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William Branham promoted an idea found in Charles Taze Russell's "Jehovah of the Watchtower (page 24)," concerning the idea of a temporary punishment — one of the ideas from Russell's "cardinal doctrines of the Bible" that caused many to label him as a heretic. According to Russell, scriptures describing an "everlasting" or "eternal" hell were incorrect, and he challenged orthodox Christianity.

I believe that this doctrine of eternal hell is a lie against man — is a lie against God, and sooner than preach it, I would let my tongue rot in my mouth.

As to the atrocious dogma of an eternal hell of inconceivable torment, does our "sensitive modern philosophy" imagine that it has outgrown the Scriptures?
Russell, 1891, "Watchman, What of the Night?"

There are many verses that describe the "eternal fire," though the King James translation sometimes uses the word "everlasting." Here are three examples:

Matthew 18:8:
And if your hand or your foot causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to enter life crippled or lame than with two hands or two feet to be thrown into the eternal fire.

Matthew 25:41:
"Then he will say to those on his left, 'Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

Jude 1:7:
just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire.

The greek word "aionion" is used in the original translation for what we read here as "eternal." (Strongs 166). Ironically, it is the same word used for "eternal life." ( So if we follow Branham's teaching out to conclusion, by denying an eternal fire, he was also denying eternal life. This word is one and the same.

Here are three examples of the same word being used to describe eternal life:

Matthew 19:29 Adj-AFS
NAS: and will inherit eternal life.
KJV: and shall inherit everlasting life.
INT: and life eternal will inherit

Matthew 25:46 Adj-AFS
NAS: but the righteous into eternal life.
KJV: into life eternal.
INT: into life eternal
Mark 10:17 Adj-AFS

NAS: shall I do to inherit eternal life?
KJV: that I may inherit eternal life?
INT: that life eternal I might inherit

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Instances of the word "aionion" (eternal, everlasting) in the scriptures:

Matthew 18:8 Adj-ANS
NAS: and be cast into the eternal fire.
KJV: to be cast into everlasting fire.
INT: fire eternal

Matthew 19:16 Adj-AFS
NAS: that I may obtain eternal life?
KJV: that I may have eternal life?
INT: I might have life eternal

Matthew 19:29 Adj-AFS
NAS: and will inherit eternal life.
KJV: and shall inherit everlasting life.
INT: and life eternal will inherit

Matthew 25:41 Adj-ANS
NAS: from Me, accursed ones, into the eternal fire
KJV: into everlasting fire,
INT: fire eternal which has been prepared

Matthew 25:46 Adj-AFS
NAS: will go away into eternal punishment,
KJV: into everlasting punishment:
INT: into punishment eternal moreover

Matthew 25:46 Adj-AFS
NAS: but the righteous into eternal life.
KJV: into life eternal.
INT: into life eternal
Mark 10:17 Adj-AFS

NAS: shall I do to inherit eternal life?
KJV: that I may inherit eternal life?
INT: that life eternal I might inherit

Mark 10:30 Adj-AFS
NAS: and in the age to come, eternal life.
KJV: the world to come eternal life.
INT: is coming life eternal

Luke 10:25 Adj-AFS
NAS: shall I do to inherit eternal life?
KJV: shall I do to inherit eternal life?
INT: having done life eternal will I inherit

Luke 18:18 Adj-AFS
NAS: shall I do to inherit eternal life?
KJV: shall I do to inherit eternal life?
INT: having done life eternal will I inherit

Luke 18:30 Adj-AFS
NAS: and in the age to come, eternal life.
KJV: to come life everlasting.
INT: is coming life eternal

John 3:15 Adj-AFS
NAS: will in Him have eternal life.
KJV: but have eternal life.
INT: might have life eternal

John 3:16 Adj-AFS
NAS: but have eternal life.
KJV: but have everlasting life.
INT: might have life eternal

John 3:36 Adj-AFS
NAS: has eternal life;
KJV: the Son hath everlasting life: and
INT: has life eternal he that moreover

