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Deep Study: Enoch

William Branham included several teachings from the Gnostic Book of Enoch in his sermons, choosing mysticism's "Enoch" instead of the Biblical Enoch that was translated after 365 years of life on this earth. Often, Branham would compare the mystic Enoch to the "Church," and his translation to his version of the rapture.

Instead of three hundred and sixty five years, the Book of Enoch describes an Enoch with a much longer span of life. Included in the scrolls of this Gnostic book were fragments of the Book of Noah, which give a fictional account of Enoch conversing with Noah. These scrolls claim that Enoch was translated after five hundred years.

Branham claimed that there were three Bibles: The Zodiac, the Pyramids, and the King James Version. Enoch, Branham claimed, formed the second Bible by constructing the pyramids. From Branham's point of view, the Masonic teachings regarding the pyramids were hidden truths for all of the elect to receive.

As to the question whether or not the Gnostic version of Enoch was a nugget hidden for the last days, the Book of Genesis sums up the entire doctrine in one simple statement:

Thus all the days of Enoch were 365 years.
Genesis 5:22-24

The Book of Enoch is an interesting read, however, to any that have been influenced by the teachings of William Branham. During the early stages of his ministry, very few were familiar with this scroll that was written by the early Gnostics. The Book of Enoch was ranslated from the Ethiopian text by R.H. Charles in 1906, and began making its way through the English-speaking nations not long after.

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Branham's teachings on Enoch:

The second Bible was written, was written by Enoch, and put in the pyramid.

There stood the Son of the living God in a celestial body. Said, "I am the Son of God that Enoch said would come with ten thousands of His saints.

Now, as I've just said that the antediluvian destruction, Noah was the sign. And Noah had a sign to start on. When he seen Enoch was taken up, Enoch was taken up, then Noah — was time for Noah to start, for he knew that that would be the sign of his beginning and then the end would be near. And Enoch, of course, was the — a type of the raptured group of the church. And Noah is a type of the carried over or the elect of the Jews that will be carried through the tribulation period. And we're now living in that day.

Then we find it, till Enoch wrote one and put it in the pyramid. The third is put on paper.

So in there they find the Bible, just the same as this Bible here, written in there, just by measurements and so forth, measures out the Gospel and the Scripture just like we have It here. Enoch put it in there years and years before the antediluvian flood.
54-1006 LAW.OR.GRACE

Look what the law offered. Turn over to the next chapter, the 11th chapter of Hebrews. Look what Daniel done under the law. Look what Enoch done under the law. Look what Moses done under the law.
54-1006 LAW.OR.GRACE

And He opened the door. They begin screaming and wailing, those souls that repented not. He said, "You're of Enoch, I am He, that Enoch had a spiritual revelation of. I am He, that was preached before the antediluvian world. 'The Lord shall descend with ten thousands of His saints.'

Great signs are happening, in the skies, fearful sights; the atomics of the air has been split, the hydrogen is being burnt out. Saucers are flying, missiles that cannot be understood, some sort of intelligence, they think, from somewhere else, they don't know, and science can't find out, mysteriously slipping down on the scene with lightning speed. O God, we're near the end. And the great pyramid that Enoch built, the last chamber's gone through, ready for the King's chamber now, the coming of the Lord right in the top for the keystone. All the calendar of astronomy points right straight; the stars are declaring it, as they did at the first time. When the wise men looked up and saw the stars, they said, "There, the great King's coming." Now, the stars are pointing again.
55-0522 THE.ARK

And notice, back there in that evil day just before the destruction, when God had a man out preaching the Gospel, a poor man, humble man, not very much of the world, but a man who had a heart to listen to God: Noah. There was Noah and Enoch preaching at the same time. And if you notice over in Revelations 11, it said, "I'll give power unto My two witnesses in the last day." Two witnesses again in the last day, Revelations 11... And they performed signs and wonders among the people. Look back there then, as Noah and Enoch was preaching, and Noah was preaching a message that seemed so crazy to the world.

