate, looked around again, and said he looked back; she's standing at the door. And he said, "Bye." She said, "Bye." Said, "She said it just like she did the first time, but the last time had a feeling in it." So that's just why I like a handshake, one's got a feeling in it. That's the way I like religion (Amen.): one's got a feeling in it, that you've passed from death unto Life, and the Holy Ghost has witnessed it to you, that you are sons and daughters of God. Something with a feeling in it, something that makes you know that it's real. You've passed from death unto life. Here some time ago down in Florida, I went down there to visit this little boy, called a little David. Say, I believe I see Brother what-his-name back there, Morris, from down at the Tabernacle, is that right? You remember the night our Tabernacle was too little, and we had to go over, our auditorium, and swap with little David? Little David got a big auditorium, and we had too many for our auditorium, so we just swapped. And he come over there, and a--we went, took his. I said, "David, let me pay you for that, or, Mr. Walker, his father." Said, "Never mind, never mind, that's all right, Brother Branham. Go on." And little David got down at Florida. And course the... That's one thing about the Pentecostal people, they--the ox, you know, is just stalled; the master know the... "The ass knows the crib, but my people doth not know." When they had that little David, that would've won thousands of souls, but he come from another organization. So the other organization had to have a little David, another organization, another organization; all of them got little Davids. As soon as God give a gift of healing, the other one had to have it; this denomination had to have it, and that one had to have it; and that... Oh, my. They just don't understand; that's all.

E-46 Now, listen, it's hybrid. It's gumming up, and, boy, this West Coast is lined with it everywhere. You know why? Civilization has traveled from the east, west. And all that's went with it. The Indians said before the white man come with his women, with his whiskey, and with his sin, they lived a good life. But here come the white man, a killer, a murderer, and killed off his buffalo and everything else, and then sin contaminated, and she's rolled right up against this West Coast here till it's higher than the skies. That's exactly right. You go any farther, and you go back east again. This is a graveyard down here for preachers. Look at Paul Rader and the rest of them dying down here: Aimee McPherson, all of them. I got a brother up here was a fine little preacher. When he got out here, he hit the dust. And there he is up there on a cult, blood, oil and all kinds of stuff that's not even Scriptural. God have mercy. Talk about a modern Sodom, when thirty percent of increase of perverts last year and sexual affairs. I get letters from mothers out here on the coast to their own boys take boys and go live with them in the room. Crying, poor old mothers for their children... Why it's a disgrace. Somebody's got to call it out. Repent or perish. Right. Get back to God. Pitiful. God be merciful. Now, I--I'm not excusing the rest of the world. The whole world is that way. But you're just rolling here, tumbling everywhere. As I said, "We used to have to go over to Paris, but Hollywood furnishes them their--their fashions now." Our women's got so bad till they have to send the fashions over to Paris to show them some eye openers. My goodness, how it is. And that's brought right into our Pentecostal church. God have mercy, it's a shameful thing. Repent or perish. That's right. Get out of those kind of things.

E-4 I remember one time Paul Rader... How many ever knowed him? Sure, Paul Rader was a great man of God. Told a little story one time, said he was going on a train, and said he was with another man, and said this man tried to get back at him 'cause he slept in a pullman that night. Said at the breakfast next morning, a group of ministers was going somewhere for a convention. So this man set right next to Paul and said, "Well, praise God," he said. "I set in a chair car last night," and said, "I saved the Lord some money." Paul said, "Praise God, I took a pullman and saved the Lord's man." So now, which one's He more--more interested in, His money or His man? His man, always. We're so glad for it.