John 4:14 Adj-AFS
NAS: springing up to eternal life.
KJV: springing up into everlasting life.
INT: into life eternal

John 4:36 Adj-AFS
NAS: for life eternal; so
KJV: unto life eternal: that both
INT: unto life eternal that he that

John 5:24 Adj-AFS
NAS: Me, has eternal life,
KJV: me, hath everlasting life, and
INT: has life eternal and into

John 5:39 Adj-AFS
NAS: that in them you have eternal life;
KJV: think ye have eternal life: and
INT: them life eternal to have and

John 6:27 Adj-AFS
NAS: which endures to eternal life,
KJV: endureth unto everlasting life, which
INT: unto life eternal which the

John 6:40 Adj-AFS
NAS: in Him will have eternal life,
KJV: him, may have everlasting life: and
INT: should have life eternal and will raise up

John 6:47 Adj-AFS
NAS: has eternal life.
KJV: me hath everlasting life.
INT: has life eternal

John 6:54 Adj-AFS
NAS: has eternal life,
KJV: blood, hath eternal life; and
INT: has life eternal and I I will raise up

John 10:28 Adj-AFS
NAS: and I give eternal life
KJV: give unto them eternal life; and
INT: them life eternal and never

John 12:25 Adj-AFS
NAS: will keep it to life eternal.
KJV: unto life eternal.
INT: to life eternal will keep it

John 17:2 Adj-AFS
NAS: Him, He may give eternal life.
KJV: that he should give eternal life to
INT: to them life eternal

Acts 13:48 Adj-AFS
NAS: appointed to eternal life
KJV: ordained to eternal life believed.
INT: to life eternal

Romans 2:7 Adj-AFS
NAS: and immortality, eternal life;
KJV: and immortality, eternal life:
INT: are seeking life eternal

Romans 5:21 Adj-AFS
NAS: righteousness to eternal life
KJV: righteousness unto eternal life by
INT: to life eternal through Jesus

Romans 6:22 Adj-AFS
NAS: and the outcome, eternal life.
KJV: and the end everlasting life.
INT: [the] end [is] life eternal

2 Corinthians 4:17 Adj-ANS
NAS: is producing for us an eternal weight
KJV: more exceeding [and] eternal weight
INT: to excessiveness an eternal weight of glory

2 Corinthians 5:1 Adj-AFS
NAS: not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.
KJV: not made with hands, eternal in
INT: a house not made with hands eternal in the

Galatians 6:8 Adj-AFS
NAS: reap eternal life.
KJV: reap life everlasting.
INT: will reap life eternal

2 Thessalonians 1:9 Adj-AMS
NAS: the penalty of eternal destruction,
KJV: shall be punished with everlasting destruction
INT: will suffer destruction eternal from [the] presence

1 Timothy 1:16 Adj-AFS
NAS: believe in Him for eternal life.
KJV: to life everlasting.
INT: to life eternal

1 Timothy 6:16 Adj-NNS
NAS: To Him [be] honor and eternal dominion!
KJV: and power everlasting. Amen.
INT: and might eternal Amen

Philemon 1:15 Adj-AMS
NAS: that you would have him back forever,
KJV: thou shouldest receive him for ever;
INT: a time that eternally him you might possess

1 Peter 5:10 Adj-AFS
NAS: who called you to His eternal glory
KJV: unto his eternal glory by
INT: to the eternal of him glory

2 Peter 1:11 Adj-AFS
NAS: the entrance into the eternal kingdom
KJV: into the everlasting kingdom
INT: into the eternal kingdom of the

1 John 1:2 Adj-AFS
NAS: and proclaim to you the eternal life,
KJV: shew unto you that eternal life, which
INT: life eternal which was

1 John 2:25 Adj-AFS
NAS: He Himself made to us: eternal life.
KJV: hath promised us, [even] eternal life.
INT: life eternal

1 John 3:15 Adj-AFS
NAS: murderer has eternal life abiding
KJV: murderer hath eternal life abiding
INT: has life eternal in him

