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There were many titles William Branham chose from scripture to apply to himself and his ministry, indexes from verses in prophetic scripture that Branham taught was being fulfilled before the eyes of his congregation. One of those verses applied as a title is Zechariah 14:7:

And there shall be a unique day, which is known to the Lord, neither day nor night, but at evening time there shall be light.

According to William Branham, this statement was proclaiming the end-time messager, and his "message" was the "evening light" to the world before the coming day of destruction. Taking the prophecy from Joel describing the "former and latter rain," Branham claimed that this evening light was associated with the latter, while the "morning light" was the former.

"The evening Lights," the Bible said, "would shine in the last days." The evening Light is the same Light in the West, that was the same Light that was in the East. And the same Light that shined in the East, that brought forth the first Church that the Romans cut down by their — their pagan worship and so forth, in the evening Light is the same Light. Now notice, the same Light! And what's the evening Light come out for? What is the evening Light for? To restore. Whew! You get it? [Congregation says, "Amen." — Ed.] The evening Light is for the same purpose the morning Light was for, to restore what was cut down by the Dark Ages, through Rome. God is going to restore, by shining forth the evening Light (what?), restore the whole Word of God again, the full manifestation of Christ in His Church. Everything that He did, just exactly the way He did, it would be again in the evening Light. See what I mean? Oh, isn't that wonderful? ["Amen."] And to know we're living right here to see It now, the evening Light, exactly according to prophecy. The evening Light come out to restore what? To restore what the bugs had eat up.

There are many scriptures describing this light, the "Day of the Lord" that comes before this light, and the events that come after the light has shone. When you study the sermons of William Branham, you will quickly notice that all of those specific verses are being applied to his "message" or his ministry.

The prophecy in Zechariah is describing the coming Day of the Lord, specifically a terrible event that is in the future for the Jews in Jerusalem. It comes towards the end of the scroll, which originally did not contain any chapters, verses, or lines. The scroll itself contained several prophecies, each prophecy given from the Lord describing the reason for the prophecy and the people to which it was given. Chapter 14 is a continuation of the Word that came as described in chapter 12.

The oracle of the word of the Lord concerning Israel: Thus declares the Lord, who stretched out the heavens and founded the earth and formed the spirit of man within him: "Behold, I am about to make Jerusalem a cup of staggering to all the surrounding peoples. The siege of Jerusalem will also be against Judah. On that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples. All who lift it will surely hurt themselves. And all the nations of the earth will gather against it. On that day, declares the Lord, I will strike every horse with panic, and its rider with madness. But for the sake of the house of Judah I will keep my eyes open, when I strike every horse of the peoples with blindness. Then the clans of Judah shall say to themselves, 'The inhabitants of Jerusalem have strength through the Lord of hosts, their God.'
Zechariah 12:1-5

Throughout the context of this prophecy, the Word includes the phrase "on that day," describing the coming Day of the Lord. In each section of the prophecy, the focal point is the coming Messiah and his work on the cross. The greatest Gift was about to be given to the world, and that gift was a savior whose side would be pierced:

And I will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and pleas for mercy, so that, when they look on me, on him whom they have pierced, they shall mourn for him, as one mourns for an only child, and weep bitterly over him, as one weeps over a firstborn.
Zechariah 12:10

Continuing into the 13th chapter, God describes how the day of the prophets will end, just as described in Luke 16:16:

And also I will remove from the land the prophets and the spirit of uncleanness. And if anyone again prophesies, his father and mother who bore him will say to him, 'You shall not live, for you speak lies in the name of the Lord.' And his father and mother who bore him shall pierce him through when he prophesies.
Zechariah 13:2

"The Law and the Prophets were until John; since then the good news of the kingdom of God is preached, and everyone forces his way into it."
Luke 16:16

Immediately after describing an end to the prophets, God describes how the Good Shepherd will be struck, and the sheep scattered. Again, all of this is to happen "on that day," the Day of the Lord:

"Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, against the man who stands next to me," declares the Lord of hosts. "Strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered; I will turn my hand against the little ones.
Zechariah 13:7

Zechariah 14, the chapter containing the title that William Branham applied to himself and his ministry, contains much more description regarding the "evening light" than you will find described in the sermons that make use of that title. The chapter begins by describing the Roman invasion of Jerusalem, and all of the events that will take place before the coming Day of the Lord:

Behold, a day is coming for the Lord, when the spoil taken from you will be divided in your midst. For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city shall be taken and the houses plundered and the women raped. Half of the city shall go out into exile, but the rest of the people shall not be cut off from the city.
Zechariah 14:1-2

While many of the "evening light messengers" that have risen through the years to form groups of separation apply this "Day of the Lord" and the "Evening Light" to their own following, the verse immediately before Zechariah 14:7 describes the settings to identify this day. It would seem from the prophecy given that this was a day in time rather than an "age," "dispensation," or even time period. Zechariah 6 says, "On that day there shall be no light, cold, or frost."

But the interesting part of this prophecy when compared to the statements given by William Branham are found immediately after the verse describing the Eventing Light — statements that are seemingly overlooked by most of the following.

If one attempts to apply the single verse to William Branhm, then they are faced with a series of questions that are very difficult to describe anything other than the day when Christ ascended to the Throne.

  • Has living waters flowed from Jerusalem since William Branham's "message" went forth?
  • Has the temperature remained cold in the summer, as it is in winter?
  • Was the Lord made King on the day William Branham's message went forth? Is that the day the Lord became One and His Name became One?
  • Has the environmental conditions of the land surrounding Jerusalem changed because of a man in Jeffersonville, Indiana?
  • Is Jerusalem now dwelling in security?
  • Do we see the flesh of those who rage war against Jerusalem rotting and falling from their bodies? Their eyes falling from their sockets or their tongues rotting in their mouths?
  • Do we see plagues striking the livestock, from the horses, mules, camels, donkeys, and any other beast in the camp?
  • Do nations present themself Holy on the day of the Feast of Booths?
  • Do those who refuse live in drought and famine?
  • Did William Branham cleanse the temple of commerce? Or was it Christ who overturned the tables of the money changes?

All of these things are proclaimed in the prophecy of Zechariah, concerning the coming Day of the Lord. The evening light was not the focus of the prophecy — most Christians would agree that the greatest event described in this Word from the Lord was the Day when the Lord would be One and His Name One. The Day Christianity was born!

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Branham's teaching on the Evening Light:

The Bride, the evening light's coming, the faith that was once delivered to the saints, beginning to restore back to the Church... The fig tree is putting forth its buds. She begin to move out. The evening light... The very same Gospel that was preached on the day of Pentecost, the very signs that followed for thirty some odd years after that, down in the Church, has returned back to the Church again, falling right down to the end. Brother, let me tell you; you can call me holy-roller if you want to; you can say what you want to; but I see back yonder in Genesis where that great orthodox spirit started back there, just as religious, just as pious as it could be. And I see where that thing in the last days has come down, all down through the Bible, where the Holy Spirit watched it. Watch for it in the last days. It'd be very fundamentally right now, having a form of godliness but will deny that power thereof. He said, "From such turn away. Get away from it." I'm glad today. I number myself with the holy-rollers. That's the reason that I believe today in the old fashion baptizing of the Holy Ghost with powers, and signs, and wonders. Hallelujah. It's the faith that was once delivered to the saints.

Then over here, it shown out bright on the eastern world at Pentecost. And as the sun's going down, it's shining out bright on the western people. A day of light again. "It'll be light in the evening time, the path of glory you'll surely find." In this last days where God's pouring out the sunlight upon the people like this; and the same Holy Spirit with the same experience that was back there is here today for the evening lightpeople. Just before dark... Look. In the Old Testament when an agreement was made, it was under the basis of the shed blood. Quickly now, listen. What did they do? In the oriental type they took an animal, and cut it, and killed it, and cut it in two. And they took it out here, after they'd torn it in two, torn the animal in two, and laid it out here. Each man got in there, and they wrote this agreement with each other. And they cut that, or tore it in two. One man took one piece, and the other piece was taken like this. And they made a vow over the dead body of this animal. If they failed to keep their covenant, may they be as this dead animal that they'd taken the covenant over. See? The promise was made through blood. The covenant was made through blood. See what I mean? Now, our promise was made through Blood. God Almighty took the body, the Lord Jesus Christ up to Calvary. And there He tore it in two. He took the body up into glory to sit at the right hand of the Majesty, and sent the Holy Ghost back here. And when these believers come together with the covenant, both pieces of paper had to dovetail together, or it was absolutely the wrong piece of paper.
55-0221 CHRIST

But, brother, sister, on this Gentile world and the western people, the sun is setting. And the same Light that showed on the day of Pentecost is flashing its last flashes to the earth. The same Christ that was in that day is today. It'll be Light in the evening time. I'm so happy to know this in my heart, that we're walking in the Evening Light. God bless you all.