He was Enoch, who claimed that he walked with God for five hundred years, and had a testimony he pleased God.
56-0304 MAKING.A.WAY

And Enoch was took up, and was found not, because God took him: the type of the going forth of the church. And Noah watched him. When he seen Enoch go, he knew it was time to enter the ark, for to be carried through the tribulation.

For after those souls were in prison, that repented not when Enoch and when all of them preached, and Noah... And for the long-suffering of God, like it is now, waiting for that time to come... And Noah and Enoch and all of them preached, and those people laughed and made fun of them.

Enoch just got tired walking around; he'd had walked with Him five hundred years and did — and pleased Him all the time, said, "I'm just not adjusted to the earth so I'll think I'll go home with Him this afternoon," and just walked right on up through the sky.

By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death and was not found, because God... translated him: for before his translation he had a testimony, that he pleased God. (Five hundred years of life too.)

The type, Enoch, before the translation... Enoch walked with God five hundred years, and had a testimony that he pleased God. And he was a type of the raptured Church. Oh, but we're short.
60-0313 HEAR.YE.HIM

O God, may someday... the Church, which is a type of Enoch. Five hundred years he walked before God. Walking! Walking in the Light, with a testimony that "Everything God said, he did it." He didn't displease Him. What the Lord said do, Enoch done it.
60-1211M THE.TEN.VIRGINS AND THE HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR THOUSAND JEWS I wish I had faith like Enoch had. One day he walked with God... After five hundred years, had a testimony he pleased Him. And just got tired of keeping his feet on the ground, took a little afternoon walk, and went up home with Him.

Such as Enoch walked with God for five hundred years, and took an afternoon stroll, and went home with Him without dying.

Enoch, one day, who'd walked five hundred years before God and had a testimony he pleased Him

Enoch, after walking five hundred years with God, and God told him, "Enoch, you're not going to have to die. You want to come up home? Are you homesick, Enoch?" He said, "Yea, Lord. I'm homesick." Said, "Have you walked in the pesthouse down there long enough?" He said, "Yes." Said, "All right, just start walking." Enoch needed a ladder. God give him a highway. That was God's way for him. Provided him a highway, upward! He didn't... He just went right up, like that. He didn't have to strain, at all. Just run right up; and the Holy Spirit, behind him, lifted him right up. He went right up the highway of holiness, right into the Kingdom of God.

Enoch typed the Bride. Enoch... Noah went over through... The Bride... Went over through the tribulation period, and suffered, and become a drunk, and died. But Enoch walked before God for five hundred years and had a testimony he pleased God with raptured faith, and just started walking right out, and went up through the skies, and went home without even tasting death, never died at all.

There was Enoch... I seen Moses come and Elijah comes back and they're killed. See? But now, Enoch was translated before time. I — I've often thought and wondered myself: Well, what — what about that? But then, here's the only consolation that I can say is this: Now, notice, Moses only served God forty years. See? He was a — he was a hundred and twenty, but twenty years... The first forty years, I mean, he was getting his education. That right? The second forty years God was taking it out of him, and the third forty years he served God. See? All right. But Enoch walked five hundred years before God and was blameless (See, see?); so Moses comes back to serve some more time: him and Elijah. Now, that — I don't say that's right. See? I just give you that for a thought. See? But I — just to say what part, I don't know. I really can't tell you what — what — what happened there or what God will do.

Enoch needed a ladder, one day. He had walked five hundred years with God, and had pleased Him. He needed a ladder. God provided him a highway, walked right up Home.

Enoch was a type of the — of the real Message, of translation of the Church, for Enoch was taken up and then the flood came. And both of them... The first prophet, Enoch, was taken out of the way so Noah could go on with his — with his... God could go on with Noah. And now the Church will be taken away so that God can deal again with the Jews, the remnant of the Jews, the hundred and forty-four thousand, as we've been through it in the Scriptures here.

Look at Enoch. He walked with God for five hundred years, and then he had a testimony that "He pleased God."

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