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The word "Gospel" means "Good News." To a Christian, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest news that can be given, news that Christ has freed the world from sin and death.

Sadly, however, many have long forgotten what this "Good News" is all about. When asked, many in the following of William Branham will give an answer of "power," or "healing," a description that represents the power of God without any indication of the message that is to be spread with the Good News that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When the Mosaic Law was given, it was a two-part contract between man and God. There were over three hundred blessings if the Children of Israel kept the laws given to Moses by God, and there were over three hundred curses if they failed to keep the Law. From famine and drought to captivity and desolation, the curse of the law was severe. At the same time, the Gentile nations were cursed. God chose Israel as His children, and the idolatrous nations that rose against Israel were punished with Israel's favor.

In Galatians 3, Paul compares the Mosaic Law to a child under instruction of a tutor, and describes the Law itself as a curse. Once the curse was lifted, Paul tells the Galatians that there is no longer a separation between Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female.

Throughout his letters, the Apostle Paul calls the Law a "Law of sin and death," one that brings condemnation rather than salvation. This condemnation was upon the head of Israel, condemnation spoken directly by God through His prophets in the Old Testament. Israel had broken the Law, abandoned it, and brought the curses of the Law upon themselves. Without a Redeemer to save them, Israel deserved death.

To the early Jewish Christians, the Gospel had special meaning. Christ had set them free! They were no longer bound by the Law, and they were no longer living under the curse of the Law. Though they deserved death and eternal separation, Jesus Christ had came as their Kinsman Redeemer. He died in their place, paying the final penalty of the curse. His death brought new life, life without the curse of the Law, and they had done nothing to deserve it. It was given to them as a Gift, the greatest Gift the world had ever known. God had sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, as their Kinsman Redeemer. God's only Son sacrificed His own life so that their lives could be saved, and so that they might have a place in the Kingdom of Heaven.

To the early Gentile Christians, the Gospel also had special meaning. Though they were not bound by the Law, and were not under the curse of the Law, they had not been considered God's children. God had favored Israel as His people, but now the Gentile nations were adopted as children of the King.

This gift of life was given without any merit. There was nothing that could be done to earn this Gift. There was nothing mankind could do to save themselves.

Christ, God's only Son, suffered and died on the cross for the sins of the world. He died and rose again, conquering death, hell, and the grave. Because He lives, we are given the gift of eternal life, and there is only one requirement: faith in Jesus Christ.

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.
Ephesians 2:8-9

This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the Bible. Without the early books of the Bible, we would never fully understand the Grace and Love of the Heavenly Father to His Children before their punishment for failure to keep the Law. Before there was Law, there was Grace, and eternal covenants showing God's faithfulness.

Without the books of the prophets, we would never fully understand the necessity of a Savior. Though mankind tried to save themselves by their own actions, the Old Testament teaches us that we cannot save ourselves. We need a Savior. We need God.

Paul proclaimed this Gospel, and left nothing hidden in mystery. 2 Corinthians 1 tells us that nothing is written inbetween the lines, and there is nothing we can't understand. It is the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Through the New Testament, we find many warnings of men that will come to spread false teaching. Paul condemned anyone who spread a different gospel — telling the people to keep promoting the Gospel, the Good News that he was also spreading.

But William Branham promoted a different gospel. Like the Children of Israel abandoning and forgetting the Mosaic Law in the Old Testament, many in the following of William Branham has abandoned and forgotten the Gospel that Paul spread. It is quickly replaced with the gospel that Branham promoted.

Branham's gospel contained a fictional man that spent most of his time in the work of "divine healing." Often, Branham would claim that "85% of the ministry of Jesus Christ was on divine healing." This gospel was often referred to by Branham as the "gospel of divine healing."

The jesus in Branham's version was not the eternal son of God that is described in the first chapter of the Gospel according to John. Branham's version included a man, born by virgin birth but without the status of "God." Branham's jesus did not become a god until his baptism by John the Baptist. Because this version of Jesus had a beginning, Branham explained that Jesus was not the Eternal Son of God.