1 John 5:11 Adj-AFS
NAS: has given us eternal life,
KJV: hath given to us eternal life, and
INT: that life eternal gave

1 John 5:13 Adj-AFS
NAS: that you have eternal life.
KJV: that ye have eternal life, and
INT: life you have eternal who believe

Jude 1:21 Adj-AFS
NAS: Jesus Christ to eternal life.
KJV: Christ unto eternal life.
INT: unto life eternal

Revelation 14:6 Adj-ANS
NAS: having an eternal gospel
KJV: having the everlasting gospel
INT: having [the] glad tidings everlasting to preach on

Branham's teaching on hell:

Now, "hell," we'll go back to that awhile. I tell you that — that there cannot be... I do believe in a burning hell. Yes, sir, the Bible said so, the lake of fire. Now, but that cannot be an everla-... it cannot be an Eternal. It could be... The Bible never says it's Eternal, It says "everlasting" hell. Don't say the word Eternal, it says an "everlasting" hell. Now, it's prepared for the devil and his angels; an everlasting hell, not an Eternal one. Now, after... That soul may be tormented there for its doings for ten million years, for all I know. I don't know what everlasting might be in God's sight. It might be for five minutes, it might be for a million years, it might be for ten million years, but there will come a time when that soul will cease to be.

Every one, Christian, in prayer. Is there a man, woman, boy, or girl, that would raise your hand to God, not to me, and say, write this: "I raise my hand to say to You, God, I believe that the judgments ready to strike the earth, and I am under the condemnation of this judgment. I must be separated from God, from the presence of the Church, from the presence of the Christian people. I must be tormented forever in an eternal hell. But tonight I feeled Your Spirit speaking to me, that I must be chosen of God. For Jesus said, 'No man can come to Me, except the Father draws him.' And I feel a peculiar drawing in my heart. And I now want to accept Christ as my personal Saviour. And God, I raise my hand to You and say to this, 'I now accept Your Son, Jesus Christ, Your provided sacrifice for my ill and ill famed sins, I now raise my hands to You.'"
56-0304 MAKING.A.WAY

There you are. Look at the time we're living in. Here we are. Signs and wonders... Look at the church: wearing shorts. Look at the women: bobbed hair, wearing manicure, ever that stuff makeup that... Let me tell you. I'm a missionary. You know that. You know where that come from? From the very depths of Africa. The heathens wear that, the African heathen. And as soon as those women get converted, they take that stuff off. You don't have to tell them nothing about it. But the educated heathen knows more about it you see: still a heathen. The Bible said it was. You shouldn't fashion yourself or act like the heathen. The heathen is a deaf ear, marked, designated for eternal hell, to burn in the fires of torment forever and ever.

But sin has an end, suffering has an end. Therefore, there cannot be an Eternal hell. There's a hell, fire and brimstone, we know that, but there's no Eternal hell. There's only one type of Eternal Life and that belongs to God. If you're to suffer forever, you got Eternal Life. Hell has an end, it may be billions of years, but it'll finally come to an end. The Bible doesn't say, anywhere, that they suffered Eternally, said, "Forever and forever." Jonah thought he was in the belly of the whale "forever," too. Forever has a distance or a time limit. But Eternal is perpetual, it has no beginning or end. It's like a ring, a circle. And as our time moves on, we're only in revolving around the great motives of God.

When — when you say the wicked shall not burn eternally... (Well now, I got Jehovah Witness on the run, haven't I?)... When you say the wicked will not burn eternally, do you mean in hell or in the lake of fire? I know it says in Revelations (That's the 20th chapter.) that hell will be cast into the lake of fire. If they do not burn eternally, then what becomes of them? Just as I have just got through saying, brother or sister, whoever it was; they become extinct; there's no more to them. They had a beginning, and there's a end; they're just nothing no more. How will... How long they will burn, that's just hard telling. But look, there...

