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William Branham and the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

The cult following of William Branham recruits by advertising William Branham's "1933 Prophecies" as though they are both accurate and relevant to today's political landscape. One such "prophecy" is that of a "woman president" taking office. Branham claimed that a grave error was made when women were allowed to vote, and because of this mistake, a female would take office. In 2016, when Hillary Rodham Clinton won the democratic nomination, cult pastors used Clinton as an example of Branham's "accuracy."

"I predict this: that a woman will be president before we're annihilated. That's right. I said that in 1933 by a vision."
- Branham, 56-0428 - God's Covenant With Abraham

A close examination of William Branham's transcripts reveal several statements that align with the Ku Klux Klan propaganda. From statements strongly against Martin Luther King to statements and allegorical stories against desegregation, William Branham seems to have sided with the Klan on controversial issues. He was especially aligned with the Klan during the campaign and presidency of President John F. Kennedy -- to the extent that William Branham actually altered this "1933 Prophecy" of the "woman president" to its exact opposite. In that political landscape, Branham claimed that the women's vote would "elect the wrong man" and after Kennedy took office, Branham claimed that the "prophecy" was fullfilled. But was there more to Branham's politically motivated speeches than meets the eye?

At first, Branham adjusted this "prophecy" to claim that the "woman" was "Mary." This name was used to represent Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, who Branham claimed was "worshipped" by Catholics. In this 1961 account of the "1933 prophecies," Branham claimed the prophetic event happened in 1931 instead of 1933:

"There'll come a worship of a woman in the United States, and that'll be Mary. I seen it, thirty—1931. Seven things happened. I got it right on paper here with me, wrote it in 1931.
- Branham, 61-0319 - Jezebel Religion

In that same sermon, shortly after claiming "Mary" was the "female" he predicted, Branham claimed that "she" was "on the throne." (Referring to President Kennedy's election. Kennedy was Catholic, and the white supremacy groups were outraged that a Catholic was in office):

"And you precious colored people in the south, how you voted. You say, 'You got no business saying that in the pulpit.' Oh, yes I have; it's the Word of God. And the stain of—of Abraham Lincoln, the one that freed you, laying yonder in that museum on a woman's dress, and you sell your birthright. Shame on you. And you people, for politics, because you're just a good Democrat, voted for something like that and sold your birthrights of Americanism and Christianity to give it over to the prostitute that run us in this nation, what made us what we was. See how she's been creeping in real easy, until now she's on the throne (Sure.), the White House throne."
- Branham, 61-0319 - Jezebel Religion

When John F. Kennedy ran for election, the Klan began to scramble for membership. Kennedy was a strong Civil Rights Leader and a Catholic, making him public enemy #1 for white supremacy groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. When Kennedy began running for office in 1960, Roy E. Davis began heavily campaigning to stop his election. It was during this time that William Branham changed his prophecy from the "women's vote" "wrongly electing" a "female president" to the "women's vote" electing the "wrong man." Literally, Branham's "prophecy" became polar-opposite from its "original" claim, and he started claiming that the "women's vote" was going to put [Kennedy] in office:

"Said, 'We now have a president (Dwi... Mr. Roosevelt), and this Mr. Roosevelt will cause the world to go into a world war through his—in his time of his administration, his—his—as president,' and then said, 'And during this time they have permitted women to vote, which will be a curse to the nation. They'll elect the wrong man sometime.'"
- Branham, 60-1125 – Conference

"I said, 'Then I seen a... They're going to permit women and are permitting women to vote. And by voting, they'll elect the wrong man some of these days.'"
- Branham, 60-1211E - The Laodicean Church Age

After President Kennedy was elected, Branham claimed that his "prophecy" was "fulfilled." Using President Kennedy's election to further fuel the fear of impending destruction, Branham claimed that the "declining" state of the nation was the fault of American women:

"I also seen they permitted women to vote, which was wrong. And said they would—they would someday elect the wrong man; they just did it."
- Branham, 61-0128 - Why?

"It shall—also has been an evil thing done in this country; they have permitted women to vote. This is a woman's nation, and she will pollute this nation as Eve did Eden." Branham, 60-1113 - Condemnation By Representation

Shortly before the November election in 1960, Roy E. Davis moved his base of operations to Shreveport, Louisiana, and began holding a very publicizied recruiting drive for the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. It was announced in the Little Rock Arkansas Gazette that Davis was the National Imperial Wizard of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and that his drives were highly succesful. Multiple charters for the Klan were established, one of which was a womaman's unit called the "White Karmellia." Davis stated that "Negroes were turning the White Man's government into a Mongrel government".

In a highly publicized event, Davis allowed newspaper reporters to attend a Ku Klux Klan gathering just outside of Shreveport. He also posed for newspapers wearing a white hood and robe, proudly displaying the uniform of entry-level Klansmen. During this time, it was learned that Davis was a high-ranking member for William Joseph Simmon's 1915 rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan, helping to "write the constitution, by-laws, and ritual of the original Klan when it was revived in 1915." Davis was arrested in April for his involvement in the Shreveport white supremacy group actions after a cross was burned in the front lawn of Louisiana Representative Overton Brooks.

After his release in Shreveport, Davis continued to grow the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan as well as other white supremacy groups. In March of 1962, Davis was identified as one of the picketers at the Dallas Theater Center in Highland Park. Dallas Police said that Davis and Charles Powell Sr. were repsonsible for the protest. Davis was claiming that the plays in the facility were "communist inspired."

When President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, the doors to the floodgate of investigation was opened to the F.B.I. It was learned that Roy E. Davis was a member of the Dallas Indignant White Citizens Council, and that he was connected to (and likly organized) the protests that were held at the Trade Mart. According to Willie Somersett (a Ku Klux Klan informant for the F. B. I), Roy E. Davis was not only involved with the protests, Sommersett named Davis as the actual triggerman. Somersett had been made aware of the plot to assassinate President Kennedy thirteen days before the event through Georgia Klansman Joseph Milteer. The conversation was recorded and given to the Miami police department.