E-100 Now, here's what it is. At that day, Jesus said He would separate the sheep from the goats. He promised that they'd be a--a--a--sheep and a goat. And the--and He promised there would be a--a wise virgin and a sleeping virgin. They're going to be there. Everything He says is certain. And I--I'm so glad, tonight, to know that--that beyond any shadow of doubt, I've been borned again of the Holy Spirit. You--you--you love that? Do you believe in that? Now, that's where I'm standing just like... and making this remark in closing. Paul Rader, a--a friend of mine, I've quoted him a few minutes ago in his death, when he was going. Paul Rader said, one time, that he used... He come from Oregon; that's where his home was. And he used to cut timber. And he said one time he--his boss... And he was in a dream. and his boss sent him up to cut a--a--a certain tree in a certain size. And--and he got the tree cut. And he just put the axe in the log. (And the man's greatest muscles was in his back. When he goes to lift, he lifts with his legs, arms, back. He's more stronger in his back than any part of his body.) So he got a hold of the log, and put his knees together, and he just wrestled, and wrestled, and wrestled, and wrestled, till he just simply couldn't go any farther. He just wore hisself out. Said, "I was just so depleted, till I just couldn't move, I was so weak." And what was happening, he was a missionarying overseas. He was way back in there, and there's a lot of what they call blackwater fever. I think that's what it was that Paul had. No doctor around, nowhere, and Paul was a great believer in Divine healing, if you all knew it. And he was, great man.
- Branham, 61-0315 AN UNCERTAIN SOUND

E-101 Billy Sunday came to Chicago one time to preach a few meetings there with--at Chicago Gospel Tabernacle, and--and so Paul was up there preaching. And Billy preached about a week or ten days, and he run out of sermons, he didn't have any more sermons. And Paul had been preaching for about six or eight months there. And he said to Paul, said, "Paul, when do you ever run out of sermons?" Said, "When I get a kink in the hose." It's--he's going to... That--that was Paul... So... When he got a kink in the hose, you know, got stopped up, something he done. Something cut off the supply line. You see? He said he just went to pulpit... And you all, anybody ever knowed Paul Rader, he'd start in Genesis and preach to Revelations, and all across the Bible, and everywhere else. He just got up there and started hitting away till he hit a sermon, and took off on it.
- Branham, 61-0315 AN UNCERTAIN SOUND

E-9 Can you hear me better if I back up? Back it up? All right. I'll try to take some of Paul Rader's ideas. How many ever seen Paul? I laughed at Paul. He used to get way back, like this, always pulling up his trousers. Then he'd get his point and run right towards the platform as hard as he could and throw both hands up. And so he'd get way back away from his microphone. Yeah, I happen to see Brother and Sister Collins setting back here in the audience. Somebody don't believe that God gives Methodist preachers the baptism of the Holy Ghost, there sets one that He gave the baptism of the Holy Ghost: a--a Methodist preacher, Kentucky Methodist preacher that receives the Holy Ghost and God's humble servant now. So we're glad that the Holy Ghost is for anybody that wants it. Anybody that's willing to come to God's terms can receive the Holy Ghost. Yes, sir. It's for Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Catholic, Jew, Protestant, yellow, black, white, brown and indifferent, all of us together. The Holy Ghost is for all.

E-65 I stood by Lake Michigan my first time many years ago; about thirty years ago I went to hear Paul Rader, friend of mine preach a sunrise service, at a Easter sunrise service. And I walked up and down that Lake Michigan, the biggest body of water... It looked a whole lot bigger than the Ohio River to me. And I watched it. And, oh, my, it was just jumping and jumping, the waves. I thought, "What you so jumping about? What's the matter with you?"

E-80 Look, how many ever heard of Paul Rader? He wrote this famous song, "Only Believe." Paul was a wonderful brother. I knew him. He used to be a woodsman, he used to chop wood. And he said, one time when he was in missionary fields, he fell sick. I believe he had blackwater fever or something. He and his wife was down in the islands, and they was way away from doctors and everything. And Paul... Anybody knowed Paul, knowed he was a believer in Divine healing. So then... I'll be preaching right in his tabernacle week after next. By the way, I'm going to be preaching ne--week after next, in the suburbans of--of Bloomington--the suburbs, Chicago, see--of Bloomington, so you come on over. See? And so then... Remember, don't tell the Chicago people that though. I don't know whether they'd stand for that or not, but anyhow, I'll be over there, the Lord willing.
- Branham, 61-0415E THE UNCERTAIN SOUND

E-81 And then Paul Rader, he said he got real sick. Kept getting sicker, sicker, sicker. And it got--get dark in room. He said, "Wife, come close." Said, "Honey, I may be going now." Said, "Stand by my bedside. Pray for me." It kept getting darker and darker. He kept confessing, "God, You're my Healer." Darker and darker, darker, darker, darker, darker. Kept on going. After while he passed completely out. And he dreamed. He said he thought he was back... (He come from Oregon, you know). He said he thought he was back there chopping wood. And his boss was in the log woods said, "Paul, go up and fell a certain eighteen-inch tree (or fourteen-inch tree or something like that), bring it down here." Said, "All right." Said up the hill he went, smelling them wonderful pine needles, and just having a glorious time. Said he took... "You could feel that old double-bitted axe as she sunk into that soft timber, you know." Farther north you go, colder it gets--softer the timber. Hotter it gets, why, harder the timber--the same thing--material.
- Branham, 61-0415E THE UNCERTAIN SOUND

