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When the Azusa Street Revival broke out, many were displaying gifts that they believed to be directly from God. Taking the prophecy from Joel describing the fire that fell at Pentecost, this new breed of Christians decided to expand upon their teaching regarding these gifts, and replace Paul's description of the fruits of the Spirit with a new doctrine: "Evidence of the Holy Ghost."

The early Pentecostals commonly referred to the Gift of Tongues as evidence of the Holy Spirit, but as time went on and fewer people were given this gift, other spiritual gifts were included in this doctrine of "evidence."

The most common "evidence" referred to by the Pentecostal faith include not only the gift of tongues, but also serpent handling and the gift of healing. This doctrine is taken from the latter portion of the sixteenth chapter of the Gospel according to Mark. Though the earlier manuscripts of the Bible did not include this text, the Pentecostal faith decided to build their foundation upon these words:

And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up serpents with their hands; and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover."
Mark 16:17-18

Over time, the Gift that was freely given to God's children became more of an achievement. Those who were not blessed with the spiritual gifts counted as "evidence" were questioned in their faith. Many were instructed to continue seeking the Holy Spirit until they were able to achieve their gift.

The following of William Branham refer to Branham's claim to heal as evidence of the Holy Spirit in their movement. Regardless of how strongly the teachings of William Branham differ from the scriptures, this "evidence" of Branham's achievement takes precidence over the conflict in teaching, and some choose Branham over the Bible in these instances because of this achievement.

But as a majority, most of the followers of William Branham do not display the gift of healing that they consider to be evidence of the Holy Spirit — both during Branham's ministry and long after his death. Because of this, and because of Branham's Pentecostal background, many question whether or not God has given this Gift to them. While most Christians would see this as a disturbing problem, many in the following of William Branham do not see this as an issue. Branham lessoned the importance of the Holy Spirit in the latter part of his ministry, claiming that one could easily "grieve away" the Holy Spirit, and that one could have the Holy Spirit every day in his or her lives and still be lost and bound for hell.

In the earlier part of his ministry, William Branham promoted Paul's description of the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control) as what Christians should look for as evidence of the Holy Spirit. Over time, his doctrine changed. Basing his experience upon the Pentecostal "gifts," Branham claimed to have noticed Christian Science displaying the same Christian love Paul described in Galatians 5, but denied their having the Holy Spirit because they did not live the lifestyle promoted by the Pentecostal faith.

Towards the latter part of his ministry, Branham promoted the idea that accepting the "messenger" or the "message" for your "hour" [referring to himself] was the evidence of the Holy Spirit.

But this is not the same Holy Spirit described in the Bible. While William Branham claimed that we could "grieve away" the Holy Spirit, God tells us that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Though our sins may grieve the Holy Spirit, the Bible says that we are sealed until the day of our redemption, or salvation.

Jesus and the Apostles describe the Holy Spirit is a Gift. It is not a gift that might be merited by our actions, and there is nothing we can do to conjure up this spirit as we find with elemental spirits of the world. The Holy Spirit is a Gift, sent from the Father after Jesus Christ ascended to the Throne. It is a Gift freely given, by unmerited favor between God and man.

Branham was correct in the early stages of his ministry; the fruits of the Spirit are founded in perfect love. And that perfect love flows from us by the Spirit that is within us.

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Branham's teaching on the Holy Spirit:

Many of you think, "I got the baptism of the Holy Ghost, I'm going to Heaven." That don't mean one thing that you're going to Heaven. No, sir. You can have the baptism of the Holy Ghost every hour in your life, and still be lost and go to hell. The Bible says so. Uh-huh, that's exactly right.

There's not one thing left in the Bible, as "evidence of the Holy Ghost," only the fruits of the Spirit. Find out any place that Jesus said so. Yes, sir. The evidence of the Holy Ghost is the fruit of your Spirit. Jesus said so, "By their fruit you shall know them." "And the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, peace, gentleness, meekness. And the fruit of the enemy is enmity, hatred, malice, strife, and so forth; that's the fruit of the enemy." So, you can judge by the way you're living, where you're standing with God. If your whole heart is in love with Him, and you love Him and are gentle, and live with Him daily, you know you've passed from death unto Life. If it isn't, and you're otherwise, you're just impersonating a Christian. That's right. Which, all carnal impersonations will certainly be exposed. We know that.