The Gentile generation is receiving its last call. The world is receiving its last call. And we feel, God, that You're near to move and to manifest Your love in this evening light. And we pray that You'll do it.

But it's come evening time. That was the Light to the eastern people, and the sun is setting in the west. The day's far spent. And the evening Light has begin to shine, the same Jesus that raised on the scene in the early days, and sent the Holy Spirit upon the first apostles, and is rising today with healing in His wings to His people. And we're living in the evening Light. Don't become like the Pharisee, or the Sadducee, or the religionists of that day, but walk in the Light while there's Light to walk in.

It'll be Light in the evening time, The path of Glory you shall surely find; In the water way, that's the Light today, Buried in the precious Name of Jesus. Young and old, repent of all your sins, The Holy Ghost will surely enter in; The evening Light has come, It is the facts that God and Christ are One. That's what the Bible said. That's right. It's the hour. It's a time that we should repent.

And in this evening time that we're now living, where Christ through His ministers has preached the Gospel for two thousand years... But this is the evening lights. The evening lights was the manifestation of the resurrection. When they didn't know He had raised from the dead, although they loved Him, they believed Him, but they didn't know He'd raised from the dead. They'd argued against it. And now here it is in the evening time. He's going to reveal Himself that He is raised from the dead. How did He do it? Not by preaching the Word, He'd already did that and still they didn't believe. And two thousand years of preaching the Word, the church still don't believe. But the evening light has come, the manifestation of the resurrection. And He taken them in, and He performed a miracle or did a thing just like He did before His crucifixion; they knew it was Him. Their eyes come open. And He vanished quickly.

You had better get your thinking on now, open up your hearts. Ask God to reveal this to you, what I'm fixing to say. When He come, He fulfilled what the prophets said. And when He's coming in the last days in the latter rains of God, when both former and latter rain will be poured out, He's coming just exactly the way it was prophesied of Him: "It shall be Light in the evening time." What was to happen? Immanuel, the same Son, the same Light, the same God that come to dwell in flesh with His people at the day of Pentecost, will come in the like manner in the last days, for it shall be evening Light. What is it? There shall be a sign, an everlasting sign: God with us, God in us, God through us, man and God becomes one. Jesus died, that He gave that precious Life, on His decision, (in last Sunday's Message), because He gave it for a decision that He might bring many sons to God. Immanuel with us, the evening Light people, it would attract them. When God gave the sign, "This will be a sign. God will be dwelling in flesh." He thought that would attract the people. It did. "For as many as received Him, to them gave He the power to become sons of God." And it's supposed to attract the evening Light people when that same Light shows. God and Christ are one. Peter said, "Let it be known unto you, that God's made this same Jesus, Whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ," a sign evil spoken of. But the evening Lights is here. As the late minister of the Gospel, when the Pentecostal message first started falling, the late Doctor Haywood, just before he... I guess, that maybe when he was in his best, one day when the Spirit struck him. He was a poet, besides a preacher. He grabbed his pen and penned it. It shall be Light in the evening time, The path of glory you will surely find; In the water way is the Light today, Buried in the precious Name of Jesus. Young and old, repent of all your sins, And the Holy Ghost will surely enter in; For the evening Lights have come, It is a fact that God and Christ are one. The evening Lights... If we are walking in the evening Light, the evening sign, then it was to be the same Light and same sign, an eternal sign. Then the same signs will follow the evening Light. Whew. Do you see it? Can you understand it? That's the message this Christmas: the evening Lights, the signs of the Messiah accompanying It, accompanying the Message. The evening Lights are here. It's evil spoke of. They'll turn you down, your brethren. Who turned Him down? His brethren. They loved to see Him perform the miracles. But when it come to Calvary, where were they all at? When it comes to that crucial moment, where God in His Truth and His Bible is to be made manifest, where are they? They back away. "There shall be a sign given unto you. And these signs shall follow. The works that I do, shall you also; even more than this, for I go unto My Father." "It shall be Light again in the evening time." Oh, this dark day that we've been through... But for forty years the clouds has been clearing back, through the first reforming, of the bringing forth the message that God and Christ are one, that God was made manifest in flesh. He chose to dwell in human flesh. And today they make Him something setting on a throne; they make Him some prehistoric something; some of them wants to take Him back to a philosopher; some wants to make Him a prophet. But, brother, He's God in you, God manifested in the flesh. How? How did they know He was God in the flesh? He said, "If I do not the works of My Father, then I've told you wrong. But if I do the works of My Father, you believe it." And now the same thing. The message is revived again in the last days, the message of Who He is, what He is: Immanuel dwelling in you, with the same works that He did, manifest Himself through you, the very same things that He did. It's the evening Light. It's evil spoken of. It's a hard way.

It must have been about the setting of the sun. The sun was going down in the west, and it had been an unusual day, a day that was — seemed to be an uncertain day. There'd been so many things going on, warning after warning had come from the tower, "Approaching enemy." And as the sun begin to sink down in the west, the evening lights was reflecting that the day was far spent. That's quite a picture of this day now. The evening lights are shining, and the day is far spent. And out in the streets at the public well where the people got their water, I can see young women coming out as it was the custom in that day to gather and get water for the night, when the men would be coming from their work and mother preparing the meal. And as they gather and talk, as young ladies can, let's just break in now for a few moments on their conversation. And comparing this with that day and this day at the evening light time.

Now, we've had a time; we've had a little evening light, but what's the order? Isaiah was perfectly in Scripture order when he said, "The morning cometh and the night also." Did you notice that? "The morning cometh, and the night also." The morning cometh, "Watchman, what of the night?" When we see these things that Jesus said would be — come to pass in the last days and He predicted the last generation and we see it physically: Israel in the physical, the signs physically, the world's sinking, the atomic age, and the end of the age, the end of time, and we see it in the handwriting everywhere; it makes us call out, "Watchman, what of the night?" We have a Watchman, a Watchman that climbed the ramparts of glory. The Holy Spirit was sent back to tower in men and women who would believe God. That's the Watchman, the Holy Spirit sent to us as a Watchman that watches over us. He is our Guardian. The Holy Spirit was sent to lead man, to be the Watchman of our soul. Exactly right. Man wasn't to watch one another; it was the Holy Spirit to watch over us. He's our Tutor, our Teacher; the Holy Spirit is to teach. Then we cry out to the Holy Spirit, looking at these things, "Watchman, what of the night?" He says just as He said here, "The morning cometh, and the night also." What is it? Watch how it takes place now.

And the Holy Ghost Church today, acting the way they do, doing the things they do, they're fulfilling the Word of God. Hallelujah. See, Peter said, on the day of Pentecost, "This is That." And he said, "It's unto you and to your children, and them that's far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call." Them same inspired prophets said the evening Light would shine, there'd be a former and latter rain together as in the days of grace. Looky here... What is it? The former rain's coming over, and the latter rain is past due. Then it's lapped over, and it's together, the former and latter rain together, the Holy Spirit made manifest by the power and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There you are, coming together, the former... God's grace... He said, "As it was in the days of Noah." His grace was longsuffering. Here it is today, long-suffering, a lapover brings a cloud from the old days and a cloud from this day together. The former rain run in first; the first rain we've had, now here comes the latter rain coming over, the former rain coming over the latter rain, east and west meeting together, both rains falling together, Divine healing plus the Angel of God revealing the secrets of the hearts and bringing everything to pass. Oh, looks like true born children of God would see that. There you are, the Spirit revealing. Revelation, that's what Jesus said the church would be built upon.

The evening light, the biggest evening light we got is the evening star, greatest light we got. Well, then, it would have to herald the same message that it was as this other star. It's heralding the sun, speaking of the sun. Well, now we're in the evening time, the evening Lights are here. This age is vanished away. See what I mean? This day has passed over, and there'll be heralding another day coming. For, see, that's actually... If somebody was in the west and looked back to that star, it would be in east. And then (You see?) "we have seen His star in the east," but they was actually... they were — they were in the east looking westward towards that star. Is that right? The wise men was over in the west — over in the east looking back towards the western star. See what I mean? But it was an eastern star to the ones that was in the west. See, like we'd say... I always say, "Down is up." How do you know but what that's right? We're standing in eternity, so the South Pole may be up and the North Pole may be down. We don't know. See, the way up is down. See? We're... We leave this; after this we go into eternity. It's hailing, heralding a coming of an eternity, a different day, a different time, and altogether. Now, we're in the evening time. We believe that. We believe that the coming of the Lord is at hand. All right. Now, if that be so, then there's got to be an evening Light. And the evening Light, according to Malachi 4, was supposed to "turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers," back to the beginning. But when he come the first time, he was turning the hearts of the fathers to the children. The children was the ones that he'd gathered around him. He was to bring the children — the hearts of the fathers (the old, ancient orthodox fathers) back to this light that he was heralding here. Well, when he comes again, he's to turn right back around (did you notice, before the world was destroyed, "the great and terrible day of the Lord") and turn the hearts of the children to the fathers, the evening — the evening star which was the morning star at that time. Amen. I hope — I hope I get it right. See? The evening star which was the morning star, 'cause it's the same star. We're in the west, looking east. They was in the east, looking west. It's exactly the same star. See what I mean? It depends on where you're at (See?) whether it's the eastern star or the western star. You see what I mean? All right.