Just days after William Branham's death in December of 1965, membership records for the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were destroyed in Shreveport, Louisiana. The Federal Bureau of Investigation had learned that Davis' group had become militant, and that they were stockpiling a large cache of weapons disguised under the name of the "Louisiana Rifle Association." The weapons were disposed of when the membership records were destroyed, and once again, Davis escaped prosecution.

Was Somersett correct? Was William Branham's teacher and mentor a triggerman in the Kennedy Assassination? Was Branham involved with the militant group in Shreveport? Why Did Branham continue to promote Roy E. Davis throughout his ministry?

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Branham's statements about the Kennedy Election:

Then when these women help elect the wrong person, then I seen a great woman rise up in the United States, well-dressed and beautiful, but cruel in heart. She will either guide or lead this nation to ruination. (I've got in parenthesis "perhaps Catholic church.")
Branham, 60-1113 - Condemnation By Representation

Women, given the right to vote, elected President-elect Kennedy—with the woman's vote, the wrong man, which will finally be to full control of the Catholic church in the United States; then the bomb comes that explodes her. There's seven things predicted, and five of them has already happened.
Branham, 60-1113 - Condemnation By Representation

Women's vote that put... Did you notice the rallies on the television? Nixon to be pretty near all men. All of them wanted to kiss Kennedy (the women), jumping astraddle the cars and everything like that, jumping up and down. {...} Then I said, "When they elected in Indiana, a twenty-two year boy—year old boy to be judge," the Spirit of the Lord came on me and I said, "They'll finally have a president that'll be one of these crew cut, playboy, beatnik-type presidents, a ladies' man." Now, them's predictions years ago. See where we're at? It's later than we think.
Branham, 60-1113 - Condemnation By Representation

Now, and you find out then that women given the rights to vote, and they elected a president that they should not have elected. See? That's that fall.
Branham, 60-1113 - Condemnation By Representation

Look at the prophecy the Lord give me in '33, how it would happen, "They'd permit women to vote. In voting, they'd elect the wrong person." Seven things was give, and five of them has already happened. The next thing was a great woman, a church, a power or something, would take over this United States, to rule. Then I seen it just like ashes, laying, where it come to the end. It was the end time.
Branham, 60-1204M - The Revelation Of Jesus Christ

And the women being permitted to vote would help elect the wrong person for this nation. And that's what they done. Exactly. Now, said, "That would be the beginning."
Branham, 60-1205 - The Ephesian Church Age

Now, so then I said, "There will be in that time, during that time the women will be permitted to vote, and they'll elect the wrong person." They did it on this last election. That's right.
Branham, 60-1208 - The Thyatirean Church Age

And I said, "Doing this, they're permitting women to vote. And when they do that, they done one of the greatest disgraces this nation ever done." And I said, "Someday they'll pay for it." And they did at this last election. That's what elected him: women.
Branham, 61-0319 - Jezebel Religion

And then I said, "The women has been permitted to vote. Which is a—absolutely a disgrace upon the nation. And in voting, someday they'll elect the wrong man." And they did that in this last election.
Branham, 61-0806 - The Seventieth Week Of Daniel

Didn't, twenty-five years ago, the Lord gave me a vision showing that the women, through permitting to vote, would elect—elect this ricky we got up here now, a modern Ahab setting there with Jezebel turning his neck?
Branham, 63-0126 - Investments

And how that they would permit women to vote, and, in doing so, they would elect the wrong President. And in this would be a woman stand up that would govern the United States; not actually a woman, but a church.
Branham, 63-1117 - Once More

There'll come a worship of a woman in the United States, and that'll be Mary. I seen it, thirty—1931. Seven things happened. I got it right on paper here with me, wrote it in 1931. How that I said, "This President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, he will cause all the world, help do it, send the world to war." Hadn't come to war yet, during time of the depression. I said, "Another thing..." And my mother, a square-back Democrat, if she didn't look at me hard when I said that. I said, "I don't care if there's a Republican or if he was a Socialist or whatever he is, this is THUS SAITH THE LORD."
Branham, 61-0319 - Jezebel Religion

One of the greatest mistakes that the colored race ever made was down in Louisiana and over in there when they voted for Kennedy the other night, and put him in.
60-1113 CONDEMNATION.BY.REPRESENTATION Now, we are just closing yesterday, where we had two great campaigns here in the United States. One was the Democrats; they had theirs in California, and the papers was all full of it. You couldn't turn the radio on without hearing it. That's all right. That's the party. And they chose what they thought to be the best man for their party, and they chose Mr. Kennedy. And then when they elected Mr. Kennedyin their rally, and, oh, they built the platform for Mr. Kennedy to be the greatest man in the world today. And then, when they finally elected the man that they wanted elected, they all cheered and gave great praises to Mr. Kennedy. And yesterday, or day before, whenever it was, when the other party, the Republican party chose Mr. Nixon. Well, they preached for several days, building a platform for Mr. Nixon, and — on their campaign. And they — finally when the party elected the man that they thought that they wanted to run for the presidency of our beloved United States, the crowd cheered and joyed, and screamed, and jumped up-and-down, because they had elected the man that they come in that campaign to elect.

Now, look what happened now. In... President Franklin D. Roosevelt took America to England's tea party. That's right. Germany never picked on us; we picked on them, throwed the whole world into a war, to cause a world war. The Germans built the Maginot Line, which there — any veteran here knows what she took there at the Maginot Line. Women, given the right to vote, elected President-elect Kennedy — with the woman's vote, the wrong man, which will finally be to full control of the Catholic church in the United States; then the bomb comes that explodes her. There's seven things predicted, and five of them has already happened. So you can judge yourself how far away we are. We're near the end. If them five things happened, these other two things are bound to happen. It's just got to happen. I do not think that Mr. Kennedy will have much effect now, because he'll make a wonderful president in order to bring in the others to get a scene set just like they have in England, like they did Mexico, like they did everywhere else, like that. And the American people, so unstable, not spiritually; they're smart, but too smart for their own good. Intelligence swings backward sometime and backfires. So they... (I'm preaching on that this morning, in a little bit.) So we find out we're — we're right on the verge... The reason I said this, that's the reason I pressed that the other day so hard the way I did, but it was that that did it. That's right. Women's vote that put... Did you notice the rallies on the television? Nixon to be pretty near all men. All of them wanted to kiss Kennedy (the women), jumping astraddle the cars and everything like that, jumping up and down.

