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Deep Study: Creation

According to William Branham, the creation story in the Bible was written in symbol, and the full truth was hidden in mystery. Branham taught his followers to believe that Jesus was simply an angel, equal to Satan, and God's creation did not include the female in the Garden. The woman, according to Branham, was designed by Satan to deceive, and was nothing more than a bi-product of man. Because of this design, Branham taught the original sin as being the fault of Eve instead of Adam — though she was deceived, she was constructed by Satan for that purpose.

While he promoted the idea that Irenaeus was a "messenger" sent from God, and Irenaeus condemned the doctrine, Branham's version of the creation story included teachings found in Kabbalah regarding the the original sin. Though the book of Genesis describe the trees as being good "for food," Jewish mysticism describes the original sin as being sexual intercourse between the serpent and Eve. According to Kabbalah, this union between man and beast produced the "evil son (Cain), while Adam's relations with Eve produced his brother (Abel). Without disclosing the origin of this doctrine, William Branham promoted the idea that this teaching was fundamental for the faith of the "Bride" during the last days.

To choose this doctrine, you must accept the Gnostic idea that God created hidden meanings between the lines of scriptures, ultimately denying Paul's words in 2 Corinthians 13, "Our letters have been straightforward, and there is nothing written between the lines and nothing you can't understand." Paul was very clear in his writings that faith in Jesus Christ was the only key that unlocks the door to salvation, and that we are to look to the blood of Christ instead of the bloodlines of mankind.

And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;
Acts 17:26

As I urged you when I went into Macedonia, stay there in Ephesus so that you may command certain people not to teach false doctrines any longer or to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies. Such things promote controversial speculations rather than advancing God's work — which is by faith
1 Timothy 1:3-4

Genesis 1 26-28 tells us that woman was in the original creation, and that God was her creator. Before the original creation was instructed not to eat from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they were instructed to mate and reproduce — raising several questions in Branham's teaching that Eve learned about procreation through the sinful desires of the serpent:

Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground. So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground."
Genesis 1:27-28

At the same time, while referring to the "fruit" and the "eating of the fruit" as sexual intercourse, you must accept the idea that God allowed Adam to "eat" of any of the other "fruits" in the garden — raising several questions with regards to Adam and the other animals in the garden:

The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. And the Lord God commanded the man, "You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die."
Genesis 2:15-17
Ultimately, you are given a choice: To believe that the Bible is correct, and that the fruit was "good for food," or that the Bible was incorrect, and filled with sexual innuendo. Branham chose the latter, claiming that verse six of chapter three did not actually mean "food," but rather, "sexual intercourse."

When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.
Genesis 3:6

Interestingly, if you follow Branham's teaching with regards to the eating of fruit, you are placed into a strange situation when you reach the end of the Bible. In the book of Revelation, the reader who has been trained to believe that the "eating of the tree" was sexual intercourse must ask themselves questions as to the nature of the "eating" of the tree of life:

Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.
Revelation 2:6-8

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Branham's descriptions of creation and the original sin:

First He was not even God, God, we would just call Him "the Eternal One."

In the beginning, God was not even God. He was the great Eternal, and in there was attributes.

See, there cannot be an eternal son, because a son had to have a beginning. And so Jesus had a beginning; God had no beginning. See?

But in the human race, it's the woman that's pretty, not the man; if he is, there is something wrong, there is crossed-up seed somewhere. Originally it's that way. Why, why was it done? To deceive by. Her designer, Satan, is still working on her, too, in these last days.

Satan is the one who features that kind of beauty. If we'll notice, he was the most beautiful of all the Angels in Heaven. Is that right? And he desired to make Heaven a more beautiful place than the kingdom of Michael. Is that right? Also, to show that Cain was his son, he offered a more beautiful worship, decorated his altars with fruits and flowers, and so forth. Is that right? Beautiful! Sin is beautiful, what we call beauty today. And sin is deceiving, by beauty. You'd never look at a woman going down the street and tell what's in her heart. See? But I wanted to say these things so that you could see why that Satan is her designer. That's exactly right, his own son proved it, Cain. Now, she is beautiful so she can deceive.

And that's why a woman was given that beauty, for deception, to deceive. A beautiful woman, if she don't use it in the right way, it's a curse to her; that will send her to hell quicker than anything else I know of.

Michael was Christ, of course, Who fought the angelic wars in heaven with the devil. Satan and Michael fought together, or fought against each other, rather.

Then God, back before the foundation of the world was ever laid, when He seen what Satan done... In his pride went over in the north, and set up a kingdom, and fought against Michael and his Angels... Do you see it?

In the garden of Eden there was two trees. One of them was the Tree of Life. The other was a tree of death. And man refused the Tree of Life and accepted the tree of death. And that's what the world's done today. It's — it's refused the Tree of Life, which is Christ, and has made a woman their god. She's American goddess. That sounds hard, and I'm stripping down the women. And I want to tell you. After all a woman... Let me burn up on this, and, men, you're coming next. Look, a woman is not even so low... She's not even a creation in God. She's a by-product. After God made the whole creation He took a piece off of a man and made a woman. She wasn't even considered in the original creation. Correctly. She become a helpmate to man. And through there she's supposed to live for that. But today men has turned around and made her a god.

When a woman gets out of the kitchen she's out of her place. Whether she's preaching the Gospel or whatever she's doing, she's out of her place. Man was not made for woman, but woman was made for man. Man is not a by-product of a woman, but the woman is a by-product of the man. I know that scorches, but it's Gospel pill that'll open up your spiritual digesting tract, and let the Holy Ghost sweep through and make you a different person, if you'll believe it. Amen.

Now, she was not in the original creation; she's a by-product of a man. I don't want to get started on that, but she is a by-product of man.

The woman is not in the original creation; she's a by-product of man.

God didn't create anything more, because man and woman are one. A woman is not in the original creation, she's a by-product of man. Took from his side, a rib, and made a helpmate to him; them two are one.
57-0725 HEAR.YE.HIM

Did you know... Now listen, women. You good righteous Christian women are the best thing that God could give a man or He'd give him something different. Yes, sir. See? A woman was not even in the original creation. The woman is not a created product of God. She's a by-product of a man. God made the man both man and woman. And He separated them. After the man had already lived on the earth and named the beasts and lived here a long time, He took a rib out of Adam's side as a by-product and made a woman to it. "Adam was first formed, and then Eve." Now, watch. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

And if you noticed, God standing there before Adam and Eve, He says, "I took you out of the dust, dust you shall return. I... And because you brought your — you listened to your — the beast instead of to your husband, that you took life out of the world, you'll bring it back into the world." And He said, "Serpent, off comes your legs (See?); you're not going to walk up no more. And you're not going to be a beast; you're going to be a reptile now. And on your belly you'll go, and dust shall be your meat." There's where I think that that... Cain, after the nature of that brute that she lived with, like an animal, that lived with this woman that brought forth this child, which was half brute and man-like, a great big old fellow... And then he went out there and his children begin to come from him, and then beasts, sexual lusts like their daddy in the beginning, that old lust beast found these daughters and things, and took unto them the daughters of men. That's right. And what brought on these fellows, sure, it come down through that same lineage which was these fallen spirits that come upon the people. Remember, the same spirits that lived back there, today, live today.