So how can the evening Light be anything but back to Acts again? Right. When He said before that day comes, that'll burn the earth like an oven and the righteous will walk out upon their ashes... Oh, brother, we are looking for a Light to come. It's here. And remember, when this Elijah comes... I'll give you some of his description. When Elijah comes, that's the messenger to the Laodicean church Age. We find Elijah coming before... Remember, Elijah was the one that went up on a chariot, never tasted death. And the message of this great messenger that'll come in this closing day in the Laodicean church Age, the Pentecostal Age, will be the one that'll take the church to the rapture. Exactly. He was raptured himself, and he will come with the church to the rapture.

But look, when it's come there'll be a time, He said, "That'll be not either night or day." You can't tell it hardly, a dismal day, like we've been having, rainy in our country, dismal. "But in the evening it shall be light." The evening Light will come. Well, the evening Light, the sun in the evening is the same sun that rises in the morning. The evening light is to reflect the same light the sun reflected at morning. It's just the setting of the sun and the rising of the sun. You see it? Now, we're in the evening time. Oh, thanks be to God for the evening Light, reflecting His promise, fulfilling it.

Any time that God is ever called on the scene to make a decision, and when He makes the decision, that has to forever be His same decision. Now remember, He cannot change His mind, because He's perfect. You believe God's perfect? You believe He's infinite? Certainly He's infinite. Well, if He's infinite, well, then, He — He can't learn any more. Now, we're finite, so we can just keep learning, and take this back, and add something more, and take away. But God can't, see. He's perfect. Every decision is perfect. So you must always remember: keep your minds and hearts on His Word. Oh, this is a terrible day we're living in. You know, the deceiving time is the evening time. But He promised us we'd have Light in the evening time. He promised that. And as the sun rises in the east, and sets in the west, it's not another sun; it's the same sun that sets in the west that rose in the east. His prophet said there'll be a time there'd be a dismal day, not neither night nor day. And... but said in the evening time it shall be Light again. So we've had that, and how the evening Light of the finish of the day.
61-0128 WHY

We've had two thousand years of church organization, just a dismal day, enough to see how to join the church and live a good life. But it's sun setting time. The same Son, with the same thing that He had in the east, shines it on the earth again in the west. And we're on the West Coast. If we go any further (Civilization's traveled with the sun.) we'd be back east again. So we're in the evening time with evening Light, with the same Holy Spirit that was on Him is in the church doing the same things: Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.

Do you believe with all your heart? Now, how many knows that Jesus Christ said that same Spirit would be here? How many knows that that was the sign of the Messiah when Jesus was on earth? How many knows He promised it to the elected Church in the last day? Well, here it is. Now, you see, new converts, after two thousand years... It's never happened in two thousand years, because the evening lights are shining. The Bible said there would come a day that wouldn't be neither day nor night. But in the evening time it would be light. Uh-huh. There He is. Now, what kind of a Light would it be? The same sun that rose in the east sets in the west. Is that right? The evening Light has come. You believe that?

Before one speck of rain fell, Noah was in the ark. Lot was out of Sodom before He could burn the city. The church will be in glory when that bomb's turned loose. And if it might be turned loose 'fore sun goes down tonight, how close is the coming of the Son? I hope you understand. It's not a man; it's God among us. Like He did in the days of Sodom so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man. Never done it to the Gentiles before in all of our lives. The Gentile history's never seen it. Search through the books and historians and found out, never. This is the evening light, the same light that shined in the morning. It's evening time. And He's preparing the church for the oncoming Son of God.

What did our Lord say? "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man." What? The evening lights promised to the Gentiles. The same God that manifested Himself there in a human body and disappeared in a moment, that same God would manifest Himself in a people, human flesh in the form of the Holy Ghost, a believing people, in the last days at the evening Light. Jesus said so. What? To the Gentiles, the seed of Abraham, which was many nations.

We're in the evening, the evening Light. The sun is going down. Messiah is in our midst. The Son of God in the form of the Holy Spirit is in our midst. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, "Amen" — Ed.] Do you believe me to be His servant? Do you believe that what I'm telling you is the Truth? You believe the story of that Angel yesterday morning, day before yesterday morning? You believe it? Then let the God of heaven, let the God that appeared to me in the form of that rainbow, let Him speak. And let my body be dedicated to Him, my soul, spirit, and mind, be dedicated to His glory. When I was looking for that last squirrel, and knowed it would be the last one, it was right then three minutes till ten o'clock, and I'd said it would be by ten o'clock. You know, He said, "Say what you will. It'll be that way." He's never failed it yet, whatever. "Just say what you will." The eighth time that was ever done, was on a little woman. She's setting back there now, I suppose. I see Brother Wright setting here. Hattie Wright, when she asked for her two children. There she is, right there now. For the salvation of her two children, (wasn't it?), was firmly against it. I said, "I give you your children, in the Name of Jesus." They fell right across her lap.

He said there'd be evening Lights in the last day. The prophet said so. God's true witness said so. There'd be evening Lights. What is an evening Light? The same as the morning Light. The prophet said, "There'll be a day where it wouldn't be night or day," a gloomy time like it is outside today, just enough light to see how to get around. But said, "In the evening time, it shall be Light." What would it be...?... coming back, going back to the early time. "There'd be evening Lights in the last day, shining." He said there'd be a prophet rise in the last days (Malachi 4), giving the signs of the days of Lot, so forth, also prophesying for the people to return back, turn back to the faith of the first Pentecostal fathers. Turn back to the original. Turn back to the Bible. Get away from organization and denomination and go back to the first. Go back to the original Pentecost, to the original filling of the Holy Ghost, to the original power of God. The Word testifies that that'll happen. It shall be Light in the evening time, The path to glory you will surely find; In the water way, is the Light today, Buried in the precious Name of Jesus. Young and old, repent of all your sins, The Holy Ghost will surely enter in; The evening Lights have come, It is the facts that God and Christ are one.

They need a true prophet that tells them that that is a sign of the end. The Bible said they would do it. Isaiah the 5th chapter said the women would do that in the last days. Exactly. So there they are. But they say they got a prophet in the pulpit. Afraid of the Word of God, not... He's afraid of the congregation. Let's pray for God to send us that latter Light, them Evening Light, send us the one that He promised to do to the elected Church that'll tell them what's truth, stand on the Word of God. Let the Jezebels and Ahabs... Then it'll separate them. That's exactly.

Now, that same Holy Spirit, we find It right amongst the Pentecostal people today, the evening Light, right down amongst the Pentecostal people. What? Preaching the same Gospel, giving vindication of the same Gospel. The same signs that followed there is the same signs that follow now. And if that Pillar of Fire, or Light, that we have with us, did not produce the same Spirit and the same evidence that It did when It was in Jesus Christ, then it would be the wrong pillar of fire, the wrong spirit, be the wrong thing. But if It does produce and do just exactly what Jesus done, when He said the... "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also." Right.

The prophet said, "There'll come a day that won't be called day or night, but in the evening time it shall be Light." All you Bible readers know that. What happened? Civilization travels from the east to the west. China is the oldest civilization we have. Civilization begin in the east. It's went with the sun, traveling west. Where's it at now? The West Coast. If it goes any farther it's back east again. See what I mean? The same sun that rises in the east is the same sun that sets in the west, the same s-u-n. And the same S-o-n, Son of God that come to the earth to take a bride on the eastern people... And that bride polluted herself like Eve did, like Jehovah's bride did. That same Son that shines there, that shined there with His same power upon Pentecost, to ripen the seed that He had planted, that same Son is shining now in the western hemisphere. To what? To ripen the seed that's been planted to bring forth a Bride. The evening Light of the Gospel will bring forth a Bride (Amen.) for the Lord Jesus. There's some of the evening seed signs, hundreds of them.

Where does the fruits grow? It don't start down here on the bottom. It starts in the top. Where does the sun hit the Tree first? Ah, glory! In the evening Light, the top of the Tree. Amen. Not down on the bottom branches, but up there in the top of the Tree is where the fruit ripens at.