How many remembers that vision, here in the church? Sure. Said that, how that even Kennedy would be elected in this last election. How that women would be permitted to vote. How that Roosevelt would take the world to war. How that Mussolini would go towards Ethiopia, his first invasion, and would take it; that'd be the end, he'd die off after that. How these great isms would rise up and all fall back into Communism; Hitlerism, and Mussolini, and Co-... Nazism, and so forth, would all fall back into Communism. And eleven years beforehand, it said that "We'd go to war with Germany, and Germany would be fortified behind concrete," the Maginot Line. It happened just that way. Said then, after that, would come to place that... come to pass that science would increase so greatly until they would invent a car, the cars would become more like "egg" all the time. And that vision was told right here where the Church of Christ stands now, at the old Mes-... orphans home. Charlie Kurn, perhaps in the building tonight, was living at the place at the time. One Sunday morning about seven o'clock it happened. And It said, "Then there would come to pass that they'd invent a car that they didn't need a steering wheel in it, it would be controlled by some kind of a power." They've got it now. They got it now, in magnetic power, radar control. They don't even... just set your radar to where you're going, it takes you yourself, don't have to steer.

Like I was saying, "This country said, 'Well, if Mr. Kennedy gets elected, the Catholics will take over.'" Take over? They already did it a long time ago, and you didn't know nothing about it. Who pays their teachers? How do they get these things to go to their schools, and teaching Catholicism right in the school? And you taxpayers pay for it. Oh, right under your nose, see, like that. Oh, my, how he worked! And the Bible said he'd take it by flatteries, and he did; see, that's right; see, pay taxes on nothing. So, oh, there's so much could be said here. I'll just have to cut off from them spots, and go back again to pick up.

The same crooked deal that the Democrat party played in this last thing! Now, that's right. Now, we're not... I'd... And the Republicans would be just as low-down. But I'm talking about one thing that they proved (Edgar Hoover) in California, and many other places: they had those voting machines placed to where you'd vote for Mr. Nixon, you had to vote for — for Kennedy at the same time. He didn't have a chance. Well, now that they've proved that "wrong," then why don't they do something about it? We're living in the hour, that's it, we're at the end time. They know it, they proved that they were crooked, and now they won't do nothing about it.

I said, "Then I seen a... They're going to permit women and are permitting women to vote. And by voting, they'll elect the wrong man some of these days." And you did at the last election. It was the woman's votes that elected Kennedy. We know that, see, between the crooked machines and things fixed up, that FBI exposed. And how could anybody... Why don't they do something about it? Why ain't something said? Hah! Afraid somebody'd lose their job. You see, it's just a bunch of politics, rotten to the core. That's all. Sure!

Even the other day, when we had election. They said here sometime ago, that when they counted votes of the political world, and they would say... Then they said, "We have got a machine now, that all has to be honest, because you just pull a little lever and it votes for your man. You pull down, a little click, and votes for your man." Huh. They found out that that's uncertain. Mr. Edgar Hoover exposed it, exposed the Democrat party the other day. When they had the machines set up, that every time they voted for Mr. Nixon, they had to vote for Kennedy the same. And why don't they do something about it then, if they find out it's like that? Why? Well, there's no certainty to it. Yeah. You know what happened to Mr. Hoover. See, all right (You see?), everything's uncertain. You can't tell who was elected, whether Kennedy or whether... Kennedy was called elected, but I don't know whether he was elected or not. Now, I'm not a politician; I know nothing about it. But I know what is right and wrong. I got that much sense to know that...?... When it's right before us, the — the man has proved by the FBI that they had the machines set up to do it... It wasn't on the other party done that way, it was on the — the — the Kennedy's party that did it. Why? It has to be that way. There's nothing in this world that can stand, outside the Kingdom of God, for every kingdom is weighed in the balance and found wanting, our nation. Why is it?

If the President-elect Kennedy would visit this city here, the flags would — would fly, and the — the tinsel would fly, and the — and the carpets would be rolled out, and — and such a welcome you — you never seen. Which that's all right if they want to do that. He's the elect-President of the United States, but if he'd come, they — they'd do all of that, and they'd give him the greatest welcome, and think that he humbled himself to come to such a small city as Jeffersonville, Indiana, when New York and the big cities are calling for him everywhere just for a moment of time, to speak with him. If he'd come to Jeffersonville, to a poor city like ours, how they would put on, what we call "the dog." And they'd do everything and — and dress up the streets and — and do everything to make him welcome. That's all right, if you're a politician; that's all right.

Now, if Mr. Kennedy would've been a Republican, or — or whatever Democrat... Mr. Nixon... made no difference. The thing is wrong when machines are set up to vote wrong. And the FBI proved that it was done, but they didn't do nothing about it. See? Why? You wonder why such things get so over the face of the people, how it ever happened. It's because these things has to be; we're at the end time. It has to be there. This man had to be elected. We're at the end. And I'm sure that you can make two and two make four, that we're at the end time. And these machines, no matter how much they would prove that they've crooked it, it has to remain the way it is.

Then when Jesus raised from the dead man was again forced to make their decision, "Did He rise or did not He raise?" And what did they do? They did the same thing they did at that mock trial, politics and church together; for the political and the religious got together the same as they did then. Just the same as they're going to do in the future, and doing it right now, politics and religion! Ahab was a pretty good guy, but Jezebel, he was married to her. I don't say that President Kennedy isn't a good man, but he's married to that Jezebel system. It wasn't Ahab that did it; it was Jezebel behind the throne, that controlled it. It's that Jezebel system that's going to do the damage here. He has to do, 'cause he's married to her. He has to receive it; he has to do it; he's married to her. Oh, my. Peoples, can't you see what the Scripture's doing? Can't you see where we're standing here in the last days?