Though he claimed to have disagreed with the Oneness Pentecostal godhead, Branham promoted the Jehovah's Witness version of Christ that was "Jehovah of the Old Testament," which Branham claimed to be Jesus as taught by Charles Taze Russell.

Similar to the Islamic version of Christ, Branham taught his followers to believe that Jesus was required to have a vision before performing any miracle. Though he promoted the idea that Jesus was also Jehovah, Branham would often explain that Christ was not the Father. Taking this out to conclusion, we find a heirarchy of gods in Branham's teaching — a Father who sent visions to a Son, and a Son whose hands were tied until the vision came.

In Branham's gospel, this power did not remain with Christ. In several sermons describing the scene during Christ's prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, Branham would describe how the "spirit of god" abandoned Jesus in the Garden. Rather than the Son of God suffering on the cross for our sins, Branham's version of the gospel described a man, abandoned by the Father, crucified on Calvary's hill.

The writers of the New Testament do not show patience for men who spread different versions of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Galatians 1:8 describe them as accursed.

"But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed."
Galatians 1:8

Branham's explanation of the reason Jesus offered Himself as a sacrifice? So that a future 'prophet' could finish the incomplete work:

Now He sanctified, with His Spirit and Blood, a Church, that He might make every promise in this last day be revealed. Now, see, He could go back and pick up what these other fellows has left off here, in the last days, and by His Holy Spirit reveal all the mystery of the Seven Seals. See, He is expressing Himself. That's His purpose. That's why He died.

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Branham's different gospel:

How horrible sin was. How horrible, not was, but what it is now. And if that was under the law and Christ come to magnify the law... He said, "You've heard them say, them of old times, 'Thou shalt not kill,' but I say unto you, "Whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause is killed already": magnified it. "You've heard them say, them of old times, 'Thou shalt not commit adultery (that was the act)', but I say unto you, whosoever looketh upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery": magnified it thousands of times. Well, if it taken fourteen generations for that to fade out then, what about when the magnifying glass of God's throwed on it?

We went back in Deuteronomy and showed that a illegitimate child, bastard child, could not even enter the congregation of the Lord for fourteen generations. That was under the law, and Christ come to magnify the law. How much more is it now?

And you say, "Does God do that?" Yes, sir. God visits the iniquity of the children, the generation, even to fourteen generations. And if Christ come to magnify it, we'd say a hundred generations or five-hundred generations. Why, He said, "Them of old... You've heard them say, them of old times, 'Thou shalt not kill.' I say you, who's ever angry with his brother without a cause has killed already. You've heard them said, them of old times, 'Thou shalt not commit adultery.' But I say that who looks upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery already." He made it. What is magnify? Make it many times bigger. And if under the law it was fourteen generations, how long will it take the same thing today?

See, there cannot be an eternal son, because a son had to have a beginning. And so Jesus had a beginning; God had no beginning. See? But the Son was the... Not eternal sonship, but the Son that was with the Father in the beginning was the Logos that went out of God.

Jesus said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." How much more reliability could we place upon anything than the Words of the eternal Son of God.

The word son has to have a beginning. So how can He be Eternal and be a son? Eternity has no beginning or end. So, He can't be a son, an Eternal son, and then have a beginning, 'cause there is no such a thing as a Eternal son. A son had a beginning, so he can't be Eternal. You see, He is the Eternal God, not the Eternal son. Glory! The Almighty, Jehovah-jireh, Jehovah-rapha, made manifest in flesh, "In Him dwelt the fulness of the Godhead bodily."

I've always thought that Jairus was a secret believer. He believed in his heart, kind of a borderline believer. He believed in his heart that that truly was a Man of God. He believed that that was God's eternal Son, His Prophet, Priest and King

If He was a Son, He had a beginning. If He was Eternal Son, how could He be a Son and be Eternal? For, son is — is a product of something. But, if He was — He was, could not be an Eternal Son. There's no such a thing, "Eternal Son of God." Cause, if He — if He never had a beginning, then He cannot be nothing but Eternal. But, if He was a Son, He had a beginning, so He cannot be an Eternal Son. It was the Eternal God manifested in a Son. Uh-huh. See? Eternal God, 'cause God is only thing that's Eternal.