There stood Adam and Eve. Eve, a beautiful woman. Oh, my. I can see there: Adam with them dark shaggy locks hanging around his head; those bright, flashy eyes look over to his little sweetheart, Eve; and such a perfect-built woman; and her hair; looked up, and her eyes, as blue as the sky. Adam loved her. Oh, how he loved her. But when sin entered in, their little home was broke up, because of an old, lustful beast. The devil had got into an animal called the serpent; not a reptile. Remember, the Bible doesn't say that the devil was a snake. He wasn't a snake in the beginning. The snake wasn't like he is now, in the beginning. The curse put him where he's at. The Bible said, "He was..." (not a reptile) "He was a beast, and the most subtle of all the beasts of the field." He looked more like a man than anything you've ever had; walked upright. There's where the devil got, in him; and come to Eve, this beautiful-made woman, and she did what was wrong. Take your idea of it, I got mine. All right. Now, then she brought forth her first son, Cain. The nature after the daddy: a murderer, a hater, so forth.

Now, as we notice, in the beginning of Genesis, I want to bring a picture to you, if God willing to, and will help us. After the first sin had been committed from Adam and Eve... We realize that the world was perfect, and then Satan got into the serpent (not a reptile, a beast) and deceived mother Eve. That set in sin, and out of Genesis, begin to spread forth. Let's take at least two spirits out of Genesis, and run the church down, and find it out where we're living today. The reason I've chose this little thought this afternoon, when God dealt with me yesterday about it, knowing I was to speak, was because of the — of the prestige of the Full Gospel churches, and how easy... Jesus said, Himself, "That in the last days, the two spirits would be so close together, it would deceive the very Elect, if possible. But by their fruit you shall know them." Now, after Adam and Eve, they brought forth their first son, which was Cain, of the devil. The second son was Abel. You say, "Brother Branham, do you mean to say that Cain was of the devil?" Sure he was, son of the devil. Notice! Say, "Well, Eve said, 'I have got a son from the Lord.'" That's true. Certainly. God is the only Creator. But through the spirit that he let come upon him; you couldn't attach that evil thing of Cain, upon God. Where did he get that nature he had to be jealous? From Satan, his father. Where did he get that spirit of murder, the first murderer? You couldn't say that come out of God, it had to come out of the devil, he was of the devil. And Abel was of God, out of Adam. Notice, when both boys, after coming out of the garden of Eden, they realized that they were mortals, and they must die, because God had already pronounced death on all mortals. They must die. Oh, I hope you see this picture. And if God willing, I want to make an illustration here, this afternoon. Don't know whether I can do it with that, or not. I'm going to call this, "Cain," and this, "Abel," so that the children will understand. Cain and Abel, both boys were human beings and had spirits. Now, when both boys realized that they were getting older, and they were mortal, and they had to die, seeing their mother and father withering away, Cain tilled the soil, Abel was a sheep herder. Then the boy, Cain, with his spirit, and Abel, with his spirit: those two spirits has come from Genesis, and in existence today; the same two spirits living right here in New York, today. I'll prove it by God's Word. That's right. They come up out of...

Now, in the beginning when God spoke, and Satan was standing there and he heard it... And the people are trying to find this missing link. I'll tell you by revelation, if — if you want to receive it, that missing person between animal and man is the serpent, before he had his legs taken from him. The Bible said, "He was the most subtle of all the beasts (not reptile), of all the field." He was the one who beguiled the woman in his beauty. And she conceived, and now by doing that and seeing sin was coming, God put such a curse upon him till science will never find any relationship between this serpent as known today and mankind. But, there is your fallen, degraded being between — that hooked the animal life together. There you are. God has hid it from the wise and prudent, but will reveal it to babes such as will learn. See? There's your fallen person. The serpent, he was brought from way, the most subtle, the greatest, the most beautiful, the more like human being. And then because of this evil that he did with Eve; He brought him down to a reptile to go on his belly all the days of his life, and dust should be his meat. There's where science could come to there, and their tree's knocked down. Notice now, as soon as the woman seen that she — the... Now, she was deceived. She didn't bring sin. She was deceived. She thought it was right. But, "Adam was not deceived," said the Bible. He knowed it was wrong. And she had him to do the same thing that the beast had done, and she brought forth her first son, which all the traits of the devil was in that boy. He was a murderer; he was jealous. How could it come from that pure stream of God? It had to come from the evil. And as soon as he did this, then he... The devil used his tool. She brought forth her second son which was after Adam, and in there was Abel. And right quick the devil tried to destroy that righteous seed. And he turned around and slew Abel to begin with which was type of Judas and Jesus. Slew him at the altar, to where Jesus — Judas slew — slew Jesus, betrayed Him for thirty pieces of silver and sold Him. All right.

All right, how much more time we got? Can we have fifteen more minutes to answer a couple of more questions real quick? Can we? All right, we'll hurry right quick. I got two down here at the bottom, I wanted to get quickly, joined right in with this, if I could. Then I can get the rest of them Sunday morning.
Was Cain an offspring of the serpent? (This is a good one.) If so, why did Eve not conceive until after Adam knew her?
The same... The next question's the same...?...
Was it a — a literal tree from which Eve ate the fruit? She saw that it was good for food.
All right, brother, sister, ever who it was, let's go back into Genesis and find out something here. Let's go to Genesis 3:8, if you will. All right, and listen real close now.
Now, I'll bring the story up. It was all pure and holy; there was no sin or no defilement. Now, I'll get the — your — this first question first. The tree in the life — the middle of the garden, in the midst of the tree... The tree was the woman. Now, I'll prove that to you by the Scriptures if you'd just be patiently a few minutes.
We'll get first whether she was — whether she conceived before she knew Adam or not, or 'fore... Listen.
And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden, and in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden.
And the LORD... called unto Adam, and said... Where art thou?
And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked;... (Now, he didn't know that the day before; something had happened; something revealed to him that he was naked.)... and I hid myself.
And he said, Who told thee that thou were naked? Has thou eaten of the tree,...
Eating of the tree make him realize he was naked? As I've often said (This is no joke; I don't mean it for a joke.), "But if eating apples caused women to realize they're naked, we better pass the apples again." See? It wasn't naked... It wasn't a tree, a apple they eat; it was sexually.