"The evening Lights," the Bible said, "would shine in the last days." The evening Light is the same Light in the West, that was the same Light that was in the East. And the same Light that shined in the East, that brought forth the first Church that the Romans cut down by their — their pagan worship and so forth, in the evening Light is the same Light. Now notice, the same Light! And what's the evening Light come out for? What is the evening Light for? To restore. Whew! You get it? [Congregation says, "Amen." — Ed.] The evening Light is for the same purpose the morning Light was for, to restore what was cut down by the Dark Ages, through Rome. God is going to restore, by shining forth the evening Light (what?), restore the whole Word of God again, the full manifestation of Christ in His Church. Everything that He did, just exactly the way He did, it would be again in the evening Light. See what I mean? Oh, isn't that wonderful? ["Amen."] And to know we're living right here to see It now, the evening Light, exactly according to prophecy. The evening Light come out to restore what? To restore what the bugs had eat up.

It started growing, and then what'd it do? It denominated, so God pruned them off, bound them up, laid them back, let them go ahead and organize. Then the next one come up; He bound them up, laid them off. Tree went on. Then He bound them up, laid them off, said, "Now, one of these days they'll be burned." Bind them up in their organization. But then what? Right in top of the Tree is where the fruit ripens first, that's right, right in top of the Tree. So it's the top of the Tree, here, that sees the evening Light. Now, Noah had three rooms in his ark. One room was for the creeping things. See? The second room was for the fowls. But the top room was where the light was. The light that shined, first, never come on the first floor, second floor, but on the top floor. The tree don't bear its fruit first at the bottom, second, like that. It was all pruned off, in the organization. But it's in the top part, where, "I will restore, saith the Lord. I'll send forth the evening Light. It'll bring back, bring back the Word, making It manifest. I will restore all that I promised. All that I promised, the same Holy Spirit will bring, bear the same signs. I'll have a Easter, a resurrection for the Bride, just same as I had for the Bridegroom." See? Evening Lights come out to shine, same as in the morning, same signs, same things. The same Light will produce the same fruit that they had there, if It's shining on the same Tree. Amen. Proves His Word now fulfilled, "I will restore, saith the Lord."

Jesus said it'll be the same thing at the Coming. Oh, then the evening Light, of Malachi 4, come shining through the darkness, amen, to bring the evening Light on the predestinated Word. Hallelujah! What's that fourth Message to be? What's that fourth messenger? To shine the Light on the Word. The Word is predestinated. It has to come forth. Something has to do it, for God said, "I will restore, saith the Lord. I will restore." Right. The evening Lights come shining through, on that predestinated Word. Yes, sir. Oh, it shall be Light in the evening time, The path to Glory you will surely find; In the water way, is the Light today, Buried in the precious Name of Jesus. Young and old, repent of all your sins; The Holy Ghost will surely enter in; For the evening Lights have come, It is a fact that God and Christ are One. There They are, One, together; One, in us. The same signs human beings can't do, is manifesting themselves, comes out, the Word, to bring forth the predestinated Word of God, out of the roots of the Tree back yonder, that all the denominations that refused, and refused, and refused. But there will come a Light forth. There will come a Light, will rise. Whereabouts, over in Jerusalem? No, sir. Evening Lights will not rise in Jerusalem. The evening Lights goes (where?) in the West. They had their day and refused It. But the evening Light shall rise in the West (what for?), to shine upon the Word (what?), to ripen the fruit, bring forth the Bride Tree with the same signs, wonders, and fruits that they had at the beginning. "It shall be Light in the evening time." Right. Oh! The Word will then bring forth Its fruit in Its season. "It shall not wither, but It'll bring forth Its fruit," David said, "in Its seasons," amen, same fruit It had at the beginning. Now with His Word in His predestinated stage as He's got It now, and we see these Words all being manifested. What is it? It's a perfect vindication that the Coming of the Lord is at hand, and the time when He said, "I will restore, saith the Lord, all that them cankerworms, all that the Methodists left, all that the caterpiller has eaten, all that this done there, till they stripped It down. But I will restore, in the evening time." Oh, my! Whew! I believe I could almost preach now, honest. Oh, how I love Jesus, Oh, how I love Jesus, Oh, how I love Jesus, Because He first loved me. I'll never forsake Him, I'll never forsake Him, I'll never forsake Him, Because He first loved me. Amen. Don't you love Him? [Congregation says, "Amen." — Ed.] I just love Him with all my heart. Shall we have a prayer line? ["Amen."] Father, God, into Your hands I — I commend this Message. Though It's been chopped up, some way I pray that the Holy Spirit will go with It on these tapes, and across the nations. And if I shall be taken from the earth, may This live, Lord. It's Your Word. Let the evening Light shine, Lord, bring forth this glorious Bride of Christ. Bless It, Lord. May It not return to You void. May It accomplish that which It was been purposed for. Grant it, Father. All praises shall be Thine. Now, we know, Father, no matter what we would say, it's still Word and we believe It. But we would desire Thee, Lord, on this Easter morning, that Thou would prove to this congregation, maybe some here for their first time, that You are still Jesus, that You're not a dead form, that You are a living, resurrected God, that You live among us today. Grant that, Father, and we'll praise Thee, through Jesus' Name. Amen.

If I be a stranger to you, and I profess that the evening Lights have come. And the evening Light would be the same as the morning Light. It would reveal the same mysterious fruits of God, spiritually speaking. That is right. Now, I'm only talking to you like He did that woman at the well. He said, "Bring Me a drink." See? I'm saying the same thing. That's not me. It's Him. But if He would reveal to me what you're standing there for, see, if He will reveal to me what you're there for, then you'll know that He does know all about your life. If He will tell you something that has been, see, you know whether that's right or not. Then if He knows what has been, and can tell you that, He can... surely you'll believe Him then for what will be. If He can already tell you what you've done back here, surely that would reveal the front of it, or the back of it, the 'fore of it, and all of it, make it right. Will the congregation believe on Him, with all your heart, if He'll do it? [Congregation says, "Amen." — Ed.] I believe you'd believe, whether He did it or not. You still believe it, but this only clamps it down.

If the people could only see that today, then they'd know the day we're living. They would see it's God's promise for this day. God said it would be this way. There's nothing wrong, God's great clock is ticking just exactly the right time. And, even according to science, it's three minutes till midnight. So, you see, the stroke might come at any time. And that's been two or three years ago since they said that. See, we're at the end time. But, you see, we've changed dispensations from the old church age of back here where that dismal day was, just join church and put your name on the book; until the evening Light, the restoration, the return again of the Holy Spirit upon the earth, another Pentecost, another sign, another thing was to take place. And the people doesn't believe It, because they're so set like they was in the days of Jesus. See? He told of this day when He was here on earth. He come exactly according to Scripture, then He foretold of this day coming.

Now, look. He said there would be Light in the evening time. That's to ripen in the evening. The fruits can only ripen by the light. We know that. And that's the top of the tree, the evening light. All the rest of it... But way back there, that predestinated Word of God, it stayed there all the time because God spoke it. "I will restore it." He will do it, no matter how many organizations and things He has to prune off. There'll be a church without spot or wrinkle, "For I will restore, saith the Lord." It's got to what? All the years that the cankerworm's eaten, all the years that the caterpillar's eaten, all the years that the denominations and suckers and things on the tree took its fruit away, took its vines away, took its bark away, took the life out of it. But "I will restore, for the root and offspring of David to get...?... I will restore saith the Lord." What is it? He said so. He predestinated it. His Word lays here. Therefore, look. Just exactly the way He done it the first time... He took John, justification. Jesus sanctified the church with His own Blood, and then the Holy Ghost came.

Don't presume; believe. Don't venture out without authority, without Scriptural authority. Samson presumed. "Oh, well, my. Oh, I know I've... I can't... I ain't got my locks any more, but I presume it's all right. I'm still the same old guy." No, no, brother. You've crossed the separating line. He presumed he just had as much strength as... Said, "I'll just stretch myself. Oh, whew. Now, I'm just as good a man as I ever was." But he found that his strength was gone. That's what we did when the revival started about fourteen years ago. Pentecostal found out she couldn't stretch herself no more, because she'd organized in little groups, and hated one another, sowed that discord amongst brethren. And the revival struck it, and the evening Light come in. But what did she do? She couldn't do nothing, because she'd organized. She's lost her strength, her brotherly love, the fruits of the Spirit.

John didn't have to say, "I presume that this is a good man. I presume that that's a good man. I presume He's going to come to you Pharisees, you Oneness, you Trinity, you this, that's who He's going to come to." John said, "Upon whom I see the Spirit descending..." Glory. Brother, not your organization. "These signs shall follow them that believe. The works that I do shall you do also." You don't have to worry, wonder. God's done said what to look for. Evening fruits, evening Light. He said in the last days it'd be... The devil would send his ministers in angels of light, trying to bring you something new, something more popular, something more educated. Don't you believe it. That's what Eve done and got in trouble. Stay with the Word. Amen. Don't presume; take God's Word. Eve presumed it was all right. "God's a good God. You know He wouldn't... Surely the Lord will not do this, or do that." But God had promised it. God had to do it. It was God's duty to do it. Now, don't presume; just believe.