But today people are trying to see how many people you can get out. That doesn't have anything to do with it. It's whether Christ is there or not (See?); that's the main thing. And it's... And I'd rather be just by myself and be with Him, than be with ten million and Him not there. I... It's just wherever He is. And that's the main thing. It isn't who can get the greatest crowd and swing it out in papers and all that. Why, the Catholic church can beat all of us on that. In the United States Mr. President Kennedy could beat all them, I suppose, here in the United States. So it isn't crowds. God doesn't dwell in crowds; He dwells in humble hearts. That's where He is. "Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, I'll be in their midst." That's what we want to look at, not the great flowery things, but the — the reality of a risen Lord Jesus.

Politics... Let's just talk awhile tonight. This is Saturday night. Politics — crooked? Both sides, just so crooked as crooked can be. It proved it in this last election, when the FBI exposed it, that they had machines that every time they voted for one, for Mr. Nixon, they had to vote for Kennedy at the same time, and they proved it. And what did they do about it? Nothing. Now, I'm not a Democrat nor a Republican, neither one, I'm a Christian. The one pot can't call kettle black or greasy. One's just as black as the other one, just as dirty as the other one. But what's the matter? It's because that there's no security in those things. It's played out. The great House of Commons of England, one time said about democracy, it said, "Democracy is all sails and no anchor." Said, "It'll come to pass that politicians will stand on soap boxes, and make the elections in America... and pay their way in for..." That exactly right, but he didn't think about his own nice, lovely, House of Lords would do the same thing. So it shows that all these things are rotten and decayed, because there's coming a Kingdom whose Founder — a city whose Builder and Maker is God. These things has to give way.

If you're a Catholic, and you're depending on the Catholic church for salvation, you are lost. And if you're a Pentecostal and depending on the Pentecostal church for salvation, you're lost. But if you're a Catholic and — and you've got faith in Jesus Christ, and trust in Him, you're saved by your faith through grace. The same thing by any other church... It's the individual. It's the system, as I said, that has throwed away brotherhood. It's not the church itself. Now, politics. You can't put no confidence in them. We just had an election that proved to be one of the most crooked things that ever hit the nation. Right. But what did they do? They had a machine was foolproof. And the FBI exposed it and give it out in the papers and everywhere, that the machines was set up, that every time they voted for Mr. Nixon, they had to vote for Kennedy the same time. And the FBI exposed it. Did they do anything about it? No, sir. Then it's crooked. That's right.

And then we want to come down, and Mr. Kennedy hasn't invited us, but we do want to see the White House while we're there. They... I've been in it several times but the kiddies wants to see it. Then we'll be back home, the Lord willing. So you pray for us. And we're praying for all of our loved ones here who are on vacation, many of them taking their trips to different places. And some of them are gone this morning, down in Kentucky and Tennessee and different places. So we pray for them.

Now, that brings us then to the election of President Kennedy, and this car coming on the — on the scene, bringing five things out of the seven that has happened exactly. Now, I predicted and said, "I saw a great woman stand up, beautiful looking, dressed in real highly royals like purple," and I got little parenthesis down here, "(She was a great ruler in the United States, perhaps the Catholic church.)" A woman, some woman... I don't know her to be the Catholic church. I don't know. I can't say. Only thing I seen, I seen the woman; that was all. But this is a woman's nation. This nation is number thirteen in prophecy. She's got thirteen stripes, thirteen stars; she started thirteen colonies. Thirteen, thirteen, everything's thirteen, appears in the 13th chapter of Revelations even. She's thirteen, and she's a woman's nation.

And that's the same thing this nation has got. That's the reason tonight, that we got all these warnings of an atomic war. It's because the nations has seen it this nation has and don't want it. And that's the reason that Divine judgment is upon them. Is because that we are, we're weighed in the balance. I seen where our President, Mr. Kennedy... Tom, I believe his name is, Kennedy, that sent down for this — so many officers, down for this segregational war. He sent down four hundred and something, down in the South, to stop this segregational war. And when he ended up at his full course, he could send no more, he had exactly 666. It was in Time's magazine. Oh, if the people was only spiritual and could wake up. And see, what it is: 666, that's exactly what they had. That's in this month's Time.

Who would President Kennedy tonight be, if he wasn't President Kennedy? What if he was just a same man he is, but yet he was a worker that worked at Colgates down here for forty dollars a week? See? he'd come through the city here and nobody would pay much attention to him, only his own associates. But being he's the President of the United States, he deserves a respect. You see?

Did you hear the news this morning? Mrs. Kennedy going, seeing the pope, and what the pope said. See, all the religions of the world! Oh! Well, maybe we get a little more of that, next Sunday.

Watch. Form an image unto the beast... We see all this. The very Catholic president... It ain't Kennedy, far as I know he's a man like I am or anybody else. It's not that. It wasn't Ahab. Ahab was a pretty good fellow. It was that Jezebel behind him. That's what was behind it. That's the thing that done the trouble. And it ain't Kennedy; it's that Jezebel church behind him. That's what's doing it. Sure, that's exactly. Why, the thing's right before you. Can't you see that — can't you see that everything... See the fig tree putting forth its branches? Jesus said when you... "Learn a parable. When you see the fig tree and all the other trees..." Now, look. The Jews has got a revival on. They're becoming a nation already. Is that right? Own money, own flag, everything — first time for twenty-eight hundred years. See? They're a nation. The fig tree, it's putting forth its buds.

There is a iron curtain. There is a bamboo curtain. There is a purple curtain. Brother, you, don't you fear none of the rest of them, but watch that purple curtain. She is setting right here on the throne, today, in this country. Remember, just like Ahab did, and Jezebel behind him. That's... The Bible calls the Catholic church "Jezebel; prostitute." And Ahab wasn't no bad guy. I don't say that Mr. Kennedyisn't a nice man. I don't know nothing about him. He's a man. That's all I know. He's the President. I believe he'll make a good President. It's not him; it's that system behind him. Wait till she gets wormed into the cabinet, and everywhere she can, then watch what'll happen. Look what it done in other nations. Look what it's always done.