E-73 The works that He did, we can do also. There's nothing uncertain about it. All of His promises are yes to us. We're living in the last days. We see everything just exactly the way He said. So there's nothing uncertain. You can believe it, put your trust in it. Paul Rader, many of you all remember him, from Chicago here, a great man of God: died here a few years ago. I've always loved Paul. And I heard him a few times when I was a boy. And then I set in Rediger's Tabernacle there, in the room where he wrote that song, "Only Believe," that has led me to the pulpit by hundreds of different languages, I guess, across the world: "Only Believe." And I wonder if Paul knew that that little old fellow setting out there with a pair of overalls on would take a song and take it around the world, the one he was writing.
- Branham, 61-0429E THE UNCERTAIN SOUND

E-67 Paul Rader said one time, said he was setting at the table, him and his wife got in a little argument. He started to go to work, and he always kissed her at the door, and said, "Bye, honey." Went on out and she'd wait, when he got at the gate, wave good bye, and he went on down the street. Said that morning he had an argument. And so, little family spat... And so, he said he started down the street. And she said, "Bye," and waved at him at the gate, "Bye." And said he got to thinking, "She's such a good woman. What if she would die? What would I do? How would I do without her?"
- Branham, 61-0520 FROM THAT TIME DAWSON

E-6 I stood here some years ago for my first time, by a large body of water, which was Lake Michigan. I was about, just had been ordained in the Missionary Baptist church. I was about twenty or twenty-one years old. And I'd went up there when they had the--they had some great Easter sunrise service out on the lakeside. And I was acquainted with Paul Rader, and he was supposed to speak at that meeting. And I wanted to visit the Tabernacle while I was in Chicago. And it was my first time to see that large a body of water. And I went out on Lake Shore Drive, and I stood out there a little while, and I noticed all them waves jumping up and down, just--just splashing around. I thought, "What's it so excited about? What's all the excitement?" And the little waves would start, and then run out and be great big waves, and bounce into each other, and break apart, and--and the foam would fly up, and then it'd come back in. Then I see the big waves coming again, breaking on the bank, like you're used to here, but that was something new for--for me, a--a--a landlocked servant. So I noticed how...?...
- Branham, 61-0207 EXPECTATION LONG

E-20 Like Paul Rader said, when he was dying... Los Angeles. As we call death... He called his brother, Luke. He said, "Think of it, Luke. We've been a long time together, but," said, "in five minutes from now, I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness." Squeezed his brother's hand and went to meet Him. Oh, that makes me think of Longfellow's "Psalm of Life:" Lives of great men all remind us And we can make our lives sublime. With partings, leave behind us, Footprints on the sands of time. How that encourages the Christian.
- Branham, 61-0315 AN UNCERTAIN SOUND

83 As I said the other Sunday, I believe it was, down here on this lower line is where the sinner rides: muck, dirt, filth, grime. Now, he... they might be as clean... take a bath every four hours, they might dress in the very best of clothes, they might be polished scholars; and as filthy and dirty as the smutty walls in hell, in their soul. See? Now, the Christian rides above that, because he has the earnest of our inheritance up here. He's been picked up, lifted up out of that grime and filth; up here, and he rides above it. Oh, I like that! As Paul Rader said that time on the log, you know, he said, "I'm riding on it! I'm just riding on it!" That's where it is now: Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! Oh, what a little foretaste (I've been permitted to sip at the Fountain.) of Glory Divine! I'm now a heir of salvation, I've been purchased by God, Born of His Spirit and washed in His Blood. No wonder this is my story, this is my song, Singing our prai-... singing His praises all the day long.
- Branham, 61-0618 REVELATION CHAPTER FIVE 2