Now, that's no evidence of the Holy Ghost. See? You can't rely upon that. You can't rely upon the fruit of the Spirit, because the first fruit of the Spirit is love. And the Christian Science exercise more love than anybody I know of, and they even deny Jesus Christ being Divine. See? There's only one evidence of the Holy Spirit that I know of, and that is a genuine faith in the promised Word of the hour.

Listen, now I'm going to say something that's going to really stab you for a minute, so just set still just a moment. The Holy Spirit can speak through a hypocrite. Exactly. I've seen it done, and I can prove you by the Scriptures that that's right. I can prove to you by the Scriptures that demon powers take up those spirits and use them, sure, they take up those gifts and use them. I've stood right... and seen devils speak in tongues and interpret it. And I've seen hypocrites take the genuine Holy Spirit and speak with it. That's the reason you can't say that speaking in tongues is the only evidence of the Holy Ghost.

The people put up on my desk, and said, 'Brother Branham, Brother Allen has just been in the town and told us that the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost was bleeding in the hands, and bleeding in the face, and oil running out of your hand, that was the initial evidence.'" I said, "I disagree with Brother Allen upon that being the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost, 'cause there was nowhere in the Bible where they ever bled at the hands, and — and oil come out of their face and hands for — prove they had the Holy Ghost." I said, "The Holy Ghost was the power of God in their lives. And Jesus said, 'These signs shall follow them that believe.' See? 'In My Name they shall cast out devils,' and so forth." But I said, "Here's one thing I would say about Brother Allen, he's a great man of God. And if I could preach as good as Brother Allen could, I'd never have a healing service; I'd just preach the Gospel."brother.

Now, if God give you an evidence of the Holy Ghost, like He appeared to Moses in fire back there and let him know that He was God, then you ought... If you've seen God heal others, like Moses throwed his stick down once and he knowed He would do it again, turn it to a serpent. He knowed He was God and what He done once He can do again.

You say, "I've spoke with tongues, Brother Branham. Now, don't you get a hold of that. I spoke with tongues, and that's the evidence of the Holy Ghost." If your life... If you can still cut your hair, if you can still do these things the Bible says not do; you could speak with tongues all day and night, and it's still nothing to do with God. The tree is known by its fruit.

Now the bad part of it is, friends, if you grieve the Holy Spirit once too often, then you have crossed the separating line. You come to a place where there's no more repentance left for you, and you'll be sealed into the kingdom of darkness, where you'll never see the Lord Jesus.

The church of the living God has got so much differences, and so much this, and that, till they grieve the Holy Spirit away from them.

We put so much stress on the evidence of the Holy Ghost. The Methodist said you have to shout 'fore you got It. A lot of Methodist shouted and didn't have It. The Pentecostal said speak with tongues when you got it. A lot of them spoke in tongues and didn't have It. That's right. But, brother, when you come to a place where you got love, it never will fail. That's right. If my wife trusted me because I give her ten dollars every time I left, well, brother, that wouldn't be very much sign I loved her. I'd be right or true. But when she knows that I love her, when I know she loves me, then there's a perfect trust between each other. No — no worry at all. Then when you got perfect love of God in your heart, you don't question God about anything. When the Bible said, "I'm the Lord that heals all thy diseases," you say, "Amen, Lord, that's right. That's me." "Tarry in the city of Jerusalem till you're endued with power from on high." "That was me, Lord."
56-0726 LOVE

So, there's nothing you can say is the evidence of the Holy Ghost, unless it's your life that you live. Now, if you want to speak with tongues, that's perfectly all right if you live the life to back it up. That's right. And if you want to shout, fine, that's good. I shout, too, get so happy sometimes I can't hardly wear a pair of shoes; I'm like to jump out of them. And that's wonderful. I believe it. I've seen visions, and the sick healed, the dead raised. When they laying out there and the doctors walk away and say, "They're finished and gone," lay there a couple hours; and the Holy Spirit come right down and show a vision, go down there and raise that person up. I've seen those who are deaf, dumb, and blind, and crippled, walk. That doesn't... That's just attributes.