There's a different word used. The appearing of Christ and the coming of Christ (See?), it's two different words altogether. See? Now, Christ is appearing in these last days in His church, bringing His church together in unity, and faith, and power in the Word, all together; that when He returns He will find the same church. What the palmerworm left the caterpillar eaten; what the caterpillar left the locust eaten; on down to the cankerworm. But God said... "I will restore," saith God. Romanism, and so forth, eat that beautiful bride tree of Christ down till it become a stump. But God brought right back out of that stump, right up through the Lutheran age, right up through the Wesley age, through the Pentecostal age. And now it's in the evening Light. "I will restore, saith the Lord, all the years that the cankerworm, caterpillar... I will restore again that church in her beauty, that church in her power." And we see it's evening Lights coming, the Holy Spirit coming in so strong in upon His church, till the ministry of Jesus Christ in knowing amongst all of His people... They set there with faith bringing Him down, powers and gifts working among them: speaking with tongues, interpretation of tongues, and signs and wonders, and miracles. What is it? Christ among His church, getting ready to take her.

The thing I'm bothered about is getting my people, them precious saints of God out yonder somewhere, to get looking up that way, getting your mind off the things of the world, getting the real experience, that super sign in you, that you've passed from death unto Life, and all things become new: faith in God, great signs and wonders walking with them, the evening Light. Hallelujah. It shall be Light in the evening time. That's right. A super sign... The sun itself will come out in the evening time. The s-u-n will come out, and the S-o-n comes out — come out in His appearing in the evening time. What is it? To ripen the evening tree fruits. He said He will restore that tree, been cut down to a stump by all kinds of creeds, and dogmas, and everything. But "I will restore," saith the Lord. "I'm going to restore it, and it'll be a super sign in that tree, because God has no other sign. I'm going to give them a everlasting sign." Now, what kind of a works did that sign do when He was here on earth? Look what He did yesterday, then He's got to do the same today, because it's an everlasting sign. Though it's spoke of evil, it's still God's sign. It'll be Light in the evening time. We're in that day, friends. We're in the evening time. Don't you forget it. Satan has just blinded the eyes of the people. He's got into the churches and made a mess out of them, precious, godly, people. Yesterday I set in a cafeteria, or in a — in a nice restaurant up in Los Angeles where some precious people taken me. There were businessmen; there were Episcopalians, and so forth, setting there, filled with the Holy Ghost. What is it? They've seen the Light. As soon as that Light flashed across them, they were a Seed; their names were put on the Lamb's Book of Life before the foundation of the world. When that Light of God swept across them... One man said, "I thought they were hypnotizing those people." He was at the Phoenix meeting. But said, "When I seen that hypnotism can't go down and discern the thoughts of a man... I see that hypnotism can't do these things. I went with them. They're not scholars," he said. "They're not educated people. They're humble as they can be... just open up their heart." He said, "That's God, and I want it," and he started speaking in tongues right there. Amen. It shall be Light in the evening time. The super Sign will show Itself across the evening Light. Remember, the same sun that gives light in the evening is the same sun that gives light in the morning. It's not a different kind of light; it's the same light. Do you get it?
62-0624 SUPER.SIGN

If there's any crippled, I think there's somebody here to — to push a wheelchair. Let them push them right up along here. We'll come down there and pray for them. They don't have to bring them on the platform. We'll come down there. You won't have to lift them up, or anything. Just bring them right along here, and we'll come down and pray for them. Now, how many in this building that's well can go to join with us in prayer? Now, turn around if you, put your hands on these people and pray for them. Look up on this platform here. The Presence of the Holy Ghost, a super sign. This sign has never been done in the church since the days of the apostles. Here's a historian standing here right now. Never been done since the days of the apostles. Why? This is the evening Light. Sodom is all around here. It's to the called-out church.
62-0624 SUPER.SIGN

The Message of the last day, the evening Light messenger (according to Malachi 4) will be turning the hearts of the children back to the fathers, the Pentecostal original message. Got it so scrupled up, and so forth, out here... Take the Word of God. Spies are in the land. Oh, my. They like to fuss with you. One come here not long ago to me, and he had, "Only the hundred and twenty went upstairs, only the twelve apostles received the Holy Ghost, Divine healing. We speak where the Word speaks, silent where it's silent," and went on like that. I just let him blow for a little while, like the Irishman's owl, all fuss and feathers, and no owl anyhow. So he got through like that.

Satan knows that reasoning and where reasoning lays. Yes, sir. To be an effectual witness of His resurrection, He knowed it would take the Holy Ghost, 'cause man cannot do those things. He equipped His army with the Holy Ghost to do those things, to make known the secrets of the heart, as He promised. You can't do that with any kind of training. You've got to do that by the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the armor of God. And this is the evening Light. To make Hebrews 13:8 reality, it would take more than a training. You can read words, and read words, and read words, and it'll never make it come to pass until you have the Holy Ghost there to manifest that. That's the Light; putting on the whole armor of God, not just a dress only, dress up and say, "Glory to God. I got the Holy Ghost." Then you're spurting all the power out the whistle. You're doing no good. Put it in action; put it in faith; make it move; make it do something: putting on the whole armor of God to go out and withstand the wiles of the devil.

The sun always rises in the East and sets in the West. Civilization has traveled with the sun. We know that. The oldest civilization we have is China. And when the Son (S-o-n) shined Its first time, was on the Eastern people. Now civilization has traveled till we're... Right yonder is the West Coast! If we go any further, we'll be East again. The next stop is Japan, China. We'll be East again, if we go any further. Civilization has traveled with — with the sun. Now the prophet said, "There will be a day that cannot be called day or night, a dismal, foggy day." People has knowed enough about God to join a church, put their name on a book, walk in what Light they had. On a foggy day, there's so much light of the sun, or you couldn't get around at all. But he said, "In the evening time, it shall be Light." What is it? The same sun that rises in the East, sets in the West. And the same Son of God that manifested and appeared in the East, is appearing in the West now at the evening time, evening Light to the Church that's called out and filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Church, perhaps the Bride is done chosen. It's, get Her ready now. The getting Her... The revival is over. We know that. There's no more revival spirit. Two hours of service, everybody is complaining. In a revival, it's day and night, all the time, never breaks. The revival is done. And so we are just gleaning. Abraham had to sweat it out until he found character. And then when he found character, the next thing was prepare her then to meet the bridegroom. That's the next thing. You remember when he found her? In the evening time, the evening light. Striking at the women and men, both, last night; and seeing them, in respect to the Word, stand up and admit they're wrong, want God's forgiveness, and to go on. This is the place to have a revival. If there'd be any revival I know of, it'd happen right along here, where honest hearts. Why? You've got something to work on, see. Something... Most of them will get arrogant, they don't want you to tell them about it; just remember, that type of seed is a denominational seed, not a Seed of Abraham. A Seed of Abraham sees the Word, and it believes the Word, quickly.

Was talking to a friend today, that come from Canada. The Lord had led me down to a certain place where I had to watch for something to happen. And then standing... This friend, I met him, and he was talking about how the American people were friendly. And I said, "Yes, and in here is some of the — the predestinated Seed of God, in and around these places, and in this most wicked place." I don't mean your city here. My city, that I come from, is as wicked as yours. But the whole world is wicked, but the riffraff has all floated to the West. We know that. Civilization has traveled with it. And where civilization is, there's where sin sets in. That's right. Look at it up and down here. This is a preacher's graveyard. That's right. Look at Los Angeles, everything and every cult lands right in there, and everybody has got a creed, a doctrine. To get the Word in there, you can't do it. It's so contaminated! That's right. Demons, devils, right at the seat of Satan! But yet in the midst of all of it, there's some Seed in there, also. And only thing you can do is scatter the Light. And if any of that Light... If there's Seed there, it'll come to Life as soon as the Light strikes it. You just have to sow Light, that's all. And He is the evening Light, we know that, His Word.

How that Rebekah watered that camel in the cool of the evening. Eliezer didn't find her in the morning. He never found her at noontime; he found her in the evening light. "It shall be Light in the evening time!" Right! That's where he found her. She veiled her face. She had no head; she was going to her head. Amen. A woman, it's her nature, of a woman, to surrender to a man. And it's the nature of the church to surrender to Christ, surrender to His will. Just surrender! She has no thinking of her own; she takes His Word, not somebody else's. If Eve would have done that, we'd have never had to die; but she listened to reasonings. But the real Bride of Christ takes the Headship of Christ, the Word, and only believes God's Word. That's the real, the restored Bride. Hallelujah! It's nearly time, friends, it's later than you think. We're at the evening time. The Holy Spirit is here tonight. I know it's a little, bitty group.
62-0706 JEHOVAH.JIREH.2_

The evening Light, signs, wonders, miracles, everything's setting right here ready. Sure. They're a bit confused. They don't know... Say, "Oh, hallelujah. Hallelujah," going right on to it, and letting everything run loose. Well, we ought to be checking up. It's going up time when that takes place, when the sleeping virgin cried out for oil. Evening Light sounds coming on. What is the evening Light sound? According to Malachi 4, it's the message to restore the faith of the people to the... the faith of the fathers to the children, a message.