... has thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?
And the man said, The woman who thou givest me, to be with me, she gave me... the tree, and I did eat.
And the LORD... said unto the woman, What is this that thou has done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me,... (Huh?)... The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat. (Long time before she had conceived, see, by Adam.)
Adam knew her, and she conceived and brought forth — and brought forth Abel.

But I want to ask you, just from a literal standpoint. Now, to prove to you that she was the tree: every woman is a fruit tree. How many know that? Aren't you the fruit of your mother? Certainly, you are. And in the midst of the fruit, or in the midst of the tree, the fruit that she did not touch...
If you'll notice, wasn't Jesus the Tree of Life? Didn't He promise over in Saint Matthew — or Saint John the 6th chapter, "I'm the Bread of Life that come from God out of heaven"?
If a man eats of the woman... And look, through the birth of — by the woman, we all die; 'cause we're subject to death (Is that right?) through a birth of the woman. Through the birth of the man, we all live forever. The woman is a tree of death; the man is a tree of life; for the woman doesn't even bear life in her. That's exactly right. The — the life germ comes out of the man (see?) correctly, goes into the woman. And the woman's nothing but a incubator; and the baby's not connected, only the navel cord. Not one speck of the mother's blood's in the baby; borned in her blood, but not one speck in the baby. Go find... Read the doctor book, or ask your doctor, you'll see. It's not there, no, sir, not one speck of it at all. She's just the egg; that's all. And the life comes from the man.
That is a beautiful type to show that through the woman, through natural birth, we all have to die, because we're dead to begin with; and only through the Man Christ Jesus can we live. And there's the two trees in the garden of Eden. Can't you see it?
And watch. And in that day there was a Cherubim set a guard this tree, that if they ever tasted that Life Tree, they would all live forever. How many knows that? They'd all live forever. And the first time they could taste it... The Angel said, "We'll guard It." And they put Cherubims there with their flaming swords towards the east to guard It. They took It back to the east, and guarded that Tree with flaming swords so they could not get in to get It (this Tree).
And when Jesus come, He said, "I am the Bread of Life, that a man eats this Bread will never die." There's your Tree. There's your woman; there's your sex that brings death. Just as sure as there's a sexual desire, there's death left by it. And as sure as there's a spiritual birth, there's Eternal Life left by it. Death come through the birth of a woman, and Life come through the birth of a Man. Amen. There you are.

Now, let's take back to Cain. Could you tell me where that spirit and that meanness come from? If Cain... Look, if Cain was the son of Adam, which was a son of God, where did that evil come from? The first thing when he was born, he hated; he was a murderer; he was jealous. And now, take the nature of his daddy, the very start in the beginning, Lucifer, and he was... In the beginning he was jealous of Michael, what started the whole trouble. How many knows that? And Cain was the nature of his father, which he was jealous of his brother and slew him. That pure... That nature could not come out of that pure seed. It come, had to come out of this perverted stream. And notice, Cain, as soon as he was borned...

And then Abel was born after him, then she conceived by Adam, and he knew — knew her and she brought forth the son Abel. And Abel was a type of Christ; and when — when Abel was killed, Seth took his place: death, burial, and resurrection of Christ in type.
But now, Cain worshipped, all of his carnal works, just like the carnal church today, they go to church; they worship. Cain worshipped; he wasn't an infidel; he wasn't a communist. Cain was a believer; he went to God; he built an altar. He done every religious thing that Abel done, but he didn't have the spiritual revelation of the will of God. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. There you are. Do you see it? He didn't have the spiritual revelation, and that's what's the matter with the church today. And Jesus said He'd build His church on that spiritual revelation. You get it? Oh, my, your eyes come open now. See? The spiritual revelation...

Cain come; he built an altar; he worshipped; he brought sacrifice; he knelt down; he praised God; he worshipped God; he done everything religious that Abel done. And God flatly refused him, because he didn't have the spiritual revelation.
Follow that same line of Cain right down through to the ark, from the ark right up into Israel, from Israel right on into Jesus, and from Jesus right on till this day, and see if that carnal, fundamental church, stiff and starch, scholarly... I mean men who have the Scriptures, who knows all the doctrine and the theologies; they can explain it, boy, just like [Brother Branham snaps his finger — Ed.] that, but without spiritual revelation. That's right. That's the doctrine of Cain.
The Bible said, "Woe unto them, 'cause they went the doctrine of Cain, and run in the errors of Balaam, and perished in the gainsaying of Korah." The same Book, Jude, he — it said, "They was predestinated to this condemnation." Certainly, they are. See?
What was Balaam? He was a bishop. He was over all the church. He got up there just as fundamental as he could be. He offered... Look there at him standing up there in the celebrity, standing up there in their great celebrity. And they wasn't infidels; they were believers.
That — that tribe of Moab come out of Lot's daughter, Lot who lived... Lot's daughter who lived with their father, and conceived and brought a child, and that child was — sprang the tribe of Moab. And they were a great denomination, great, flowery people; and they had princes and kings and celebrity. They had bishops and cardinals and everything.