Now, I've talked to some of their best men, their best theologians, and they say, "Brother Branham, you're right, but what can we do now? If we'd raised up against that, we'd be kicked out. And what would our church think about us when we've taught them for years — we've taught them for years that the evidence of the Holy Ghost is speaking in tongues. What if we change it now?" That's the curse of denomination. Bless the Lord, we have no denomination. Just as the Spirit leads, we take it.

Now, these virgins, ten of them slowed up. What stumped the Nazarene people was this: Because the Pentecostals took the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost is speaking in tongues. They got them down at the altar and made them say something or another over and over till they spoke in tongues. A real, true Pentecostal wouldn't go for that. The devil had a lot of things in your Nazarene church too. See? And he's got a whole lot of things in the Pentecostal church, but as far as the baptism of the Holy Ghost, that's the truth. That's exactly the truth. There's a lot of them, I know. I've heard people speak with tongues. I can't judge; I wasn't sent to judge. I've heard a whole lot of it, sounded like sounding brass and tinkling cymbals. But I know there's a real Holy Ghost that speaks with tongues. And I know that's right. Yes, sir. But they seen the people come in and say, "Glory to God, I got It." Well then, that's the same thing... Now, don't call that Pentecostal because they jumped up-and-down, and spoke in tongues, and you seen them out there with somebody else's wife or somebody else's husband. You say, "Is that the Holy Ghost?" You Nazarenes shouted all over the floor and done the same thing. You said you had It when you shouted. See? There's no way at all that you can prove it un — by — but by your life you live. "By their fruits you shall know them." That's the way it is. The godly life and Christ working with you confirming the Word, signs and wonders a-following with a godly life, that's the real thing. Now, you can have a lot of signs and not the life. You can impersonate the life without the signs, but when you see them both together, then that's it. That's the one. Now, and then, remember, the Bride... Now, I might finish this if you've got just a few minutes time, go on it. Look, a woman is going to cut off a dress. She's got a large piece of goods. (Let's call it what? Calico, gingham, or something another, some kind of a name that you got. Let's say it's silk.) And she's got a pattern. And she looks over this big piece of goods. Now, it's up to her where she lays this pattern. Is that right? She can choose it from any part of this goods, and the whole goods is sanctified; it's clean. See, it's election, God's election. So what does He do? God takes by election and places this pattern of Christ anywhere He wants to on the goods. Then it's cut out. The rest of the goods is just as holy as this part was holy, but by choice God made His choice before the foundation of the world. Didn't Paul say in Corinthians — Corinthians 8 — I mean, Romans 8, that, "Can the Potter — can the clay say to the Potter, why makest me thus?" Can God Who is just, when He could say to Esau or Jacob before either boy was borned or done right or wrong, "I hate Esau and love Jacob"? It's because that by foreknowledge He'd knowed what Esau was and what Jacob was. He knows what's in man. Before the foundation of the world He knowed, He...

Well, "I'm Methodist, I'm Baptist, Presbyterian, so what difference does it make?" they say. Oh, not that constant burden for the lost, that sweetness. Don't never let anything rise up and put bitterness in your soul. No matter how bad anyone ever treats you or anything, don't never! Don't be guilty of letting that thing anchor in your soul. It'll grieve the Holy Spirit away from you. It certainly will.

We tried everything. They have fellowship around them kind of things. Crows have fellowship on a dead carcass. But doves eat dove's food. They have fellowship in the wheat field. And so it depends on what's your — what you are. A dove can't... Now he cannot fellowship with the crows and vultures, because he has no gall; there's no bitterness about him. He couldn't eat it. It would kill him. And a Christian can't fellowship around like that. It would kill the very Spirit that was in him, grieve the Holy Spirit and It'd go away.

Don't grieve the Holy Spirit. It might be the last opportunity you'll ever have; I hope it's not. You know what it does to see you when you admit you're wrong? It says to me that there's something real there, that you really want to do right.

Now, don't fuss. See? Temper breeds temper. First thing you know, you grieve the Holy Spirit away from you, you'll be fussing back. Then the Holy Spirit takes Its flight. Temper breeds temper. And love breeds love. Be full of love. Jesus said, "This will all men know you're My disciples, when you have love, one for another." That's the fruit of the Holy Spirit, love.