Did you ever notice that Abraham means "father of nations"? H-a-m... Through all the history of the world, we've never had a man out there in Babylon, as we know of, bringing a message like with the same name we have today, G-r-a-h-a-m, to the denominational church. Now, the elected Church... I hope you're not blind. Now, notice. See, just exactly setting with the evening light, everything positionally right in place. Now, what was God... Now, how many in here believe that Abraham was right when he said that Man standing there eating a calf, drinking milk, eating corn cakes, and drinking milk before Abraham, that that was God? You believe it? Abraham called Him God: Elohim. All right. Now, what was He saying? God, before the coming of the Son of man will manifest Himself in human flesh like He did then and do the same thing. If that's true, let God speak.

Now, Father, will You come into our midst and let us know that You are raised from the dead, that You're living today, and they're — You still remain the same loving Jesus. And as the time is drawing nigh... [ — Ed.]... looking upon the earth at these sights that's coming, You said that was the time to lift up the head, for our redemption's drawing nigh. The prophet told us there would be a day that could not be called night or day; it'd be a dismal day, lot of fog. But in the evening time, it shall be Light. And the same sun that rises in the east is the same one that sets in the west, the same s-u-n that crosses the sky. And the same S-o-n of God that come in the east and poured out the Holy Spirit in this last days in the evening time, over here on the West Coast has pulled back the fog, and poured out the Holy Ghost to give evening Light, just as He promised. And thank Thee for it, Father. Now, I'm up here among the sojourners of the — these precious people that's dwelling here, looking for the coming of the Lord. Now, we pray that You'll magnify Yourself before us, in such a way that we'll know that You're here. And when we leave tonight to go to our different homes, may we say like those who came from Emmaus that day after the resurrection. You walked with them all day, and they didn't know You. And when You got them in the evening time, and had taken them on the inside and closed the doors, then You did something the way You did it before You were crucified, and they knowed no one could do it like You. And that was You. So they rushed over, and said, "Truly, the Lord has risen. Did not our hearts burn within us as He talked to us along the way." Grant it, Lord, tonight. As we go to our homes, may we see the risen Lord Jesus right here in this building, healing the sick, and showing mercy to all. We ask in Jesus' Name. Amen.

But God said, "I will restore all the years that the palmerworm and cankerworm and all the other worms eat. I will restore, saith the Lord." That same church that was down yonder on the day of Pentecost that fell, and filled a church, that the Roman church finally (cankerworms into organizations, denominations) eat it down to a stump. But God said He would restore it in the last days. Evening light shall shine. We need evening-time evangelism, with evening-time message, not a bunch of creeds. They had former and latter rain. The Hebrew word for "former" means "sowing rain," and then the reaping rain. Sowing... What have we got out of this revival? More members. What did we sow? Denominational seed. We reap a denominational crop. The Baptists had a big slogan out: a million more in forty-four. Billy Graham, great revivalist... That's true. We appreciate them men. But what we need today, brother, is sow the Gospel seed of the Word of the power, resurrection of Christ, the living Being that's living with us, in us now, present tense. "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also." Amen.

All these things we see happening then, and the nation... science says it's... four or five years ago, "It's three minutes till midnight." Israel's in her homeland. The church is in the Laodicea. Oh, my! What are we looking for? What's the matter? We're looking for the evening Light. Oh, I wonder, if It would come, if we'd recognize It? Or would It skip over the top of our heads like it has back in other ages? They never know it till it's done too far gone. You remember, those religious people was the one who killed the prophets that was sent to them. Jesus said so. He said, "You hypocrites!" Said, "You garnish the tombs of the prophets, and your fathers put them in there and then build their tomb."

That's the messenger of the last days, the evening Light, is first find that Church (where will they believe the Message?), hunt it. Can you read what I'm talking about? Hunt where that Church is that'll even let you come in, that won't close the door in your face. And then when you do there, then you've found character. Now if she will stand still long enough to tell her how that Bride's got to be dressed! She's got to be clothed. Stand still! If she could get...

Now, notice they were different man than what the Ph., L.L., Q.U.S.T., and ever what you want to call it, is today. What? Separates the messenger and... The Message, rather, by the messenger, will separate the believers from unbelievers. Some of them will line to It, and some won't. Some of the Lutheran... Some of the Catholic lined to Luther, some didn't. Some of the Lutherans lined to Methodist, some didn't. Some lines to Pentecost, and some won't. Some will line with the evening Light, some won't. How you going to know whether it's evening Light or not? Test it with the Word (not just one Word, all the Word put together), see whether it's right or not. Oh, what is it in? Then if this Message bears forth the vindication of God performing what He said He would do, and it's lined with the Word, then the Word is vindicated like other times and other prophetics did. Notice when the Message... when... Notice when the Message is rejected by the people, and the messenger seems to be completely defeated, he can't get another door, he can't get a place. Like our Lord was. Remember, when He was... Oh, when He was healing the sick, the young prophet, "Oh, my! He's a great Fellow!" "Hello, Rabbi, how you doing?" But one day He set down and begin to tell them the Truth. He found favor with the church, the people. Thousands followed Him. He had seventy ministers around Him, besides the twelve. But one day after He had turned the bread in... or turned the... multiplied the loaves, to prove that He was God, 'cause only God rained the bread down out of Heaven. Yeah. See? He multiplied the loaves. And immediately after that... He had walked on the water, performed miracles, and done the things that He had done, to prove that He was. And then, when He did, He set down and begin to strictly tell the people. The people turned away. And the seventy said, "Uh! Who can hear This? That's a hard saying. You tear down what we really thought was something else. Now, who are You to tell us these things?" And they walked away. Then Jesus turned to His little group, like in the days of Noah, like in the days of Sodom, said, "You want to go, too?" Then Peter said those great words, "Lord, where would we go?" (God, help us.) Notice when the Message is rejected and the messenger seems to be defeated, that's when God steps on the scene, his Message is over. Noah, (closing now), Noah preached in the door of his ark for a hundred and twenty years, till, when finally they laughed him to scorn, Noah stepped in the ark thinking that the... it would just be all right. God closed the door. And the people hung around to see what was going to happen. Seven days he set there and sweated it out, and on the seventh day the rain come. Uh-huh. Moses, what was he in? The very line of duty, leading the people. The Red Sea got in his way. He was at the end of his road. It was then that God came with the East wind and parted the sea, at the end of the road.

Heavenly Father, we, Your servants, stand over this group that has come forward needing Your blessings and Your attention at this time. Father, they are trophies of the Message, the evening Light time. Many of them, Lord, are confessing. Some of them are desperately in need. I pray, God, that in Jesus' Name that You will not turn one of them away, because You'll keep Your Word. I'm bringing Your Word to Your remembrance, Lord, as Peter did and the disciples when they prayed in Acts 4, they said, "Lord, remember the Word! Why do the heathens rage and the people imagine a vain thing?"

Please let my prayer be answered. And may every called child of God that's in hearing distance of here, or either the tapes shall strike, may at that time I claim them for the Kingdom of God, upon the basis of knowing this is the Word that's being revealed. Let the evening Light shine, Father. I commit them to You in Jesus' Name. Amen.

And remember, God is looking to me to see that I stay in the Word. And I'm looking to you to see that you carry out the Word, see, see, in this church. And keep it spiritual, for, remember, all the forces of — of the dark kingdom of Satan will be turned against you as you begin to grow in the Lord. And you must be soldiers, not just fresh recruits. You're aged soldiers now, and been trained to fight. And Satan will come among you, cause you to dispute with one another if he can. Turn him down just immediately; you're brethren; and it's the enemy. And we're here to hold a standard in this evening Light time, that, when the world is darkened and the whole church kingdom is going into the Council of Churches. And pretty soon they'll try to tack a sign on this door here, "Closed!" And then we're going to have to meet other places, 'cause they'll certainly close these churches one of these days if we don't take the mark of the beast. And we're depending on staying true to God till death sets us free, and that's what we intend to do.