And here come a bunch of holy-rollers up, the other group, Israel, a little old bunch that was undenominations, interdenominationals. And they done everything there was on the map to be done bad too. But what it was, they had the spiritual revelation, and God was with them in a Pillar of Fire.
Oh, I — I know they had carnal things, and the people said, "Such a bunch of backwash as that, nothing to do but kick them out." But they had the spiritual revelation, and they had a smitten Rock; they had a brass serpent; they had a Pillar of Fire going with them. Hallelujah. I know you — you think I'm excited, but I'm not. I just feel good.
Notice. When I think, "That same God, today, lives with us." It's still the spiritual revelation of the Word. Certainly, it is. It's eternally right. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Yes, sir.
There stood him up there with that fundamental, them bunch of Baptists and Presbyterians stood up on the hill, and got their bishop out there. And they were just as religious, in the same kind of religion; they worshipped the same God. They said, "Look down there at that bunch of trash. Why, they don't even have a denomination. They're nothing but a bunch of quacking, squealing, holy-rollers."
Is that right? Exactly, they was. If you don't believe they were holy-rollers, take back in Genesis and find out when they crossed... When a miracle was performed, and Miriam grabbed a tambourine and went down the bank, beating it, dancing in the Spirit, and Moses sung in the Spirit. If that ain't a bunch of what we call free holy-rollers, I don't know what is: singing and jumping and praising. And all the time the nations hated them, but God was with them. They had the spiritual revelation, was following that Pillar of Fire.
And Moab said, "Now, looky here. We'll call all the cardinals, and all the bishops, and all the presbyters, and get them out here. We'll do something about it, 'cause we're a religious nation. We'll not let that propaganda get mixed up in our fine denomination."
And so they got them out there. And they built twelve altars; that's just exactly what Israel had: twelve altars. They put twelve sacrifices on it, bullocks; just exactly what Israel had, what God required. They put twelve sheep on it, representing the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, twelve sheep in both places.
All the celebrity, the bishops and all stood around. They lit the sacrifice. They prayed; they raised their hands to Jehovah and said, "Jehovah, hear us." What was they trying to do? And their old Balaam went forth like that, and the Spirit come down upon him, sure, but he was a carnal.
The Spirit can fall upon a hypocrite; the Bible said. You've heard me teach that now. "The rain falls on the just and unjust." But it has to compare with the Word; there's where you get it.
Then when he did, and the... When the Spirit though on him told the truth... He tried to curse Israel, and he blessed Israel.
Now, if God just respects a fine church, and a fine bishop, and a wonderful pastor, a scholarly bunch of people, He was duty-bound to accept that sacrifice, 'cause he was just as fundamentally right as Israel was right; but he didn't have the spiritual revelation of the Word and the will of God. There you are; that's the difference today.
Look at Jesus. They said, "Away with that guy. We know he's a Samaritan. He's crazy. Why you teach us? Well, you was borned in adultery. You wasn't nothing but a illegitimate child to come with. Who's your daddy? Say God's your father, you blasphemer. Why, you mean to tell us? We've been preachers; we been bishops; through our great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfathers was preachers and bishops. We were borned and raised in the church. We've been through the highest of seminaries. We know every word to the letter. And you try to teach us? Where'd you ever go to school at? Where'd you get this learning?"
He said, "You're of the — your father the devil," said Jesus.

They had no signs and wonders among them. They had no Divine healings and things among them. They had no blessings among them. But Jesus was absolutely a spiritual revelation of the Scriptures.
They said, "Why, it's written so-and-so."
And Jesus said, "Yes, it's also written." But God vindicated His men by his signs.
Peter said the same on Acts 2; he said, "You men of Israel. Jesus of Nazareth, a Man approved of God among you by signs and wonders which God did by Him in the midst, and which you all yourselves know. (There you are.) Him being delivered of the... by the fore — or by the big Sanhedrin Council up there. But by the foreknowledge of God, God foreordaining Him to die this death. You've delivered Him up; with cruel, wicked hands you've crucified the Prince of Life, Who God raised up. And we're witnesses of it." Whew, what a preacher. Didn't... He couldn't even sign his own name, but he knowed God.
They said they took heed to him that he'd been with Jesus. Certainly, it's a spiritual revelation. Oh, my. Now, there you are.
Cain was just in that line. That carnal church is in the same line today. The spiritual church still has the Pillar of Fire, still has the signs, wonders, still has the same Christ; which it vindicates all the way from the dying lamb in — in the garden of Eden, until the second coming of the Lamb: absolutely, the same yesterday, today, and forever.
And that line of Cain, religious and polished and scholarly, right down the same, just the same, every day just the same. Criticizers and persecutors, as Cain was of Abel, so are they today, and have been, and always will be: carnal, unbelievers. That's right.
Now, Genesis 3:8, and also I put 20 here; I was looking awhile ago.
And Adam called... And Adam called his wife... Eve; because she was the mother of all living. (See, that was after this beguiling had already took place.)
Cain was... Now, wait. You say, "How could a snake, a serpent?"

But brother, watch here, the Bible don't say he was a serpent; the Bible said, "He was the most subtle of all the beasts of the field." He wasn't a reptile; he was a beast. He was a... And there...
And let — now, let me just give you this as a little token between us, if you will. That's where science is all mixed up. The closest thing they can find to a man is a chimpanzee. How many knows that? But there's something between there. They can't make the chimpanzee bones meet with the man's bones, yet it's the closest thing. They can bring him up from a polliwog. They can bring him up from a tadpole. They can bring him on up to the animal and every animal. They can bring him to a bear. You take a bear and pull the skin off it; it's just like a little woman, just the same thing. Take her back and everything, stand them there, and pull — pull the woman like — stand the woman like that. It's just the same as a — as a — as a bear. The foot runs out the same, and the hand runs out like this, just like a human being. But a chimpanzee comes closer than that. It's almost, but they can't find it.
Here's a little secret, if you want to know it. You know where it's at? It's hid from them. They can dig all the bones they want to. They can dig... The sculptors can dig, and the science, and the — and the chronologist can measure the scales of time with the atomic measures, but they'll never catch it. For that was the serpent that was more like a man than anything else there was on earth, and God cursed him and put him on his belly; and he's turned plumb back to a snake with no resemblance of a man. Now, just scratch your head, them scientists, and let them take that for a while.
But the Bible...?... declares that, "He was the most subtle of all the beasts of the field." That's right. He was that joint that stands between man and monkey, and God cursed him and put him plumb back on his belly because of the — of the thing that he had did. He beguiled this woman, and she brought forth her first son which was Cain after the nature of the serpent, on inspiration; the devil had got in the serpent, that did that.
And then she conceived and brought forth; she conceived again after she was beguiled. Now, watch, she beguiled... She was almost... Why, she done wrong. But she, literally, was legitimate when she conceived by her husband, for that might've been many, many times afterwards, many months and many days afterwards; you can't tell that; we don't know, but she did bring forth of Adam.
And someone even got the question, say, "Well, the son... He said she was... When as Cain was born, said she got a son of the Lord." Absolutely, certainly, it had to be. It was the law of nature. That's just exactly the way you are today. When you're born, God just doesn't come down and make you. You're an offspring of your father and mother. And you'll be a... There'll be a... Your children will be offsprings of you. It's a reproduction all the time, right on down, like seed trees and things like that; but back to the original. I hope that explains it.

When Adam in the garden of Eden, and Eve... When those children was cast out, here come Cain with good theology. He said, "God should know that we are doing this from the best — best of my heart. I'll build a beautiful altar; I put flowers on it; I put fruits on it; I make it pretty. Surely I can appease God with this and let Him know that I'm sincere in my heart." He was right as far as the Word went; God wanted worship; he went to worship. He made a beautiful place to worship in, great, fine cathedral as we'd call it today. And he made it right; he built it right; he put an altar in it; he wasn't an infidel. But Abel, upon the Word of God... There was no Bible wrote then, but God revealed to him that it wasn't fruit that brought us out of the garden of Eden. It wasn't apples that Adam and Eve ate; it was absolutely sexual things that had separated them and divided them, and knowing that they become mortal, and through the blood of Adam, and through the blood of the serpent that had started this... Abel by Divine revelation went and got a lamb and offered it, and God said, "That's it." Sure.