If you can just get this in your mind (See?); it's very simple. There is but one type of Eternal Life, and that comes through God Himself. And God alone is Eternal Life. If you'll just get here in the Lexicon, look up the Greek word "Zoe." "Zoe" is "Eternal Life." Eternal Life is God. And Jesus said, "I give unto them Eternal Life." And if you'll look here at the Lexicon, it said, "Zoe." That's the only Eternal Life there is. No place in the Bible where It ever says there'll be a eternal hell; it said they'll burn "forever and ever." Now, to get the word "forever," look at the aeon — aeon. Did You notice here in the Bible... How many's ever heard it said, "And aeons and ae..."? How many knows that "aeon" is "a space of time"? Why, sure, anybody knows that; "aeon" is "a space of time." "And they shall burn for aeons," that's spaces of time: cast into the lake of fire and shall burn for aeons. "Aeons" means the "spaces of time." They may burn for a hundred million years in punishment, but finally, they have to come to an end, to be extinct, altogether. See, because everything that is not perfect is a perverted off of the perfect; and it had a beginning, so it must have an end. But we who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ has Zoe, "God's Own Life" in us, and have Eternal Life, not have life forever and ever; the sinner has life forever and ever, but we have Eternal Life.

Now, now, there... Now, you're going to... Be many disagree with this, but I want you to think real hard before you make your decision. See? I'm going to say something now: That's the reason I don't believe that there is an Eternal hell. There cannot be an Eternal hell. 'Cause if there ever was an Eternal hell, then there always was an Eternal hell, 'cause Eternal... There's only one form of Eternal Life, and that's what we're all striving for. And if you're going to burn forever and for Eternity, then you'll have to have Eternal Life burning, and then it'd be God burning. You can't have Eternal hell, and the Bible plainly says that "hell was created." And if it's created, it isn't Eternal. Anything that's Eternal never was created; it always was, it's Eternal. And the Bible says that "Hell was created for the devil and his angels." Hell was created, it isn't Eternal. And I do not believe that a person will be Eternally punished.

Now, last evening, I made a quotation, that last. And remember now, the first message come to the church after the ones that you know about, besides down there in Kentucky, was that there will be mysterious things in this meeting that'll shock many. Remember that? It's on tape, now. See? Last night one of them was revealed. So it kind of stopped just for a second, but I'm sure you caught it; because the Holy Spirit brought over, that was to be: "an Eternal hell, there's no such a thing in the Bible." There's no Eternal hell. If you had Eternal... If you burned in hell for Eternity, then you have to have Eternal Life to be there, if you're alive. And there's only one form of Eternal Life, that's God! See? So, and then the Bible doesn't teach an Eternal hell, it teaches an "everlasting" hell. That might be for ten thousand million years, I don't know, but it has to cease. Because I had to bring It in there. I keep It away from the churches and things till I... it's up to me to say It. And then there's several things in here is going to be up to me to say It, and so then each night we find them.

There's no such a thing, as I said the other night, as an Eternal hell. How do you ever get Eternal hell? There always was a hell, then. The Bible said, "It was created for the devil and his angels." There always would be a hell; if there always will be one, there'll had to be one at the beginning. And what... Who used it back there when — when He was El, Elah, Elohim, "the self-existing One," when there's nothing else? Then hell had to be right there with Him. See? "Hell was created for the devil and his angels. And all the wicked will be cast into it." That's exactly right. They'll be punished for maybe a hundred million years for what they've done. But there'll come a time that they'll have the second death. There'll be nothing left of them. Everything that had a beginning has an end. So when we receive Eternal Life, we're receiving part of that cosmic light that was back yonder before there was ever was a molecule. Uh-huh. That Light of God comes into our heart that lightens us that we see Jesus. The Bible said, "We don't see all things, but we see Jesus."