E-39 I remember when I stood by the side of the seashore the first time... It wasn't the sea; it was Lake Michigan. I was just a boy preacher, went up to hear Paul Rader preach at the World's Fair, about 1933, I believe it was, when it was at Chicago. And I had my first opportunity to walk out and look at the large body of water, larger than the Ohio River. And it was just jumping, and going on, you know. And it was early spring, Easter sunrise service we were there. And I seen those great big whitecaps coming in, you know, and hit the--the bank, and roll out. And I thought of that... []... sing, "Floods of joy over my soul like the sea billows roll." And I thought, "They roll in, but that's not the end of the wave. It goes back to roll in again, roll in." I thought, "Well, what's it jumping about? What's it all...?" And something just seemed to say to me, "It's having a revival; that's all."

30 Someone said, not long ago, I was at Fort Wayne Gospel Tabernacle, B. E. Rediger. He was a great man of God, that died years ago, that the Lord really blessed that brother. He was a mighty man of faith. When I was a little boy, I used to set with Paul Rader there, and just a young minister. 31 And then Brother Rediger's daughter lost her mind, went insane. And one day she was back in my coal shed down there, on one Easter morning. And they told me, "Some insane girl, back there in the church." And I just come in off a campaign. I went back there, and found it was B. E. Rediger's daughter, and Sister Rediger, setting there. My heart like to failed me. 32 And she was standing there, combing her beautiful long hair with her fingers, hollering, "Nickel's a nickel. Penny's a penny." Beautiful young woman. While... 33 Knelt down there, and said, "Lord Jesus, be merciful to her." That was it. She is married and got two or three children now, just fine. See? And such grace, and simple. 34 We--we just look way out and reach over the top of Him, honestly, trying to find what's right so close to us like that. We, just simple; believe; have faith; don't doubt.

35 I was holding a meeting there. I forget the Pentecostal brother that's got charge of the tabernacle now. And I was having a meeting there. And there was this song, Only Believe, was wrote by Paul Rader. And he was such a wonderful Christian and great messenger of his day. I was setting in the little study room. And they was singing, for me to come to the platform, by that; which they have, around the world. And I--I was setting there, and know that right in that same study is where Paul got the inspiration to write the song. And here it come in, Only Believe. Oh, that just burned my heart!

E-43 Paul Rader. How many ever heard of Paul Rader? I used to hear him preach when I was a little boy. Little did I know then that I'd take his song, "Only Believe," around the world. When Paul was dying out there, they had the little quartet come down from Moody Bible School. And you know what Paul said to a friend of mine? When he knowed he was dying (had cancer), he said, "If I would've took my message of grace and sowed it to the red-hot Pentecostals, instead of come here," (that's what killed him), said, "I'd been better off." So Moody... Paul had a sense of humor. He and Brother Bosworth, and all of them, were just bosom friends. Billy Sunday... Brother Bosworth had a meeting up there with--one time in Chicago, Rader Tabernacle. And so, Billy Sunday had been there three weeks, and he'd preached out all of his sermons. And Paul had been there about two years, and he was preach on. So Billy said to Paul, he said, "Paul, when do you ever run out of sermons?" He said, "When I get a kink in the hose...?..."
- Branham, 62-0610M PRESUMING

E-106 What about you? Got a relative, got a stroke. That's right, isn't it? Yes. You believe she'd get well? Have faith. You say, "You was looking at him." All right. There's a man and woman setting behind me. The man's got a blood condition, arthritis. His wife's setting next to him. She's got thyroid trouble. Mrs. and Mr. Rader, believe with all your heart, and God will make you well if you want to believe it. Do you, sir? I don't know them. If we're strangers to one another, raise up your hand. See? There you are. What is it? The whole armor of God. Hallelujah. "I love Him, I love Him, because He first loved me, And purchased my sal..."

5 I believe Billy was telling me one brother comes all the way from Canada or somewhere. And is that right? You the brother from Canada? And--and where you from, brother? [The brother says, "Just north of Fort Wayne, in Kendallville."--Ed.] Kendallville, Indiana, from Fort Wayne. I was married in Fort Wayne. I well remember. Had many meetings there at the Rediger Tabernacle. I guess you know where it's at. And I remember, as a little boy, sitting at the feet of Paul Rader, in the Rediger Tabernacle, as just a young student minister. He's a great man, Brother Paul was, and so was Brother Rediger, men of faith. Their soul rest tonight. And now, as I was a little boy, I'm trying to carry on what they left, what Jesus left for His Church all the way down.