Oh! Brother, it's an examination time, it's an opportunity time! It's the opportunity to accept This. Tell me something to take Its place. Tell me something better than That. Produce anything in the world, be the king of the earth, rule the universe, be a Khruschev or a Kennedy, or whatever you wish to be, you'll die just the same. Right! You don't know what time it'll come, any minute. But here, when death does strike, you got Eternal Life and can't die, with a guarantee by the God of all creation, Who's Possessor of Heavens and earth, "I'll raise him up again at the last day." Help thou my unbelief, O God. Fill my soul, O God, cleanse me, fill me, charge me, send me out. Let me not die, let me live to tell the Story. Let me go to every crack and corner of the earth, and preach the Word and sow the seed, yes, sir, that there may be a harvest in the last day, of the true unadulterated Word, with believers in Christ.

And listen, let me give you... It is all right just a minute longer? Listen. Are you scared of communism? What are you afraid of communism for? You people wake up. Communism is in God's hands. Watch the tool He's using. Don't you never... There's not one Scripture in the Bible that said communism will rule the world. But the Bible said Romanism will rule the world. Which was the iron and clay in the bottom of the feet? Was it Communism? No, sir. It was Romanism and Protestantism, exactly right. That steel, iron, Rome, run right down to the end. It's Romanism. And look where it's setting today. Since our president, Mr. Kennedy, got elected... In the last six months, since he's been elected, in the state of Kentucky about three hundred and ten thousand people have turned from Protestant to Catholic in the state of Kentucky alone. Was in the paper the other day.

You just watch, we're going to reap what we sow! She's at the end. I prophesied in 1956 when Billy Graham would return, and I said that Tommy Osborn would return, and America would receive her last call. Several years ago, It predicted exactly the Maginot Line, exactly what would take place, exactly Kennedy would take the place, and of this, and there would be a Catholic President ruling here, and what it would be. And there's just two more things left, from seven things that He told me to happen perfectly. That's right. It's on old yellow paper. We're at the end time.
62-0708 A.SUPER.SIGN

No more than twenty years ago, right from this same building, It told of President Kennedy coming in. It told exactly what would take place, that the women and so forth would put this fellow in, and exactly what he would be. And we knowed it all along, and told just exactly what would happen. And here it is today. And here is that conference coming up, the federation of church, and all coming together. Why, it ought to put us in action! That's right. Uh-huh. Word by word, as He spoke, has been fulfilled right by us. It should put us in action. Like the prophet, we have seen the outcoming, or the oncoming of the going away; the denial, exaltations of the denominations, lose their places.

Like that thing trying to put over about them prayers. That old Methodist — Methodist bishop was smart enough to catch that. If he would have, if that would have went through, that was only inspired by something else. That's right. Just like this segregation problem down in the South, same thing. I believe men should be free. I believe this nation stands for freedom. I don't blame Mr. Kennedyfor sending down the troops. Although, I'm not a — a "new dealer," and I'm not a Democrat. I'm not a Republican. I'm a Christian. So I'm... But I don't believe in that. I don't believe the colored people ought to sell their birthrights to such stuff, either. It was the — it was the Republican party. The blood of Abraham Lincoln freed them people because he was a godly man. I think they ought to at least stick to their party if they're going to vote at all. But I tell you one thing, that boy wasn't down in there just because that, their schools. That boy is a citizen. He's American. This is freedom for all. The color of a man shouldn't change his difference. We all... "God," said, "of one man, made all blood, all nations." We're all one. But, that boy, he was a soldier. He's a veteran. He fought for what's right. He had a right to go to school. That's right. But he had plenty of schools he could go to.

That's the only sensible thing to do, change the currency. But they won't do it, under this present ministration. Roman Catholic church owns the gold of the world. And what they'll do is sell out, "These rich men," and so forth, "of the earth," as the Bible said. What will they do, before they loose? The Brown and Williamson Tobacco Company, most all of it's Catholic, anyhow. And all these other things, what will they do? They'll accept that, and they'll take the money from Rome, and then she sold her very birthright. Rome backs her up. Yes, sir. She'll back it up. And they're getting enough policy now, getting enough around them, bringing in his cabinet. Look what Mr. Kennedy is asking for. And when you seen this, the other day, there's no need of voting any more. What's the use of voting? When, they put it in the paper, and proved it before the public, and they refused to do anything about it. When, they proved that the machines across the nation was set up, that they elected Mr. Kennedy by a false vote. Don't the Bible say that he would come in by deceit? Certainly, a falsehood. Now, I'm not against the Democrat party no more than the Republican party, but I'm just stating facts from the Bible. What's the use of voting? They know who is going in there. How many of you remember the telecast where it had two women standing up? And one said, "I'm going to vote for Mr...." Or, a Protestant women said, "I'm going to vote for Mr. Kennedy." They said, "Why?" Said, "Because I think he's a smarter man than Mr. Nixon. He'll make a better President." Then he said, "This is a Catholic woman. 'Who you going to vote for?'" She said, "I'm a Catholic, a Roman Catholic, a loyal Catholic." She said, "And I'm going to vote for Mr. Nixon." "Why?" Said, "Because, I think Mr. Nixon is make a better President because he's more used to the things. He's more acquainted with communism." That woman told a lie. I've got The... what they call, The Facts Of Our Faith, the highest Catholic book can be bought. And it says in there, "If there is a Catholic on a ticket, that's running against a Protestant; if a Catholic votes for the Protestant, they're excommunicated from the fellowship of the Catholic church." Right. "And if there's two Catholics running for the same office, they shall pick out the Catholic that's more loyal to the 'mother church' and vote for them." See how, that deceit, what they're trying to do? Give money away, to buy. Why? They're trying to break it. And they're doing it, and she's broke. And what is it? It's on the gold standard. And the Catholic church, the hierarchy, owns the gold of the world. [Someone says, "A hundred and sixty-eight billion dollars." — Ed.] Hundred and sixty-eight billion. There you are. Throw her right back on the gold standard, and you people just keep your homes and things, but you belong to the Catholic church. The nation belongs to the Catholic church. The whole thing is captured right in like that, through their currency. Don't the Bible speak of that? That's the picture that the Bible draws us. What I'm trying to say, brother, today. They'll say, "That'll make it a fine church. It'll unite Protestantism." It looks good to the natural eye, but the knowledge of this world is foolishness to God. "And it pleased God, through the — the foolishness of preaching, to save those which are lost, by Divine office that He ordained in His Church, to build the Church upon these spiritual qualities and not upon anything that pertains to the earth."