It's just like the Catholic says, "eternal Sonship," the eternal Sonship of Christ. How can the word make sense? How can He be eternal and be a son? Son, that was born off of. Eternal had no beginning nor end. If... they say there's a eternal hell, the Bible said hell was created. Then how can it be eternal? There's no eternal hell: hell was created for the devil and his angels; not an eternal hell. Everything begin, ends. Hell may burn for a hundred billion years, but it has to have an end, because everything begins, ends. That's the reason we can't die, because we are part of God; offsprings of his, sons and daughters. We got eternal life; God's life. It never did begin, never will end. See?

You that has not got the Holy Ghost, you that don't know that you're real Christians, you come. I challenge you; I call you; I persuade you in the Name of Jesus Christ to come. You think it's too far from the balcony? It'll be a longer distance than that when you walk that road to the eternal hell where you'll scorch...?...

We find out: What was being revealed? What is the revelation of redemption, how was we redeemed? Just look here in these last few years what's happened: the revelation of the Name of Jesus in water baptism, the revelation of no Eternal hell, never was known before (thinking your loved ones would be for Eternal). See? And you can't have Eternal Life unless you're saved. You got Eternal Life, then you cannot be burnt in hell for Eternal. You'll be punished for your sins with your natural life, but you cannot have Eternal Life in hell. If you got Eternal Life, then you cannot burn forever because there's only one form of Eternal Life. And I'm sure the Church understands that.

Now, it's a Book of the Revelation, God revealing Himself. And now through these great mysteries, He's revealing the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in baptism, He's revealing that there's no such a thing as an Eternal Hell (it cannot be, there's no Scripture in the Bible says there's such a thing). Now, there's a hell, and there's a lake of fire, and where the wicked they're punished, but they're finally consumed. Maybe ten hundred million years, but they're finally consumed. 'Cause you cannot have Eternal Life unless you're saved. And if you burn Eternally, you got to have Eternal Life. Why, common sense would show you that. See? How can you have Eter-... ? How many knows when you got Eternal Life you're saved? Well, if you burn for Eternal, won't you have to have Eternal Life to recognize it? So, see, it just don't even make sense. See?

But when you begin to see the year of Jubilee where we don't have to fuss and strain and pull like this, but we're already secured in Christ! We already have the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ in baptism. We have all these great mysteries that we're going to bring up in these Seven Seals, and prove to you that them was the seals that were sealed from the eyes of the people. Of God being my helper, I'll prove to you that they could not see That by the Bible (Then, sure, if the Bible said so you'll believe it.), that they could not see nothing but "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost" until this time. They could not see that there was no Eternal hell, until this time. They could not see there was an Eternal security un-... I mean for the real believer. Of course, there's been a mock of it all the way around, a uncertain sound they give. That's the reason the people... They say, "Why, look at them Presbyterians and so forth, smoke, drink, and everything else, and say they got Eternal security." Yeah, but, you see, that's to — that's to throw off the real Trumpet. Let's find out back Here and find out whether the Trumpet sounds, if you don't come plumb back to Genesis to Revelation, back and forth, when this seal is opened; see, these things being revealed.

Now, that's the way God has got His seven-sealed Book. Now, just as He tears this off, that revelation comes plumb back around and runs all the way around to the back side of the Book. That's why you can take the Name of Jesus Christ and run It from Genesis to Revelation and show there's no such a thing as "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost." See? See, it goes all the way around through the Bible, It reveals it. Then you take like, "There is an Eternal hell." You pull that off and run it all the way around; there never was an Eternal hell 'cause in the beginning God said that hell was created for the devil and his angels, for their future punishment. Then if hell is Eternal, how could it be created? The word creation never did... The word Eternal, "never did begin and never can end." Then there always was a hell if it's an Eternal hell, "there was a hell all the same time, the same time there was a God there was a hell, before there was any sin there was still a hell." Huh! Oh, my! See, you can't make it.