But if that tree ever puts forth another branch, it will bear its original fruit. And there has got to be a restoration of all these things, right at the end of the Vine. There is to be, come forth, a restoration, an evening Light to light It up and to make It right. But it will come out of the Vine, not a denomination that's grafted into It; but original production of the Word. It's to come forth for the evening time. "And there will be Light in the evening time." It takes the Light to ripen It. See how perfectly the Scripture is! "A day that won't be called day or night." Fruit cannot ripen unless the sun ripens it. No matter how much you preach, whatever you do, it cannot be ripened, it cannot be manifested, it cannot be vindicated; only by Him Who said, "I am the Light of the world," the Word. So there has to come forth a — a — a Power, the Holy Spirit Himself, to ripen, or to vindicate, or to prove, or to make manifested that what He's predicted would happen in this day. The evening Light produces that. What a time! The Bride passed in the same position that She was when She was at the beginning. But I was watching Her getting out of step, and trying to pull Her back. Now, much could be said on these things, of the day that we're living.

Just see whether I'm popular. Take the people, out of Jeffersonville, with what little group is here from Jeffersonville; take the outsiders, of Jeffersonville, out of this tabernacle this morning, I wouldn't have or have a half a dozen to preach to. What is it? She is made up of all over the country; from New York, from Massachusetts, to Boston, Maine, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and around the country. They're gathering together. Amen! That's what He said. "It shall be Light about the evening time." They can't recognize the evening Light. That's what's the matter. She just doesn't recognize It. She is too blind. The Bible said she was.

At the same time, the Bride has recognized the evening Light, just begin to recognize. The hungry pentecostals have begin to recognize that them organizations hasn't got any things they was looking for, they're so twisted and tore up. See, it's the time of recognition, recognition. You've got to recognize. The world has recognized. The nations has recognized. Science has recognized. The devil has recognized it's the time that he can wreck women, wreck the church, wreck the people. He's recognized it. And God has recognized that there is a people on earth that He predestinated to Life. He recognized this is the time to send His Message. He's did it. The people has recognized It, the Bride time has realized the evening Light. If Sodom had have recognized her days, when she seen those messengers come down there, like Billy Graham and Oral Roberts! Now, some lewd person in Phoenix just got up and said... played that part on the — a tape, and said I said here, I "must be baptized in Jesus' Name," said that. And then said, "Now you see here, over here he said..." When I was talking about Africa, how they baptized three times face forward, and back. Said I said, "Don't make any difference." See, he never played the rest of the tape; just that part, and cut it off. Which, would be a penitentiary offense to do it. Them tapes are absolutely franchised. No one can mess with them. You better not. You — you — you got the law on you. But would we do it? No. He said, "Let them alone." God told me what's going to take place. Just watch, just keep your eye on that person. See? The same time, the Bride has realized the evening Light. If Sodom would have recognized their hour! Now, this same person put on tape, said, "Look here, to you Pentecostal people," said, "and you Baptists. This man, false prophet, William Branham," see, "has said that Oral Roberts and Billy Graham was in Sodom." See, then cut the tape off; that's all, see. Wouldn't go ahead to say, that, "They were messengers to Sodom." Not in Sodom, "They were there as a messenger to Sodom." Anybody knows I said that. Play your tape. "Whosoever shall take from or add to, the same shall be taken from him." It's the Word of the Lord. It stands that way.

Now how do you know you're a part? Because, that, the Word of the hour, the promise of the day. What is it? A restoration back to the first day, the first. "And he shall restore the hearts of the children back to the fathers," bringing a restoration again of the pentecostal genuine, not sensations; and will manifest the evening Light, the same Son that showed in the morning Light, as promised for the day. Amen and amen! Where are we, friends, where are we? Just waiting now to get out of the way, so Revelations 11 can be made to... known to the Jews; that's right, the Rapture coming. Watch, outside the gates of the walls, spread across the New Earth, nations will dwell in Eternal peace. Now what? Honored kings will bring their glory into it. No sin can be there. No more bobbed-haired women will enter that City. I'll guarantee you that. No more short-wearing, cigarette-smoking whoremongers, whores, or liars, idolaters, whatever they was, won't enter that City. No, it'll all be over. Sin will be gone. "Nothing to defile its holiness shall enter there." That's what He said. "All has passed away, forever."

And we have come here this morning to fellowship around the natural foods of life, which we have taken, to get that out of the way. And now we are desirous of Thee to give us of that Heavenly Manna, that Food that would give us strength in the Life that's in us. As the blood carries away this food now, to strengthen it, to make more cells, to build us strong for the day; may we receive of Christ, that He might get into our spirits, this morning, through the Word, and — and strengthen us for the hour that we're living in. Cause, the day is far spent and the evening shadows are falling, the evening Light is here, and we are soon listening for the summons to "come on High," and we are wanting to be ready at that hour. So, help us, Father. And there is no man worthy to open the Book, or to loose the Seals thereof; but the Lamb, that was slain from the foundation of the world, come took the Book and loosed the Seals. O Lamb of God, come this morning, open the Book to us, and let us look in with Thee, Lord, and see what we must do to be prepared for this hour. Bless every church, bless the oncoming meetings, each one of them, and our little meeting, to join with them coming on. And when we leave here today, may we be able to say like those who came from Emmaus, "Did not our hearts burn within us, as He spake to us by the way?" Grant it, Father. We ask in Jesus' Name. Amen.

The same — the same s-u-n that rises in the east is the same s-u-n that sets in the west. And the same S-o-n of God that come in the east and vindicated Himself as God manifested in the flesh, is the same S-o-n of God in the western hemisphere here, that's identifying Himself among the church tonight, the same yesterday, today, and forever. The evening Light of the Son has come. This day this Scripture is fulfilled before us. Where we at in this Abrahamic age? Where are we in this great time we're standing, the great hour that we're living in? All the visions has been fulfilled. How about when a little minister friend of ours here, associate sister church, Junior Jackson, come running up to us one night, me down there. Said, "I had a — a dream, Brother Branham, that's bothering me. I seen all the brethren gathered upon a hill." And said, "Upon this hill, you were teaching us out of letters that was wrote, looked like, in some letters that time had carved out in the rock. When you finished that, all that was finished, you told us, said, 'Come close,' and we all gathered up." Said, "You reached from somewhere and, looked like, got like a crowbar and whipped the top of this little pyramid open. And, when it did," said, "granite rock with no writing on it. And you told us to 'look in upon this.' And you all... We all started looking." Said, "I turned my head, and I noticed you going towards the west, just as hard as you could, towards the setting of the sun." How many remembers it? [Congregation says, "Amen." — Ed.]

Everything that... That shall never die. It's constantly unrolling Itself. From the very thing happening, to the picture being Jesus standing looking at us; and now exactly on Sunset Mountain, and the sunset Light. The evening Light has come, God vindicating Himself. What is it? It is the facts that God and Christ are one. The "white," how many seen it, the white wig upon Him, as we talked in Revelation 1? See, the Supreme Deity, Supreme Authority; no other voice, no other god, no other nothing! "In Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily." The Angels Themselves was His wig. Amen.

God, every handkerchief that's laying here, while the Spirit of God is present, while the anointing of Jesus Christ is upon the people, and the great signs that He promised are being fulfilled, and the earth is trembling, the earthquakes are happening, the great signs that He told, and the Scripture being fulfilled, and the evening Light shining. I lay my body across these handkerchiefs, representing this whole body of believers from East, West, North, and South; and say to the devil, "In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave every patient these are laid upon," to the honor and glory of the Word of God. In the Name of the Word of God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.

Now, in these Messages, I want to — to — to emphasize the things that I have told you in the Message, of this evening Light that God said would come upon the earth. And notice, then, "The beast that was to come upon the earth, would deceive all whose names were not put in the Lamb's Book of Life, slain before the foundation of the world." In God's own thinking; God, the great Spirit. In the beginning, before there was a beginning, He was God, and did you know you were in Him then? If you are a Christian now, you was in Him then. And then, if that be so, the whole Godhead bodily shaped up in the Person of Jesus Christ. And then when Jesus died at the cross, I died with Him, for I was in Him then; for He was the fullness of the Word, manifested, knowing that we would be manifested later. And we was at Calvary with Him. We went in the grave with Him. And we raised with Him and His resurrection. And now we've ascended, by His Spirit, to the Throne of grace, sitting together in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Always!

How contrary is denomination to God's Word! He never had one, never dealt in one, and never dealt with one. I want some historian to show me where ever a prophet ever come out of the church. Show me where God ever blessed a church that was... after it was organized. She went on the shelf and died, with intellectual wisdom from the devil, by their leaders, and refused the Word of God as It growed up into the perfect stature of Christ. Now it's at the head. How contrary! Separate from that unbelieving Eve, you children of the evening Light! Satan, god of this age, by his knowledge, getting the people to eat from his mixed tree of good and evil. Notice, Satan, by his knowledge, causing the people of this evil age to eat from his tree of good and evil. He says that he is building a greater Christian civilization, by his knowledge of good and evil, a greater Christian civilization. But Christ's little Virgin, Word, Flock, Bride, don't care for his knowledge. She keeps, him, free of him. What is... Now let's talk about Her, a minute. She waits for Her Lord and His Millennium honeymoon, right, with the Word Groom, as She is the Word Bride.