You can cross animals. They kept getting higher blood, higher form of life, higher form, till it climbs up into the man realm. But the last connection here between here was cut off. How many knows that science can't find the missing link? All of you know that. Why? Here he is, the serpent. Here he was a great big fellow. And the devil comes down. Now, he says, "I can inspire." Now, when you go to looking at women and the action of women, you remember, you are anointed of the devil (and it's not your own wife). Notice. Now, the devil come down and got into the serpent, and he found Eve in the garden of Eden naked. And he talked about the fruit in the midst, the "midst" means "middle" and so forth. You understand in a mixed congregation. And he said, "Now, it's pleasant. It's good to the eye." What did he do? He begin making love to Eve. And he lived with her as a husband. And she saw it was pleasant, so she went and told her husband; but she was already pregnant by Satan. And she brought forth her first son whose name was Cain, the son of Satan. "Now," you say, "that's wrong." All right, we'll just find out whether it's wrong or not. "And I will put enmity between thy seed and the serpent's seed." What? The serpent's seed. She had a seed, and he had a seed. "And he shall bruise thy head, and you shall bruise his heel." And bruise there means "to make an atonement." Now, there's your seed of the serpent. Now, notice, here comes these two men out. Now, this serpent, when he stood there... This great big giant of a fellow stood up there. He was guilty of committing adultery with Adam's wife. Where's sin lay today? What makes things the way they are today? (Now, I — I... Surely you can catch what I'm talking about.) And there he was. And when he did, God said, begin to call for Eve and Adam. And he said, "I was naked." And He said, "Who told you you was naked?" Then they begin to — in army fashion, passing the buck. Said, "Well, the woman You gave me done it. She was the one who persuaded me." And she said, "The serpent give me an apple." All right, preacher, get next to yourself. She said, "The serpent beguiled me." Do you know what beguile means? Means "defiled." The... she... the s-... devil never gave her an apple. "The serpent has beguiled me." And then the curse came. He said, "Because you listened to the serpent in the stead of your husband, you took life from the world; and you — now you'll multiply your sorrows, and your conception shall be to your husband," and so forth. "And because you listened to your wife instead of Me — I took you from the dust the highest specie — back to the dust you go." "And serpent, because you did that, off goes your legs; upon your belly you'll go all the days of your life. And you'll be hated, and dust shall be your meat." There you are. There's that missing link. Now, here comes Cain. Let's watch the natures. Here comes Cain. What is he? He's a shrewd businessman. He tills the fields: smart, intelligent, religious, very religious. Watch his — watch his attributes now. Just move with me for just a few minutes longer. Here he comes out. He knows he's mortal. He wants to go to church. He builds him a church, makes him an offering, brings an altar along — builded an altar, puts his flowers on it, put the field — the fruits of the field, offered it to God, and said, "There You are, Lord. I know we eat apples. That's what caused it." (Some of his offsets have the same kind of an idea. Shows where it came from.) Brought his apples in out of the field, laid them on there, said, "This will make an atonement." God said, "It wasn't apples." But by spiritual revelation Abel knew it was blood. So he brought a lamb, hacked its throat, and it died; and God said, "That's right. That's what done it. It was blood." (You know what blood I'm talking about.) All right. It was blood that did it. Now, watch.

Certainly, but you see where the seed of the serpent... What was the seed of the serpent? Adultery. You follow it? Adultery with Eve. What happened to that? What brought that forth. What is it tonight? Look back yonder a few years ago when the first song come out. You older people, when the... They used to censor songs before they'd let them be sung on the radio. And the first one come out was that "Roll 'em Girlies, roll them; showing your pretty knees." And all like that. "Laugh at Pa and Ma, and give 'em all a ha-ha-ha." That's the first one they let slip through. Where do you think the guy is tonight that wrote that song? He's dead. What do you think of Clara Bow, who come out the first and said the Dangerous Curves and the "striptease" that sent thousands of souls to hell? Where do you think she is tonight? She's been dead for a long time. Where's she at, when that body of hers laying yonder, cankered in the dust, and the worms and maggots has eat through it. And her soul lays yonder before a just God.

Satan was literally cast out of heaven by Michael the Archangel and God. And he was cast to the earth, come to the earth, got into the serpent, deceived Eve, and then has got into men, women, all down through the age on the same thing he started at the beginning: a great big kingdom, prettier than the other fellow's, be governor over all, know-it-all. "Our denomination is the biggest; it's — predo — it's — a — it's predominant over the others." You've heard them say, "Why, we have so many hundred preachers in our organization. We got the biggest churches there is in the city." The only one thing that spells is S-a-t-o-n to me. That's right. That means the devil to me. When you get men that'll break up and organize, and break up brotherhood, and say they'll have nothing to do with the little church...

Brother Branham: Would you please explain your theory that Eve conceived Cain of the devil? I never said that. I said Eve conceived Cain of the serpent. In Genesis 4:1, 1st verse, clearly states that Adam knew his wife Eve, and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, "I have gotten a man from God." Absolutely. All life has to come from God. John Dillinger come from God. Adolf Hitler come from God. Every... George — George Whitefield come from God, and so did Bob Ingersoll. Every person come from God. But what I said is this: And I want someone to just tear it down. See? The Bible said that He would put (in Genesis 3:8). I... The... When the question was asked when Eve had been — something had happened to her, she met the serpent... Now the serpent was not a snake; he was a beast, the most subtle of everything in the field. There was nothing... Today science is looking for a bone of some animal that connects man and monkey together. The closest they got is a chimpanzee. They can't find a bone. They'll never, because it's a serpent. It's a revelation of God. Watch. The serpent was a — like a prehistoric man, something next to God — or next to man. And that's the only thing. If any other animal would've happened to — Satan would've got on them, the seed would not have mixed with the woman. You can't mix a human seed with any kind of an animal seed. It won't work. But this animal that will mix the seed is complete; it's extinct. God turned him to a snake. But remember when... Said, "Why did you hide? Why did you cover yourself with fig leaves?" Then they begin to pass the buck as the army is. "Well," Adam said, "the woman that You give me enticed me to take of the fruit." And the woman said, "The serpent beguiled me." Now, what does "beguile" mean? "She — he beguiled me." And God said, "I'll put enmity between your seed and the serpent's seed." Seed, the serpent had a literal seed, and it come through Cain. Through Cain come all the smart, educated people down to the antediluvian flood. And behind that come Abel who was killed, and Seth was raised up in his place to represent the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. And from him come the humble people, sheepherders and so forth, but the God-fearing people. And Jesus said the children of this world are wiser, smarter, than the children of the Kingdom. That's right. We can't compare with them. Don't try to put yourself up to be like them. Humble yourself before God. Don't desire to be smart and wise; just desire to know Jesus and let it alone, for there lays the seed of the serpent today. And people are glorying because scientists, and smart men, and educated, and great scholars belong to their churches. I'd rather have a man that really knowed God if he didn't know his a-b-c's to belong to my church (right) as long as he's the seed of Christ. The woman's Seed, the woman's Seed which was Christ... Mary brought forth the Christ. And the serpent's seed which was Cain come down to Judas Iscariot. There was both Jesus and Judas incarnate right there: God and the devil. On the cross of Calvary there was four people dying. There was a thief on each side of Jesus, and Judas hung himself on a sycamore tree, which is a cross: "Cursed is he that hangeth on a tree." There was one thief said, "If Thou be the Son of God, take us down." The other one said, "Lord, we do justly; we getting punished; but You've done nothing. Remember me when You come into Your Kingdom." Jesus said, "Today shalt thou be with Me in paradise." There was the — Jesus, the Gospel Preacher, preaching on the cross. There was Satan going back to hell, taking with him the seed of the serpent, the unbeliever. There was God going back to heaven taking with Him a repented sinner, the seed of the woman. Certainly. It was not the seed of the devil; it was the seed of the serpent. And the serpent had a seed; the Bible said it had a seed. And it still exists today, the seed of the serpent, so much... Now, you can ask me another question on that. If we just had time, I got all the words for you, and...