"I haven't got It. I haven't, Brother Branham. I tried to accept It. I believe It, but really It hasn't been applied to me yet. I look in the glass, I see I'm not there. I look at the way I — I feel, what's in my soul, I'm full of temper, anger, I'm jealous. I've got all..." Oh, my! That would grieve the Holy Spirit from you, right now. See? See? "And I tell you, I — I — I do, I see the Word and see It confirmed; but yet I — I've just got a bunch of people that I go with, to my church, or my society, my card party, or something. I just can't give them up." That shows you haven't got the Token. "If you love the world, or the things of the world, the love of God is not..." "Come out from among them," the Bible said, "touch not their unclean things."
64-0208 THE.TOKEN

And now, there are those sitting here who are feeble this afternoon, that's in need of physical healing. And we have chosen these few words to read from Thine. And may the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Trinity, come in now, the Promise, the Comforter, that You said You would send.

And the trinity of God, the trinity of the attributes of God, as being Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, was represented in that one Man, Jesus Christ.

See, everything in the Bible is in a trinity. You know that. I said, the other day, "You're a trinity: soul, body, and spirit." You live in a trinity: kitchen, and living room, and the bedroom. You might have eight or ten different rooms, but bedrooms and spare this, but you only live in three rooms. God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost in a trinity. And we find out that the coming of Christ is in a trinity. He came first to redeem His Bride, comes next to receive His Bride, comes next with His Bride, as King and Queen, to reign through the Millennium. You know that. Everything is in a trinity. And we're in a trinity, we have a mortal body, a glorified body, or, I mean, a celestial body, and then a glorified body. Three stages brings us back to our perfection again like in Eden.
60-0803 ABRAHAM

You say, "The blessed holy trinity." Find me the word "trinity" anywhere in the pages of God's Bible. It's a man-made scheme, an old dirty church rag wrapped around to take the place of the sap Line of God's Holy Spirit. There's no such a thing. There's no such a thing. You find it and come to me. You're duty bound to do it as a Christian, if you find it. It's not in God's holy Writings. And the "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost" is hatched out of hell; there's no such a thing as three Gods. Now, I believe in the Fatherhood of God; I believe in the Sonship of God; I believe in the HolyGhost dispensation of God; but It's the same God in every dispensation, not three Gods.

Let Him open your eyes. He's the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Trinity here tonight to grease up your eyes with God's salve: open your eyes.

So One that has been among us, died and rose again, is glorified in the Presence of God tonight, comes back in the form of the third Person of the trinity, the Holy Spirit, and dwells in us, and moves, and proves Himself to be the same Lord Jesus. "A little while and the world sees Me no more; yet ye shall see Me for I'll be with you, in you. The works that I do, shall you do also. More than this shall you do, for I go to My Father." I wonder in the light of this Scripture, if you've come tonight, if you're not a Christian would you raise your hand and say, "Brother Branham, pray for me just now. I here want to raise my hands to Christ and say I haven't lived the right life. Be merciful to me, Lord Jesus."

Don't never lose them three places, now: the place of the wicked, the place of the righteous, and hell itself (See?), just like a trinity of heaven: like Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Like the trinity of the beast: the false prophet, the beast, and the — and the mark of the beast... And all that, remember, it's all in trinity. Trinity makes one, perfected. One is perfected. You're perfected, one in three: soul, body, and spirit: water, blood, and nerves. See, whatever you was, you have to take three to make a perfected one. Take a three cornered piece of glass and put the sun on it, you got a perfected rainbow. See, everything, you have to have three to make a perfect one.

That's it. I just got to quit preaching. I haven't even got my text good yet. Look. That's it. When the Holy Spirit moves in, the tin cans, and rats, lies, backbiting, selfishness, indifference with other Christians, all move out. And if you've still got them, it shows the Holy Spirit has never terraced out your life yet. Amen. Get rid of your rats. The Holy Ghost takes away them differences. It makes you full of love, joy, peace. Look at the flowers blooming around. Satan just can't step his dirty foot on there, for your life is dead, and you're hid in God through Christ, and sealed by the Holy Ghost. Then what comes forth? Why, the Holy Spirit's living there? These flowers just actually accompany the Holy Spirit. Now, you can't go, and get some of these artificial flowers, and set them out in the yard, 'cause they haven't got any life in them. And you say, "Well, I joined church. I guess I'm just going to have to be this a way." You're a miserable wretch. That's right. But when the Holy Ghost is there, It just automatically loves. "Oh, I could pull every hair in her head out. Ummm, that old Oneness, that old Trinity, that old this, that, or the other. Oh, I wouldn't speak to her. Will I go down to that meeting? Why, it's just the...?..." Oh, you old Pharisee.