How can it be an eternal son? Oh, my. How you... I'm a dummy, and I know better than that. Sure.

Now, when Jesus was here on earth, He said, "I can do nothing except the Father shows Me." First it had to be a vision. And the vision Jesus saw, then He went and done it. Look at the blind man following Him that day. They come along hollering, "Have mercy on us." He never even paid a bit of attention to them, went on in.

How can He be an Eternal Son, when Eternity never begin or never ends; and a son is something that's begotten of? How can it make sense? How can there be an Eternal hell, when hell was created? I believe in a burning hell.

People talk about Jesus being the Eternal Son of God. Now isn't that a contradiction?

The Spirit left Him, in the garden of Gethsemane. He had to die, a man.

The Father, in Saint John 5:19, Jesus said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing." Now according to His Own Word. And He can't lie, and be God. According to His Own Word, He never performed one miracle until God showed Him in a vision, what to do.

Now, when Jesus came, He wasn't just a man. He wasn't just the third person of the trinity. He, He was God. He was God, Himself. He, He was Emmanuel. And we're taught, in the Bible, that, "We're saved by the Blood of God." When God Himself became one of us, He — He changed His — His — His, what He was. He changed His tent. He came down, condescending from Glory, and became man. Therefore, born without sex, He created Himself a body that He lived in, Himself. Emmanuel, God represented with us, the Word made flesh among us, and lived with us, to redeem many sons back to God, through the shedding of this Blood.
63-0428 LOOK

I've always preached that He was Deity, not just a man.

Jesus used about eighty-six percent of His ministry was upon Divine healing, that He might attract the attention of the people, then explain what His purpose was there. And, that's the same thing, we're trying to continue His ministry in the best way that we know how, believing that He still remains the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Jesus said, "I can't do nothing in Myself." Did He tell the truth? He had to tell the truth. In order to be God, He had to tell the truth. His words were infallible. He said, "I can do nothing in Myself." Therefore He didn't heal one person in Himself. He said, "I... The Father shows Me first by a vision what to do, then I go do it.

About seventy percent of His ministry was upon Divine healing. He healed the people, not to show His authority; He healed the people to fulfill the Scripture.

Then notice, Jesus said as soon as the this was done. He said to them... Listen at His words, Saint John 5:19. "Verily, verily I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing. Whatever the Father doeth, He showeth the Son." Is that right? Read it when you go home, the 5th chapter of Saint John. Jesus said, "I can't do nothing in Myself." Did He tell the truth? He had to tell the truth. In order to be God, He had to tell the truth. His words were infallible. He said, "I can do nothing in Myself." Therefore He didn't heal one person in Himself. He said, "I... The Father shows Me first by a vision what to do, then I go do it. Verily verily I say unto you (John 5:19), the Son can do nothing in Himself; but what He sees the Father doing; that doeth the Son likewise. The Father worketh, and I worketh hitherto."

Now, Jesus, when He was here on earth, He ministered to the sick and the needy. About seventy percent of His ministry, or more, was on Divine healing; it attracts the attention of the people. Fascinates them to the thought of... The devil once told Job the right thing, said, "What would a man do for his skin?" That's right. A man will do anything to get well when he's sick. Maybe you've never hit that spot yet. But there may be sometime when you will hit that spot, like Mrs. Morgan, or some of these others in here that's been healed by Divine healing.

That's what Diving healing... JesusChrist, about eighty percent of His ministry was on Divine healing.

Divine healing is many times it's been said that healing services are just all the stress put on physical healing. If you'll notice about eighty percent of Jesus' ministry was Divine healing, but Divine healing is like the bait that's on the hook. You don't show the fish the hook. You show him the bait, so he gets the bait and the hook too. So that's what we think about Divine healing. God sets in the Church great signs and wonders to get sinners conscious of His Presence. Like the gift of speaking in tongues, it's not for him that believeth, but him that believeth not. See? It's signs to the unbeliever, and today we have plenty unbelievers.