294 Any of you remember Paul Rader? A great warrior of God. I was a little boy, setting at his feet. He died, over here in California, not long ago. When he was dying... He and his brother Luke stuck together, like me and my son here. They went together, just hand in hand, like brother and brother, just as father and son. And Paul came to the end of the road. 295 Moody Bible Institute sent a little quartet down there, to sing. And they had the blinds all pulled, and shades down, the hospital. And Luke had kind of a... I mean, Paul had a sense of humor, you know. And he looked around to that little quartet. And they was singing Nearer My God To Thee. He said, "Who is dying, me or you?" He said, "Raise them curtains there and sing me some good, snappy Gospel songs." And they got singing. Down at the cross where my Saviour died, Down there for cleansing from sin I cried; There to my heart was the Blood applied; Glory to His Name. 296 He said, "That sounds better." Said, "Where is Luke, the one that stuck by me through thick and thin." 297 He couldn't see his brother die. He was in the next room. They went and got him. Paul raised his big hand to Luke, and Luke took hold of his hand. The tears ran off his cheek. 298 Said, "Luke, think of it. We been a long ways together. We've took a many a brier pile, and through many a ditch. But, think of it, in five minutes from now I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness." That's it.
- Branham, 63-0608 CONFERENCES

44 I remember Paul Rader. How many can? Many remember Paul when he died out there. And they called, they had the... Moody Bible Institute, I believe, sent down a--a little quartet to sing for him. And they were singing Nearer, My God, To Thee, you know. And he said... He had a sense of humor, you know. He said, "Who is dying, me or you?" he said. He said, "Say," said, "raise up them shades, and sing me some, sing me some good snappy Gospel song." 45 And they got to singing, "Down at the cross where my Saviour died, down there for cleansing from sin I cried!" 46 He said, "That sounds better." Said, "Where is my brother, Luke?" 47 "Well, Luke didn't want to see his brother die, so he was in the next room." Said, "Go get him." 48 And Luke and Paul travel together, like Billy Paul, my son and I travel together. 49 And Luke come in, tried to brace himself up, and took a hold of Paul's hand. Paul reached up and got him, said, "Luke, we've come a long ways together, haven't we, brother?" He said, "Yes." 50 Said, "But think of it! In five minutes from now, I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness." Oh, my! That's that. 51 Let me go like that. That's it, clothed in His righteousness! In five minutes from the time he was holding his brother's hands, "I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness." He squeezed his brother's hands, and went to meet Him. Oh, my, what a day that'll be, them gallant soldiers!
- Branham, 63-1116E PERSEVERANCE NEW

97 Great, famous, a--a revivalist, many years ago, I seen him when I was a little boy, was Paul Rader. He told a story, one day, that's always stuck with me. He said, "One day, we was cutting wood." He was a logger, up in Oregon, and said the boss told him go up the top of the hill. He was dreaming. Where he was really at, at the time, he was down in the islands; and took a fever, real hot, and he was dying. They went for a doctor, but it was miles and miles away, by canoe. 98 Before the doctor could get there, Paul begin to fade away, get sicker and sicker. He called his faithful wife. He said, "Dear, it's getting dark in the room, darker, closing in." And he went back into a coma.

E-33 I still remember the testimony of Paul Rader right out here, when he died there in the tabernacle or where they had the tabernacle, when he said... When he was dying, he called Luke, his brother. They kinda chummed together like Billy Paul, my son, and I. And as I understand it from the--the Moody school, that they had a quartet in there, singing. And Paul had a sense of humor. They was singing, "Nearer my God to Thee," and he said, "Say, who's dying here, me or you?" And said, "Raise up them shades, and sing me some snappy Gospel songs." And they started singing, "Down at the Cross," something like that, the quartet. And he said, "Where's Luke?" He was in the next room. They brought him in. He took a hold of Luke's hand. He said, "Luke, think of it. In five minutes from now, I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness." Let me go like that.
- Branham, 62-0621B THE PATH OF LIFE SOUTH

228 Many of you remember Paul Rader, very precious friend. I was just a boy preacher, kid. I used to go up to Fort Wayne, listen at him, at the Rediger Tabernacle. Great big fellow! He'd get way back, pull up his trousers, raise up his hand and growl like a bear, and I'd think he going to jump through the pulpit. When he'd... And he'd start with a text, yeah, in Genesis, and wind up in Revelations, all back and forth. Paul was quite a man.