See, there's everything in the Bible runs in threes; we know that. And there's three comings of the Lord. The first coming is past; the second coming's the rapture when we meet Him; and the third coming is when He's coming to rule and reign a thousand years. And everything travels in a trinity like Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the one God in a trinity. And the works of grace in a trinity, and all... Everything in the Scripture runs in the trinity. Now, threes, sevens, twelves, twenty-fours, forties and fifties...

Now, notice. The wicked or the unbeliever is influenced from beneath. There is a trinity of hell like there's a trinity of heaven. They're influenced by evil powers. Notice. The first thing, when you start down, the first thing you find is a realm here that's got the unsaved in it. That's right. That's where Jesus went and preached to the souls that were in prison that repented not in the long-suffering in the days of Noah. The next is demons. And the next is hell itself. The world is influenced by these demon powers through this trinity. And the Christians are influenced by a Spirit too, the Holy Spirit.

Now, tonight Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, and is living right here among us in Spirit form, called the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God, which is Jesus Christ, the third Person of the trinity. Now, now, He's here in Spirit form. He was with the children of Israel in a Pillar of Fire. Is that right? How many believes that was Christ? Sure it was. And then He come down, was made flesh to take sin away, take sickness away. Then He said, "I came from God," out of here, He said, "I come out of here, and I'm returning back in there." And here He is today, even letting His picture be taken in a scientific world to prove to us. The people may laugh and make fun of us, but He's here. Don't be worried. We know where we're going. We know what it's all about, now don't we? God is here. His Spirit's here.

First thing, this will straighten out you on your "trinity": Father, Son, Holy Spirit. [Brother Branham illustrates with three items — Ed.] Now, in the first place, not one place in the Bible was "trinity" ever mentioned. You find it and show it to me. There's no such a thing. It's Catholic error, and you Protestants bow to it. Notice. Now, what is this? I said this is Who? Father. This is Who? Son. And this is Who? [Congregation says, "Holy Ghost."] Now, the Father is the father of Who? The Son. Is that right? Now, this is Jesus' Father. Don't get them mixed up, now. This here is the Father; this is the Son, and this is the Holy Ghost. Is that right? Now, the people put it, "Three different people, three different Gods, three different personalities." No wonder the Jew can't understand it. All right.

Now, Father, take the Word, and may the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the trinity, comes, take the Word of God, and break It out to the people, and put It in every heart where it has need, where God would send It. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

The only hands that Christ has tonight, is our hands, only lips He has. He's setting by the Father, He sent the Holy Spirit back, the third person, the Trinity, to bear record of His being, which is God. That's God in us.

Here's where you Pentecostal people has made your mistake, many of you setting here, of teaching the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues being the Holy Ghost. Why, speaking in tongues is all right, but that is an attribute. That isn't the Holy Ghost; that's what the Holy Ghost does. The Holy Ghost is the love of God. I can prove it by the Bible. "Though I speak with tongue of men and Angels, and have not love, it profit me nothing." If you want a apple tree, and just got an apple, you're a long ways from getting a tree. See, it's an attribute.

I taught speaking in tongues, not the evidence of the Holy Ghost. I taught shouting, not the evidence of the Holy Ghost. There's none of those things you can say is the evidence of the Holy Ghost, or the only evidence. It might be the evidence the Holy Ghost is there. Singing might be the evidence the Holy Ghost is there. Talking might be the evidence the Holy Ghost is there. Any of the signs might be, and yet it's not infallible. There's only one Person Who can say the Holy Ghost is there; that's God Himself. He is the Judge. I've seen them sing; I've seen them talk; I've seen them shout; I've seen them speak with tongues, and all those things, and didn't. Their fruits proved that they didn't have It.