But we believe that Jesus Christ's ministry, eighty-six percent of it was Divine healing. And in catching the people's attention by Divine healing, brought the realization that He was God. And they... He said, "If you can't believe Me to be that, then believe the works that I do. For, if I do not the works of My Father, then believe Me not. But if I do the works of the Father, and you can't believe Me, then believe the works."

About eighty-five percent of Jesus — Jesus' ministry was Divine healing. Did you know that? As old... The late Dr. F. F. Bosworth used to say, "You never show the fish the hook; you show him the bait. He grabs the bait, and he's got the hook." So that's the way it is. People come to — to see the power and the miracles of God. And when they see that, they — actually God catches them with the hooks in the jaw right there, 'cause they know that there's something real.

That Jesus Christ Himself, never healed anybody, no. He said, "I do nothing till the Father shows Me first what to do." He saw a vision of what to do, and then He did what the Father told Him. He said that, and His Words, of course, is true, isn't it? Saint John 5:19, when He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise."

But eighty-six percent of the ministry of our Lord Jesus was Divine healing. That was to prove to the people Who He was.
60-0720 IT.IS.I

Jesus obedient to the Father, does nothing, He said, till the Father showed Him first in a vision. Does the Bible say that? How many's read it this week since we've been talking about it? Saint John 5:19. Yes, sir. Jesus said, "I do nothing at all, until the Father shows Me first, then I go do what He tells Me. I do nothing except He shows Me." That's right. Jesus said that. Did He tell the truth? He had to.

Now, a great percent of our Lord's ministryabout eighty percent of it or better, I think it was — it's estimated about eighty percent of His ministry was Divine healing. So He did that to catch the eyes of the multitude, and also to show that He was their Messiah. He showed them Messiahic signs to say that they — were Messiah.

It's not the prophet that sees the vision; it's God speaking through him. "I do nothing except the — the Father shows Me first what to do." That's the reason He had to go through Samaria. That's why all these other things taken place. Follow His life and see if that isn't right.

You mean to tell me that you'll let modern science say there's no such a thing as Divine healing, and the Bible, sixty-some percent of Jesus' ministry was Divine... yeah, eighty-six percent, I think, was Divine healing? And the promise, and the last promises! You mean to tell me, my minister brethren, that you'll stand and let this modern so-called denominational cults going into the League of Churches here, or Council of Churches, and mean to tell me you'll stand in that organization and let them smother the Word of God in you, and tell you the days of miracles is past? Who are you anyhow? Have you ever had any experience? Was you ever born again of the Spirit of God? You, if you have, brother, you'll certainly take God's Word for it. Let everything else be a lie. Certainly!

And always, Jesus, I believe, in His ministry, about eighty percent of it, was on Divine healing. And as my good old friend, Brother Bosworth, which many of you Christians knowed, he used to say, "You always, to catch fish, you don't show them the hook, you show them the bait. And the fish grabs the bait, and gets the hook." So that's the way we try to catch Christians for Christ, is by the miracles of Divine healing, to show His presence. And then, in that, they know that a man cannot do those things, so it catches the soul of the believer, and he accepts it upon them basis. So now, to start off with, I want to give the talk of saying that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. And these Greeks said, "Sir, we would see Jesus."

When Jesus Christ, God's Son, was here on earth, what kind of a works did He do? Let's see what He did. He said, "I do nothing, till the Father shows Me first by vision." Is that right? Saint John 5:19. No, He said, "I don't do it Myself. I do nothing. I can do nothing till the Father shows Me first."
56-0815 FAITH

So — so about eighty-six percent of Jesus' ministry was on Divine healing. It attracts the attention, of something Supernatural being done, and the people then believe in a mighty God. That does it. You see? So Divine healing is a minor, and you can never major on a minor. That's right, Mrs. Byskal, isn't it? That's right. You can never major on a minor.