He keeps you from seeing the true revelation and faith of God's Word being revealed and vindicated today, by his schools, libraries, literature, hospitals, and so forth. See? He keeps you from it. He is now interpreting, as he did to Pharaoh, trying to keep you from seeing the meaning of the vindicated Word of His promised age in the evening Light, vindicated and proved. He has tried, by his knowledge, and schools, and better educated people, and ethics, and so forth, to keep you away from seeing That. Anything, so that you won't look at That and see that's Jesus Christ! How you know it's Jesus Christ? He is the Word, and He's the Word of this age. And this age, said that this would take place in this age, and here it is happening. See? See? He trying his best to keep you from seeing That. He'll tack any dirty name onto It he can. See? He'll call It "holy-rollers" and everything else. He called Jesus "Beelzebub." "And they call the Master of the house Beelzebub, how much more they going to call the disciples?" See? See, trying to keep you from seeing the real meaning of the Word. Not what... See, he is interpreting It, saying It means this. God said, "I promised in the last days I'd send you Malachi 4." It don't have to be interpreted; He did it. He said, "And as it was in the days of Lot, the world will be in a Sodom condition; and in that time, I will reveal the Son of man by it, exactly." We got all kinds of impersonations and everything else, of it, but we got the real One, too. See? He said He would do it. He said the antichrist would raise up and almost deceive the Elected if it was possible. But said, "Let them alone. Let them go ahead. Their folly will be found out." Why? The Word test proves it. See? When it come to that Word, "That had been back this way, that? Oh, I don't believe in serpent's seed. I don't believe in this, that, and the other." It's never been revealed, see, no, never. Oh, brother, just look where... We're going to have to close, because it's twelve o'clock. Notice, trying to keep you from seeing the meaning of the Word of this age, of evening Light being interpreted. It is... What does it mean? It's the time of exodus is at hand, God is coming for Her, as sure as the world. See? Now I want to ask you a question. While, it is twelve o'clock now, five minutes after; and we'll go on, tonight. Do you see the god of this age? [Congregation says, "Amen." — Ed.] Do you believe it? ["Amen."] See how it is, a church, intellectual, science? The whole world belongs to it, see, the denominations. And, you say, "I'm a Christian." "What denomination do you belong to?" Well, if I belonged to a denomination, I don't believe I'd be a Christian. Now, that's a big word, but that's right. I just got through saying that knowledge and science, and Christianity, has no fellowship at all. One is of the devil, and the other one is of God. Anything that denies God's Word, keep away from it. See? No, sir. The Bible calls, for this last days, for Christians to come out of that prostitute, that's tree of good and evil.

God is revealed in every age by His promised Word to that age. Now let's just look what some of His promises is for today, while we're closing now in these last words. Now God is revealing Himself in the evening Light time. Let's see now. We see... I just got a bunch of Scriptures wrote down here. As you can see on this page, how many Scriptures is written there. But, we just got about fifteen minutes till twelve. I want to get out. And I haven't gotten hoarse, this morning, speaking. Sometimes these air conditioners here makes me real hoarse. So if Brother Neville don't... You ain't got anything for tonight? [Brother Neville says, "No." — Ed.] Well, well, I'll... If it's all right, I got something. I found a cigarette pack, the other day, laying in the woods; and I got a Message from that cigarette pack, for tonight, the Lord willing. See? So, I got these Scriptures here. And I don't want to run overtime, so you can get back. A cigarette pack, speaking. All right. I was starting out through the woods, and there laid a cigarette pack, and I just walked on away. I thought, "Well, somebody is ahead of me." And Something said, "Turn back and pick that up." I thought, "Pick up a cigarette pack? Not me." Something said, "Turn back and pick that cigarette pack." And I went down, there was an old empty pack, and I seen something. I'll tell you about it, tonight, the Lord willing. All right. Now we're going to speak about evening Lights, just for a few moments. The Bible predicts that there would come a time, right at the closing time, that the sun would come out, and there would be an evening Light. We all know that. Don't we? We, we're... We who are familiar with our Message today from the Lord Jesus, we believe that there will be a evening Light. And this evening Light... Of course, the great Light will come when Jesus Himself will be manifested here on earth, or up in the Heavens, taking away His Bride, and then the Millennium will set in.

We're in the last days, and the last hours of the days. Do you see Him now in His Word, and all of His Word made manifest right here before us? Oh, Church of the living God, get to your feet, believe Him with all that's in you. Hold to that little Wheel in the middle of the wheel, let It stabilize every move and every motion that you make. Every thought that you have, may it be controlled by this Tower on the inside of you. Because, God is setting right in His Word of this hour, in the evening Light, showing forth the Light. The blindness of a bat! You could turn on a light, and the bat — bat would be so blind he couldn't fly. A hoot owl, all those night prowlers, and things like that, roaches and things, can't see in the daytime. They don't know what it's all about. They can't see. And the evening Lights has come on. Every parable, everywhere we go, to nature, to the Bible, to the — the statues that Melc-... that Daniel saw, and — and the king of that day, all of them saw; and all these things, everybody, every form, every move, every place in the Body, positionally shows us the very hour that we're living in. Not another move can come above it. There was a move of the hand; charity, Wesley. There was a move, of foundation; Luther. Charity, there never was a greater; it was called the Wesley move. They sent missionaries to all the world. One of the greatest moves that was made, in the age before that. Then come the Pentecostal age; then come in the different fingers and things, the Pentecostal age, of tongues, and nose, and so forth. Now it's in the eyes. What good will you need eyes, or need light, if that eyes wasn't there to see? There has to be eyes, first, to see. And then when that come, He opened the Seven Seals and revealed the evening Light, taking all the mysteries that's been hid down through these church ages, and now revealed them as He promised to do in Revelations 10:1 to 7. Here we are today setting in the midst of the Word, and the Word being revealed to us by Jesus Christ. Then, This is God's Word.

And, God of Heaven, may there not be one of them lost. I claim them, every one, and hold before them the Filter from sin, the Waters of separation, the Blood of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh. Grant it, Lord. And may the Holy Spirit pour through every promise, into our souls. And may we be living representatives of the Bride of Jesus Christ, in the time of the eyes, of the seeing in the evening Light, for we present it to You in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

Think of those Pharisees, how, from little boys, they trained in the Word, come up through schools and everything, holy (had to be, or they'd be stoned to death), and Jesus said, "You are of your father the devil." How that Israel went down there! And let this be a warning to the Pentecostals, Lord, across the land. How that Moses, a prophet, came down into Egypt, to fulfill the Word of God, to bring the evening lightto them! How they seen the great miracles of God! How they followed him, crossed the Red Sea, was baptized unto him, went into the wilderness and eat Angels' food that fell from Heaven. And then refused to take all the Word, when they come back from Kadesh-barnea... to Kadesh-barnea, from the — from the promised land, and said, "they're like giants; we can't do it." When, God said, "I've already give you the land"! Border line! Jesus said, "They are, every one, perished. They are dead," lost, without God, though they done all these things. They seen these miracles; enjoyed, danced up-and-down the seacoast, with Miriam, when they beat the tambourine. And only three, out of the two million, went in.
65-0919 THIRST

Now it's begin to pull away, the wheat's begin to be seen. This is not a Pentecostal age. This is the latter-day age. This is the Bride age. This is the evening Light. This is when Malachi 4 must be fulfilled, to follow God's pattern. This is Luke 17:30, to be fulfill. This is the second... And Jeremiah, and all the rest of them, that Joel has spoke of these days, this is that day. "I have heard, Lord, and It was coming, but now I see It with my eye."

Notice, the Word come to the prophet in this dispensation of grace, in the water (uh-huh). I thought you'd catch it (uh-huh). In the water! The first revelation of the Word was in the water. Now you see where the Bride started, the Evening-light Message? In the water! The Word, true Word not mixed up with creeds, but come to the prophet in the water, by the water.

It's the same time now, church! The evening Lights has come! Hebrews 13:8, "He's the same yesterday, today, and forever." Oh, events made clear by prophecy, same today. The evening Light promised by the prophet of God, in Zechariah 14:7, may again open the true believer's eyes to the events that's taking place today, that's proved by the prophecies that we're at the end time. Jesus is coming.

Let's just raise our hands now and praise God, every one of us, in our own way: Lord Jesus, we thank You. We praise You, Lord. We give You praise for a called-out people, out of Babylon. We thank You for the Blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ. We thank You because He makes us clean this minute. We for-... We ask forgiveness of our wrongs, our stupidity, Lord, our stumbling in the dark. O God, may we rise and shine, and walk in the evening Light, and be the fruit of the Tree that's coming forth by the evening Lights. Grant it, dear God. We commit ourselves to You, in Jesus Christ's Name.

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