National strife. There's never been a time in the world that this world was anymore in a — a — a national tear up and falling apart than it is right now. Why, you see editorials and newscasts and — and commentators and predictors, and so forth, saying of the bombs and what they could do, just any little nation, destroy the whole world. And there's no peace among them. You can't bring peace that way. Peace and fellowship cannot come by — by politics, it come by Christ. They don't want to receive It. How I could speak some things here! The corruptness in our own politics, why, politics is so rotten! You was hearing Monitor the other night, I suppose, or think this broadcast, hour or two out of Louisville here, where they connect across the nation, and they was giving, they do once in a while on different subjects, and they gave it on Mr. Nixon's turning away from politics when he lost his race, political race in Los Angeles, or through California, and "Would he ever come back?" And when the broadcast, after two or three hours, I had listened at it coming from down to Brother Charlie's house here, and listened at it coming up, Brother Woods and I, on the radio. And come to find out that Nixon, on all eastern country here, as far as the broadcast reached, from Mississippi to Pennsylvania, that he had beat Mr. Kennedy, and the people calling and expressing, almost four to one votes. Then a man stood and said, "If you hadn't had — had crooked machines he'd be President." There you are. Politics, cheating, rotten on both sides. I don't blame him, I'd throw up my hands, too, and let the nasty stuff corrupt, it's going with the world anyhow. But hold your hands towards Christ and say, "Here I come, Lord."

When God made a man, He made him one way. Made a woman, He made him another way... made her another way. There's two different covenants, two different plans, two different altogether between them. And they don't look alike. They're not look alike, they're not to act alike, they're different altogether. And women are try to be like man, and man so sissified he's like a woman. I seen a boy yesterday, in Cincinnati, looked like Mrs. Kennedy, that hair, the way it was out like that. God wants a man to look like a man! Wants a woman to look like a woman! I tell you, this Jezebel system of the devil's got the whole world in corruption, not a sound place in it. It's all putrefied sores, sores of cancer, malignancy of the devil that's eating the very core out of the — out of the systems that they've got set up here. Satan is a vulture feeding upon his own kingdom. He's a devil, he's an impure, he is the — the father of a lie. He feeds upon the flesh of his own people. The devil!

So, notice, just recently, to show you just a little spot, and then we'll leave it. In this last presidential election, when it was absolutely proven in Chicago and different places, that the machines that they got to vote by, that, they was set up by the Democratic party, that every time you voted for Mr. Nixon, you had to vote for Mr. Kennedy, the same time. So, you don't have a chance. And proved it! 63-0114 A.TRUMPET.GIVES.AN.UNCERTAIN.SOUND_ PHOENIX.AZ MONDAY_ And you heard Monitor the other night, when they put a — a survey across the country, from the Mississippi, east. Mr. Nixon had taken this calling-in vote, four to one. How can a man win? If it'd been Mr. Kennedy, it'd have been the same way. I don't have either party. My party is in Heaven, and I'm right with them here tonight. We're setting in Heavenly places, talking of our King. But, you see, I'm trying to tell you, these things of the earth is shaking. There, you can't put no confidence in them. They're uncertain. And anything that's uncertain, I'd just rather leave away from it. I don't like that negative thing. I don't like get mixed up in the negative side. I like it positive, be on the positive side.

Now notice. What did you do? Everything was edu-... You want it so well, till you got your television out, and put Mr. Nixon and Mr. Kennedy on there, to test their intelligence before you done it. Then, even there's enough good people left in America wouldn't have done that; they know our heritage. We know where we belong to. And you Democrats! I'm neither Democrat or Republican. I'm a Christian. But you, Democrats, that would let some little Ricky come around, and you would sell your birthrights for your politics, and vote in something that our nation was established to get away from, shame on you. Got the same Ahab and Jezebel!

And compare that with today. It's the same thing, my brother. Man actually worship women. Why, in our own country, Mrs. Kennedy is twice thought of, what the President is. That's right. And if you always talk about a man, if he's got an attractive wife, that's it. And now they say that about the driving. You hear them say the women is the safest drivers. That's wrong, because I'll tell you why. Billy and I, crossing this United States, with a first hand condition, we put a — a little map up in our car, a little tablet, and wrote "man" and "woman." And every time a woman made the wrong, we put a mark on her side; and a man made one, we'd put one on his side. And out of three hundred, what we call "booboo," pulled on the road there, you would be surprised. There were two hundred and eighty women, to nineteen man. But you know why? They don't get that in the police courts. The police won't arrest a pretty girl; one out of a thousand. Sure, get her telephone number, but he won't arrest her. And that's just the way. No wonder the records doesn't show it. See? Because, man today is like it was in the days of Noah, they bow to the shrine of pretty women. That's right. Oh, my!

Then when it come back to this fellow we got up here, that knows not Joseph, freedom. Pulling for those colored votes, and not knowing it was a republican party that freed them, in the first place. Selling out their birthrights, to such a thing as that, to lead them into a death trap, to show that every man-made system has got to fall. Exactly right. And Mr. Kennedy nationalized that guard, and send those men right back into the face of their own fathers standing there under the constitution. That broke the constitution again. Said, "We'll not fight. No, sir." And said, "I hope the nation can find out that we're not living anymore under a democracy, but under military dictatorship."