Then according to His own Word, He never performed one miracle in all of His ministry until the Father showed Him first by a vision what to do. I've... If — if He — if He did anything, then He said something wrong in Saint John 5:19. See? So He can't lie. He was God. So then we find out that one day a fellow got converted by the name of Nathanael, or Philip, and he went around the mountain about thirty miles and found his friend Nathanael under a tree praying, said, "Come, see Who we found, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Joseph." He said, "Could anything good come out of Nazareth?"

You know, about eighty-six percent of Jesus' ministry was Divine healing. And we don't use Divine healing for a major. You can't major on a minor, we know that, and this great art of Divine healing.

Now, Divine healing is not all the Message. Jesus put, I think they claimed, about eighty percent of His ministry was on Divine healing. But as the — the late Brother Bosworth... Many of you knew Brother F. F. Bosworth, a godly, saintly man. He used to say, that, "Divine healing is just like the bait on the hook. You never show the fish the hook, you show him the bait." And he... And — and so Divine healing is a minor. And you can never major on a minor, but it leads to the major. So, we — we see this. And the Bible is true, every Word. And I feel that we can hang our soul on any Word of the Bible. It's God's Word, and I may not have faith enough to make it all act out, but I certainly believe that it can be done, if we have faith enough to believe it. Yes, if they'd believe it.

But about eighty-six percent, I think it's estimated, of Jesus' ministry, was on Divine healing. He... As Dr. Bosworth used to say, my... One of my associates that just went to Glory, last few years, about... being about eighty-four years old. He said, "Divine healing is the bait that's on a fish hook. And you never show the fish the hook. You show him the bait, so he takes the bait and gets the hook." So, that, that's what it is. We want to catch the fish for the Lord's glory; catch them out of the world, and bring them into the Kingdom of God.

And one time Jesus received a vision from the Father, and He... God had told Him to leave the place and go to another place for Lazarus was going to die. Now, you say, "Brother Branham, that's not written in the Scripture." But in Saint John 5:19, Jesus said, "I do nothing, except My Father shows Me first. I do nothing in Myself. The Son can do nothing, but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son." And if you notice Him, how the great vision, He went away for four days. And they sent for Him to come, that Lazarus was sick.

Now, the ministers, many of them preach the Gospel of Divine healing, you accept it, just the same results. But in there, God has set some in the Church apostles, and prophets, and gifts of healing, and so forth, faith, and... That's to — to stimulate, other words, the Church.

So Divine healing is just like salvation. No man that preaches the Gospel of salvation for your soul would want to be called a Divine Saviour, but he would be just as much a Divine Saviour as any man would be preaching Divine healing would be a Divine healer. Because, the man cannot say he could save a person, 'cause Jesus has already did that. See? All right. But, by his preaching, he points them to Christ Who is the Saviour. Divine healing only points them to the finished work of Calvary, "For He was wounded for our transgressions, with His stripes we were healed." See? See? Divine healing is not something that some man has got, that he can place upon you. It's what your faith is in a finished work.

Now, His words are true, therefore He did not do one thing until God showed Him first. Then He saw a vision, like the woman at the well, and all the rest of it. He saw a vision. Now, if He will do the same thing tonight, that will show that...

He said, "The things that I do..." I don't... Listen, for the newcomers, Jesus said, "I don't do nothing unless the Father shows Me first a vision, what to do." Saint John 5:19. "Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son likewise."

No one can preach the Gospel without preaching Divine healing. Cause, see, you don't... he'd had... don't have to have certain things. Like if an animal has got a hold of you, you don't have to just cut his foot off, or cut his — his arm off or whatever he's got around you. Just kill him from the head and you got it.

And how many people know that the Bible teaches that Jesus said Himself, "I do nothing till the Father shows Me first." How many that? Then Jesus seen a vision, before He done anything. There was a women one time that He didn't see a vision of. She touched His garment. And Jesus didn't even know it was done. He said, "Who touched Me?" They all denied it. And Peter rebuked Him, said, "They're all touching You."
58-0126 HEAR.YE.HIM

God showed Him first, no man. Not even His own flesh was glorified till after His resurrection, but then God alone is the Healer. God alone is the only One can heal. And Jesus said, "I do nothing until My Father shows Me first. The Father worketh, and I worketh hitherto." You get it?