Now, on this hybreeding. You know, Eve was the mother of hybreeding. She misbred the human race. You know, after she had did this evil thing and... (I know this is on tape so we'll make it baby form for them, if they want to.) But when she had this affair with the serpent, which was not a serpent, a reptile... The Bible said he was the most subtle of all the beasts of the field. Science trying to find now, the — the bones of some creature between a monkey and a man, and applying it to colored race and so forth like that, they're as ignorant as they can come. The serpent was a man. The blood of a animal won't mix with the blood of a human. No, sir. But this species was so close between there till he, it did mix, and Satan knew that; great giant of a fellow.

Eve started this evil thing when she interbred there with this other thing that was near a man, that would mix the seed; 'cause the serpent had a seed that was continuely to bruise. I'm taking on the faith side for the weak Christians that don't understand. Let's take the faith there. Say, "then by faith, by the breeding then of faith, as you say, Brother Branham..." Then Eve brought in her theology her and Adam, and tried to plead one to the other and throwed it back... "Passing the buck," as they call it in the army... "The woman thou gives me..." "The serpent beguiled me." "The serpent beguiled me." He never give her a apple to beguile. See? Anyone ought to have common reasonings to know that. "But the serpent beguiled me," done something dishonorable. God cursed that thing till they can't find a bone in a snake looks like a man. They'll never find it. They're just foolish digging around. That's all. God's secret is with Him. That's right. And the land was full of giants and Josephus said that... The great historian, could you imagine a historian like Josephus saying that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, and they pressed themselves from angels into human flesh. A historian... If that's so, then Satan's a creator. Then where are we? See? There's one Creator. That's God. Satan only perverts what God has created. And unrighteousness is only righteousness perverted. It's legal for a husband and wife to be married, but not run with another. See, it's perverting. Death is perverted life; and a perverted church is taken off of original.

The same old devil that caused Eve to disbelieve the Word of God and done her evil, come right back around and took the children of Seth and let them see these pretty women of Cain, and they united again. And they was not infidels. They were not communists. No, no. They were believers. They said, "Now perhaps maybe the Lord might do something." Or, oh, this like that. They — they were... They thought that they were doing what was right. And what did God have to do? Wipe the whole thing off, had to wipe the whole thing off. Under false union! He had to send a flood and destroy the whole bunch. Judgment come on for that false union. Judgment struck Eden because of a false union. Now, did the serpent have a seed? Shame on you.
62-0211 ONENESS

The battle raged when Eve opened up her mind, to listen to her reasoning. That's the flue it come in. That's the — the channel it run down, her reasoning. She, in her soul, she reasoned. Her eyes was sight. She saw the serpent. He was beautiful, handsome, far better than her own husband. He was the most subtle of all the beast of the field, and he was probably a fairer man than her husband. He looked like a great masculine beast standing there. How great he was! And he was trying to tell her what a great thing it was. And first thing she did, she opened up her mind. And when she did, human reasonings caught it. "Why, wouldn't that be a thrill?" That's the thing he does to a woman today. Some woman with a lovely little husband, finds some great, big, masculine man. This man will try to opening up the reasons. Remember, that's Satan. That's the devil. Or, vice versa, man to woman, woman to man, either way. What does he do? Work in that reasoning power, that conscience or something, begins to move through. But give God's Word the first place. A man can't even come to... He can't sin... Hallelujah! Here it is. This is coming, fresh. A man cannot sin until first he casts aside God's Word. He can't even sin, that's, disbelieve. Until first he gets rid of the Word of God, the Presence of God, he cannot sin. Eve could not sin until she laid aside God's Word, opening up her channel of reasons through her soul, and begin to reason. "Why, certainly. My husband has never told me these things, but I believe that you... He told me I shouldn't do this, but, you know, you make it so real and so plain. I — I believe it would be wonderful, because you're making it so plain to me." See, there was the first battle. And, through that battle, has caused every other war. And every bloodshed that ever come, was caused right there at Eden. She disbelieved God's Word.

So you see what I mean? It is the Germ that come from the Seed. He is. He is the Word of God made perfectly manifest. That's the reason that in Him was... What? That was the thing that... He is correctly the Son from the first Adam, was the Son that was promised through Adam, continue on the human race. And Eve hybrid it, to the serpent, and brought forth a generation of bastard children, born to death, without Life. And Jesus come, and was that Seed. He proved it. Everything that Adam lost, Jesus was. See it? He is the correct. Eve would have finally brought that Child forth. But she hybrid it, brought the serpent in, listening for wisdom, understanding, knowledge.

"I'll give you a Seed." To the serpent, the serpent had already defiled her. He said, "But thy Seed, that I'll give you, shall bruise his head." He'll take that thing back again. Amen. I wish... I just wish everybody could see that. See? "I've come to conquer, and correct what Eve done. Only way I can do it is through a woman that believed the Seed; where, a woman didn't believe the Seed." A woman believed the Word; where, one didn't believe It. "I'm that Overcomer. I'm the One that's come to give Life, that through My death, to pay the penalty of what she done. Through My Life, will be given to you, to flow over you. And you'll be sons of God, and daughters of God, see, as long as the Seed is in there." You hybreed It, and you ain't got nothing but a denominational, bastard child. That's all. Anything deny the Word. Excuse me, sisters. I — I want you... I've just got to say just the way It says it Here. See? And that's — that's the way It is.