Now, you've always wondered whether the — whether the poor sinner would burn for Eternal or would he just become annihilated after a million years. Here it is. That's how it was. There's no such a thing as Eternal hell. Couldn't be Eternal, 'cause I... hell wasn't with Me when I begin back yonder. I created it to punish the wicked in. See? What are you so scared about, see, about Abraham's Seed and all these different things? Just... " That's just — just the outline of it, see, but when you get into how God opening up them seals, and showing it, come right on down; you see, when you do, then you can't get away from this Book. Them seals...

Now, in the 3rd chapter the Church was gone up, but now redemption is to be revealed, how the Church was redeemed, the revelation of what taken place during the church age. See, the Church is gone. So He is now showing in the 5th chapter how He did it, what taken place, how He sealed the Church off: The revelation of His Name, water baptism using His Name, Eternal Life, no eternal hell, serpent's seed, eternal security; all the great doctrines, predestination of the Church that was revealed to the Church. He's showing how He done it.

And let me say this tonight, the very God that America claims they believe in will be the very God that will sink her beneath the sea. She'll burn like a eternal fire. The whole world, the Christian world so-called, living in the way they do, hugging on to creeds and things like that, and denying God. No wonder their org... No wonder the revival died right out. They got to a certain spot, and then they went to bringing in this, and bringing in that, and putting millions of dollars in new educational buildings and things like that, when it never was ordained of God to do so; yet preach the Gospel.

Now, I got the Greek lexicon here, The Emphatic Diaglott. I studied the other day on a word. Now, in John 14, or John 3:16, we find, one place says, "have everlasting Life." Another place it says, "have Eternal Life." But in the Greek, in the Greek version... In the Hebrew, it says, "Life without end." In the Greek word, has a-i-n-i-o-a-n. Almost like "aeon." Aeon is "a space" that can't be, is a number that can't be numbered. It's beyond millions, trillions, billion. But this is aionios of time, Eternal Life. And the English word for it is Eternal. We know it as Eternal, aionios, or "Life without end." See? And if you've got Life without end, how can you perish? You have become a part of the Eternal. And there's only one thing Eternal. Satan is not Eternal. No. He — he become Satan. Hell is not Eternal. Hell was created. It's not Eternal. And these bodies are not Eternal. They were created. But the Spirit of God is Eternal. It never had a beginning, or It never has an end. And the only way we can have Eternal Life, from that Greek word, Zoe, which means, "God's Own Life," we have, we become a part of God when we become sons and daughters of God, and we have aionios Life. So the part that lives, us, that recognizes this Word, from here to there, that recognizes, is aionios Life, "Life without end." It's God's Own Life in us. Amen. Whew!

And there's no Scripture that says there is an Eternal hell. Cause, Eternal never did begin, neither does it ever end. So the Bible said "hell was created for the devil and his angels," so it isn't Eternal. There was a time when it wasn't, and there'll be a time when it's not, again. But they may be punished in there, through fire and brimstone, and the pits of fire, for aeons of time, but it finally will end because hell is not Eternal. And if there was an Eternal hell, you'd have to have Eternal Life to live in an Eternal hell. And if it was Eternal, it always was, and you always was in hell and you'll always be in hell. See, so there is no such a thing. So, you see, Eternal is "never had a beginning or an end." And there's only one form of Eternal Life, and that is in God, comes from the Greek word Zoe, which means "God's Own Life." And when we are born again of the Spirit of God, we become Eternal with God, because we have part of His Life, which makes us sons and daughters to God, then we have Eternal Life. And the Life that is in us, God will raise up the body with the Life at the last day, but it's the Spirit of God that's in us that raises up, because it is a Spirit of Christ that was in Christ, that quickens our bodies and raises us up also, with Him, to sit in — in — in Glory and reign with Him.