Now, this precious brother, he and his wife are my close friends. Many of you seen the magazine, where how that that precious, God-sent brother could ever let his wife... Somebody told her she looked like Jacqueline Kennedy, and she bushed up a one of them great big haircuts and thing. What is it? She associates with them kind of people, all the time, and finally... A good man taking a bad woman, she'll either become a good woman or... I mean, a good man taking a bad woman, she'll either become a good woman or he'll become a bad man. Show me your company, I'll tell you who you are. See? Birds of a feather, flock together. Keep away from shiny stuff!

Now I'm sure, this morning, that we're all aware of the great sadness that's happened to this nation, of the loss of our President, Mr. Kennedy. Though I disagreed with the man in his politics and in his religion, but yet he doesn't deserve to die like that. No. And leave those little children behind, and no daddy. And a mother that's... Mrs. Kennedy, though I certainly wouldn't agree with her, and her ways and things, maybe, but, remember, she's a mother. She just lost her babies, and she lost her husband. And he fell right in her lap, and her own husband's blood poured out over her lap. That's awful. Did you ever think... Sometimes we think she sets a pace for the nation, in styles and things. That may be so, too. But did you know, Mrs. Kennedy never did hear one of these Messages I preach about that? If she might hear one of them Message, she might do different. And some of our sisters that hear it, and still won't cope with it. See? See? See? She was raised a Catholic; that's all she knows. Nothing against that, see. She... That's a system. Nothing against the people, the Catholic people. That's a system, the Catholic system, just like Presbyterian, Methodist, or any of the rest of them, see, or Pentecostal, any of it. It's the system, not the people. Mr. Kennedy, I think, done a — a good job of being President. My heart goes out for his wife. And I feel real sad about it, that even our own nation would, the hoodlums and so forth in our nation, would do a thing like that.

The American people voted Mr. Kennedy in for President. And that was... That's the reason that we're a democracy. I didn't vote for Mr. Kennedy. I voted for Mr. Nixon, 'cause I knowed Mr. Nixon, personally. And I — I liked him, and I — and I voted for him, personally, because I liked him. But the peoples of this country, Americans, my fellow citizens of this nation, elected Mr. Kennedy. And the way they did it, well, that's up between them and God, but that's that much. But I think, for the sake of this mother, a human being, a mother of children, Mrs. Kennedy, couldn't we just stand a moment for a prayer for her? Lord Jesus, we human beings, we have a feeling for one another. And we are sorry, Lord, that our President was shot down the way he was, in cold-blooded murder. And we're so sorry that our nation has come to this spot, that such people like that are — are in our nation, that would kill a human being in cold-blooded murder; like they shot that colored brother not long ago, and just shot him right down in cold-blood, of race prejudice. And we're so sorry that such people exist among us, Lord. We, our weakness, has brought this about. And we pray for Mrs. Kennedy, that wife of this, the President. And know them little babies looking upon their — their father, that left them a few days before that, happy man, and scuffled and played with them on the floor. Now they have no father. And for that woman that... his wife, that her own husband fell right in her lap, and his blood run out upon her dress; just burying her baby.

You see what Germany done as soon as they found out the Pres-... the President was assassinated? They throwed their army together real quick, because that was the only thing was holding Russia from bombing there. And they hit... Kennedy just sent them word, that, the hour they do that, that he would sweep them off the earth, right out of Germany. See? And they thought they could take it over, but it wasn't the hour yet, see. See?

You don't have to shoot him down, in the street. I differ with Mr. Kennedyand — and his politics, and his religion, and so forth, but he didn't deserve that. No, sir. No, indeedy. No man deserves that. So, we find out the whole world is corrupted. Our nation, politics, religious systems, and everything, it's corrupted. It's just waiting. The Word of God, that was prophesied for this day, is waiting for somebody to come by and vindicate It. Wonder if He has already done it? Then where we at then if He had done it? If He's done it, then where we at? Most miserable! I said a hard thing about Mrs. Kennedy, a couple times, about her setting fashions for the world, with these water-head haircuts, and, "How our sisters and them cut their hair, and dress like Mrs. Kennedy," I said, "like a Jezebel of old." That's true. I believe that. I — I — I feel sorry for the little mother there tonight, with her children, exactly. But let me ask you something. If Jacqueline Kennedy would have heard the Messages that some of you Pentecostal has, about bobbing your hair and things, she might not even had bobbed hair. You're supposed to be pentecostal, and you still do it! Uh-huh. Uh-huh. She might not do it if she had had the opportunity and heard the Message, see, you've heard. There you are. We're in a bad place, folks. That's exactly right. Yes, indeed. O God, how the morals, the thing...

Talk about President Kennedy being shot? I've had to be guarded many times from being shot with an infrared scope, and maybe at three or four hundred yards away, at nighttime. They can see just the same as they can in the daytime, through that spotter scope at night. And I've been in Catholic countries where radicals and everything, down in Mexico there where they sent back there, and send word, telegram messages wrote by everything, "We'll get you tonight," and so forth like that, going in and out, and looking for me. And perhaps I will get it sometime. That's all right. But I got Something that will take care of me when that time comes, see.

How did Mr. Kennedy know, that going down the street, laughing, that in one more minute, he would be laying in his wife's lap, dead. Last week he was happy, rejoicing, playing with his children, tonight his body is molding in the grave. A renown man, our President, but death is no respect of anyone. It must come.
63-1128E THE.TOKEN

This new President that's just taken over since... President Johnson, since the assassination of President Kennedy. When he asked, the other day, that he called for all the clergy throughout the nation for prayer, to help him. I — I admired that in the man. See, he's calling for God to — to help him. I understand that he is a believer, and trusts in God. So, we need men like that.

And that's the only way you can do those things, is first hear from the Lord, when He tells. If He told me, tonight, that to go up there and raise out of that cemetery, President Kennedy, I would invite the whole world to come, watch it done, for I'd have THUS SAITH THE LORD. See? Now, but how can I say, "THUS SAITH THE LORD," until the Lord has said thus? See? See?