And before they came together, Adam and Eve, she was pregnated with the corrupt seed from the serpent. And when Adam come to his wife, he found her pregnated to death. See? Death! How? Spiritually and physically dead. But when Joseph, the human, come to his wife... Glory! Can't hardly hold her. She was pregnated with Life, the Word of God, flesh in her womb.

"Adam knew his wife Eve; and (conjunction) she conceived, and bare Cain." I believe all you teach, but have... would I... How would I answer someone who — who says she didn't conceive after Adam knew her, because of the conjunction "and." "Adam knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain." Now, we adults know what "knew" means. Now, the question is concerning the conjunction. Now, if you'll watch, friends (See?), you — you just can't make the Bible say one thing one place and something something else. It's got to say the same thing all the time. And if you've got It saying one thing here and something else over here, then your interpretation's wrong. See? You can't do it. You can't get Eve beguiled by the serpent and then find her somewhere else beguiled again. See? And the first time she was beguiled is when she conceived. You can't make her beguiled twice.

Just let me show you on your conjunctions. In a reading the Bible you must know where your conjunctions go. Conjunction is tying your sentence together. See? Now, watch this. Now, in Genesis 1:26, watch this conjunction, and then you explain this and then I'll tell you how he — when Adam knew his wife. Genesis the 1st chapter, and beginning with the 26th verse, now, listen close. God has made His creation now, and God let the earth bring forth of the creeping things and all the things that the earth brought forth. Now, in 26th chapter — 26th verse of the 1st chapter of Genesis: And God said, Let us make man in our own image, after our own — own likeness:... let them... (man, not him; "them," see, plural)... have dominion over the fishes of the sea, and over the fowls of the air, and over the cattle, and over... (See the "and, and, and" tying together?)... over the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. (both man and woman) And God blessed them... (after His creation then)... and... said unto them, Be fruitful, and... (and)... multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it:... Conjunction after conjunction of what... Man's to be multiplying. And after multiplying, then subdue the earth; that's plumb into the Millennium. See? All right, "Subdue the earth." All right: ... and have dominion over the fishes of the sea, and... the fowls of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

Now, God created man in His Own image, created, let them (the man) have dominion over all the earth, subdue it and everything, and let them do this and have dominion over the fishes of the — and everything that He did. And then we find out in Genesis 2:7... Listen to this. After God had done made the earth, done created man, done give him dominion over the earth, done give him everything that he's got, and God created them, told them to be multi — to multiply and replenish the earth, and all these things, and after seven more verses of things that He had finished, and the heavens and earth and everything, "And the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground." And... Here He is ("and" conjunction) making a man that He's already made. See? Making a man... And... (tying His sentence together)... God formed man out of the dust of the ground, and breathed... (the breath)... into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Now, think of that. After He had done made man (women and men) in Genesis 1:26 to 28, He made man in His Own image, created him and give him — subdued the kingdoms and give him all these powers and everything, and yet He had never created the man yet. See, Satan had already beguiled Eve. 'Course Adam knew her, but she was already beguiled. Because right back here he... when they... before they come... When they come into the judgment, He said... And God brought them together and said, "Who did this?" or asked them the question. Adam said, "The woman You give me." And the woman said, "The serpent beguiled me." And God put a curse upon them, and everything like that. And then Adam knew his wife (See?), after she was already beguiled and become a mother. Just the same as God made man way back here in Genesis 1:26 and yet he hadn't never been formed yet. See? All right.

Now, watch, let's get down here and read also... And Adam called his wife... Eve; because she was the mother of all living things, all... or — or mother of all living, Called his wife... called the woman wife because she was... or woman because she was... of all living things. And unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD... make coats of skin to cover them. Now, now, notice in Genesis again, 1:21, God created the whales in the sea. He done everything, and made the creation, made man in His Own image, made man, not "a man," whole man, all of them in His Own image. See? And after the image of God created He them; male and female, created him both like that.

And now we find out over here again, after He made man in His Own image, after He created him over here male and female, here He makes man out of the dust of the earth. And then, after He did that, after He done made him male and female, then He comes back here and makes a woman for him, after He'd already made him. See? See, your conjunction is tying that sentence together. Just the same as it said, now, here, "God created a man in His Own image, after His likeness He created him," it's God speaking in His thoughts in His mind, what He had. Here's where He actually done the deed. Jesus was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world; He wasn't slain for four thousand years afterwards. See?

So the serpent had beguiled Eve. That's the truly. Then after the judgment was set, then Adam knew his wife. And then she conceived and brought forth a son, Cain. You get it? See, the conjunction's just carrying on what Adam did, not what was done before Adam. And look here, if you'd like to carry that out, in that great statement here, I believe we find it over here in the — and here in the 4th chapter, I believe it is. And Adam knew... his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and... (a conjunction)... said, I have gotten a man from the LORD. Then it actually wasn't Adam; it was God's son by it. See, see? If you want to put your conjunction where at (See?), ("and" again), "I have gotten a man from God." Then saying that God give her that discriminating thing called Cain? Where did that resource of all that vile and filth and things that Cain had, coming from God? Couldn't be. See? She was beguiled by the serpent, and the serpent... She was already become mother. Then Adam knew her, certainly he did, he went and lived with her as a wife, but she was already to be mother of this child. And then when Adam's son finally was born, he was a gentle, sweet, humble, meek person like Adam.

But this fellow, where did that pure lying, where did that sin come from? Where did this fellow, Cain, that murderer? And the Bible said that, the devil is a murderer. Where did that lie come from? (The devil is the father of a lie; he's a liar and the father of a lie.) It had to come from some resource outside of God. So Cain was the evil one, and his father was Satan; and he brought forth this evil one. And then, 'course, Adam knew his wife, certainly. And yeah, maybe if you said like this. I would might say, taking myself, well, now, Rebekah was born, and after while come along...

I was reading one day the story of Joseph, and I was so thrilled at the story of Joseph. I got over in a little closet and knelt down up there in Minneapolis, and I said, "Lord God, how I thank You for a man like Joseph." And I thought, "If I... Wished I'd have named Billy Paul, 'Joseph,' after that great noble character." There's not one mark against him nowhere in the Bible, perfect type of Christ in every way. Thought, "How I would love..." I said, "Oh, if I had a boy, I'd name him Joseph." And just then that Light came moving into the building and said, "You'll have a son and call his name Joseph." I knew my wife, sure, she brought forth Sarah. Then I knew my wife and she brought forth Joseph. See what I mean? See, it had nothing to do with the first. God's promise was "Joseph"; Sarah come between that. Not placing Sarah in that kind of a predicament, but just to show you what I — what I mean. See? That... Sarah was God-sent, too. And so then we know that.