Eternal Sonship, as they talk about. How can He be an Eternal Son, when Eternity never begin or never ends; and a son is something that's begotten of? How can it make sense? How can there be an Eternal hell, when hell was created? I believe in a burning hell. Certainly, the Bible said so. But, it's to destroy. The Bible said, "Blessed is he that has not part in the second death." See? See, you won't be destroyed by second death. The first is a physical. The second is a spiritual death, when everything is finished. "The soul that sinneth, that soul shall die." You'll punish for your sins, maybe through the hundreds of year, thousands of years. But there can't be an Eternal hell, because the Bible said hell was created. How can it be created and be Eternal? If there ever was... The Bible said, "Hell was created for the devil and his angels." And then, if it was created, it can't be Eternal. Cause, Eternal, anything Eternal, never had a beginning or had an end. That's how we can never die, because we was always. We're a part of God, the offspring of God, and He's the only Eternal thing there is. [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit three times — Ed.] Amen. You can no more die than God can die, because you're Eternal, with Him. Amen! Let it come! Hallelujah! Kind of getting tired of this old pesthouse, anyhow.

How you got a eternal hell in there then? See, it's the last days when these things are being revealed. There's no place in the Bible says hell's eternal. To — to have... To be in a eternal hell, you'd have to have Eternal Life to stay there. There's only one form of Eternal Life, and that's what we're struggling for. Everything had a beginning has an end. Hell was created for the devil and his angels, and will be consumed and done away with. Right. See? But when this takes place, it neither leaves them root or branch. But unto them that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness rise with healing in his wings;... ye shall go forth, as a — grow up as calves of the stall. And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in that day that I will do this, saith the LORD of hosts. Where's the wicked going to be after the tribulation? Ashes. Remember... the laws of Moses..., which I commanded... him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments. Behold, I will send to you Elijah the prophet before the coming of that great and dreadful day of the Lord:

Is the lake of fire and hell eternal? No, sir. No, sir. Anything that was created is not eternal. No, anything that's created... That's the reason there cannot be an eternal hell. If anybody ever tells you that you're going to burn in an eternal hell, I want the Scripture for it. See? There's no such a thing as that. Hell was created for the devil and his angels, for the antichrist and his people; that was the devil, the incarnate devil. It was created for that to destroy. And anything that had... Anything... There's only one thing at all out of everything there is, the whole world and everything else; there's only one thing eternal, and that's God.

I believe in an Eternal death, same as I believe in an Eternal Heaven, but not an Eternal hell. There's no such a thing as Eternal hell. There is an Eternal death for the people that are... Many of them, religious, in the world today, has always been dead. "The woman that liveth in pleasure," with her bobbed hair and painted face, "is dead while she is alive." The Bible said so. See? See, she may be religious, but she never was saved. She's got a outward motion. She might sing in the choir, or she might dance in the Spirit, she might speak in tongues, and have all the manifestations of the Spirit. But unless that soul on the inside is God's daughter, see, she is gone, no matter what she does.

Jesus said, "They will come to Me in that day, say, 'Lord! Lord! Have not I cast out devils? Have not I done prophesied? Have not I done great things in Your Name?'" He'll say, "You workers of iniquity, depart from Me, I don't even know you. Go into eternal hell that's been prepared for the devil and his angels." You see? What a Word! Falsely. Worship in vain, striving in vain. Why do you do that when you don't have to do it? Why take a substitute when the Heavens is full of genuine? See? You don't have to do that.

But I stand here on the authority of the Word of God and deny that the unbeliever goes to an eternal hell and burns there eternally. In the first place, hell, or the lake of fire, or whatever you want to call it is not eternal. How can it be if it had a beginning? In Matthew 25:41, it says that "everlasting fire was prepared for the devil and his angels." Now if it was prepared, then it wasn't without a beginning. If it had a beginning then it can't be eternal. Of course you might stumble over the idea of the word 'everlasting.' But that word means "from the ages to the ages" and has different meanings attached to it. In I Samuel 3:13-14, God told Samuel that He was going to judge the house of Eli forever, and that they would offer no more sacrifices "forever" as His priests. And in II Kings 2:27, Solomon thrust out the last descendants of Eli from the priesthood. That was four generations or so later. Now you can see that "everlasting" does not compare with what is "eternal", or that which had no beginning or end. Here in this case the word everlasting means "to the vanishing point." That is what happened. They vanished.

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