Now, how many knows that Jesus Christ, when He was on earth, did not claim to be a healer? How many knows that? You mean only one-third of this building, that, only, knew that Chri-...? He said, "It's not Me that doeth the works: it's My Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the works." How many knows that? Then He wasn't. How many knows that He said this? In Saint John 5:19, where, after He'd passed by the pool of Bethesda; where great multitudes of lame, blind, halt, withered laid, and couldn't even move, see, hear, nor nothing; and passed by every one of them; and found a man laying on a pallet, and healed him; and went away, and left the whole bunch. And when He was questioned, He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son likewise." How many knows that? Certainly. Never laid in mortal flesh. It's always God. How many knows that Jesus saw a vision before He done any works? I just quoted it, "I do nothing till the Father shows me first." Therefore, He couldn't lie; He was God, so He could not lie. Now, how many in here doesn't have a prayer card, and you want God to heal you? Raise your hands. Wonderful. Look this way then. Look towards Calvary, rather, and believe with all your heart. When Jesus was here on earth, how did He make...? How many has never been in one of my meetings? Let's see your hands. Never been in one of my meetings before? Just looky there.
58-0301E HEAR.YE.HIM

God gave His Son a vision, send Him away, 'cause Jesus said, "I don't do nothing till the Father shows Me first," is that right? Saint John 5:19. Everything He did, the Father showed Him by vision what to do. Except the people that touched Him, like that, then He... Their — their faith pulled it. Or the Pharisee's who criticized Him, He could perceive their thoughts.

Here's a picture of Saint John 4, just so you'll see it. Jesus, being a Man, the God-man, God was in Him. He met a woman at the well, Saint John 4. And they... She was a Samaritan, and Him being a Jew. He asked her for a drink of water. And she said, "The... It's not customary for you Jews to ask Samaritans such." And the conversation went on. And Jesus... The Bible said that He had need to go by Samaria. The Father sent Him up there, 'cause... How many knows that Jesus said, "I do nothing till the Father shows Me first"? Jesusnever did one thing till He saw a vision on what to do. No prophet or anything else until God showed him... It ain't man; it's God, never man; it's God.

Jesus, when He was here, He said, "I do nothing till the Father shows Me." He saw a vision. Everything that He did, He said, "I do nothing except the Father shows Me first." Saint John 5:19. So it's by vision. Now, He promised those things. He told His disciples, "When you... When the Holy Spirit's come, don't you do that before the Gentiles; do it before the house of Israel." The day would come for the Gentiles. Now is their day. So God introduced Himself that way, the Messiah. And the woman, when she seen Jesus tell her that, she said, "Sir, I perceive that You're a prophet. We know when the Messiah cometh, He will tell us all these things. But Who are You?" He said, "I am He that speaks to you." She run into the city, said, "Come, see a Man Who told me the things that I've done. Isn't this the Messiah?"

Now, in this case, Jesus had been told of the Father, to leave the home and to go away. If you notice how it worked, they, after Lazarus took sick. And no doubt, many of them said, "Uh-huh! Now let's see where that holy-roller preacher is now, that's going to pray for the sick. He isn't on the scene." So, He went away. And they, finally, they sent for Him. When the doctor give him up, they sent for Him to come. And instead of coming, He just went right on further. They sent again. Instead of coming, He just kept on going the other way. See? And then, all at once, He stopped, looked back at the disciples; after so many days, vision fulfilled what the Father had showed Him. He said, "Lazarus sleepeth." The disciples said, "Well, he does well." See? "He sleepeth," not dead. There's no such a thing as a believer dying. See? And He told them in their language, "He's dead, and for your sake I'm glad I wasn't there. But, I go wake him. I go wake him." See! He knew it was going to be done, now. Cause, if He didn't, then He said something wrong when He said, "I do nothing till the Father shows Me first." See? He knew it. And then look at Him at the grave, "Father, I thank Thee, Thou hearest Me already. But I say this for those who stand by." See? "Lazarus, come forth." And he did. He come out of the grave.

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