I said the other day, about Jacqueline Kennedy, how many times I've rebuked you women for cutting your hair, wearing makeup, you Pentecostal women cutting your hair, which God said it's you — you — you make yourself a — a street harlot when you do it. And, according to God, your husband has no right to live with you any longer. A woman that cuts her hair, dishonors her head, which is her husband. That's exactly. What do I say about it? And you call me out on it, I get the letters, "You old crank." All right, they called Elijah the same thing. They called every Word of God, every time the Word is made, call It. Somebody said the other day, "Why, we believe you to, be a prophet." I never said that, I don't tell. I ain't no prophet, I'm just God's servant here trying to tell you the Truth. That's all. Let me tell you, the Word of God stands for that! He said, "The daughters of Zion, the branch that escaped in that day of all its contamination, it'll be glorious in the sight of the Lord." Cut through, women, you got your place to cut through, worldly Hollywood and picture shows, and all this television stuff that you try to pattern after, dress yourself sexy out on the street. And someone said, "Why, the people want you to teach them how to receive the Holy Ghost and how to get..." Say that you got the Holy Ghost, and then deny the Word? Your own life proves you haven't got It. See? Now, I'm not angry, I'm just telling you what's the Truth. Look at yourself and find out. Paul said, "If an angel from Heaven taught anything else, let him be accursed," Galatians 1:8. That's right. What if Jacqueline Kennedy... She did set the pace of women with all these water-head haircuts and things that they have, all these sexy dresses, and like motherhood dresses and things. Every women in the country wants to wear them, you Pentecostals, too. Look, Jacqueline Kennedy never did hear a Message like this. If she would have heard It, she might have repented long ago. But you Pentecostal women hear It, day in and out, and year in and out, and still you do nothing about it! Hallelujah! God's going to get tired one of these days! God will get tired. Well, I know you think I'm crazy. Go ahead, it's all right. They thought that all down through the ages when the Word... See?

I've passed across this country. I've made remarks about Mrs. Kennedy, with her Jezebel haircut, and all like that, and her big waterheads, and these women. I wonder, if Mrs. Kennedy would have heard the Messages I have preached, she might have let her hair grow out, a long time ago. But I've crossed this country, back and forth, showing by the Word, that it's wrong, and a condemnation for women to cut their hair, and the Pentecostal women continue, go on the same way. She might rise in the day of Judgment, not knowing it, but you know better. It shows the Blood hasn't been applied. The Token is not there.
64-0208 THE.TOKEN

There was Elijah in the time that all the women cut their hair, like Mrs. Kennedy and them does today. Painted their faces, a Jezebel. A king and all the people went worldly; the church did, too. And God sent in a prophet, by the name of Elijah, to condemn that thing. After he had got old and tired, he was ready to go Home, he didn't even have to die. His payoff come, also, God just sent him down a chariot and some horses, and packed him on up into the Heavens. Stephens, who stood at the Sanhedrin, spoke out to them and said, "Oh, you stiffnecks, uncircumcised in heart and ears, rejecting the policy, you always resist the Holy Ghost. Like your fathers did, so do you." At his death, he had a payoff. He looked up and saw Heavens opened, Jesus standing on the right side.

He give seven things in 1933, would happen. And now every one of them has come to pass but two things, perfectly, just exactly. How that even President Kennedy would be taken in. It's right in there on my books right now, told thirty-three years ago, exactly. How that the Maginot Line would be built, eleven years before it built. How that Hitler would rise up, and — and Fascism, and — and Nazism, and all to bind in communism, and communism would destroy Catholicism. And it will, yes, no matter what they do. And showed, said there would be an Ecumenical Council, and how that all the churches would come together and would form the image called the Mark of the Beast. You see them right on the road, right now. Exactly right. It's got to happen, 'cause it's never failed to be. Anybody that ever knows it, anybody, take them around the world, it's never failed one time. Months and years ahead of time, it's just perfectly right on the spot. It's God among you, people; God in us, the Holy Spirit. Notice, Jesus said that the royal Seed would be identified by the same thing, here in Luke the 17th chapter. "Oh, return, O dispersed, from your denominations, to your own."

Look at Elijah, after his work was finished on earth. He was so full of that quickening power, he condemned them Jackie Kennedy haircuts in his day. He had told old Jezebel what he thought of her. He told them preachers and priests what was right and wrong, and they didn't believe him. But he condemned them painted-faced women and things, so bad. And he so full of that quickening power till nothing could harm him. God had fed him from the heavens, took him out and set him aside. He was so full of quickening power, come time to die, the Jordan opened up, and he just walked, sent down a chariot and took him up Home, so full of that quickening power. He become a true, genuine son of God. Yeah.

I've always said, it's a great matching time. You paint your steps red, and watch your neighbor paint his red. Some of you women wear a certain kind of hat, at church, and watch the rest of the women get that. Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy had this here water-head haircut, and look all the women. She wore them little old sack-colored aprons, or things like that, it's a scandalous for the woman to be on the street, with them stretched on like that. Look at all the women doing the same thing. It's an impersonation, but that's in the world. The church people picked it up, and it's a shame that they do it. It's wrong for them to do it, and it's a disgrace. And when we see it creeping into Pentecost, it's more disgraceful. That is right. But, you see, the church puts up with it and lets it go. Now, we don't care. I never cared whether my coat matched my trousers, or my tie matched my coat. I want my experience to match God's Bible and His requirement. And that's what we as pentecostal people ought to do, is have our experience just like theirs was, because He's the same Jesus, the same Holy Ghost, the same power. He's a-living today, and He lives among us.

Now, just look what science has done for her. She comes out, first, with her hair chopped off, with one of these Jacqueline Kennedy hairdos, see, or something like that. And you know what the Bible said? The Bible actually gives a man, if he wants to, the right to put her away in divorcement, if she does that. "She's a dishonorable woman, that'll cut her hair." The Bible said so. Right. Didn't know that? Huh? Oh, yeah! I preach too much in California for you not to know that. That's right. Oh, yeah! What good does it do me? They do it, anyhow. You can't take the pig and change his name, make him a lamb. Notice.

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