Now, but... See? God, when He passed the judgment upon Adam and Eve, she was already done the sin before He could pass the judgment. And listen, did you ever know that the first child was ever borned in the world was borned in sin, shaped in iniquity, come to the world speaking lies? The very first one that was ever born was born that way, because... "And so what about Adam and Eve?" They wasn't born. They were created. See? But the first child ever come was born in sin, so it has to be that line. "A man that's born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble." He's borned in sin. That's the reason he has to be reborned again (See?) by the Spirit, not by a spiritual thought; by spiritual birth (See?) that regenerates him, makes him a new creature. The first man was born was borned in sin.

Then there had to be One come without sex. Now, if sex wasn't the first thing, then why did they have to have One in sex to redeem the whole human race? Why didn't He just bring one down the corridors and said, "Here's the just One that thinks right"? It had to come through the sex, come through woman, because that's where it come in the first place. Through sex brought unrighteousness, and through sex brought Righteousness. See? God, without an adultery, without sexual desire, brought forth Jesus Christ by immaculate conception, by overshadowing Mary and creating in her this Baby, that come by sex. And through that, His holy Blood redeemed the whole fallen race. See? So it has to be, no other way for it. Every man that's born of a woman is death bound; he's dead when he's born. That's right. That's the reason I was talking the other day how that we have that blessed assurance now.

Nobody can withstand That! I challenge anybody to say it. Preached on The Seed Of The Serpent, so many blowed up about it. I've asked some man to come face me down in it. I don't find them.

Here it is again. What? Women was the cause of the first fall, and women ends up the time. She started it; she ends it. No wonder the Bible said, "Those that escape out of Zion shall be glorious in the sight of the Lord."

And I'm saying the same thing today, in this category of "passing the buck on to somebody else," or something we call it in the army, "passing the dollar on to somebody else." We are trying to pass it on, like Adam and Eve did. Eve tried. Adam said, "The woman You give me," and that was no excuse for him. See? The woman said, "The serpent beguiled me. She... He was the one that had the sexual affair with me. He beguiled me. He did this." That didn't keep it away, at all. They went right on to the judgment, just the same. Yes, sir. All right.

But that was the closest thing. See, they can't find that specie between a chimpanzee and a man. See, each one, as it's evoluted up, from the birds, and on up to monkeys, and so forth, up to chimpanzee, then there's a "lost." That was the serpent, not a snake; every form is lost from him, because he was cursed. Now, God didn't curse Adam; he might have done the same thing, but He cursed the earth, "thorns and thistles." He didn't curse Eve, but said Adam would be her "ruler." From now on, she ain't trying any preaching or anything, Adam is her ruler. "And all the days of your life, and in sorrow, and you'll bring your life into the earth." But He said, "I'll put enmity between your Seed..." Now, she didn't have any seed, she never did have, so, she had to receive a Seed from some way. God gave her a Seed, not by sexual intercourse, but by creation. Can't you blind people see that's the "seed" of the serpent? Oh, my! Satan got there before Adam; that was the "seed." But she received a Seed. What was it? God Himself. "He was the beginning of the creation of God."

But see, Adam had never knew Eve his wife. He had never come to that place, and Satan beat him there. See? And then when she become pregnant, then he knew her. We'll get to that on this next question or one of these questions. I don't know where it's at; we — I just seen it in here. Now, but there's where the giants came from.

What did this all do to Eve, by the first mother church, the first bride to the first Adam? What did it do to her? Now listen close, you're going to disagree with This. But it produced "the seed of the serpent." Exactly. Her first son was not the son of Adam. If it was, he had the birthrights. The Bible, in Jude, said that Adam... that, "Enoch was the seventh from Adam." Is that right? And he starts out, "Adam begot his son, Seth." What about Cain, which had the birthrights? He wasn't Adam's son. Seth, and Seth begot; Jared, and on down to Adam, which down to... "which was the seventh from Adam." Then if Cain was his son, there is not one place in the Bible, even in Luke when he refers back to it again, he never refers to Cain being the son of Adam. And, if he wasn't, whose son was he? And if he was the son of Adam, he was his first son, which had all the birthrights. Oh! There is that church carnal (can't you see it?) that accepted something, was the adultery instead of the Word. Pentecostal people, bless you. All right, what did he produce to Eve? The seed of the serpent. What has it done in this last days, by denomination? Produced the seed of the serpent, again, rejecting the Word. What did he offer? Fruits and things, not the Blood.

Now notice. She, Eve, is Satan's queen. See, Satan, the serpent, got to Eve before Adam got to her. See? That's right. So he beguiled her, see; so Satan, the serpent, was the husband of Eve before Adam ever knew. See, he beguiled her. The Bible said he did, and she knowed she was naked, then. See?
65-0829 SATAN'S.EDEN

Now remember, Satan's son was Cain. Now I think you all been through all the tapes, which, I see your libraries out here, of them. Now remember that Eve become pregnant by Satan, and in the same day... We got a case of it in Tucson now, that a woman, if she becomes... she lives with two men, she can have two different type of children. We know that. I knowed it in breeding dogs and things, and so forth, if it's right away. So Satan, that morning perhaps, met this evil one, which was the serpent; not a reptile, but a beast; most subtle, cunning, smart, of all of the beasts, just under man. And man is beast, himself, and we are — we are mammal, warmblooded animal. And — and Satan was the next link here, this serpent, was the next thing to a man, from a chimpanzee, stand between man and — and the chimpanzee. Now science is looking for that missing link. And it's so hid by taking him down, and even not a bone in him looks like a man, see, making him a reptile.

But the seed of the righteous one, who it was... See, Eve didn't have a seed. You know that. The woman doesn't have a seed, the female. She has an egg, but not a seed. But she... appointed him, a seed, see, appointed by God's appointment, she took the seed. And the great Seed, course, from the woman, was that God gave. See, God appointed her a seed instead of the one that Cain slew; that, the enemy, death, serpent's seed slew God's seed, in perversion there, you see. God appointed, through the woman, a Seed, which is Christ, see, to bring back the original seed again. You see it? And so you see the perversion brought death through education and intelligence, and what we call today, science and religion, and so forth, it brought death. But she... appointed him, a seed, and then man began to call upon the Name of the Lord, and begin to come back to the Word again. See? And remember, follow that seed, as we will track it in a few weeks, on this serpent. You follow that, it switches right through the Scripture. Watch it. Them two vines grow right together, as you heard my Message on "the vine." They come right up together, and so close together that it would almost deceive the very elected, if possible, in the last days when it come to the head. It puts forth a grain just like a wheat, but it isn't a wheat, see, it isn't. It's a shuck, yet.

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