Then, on the Day of Pentecost, He sent back the earnest of this Place, the assurance, the evidence that this Land is real. Just like Joshua brought back the evidence, Jesus brought the evidence of the Holy Ghost.

And then notice, when they did that. So tongues is no evidence of the Holy Ghost; it's one of the gifts of the Holy Ghost. See? And the devil can impersonate everything He's got, Divine healing and everything else. He said, "Many will come to Me that day, say, 'Lord, haven't I cast out devils; haven't I (That's preaching the Gospel.) — haven't I done mighty works in Your Name, and all these things there.' I will say, 'Depart from Me you workers of iniquity. I didn't even know you.'" See? The Bible said that the rain falls on the just and the unjust the same. And the same cocklebur standing in the wheat field there, can be as happy and shout with the same water that fell upon him as the — both sent to the rain; but by their fruits you know them.

The same thing repeats. That's the evidence of the Holy Ghost, when God reveals to you and you see it, THUS SAITH THE LORD and accept it. Not what you are, what you was, or nothing about it, it's what God has done for you now. There's the evidence. Jesus said... He give us the evidence of the Holy Ghost, John 14. He said, "I have many things to tell you. I haven't got time to do it, but when the Holy Ghost comes, He will tell you, bring to your memory the things that I told you about, and will also show you things that is to come." Don't you see? There's the evidence. That's forthtelling and being — having the Divine interpretation of the written Word. Now, isn't that the evidence of a prophet? A seer in the Bible was a man that could forthtell and it'd be perfectly, exactly, not somebody laid hands on him, that's a gift. A prophet is predestinated and born to be a prophet. See? All the whole life it was a prophet; that's a office. That's where the people...

The evidence of the Holy Ghost is believing His Word. Always been every age if you can receive the Word.

People sometimes won't receive the Holy Ghost unless they speak with tongues. I believe in speaking in tongues, certainly. He's a good God; He'll give you the desire of your heart. But no matter how much you speak in tongues, and deny this Word, you're wrong anyhow. See? See, you don't go in by speaking in tongues. You go in by keeping every Word. That's the evidence of the Holy Ghost, when you believe the Word of God. See?

And now the reason that people today... Now, don't forget this now, and you'll — you'll see what the Holy... what the initial evidence of the Holy Ghost is. See? Now, people can live in this spirit, and they dance in the spirit. They shout in the spirit. They go to church in the spirit, and they can absolutely have the real Spirit of God anointed on that spirit, but still be lost and just as devil-possessed as they can be, with that spirit. Because, watch, that's the reason you couldn't tell that woman, she was wearing shorts, was wrong. You couldn't tell her bobbing her hair was wrong. "Well, what's your hair got to do with it?" Well, it did to Samson. See? "Whosoever shall add one word to This, or take one Word from It." You've got to have an ultimate somewhere.

Today, so confused about the evidence of the Holy Ghost, and so forth. Satan can impersonate any kind of a gift that God has got, but he cannot bring that Word, Word by Word. That's where he failed in the garden of Eden. That's where he's always failed. That's where them, the tape on "false, anointed ones," or anointed ones; they can be anointed with the Spirit, speak in tongues, dance, shout, preach the Gospel, and still a devil. It's the inside! Now remember, Jesus said, "All the Father has given Me will come to Me. No man can come except My Father draws him first." Now, we taken through the lesson, to show that in... You were in your great-great-great-grandfather, all the way back, physically speaking. Then, that's what you are in physical being, nature. Sometimes a child will be born in a family, red-headed. It astonishes the father, 'cause there's nobody he knows, of his people, red-headed, or the mother's. But if you'll go way back to several generations, you'll find out somebody was red-headed. That seed keeps coming on down, and you come the nature of one from way back. Like as Hebrews the 7th chapter said, that, "Melchisedec, Abraham paid tithes to Him when he was returning from the slaughter of the kings. And Levi, who received tithes, paid tithes," for he was in the loins of Melchisedec at... or, "the loins of Abraham," rather, when he met Melchisedec.

Now, if you want the evidence of the Holy Ghost, there it is. When that soul of yours will line with the Word of God, in every respect, it shows you've drawed your life through the thinking man's Filter, God's Filter.

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