40 And I remember, a couple nights after that, I went back in the back where Paul Rader wrote that song, Only Believe. And I was sitting there and hearing that come in. There was a--a man who really had an education, must have, and so he come back, he said, "Mr. Branham, can I speak to you?" I said, "Yes, sir." 41 And he introduced hisself, and--and he said, "I just want to correct you on some things." I said, "All right, sir." And he said, "Your grammar." See? 42 I said, "Yes, sir, I know that." I said, "I only got a seventh-grade education." I said, "We had ten children. My daddy was sickly and I had to go to work. I had to quit school, just a little boy." He said, "That's no excuse now." 43 And I said, "That, that's right." I said, "I guess it isn't. But now since I've got to serving the Lord, I haven't got time to, for any of it." 44 He said, "Well, your..." Said, "The people out there!" Said, "I noticed you last night, you said, 'All you people coming up here by this pulpit,' said, 'go down... '" 45 And I said, "Well, what? I didn't know any different." And he said... I said, "What's wrong with that?" 46 Said, "It isn't pulpit," said, "it's pulpit." He said, "Your congregation would appreciate you more if you would say pulpit." 47 Well, I think he kind of combed them few hair the wrong way. I said, "Brother," I said, "I don't want to differ with you. But I don't believe them people cares whether I say pulpit or pulpit, just so that I preach the Word of God, and live the life that's in This." That's the main thing. Amen. The little fellow said, "But you don't know your Bible." 48 I said, "But I know the Author real well, and He--He blesses me." I would rather know, "to know Him is Life." See?

184 My good friend, Paul Rader. When I was a little boy, I was--I was ordained in the Missionary Baptist church, and Paul Rader was a Missionary Baptist also, so, Fort Wayne, when I used to go hear him preach. Later, got over here on the West Coast and got so much trouble, and finance trouble till he got sick, finally led to cancer, and he was dying. Him and Luke had went together all their life, stuck together like my son and I. 185 So when Paul was dying, the Moody Bible Institute sent down a quartet, and they were standing there. Paul had a sense of humor. And he was... The little mighty... little Moody Bible Institute, with this choir, had sent down there, or a quartet, and they were singing, "Nearer, My God, To Thee." 186 Paul turned over and throwed the sheet off of him. He said, "Who is dying, me or you?" See? He said, "Raise up them shades, and sing me some good snappy Gospel songs." And they begin to sing: Down at the cross where my Saviour died, Down there for cleansing from sin I cried; There to my heart was the Blood applied; Glory to His Name! 187 Paul said, "Where is my brother, Luke?" Luke was in the next room. He didn't want to see his brother die. Said, "Tell him to come here." 188 So Luke walked in. Many of you knew him, big heavyset fellow. He walked in. Paul reached out his hand, laying on the bed, and took Luke by the hand and looked up in his face, said, "Luke, we've come a long ways together. But think of it, Luke; in five minutes from now I'll be standing in the Presence of Jesus Christ, clothed in His righteousness." Holding his brother's hands, his policy paid off.
- Branham, 64-0314 THE INVESTMENTS

45 Years ago, they said, "There was no such a thing as speaking in tongues. It was nonsense." God promised it, and He proved it to be Truth. That's right. 46 Someone said, this morning, I believe it was our noble sister there who deals with the children so much about their baptism, she said, "You can hear someone speak in tongues. But, to hear someone sing in tongues, see, it was such a beautiful thing." 47 I remember my first experience I was at Rediger Tabernacle in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And I was speaking, having a healing service, after the death of--of Brother B. E. Rediger. And Brother Bosworth had been there, Paul Rader. And many of you older men, like me, you remember Paul Rader; and he was a Baptist, and we was, so we were great friends. And so while speaking there, was going to pray for the sick. It was a strange thing to them then. But a lady brought a little boy down, that was crippled, and, as he come across the platform, the vision of the Lord appeared and told him all about what was the matter with the little lad. And I asked the girl to hand--to hand me the little boy.
- Branham, 65-0206 DOORS IN DOOR

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