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The Basics: The Marks of the Beast

Followers of William Branham are trained to believe that the parable of the "foolish virgins" in Matthew 25 is referring to the churches of the twentieth century, the followers of Branham being the virgins who kept their lamps trimmed, and all other Christians who did not accept William Branham's teachings being the foolish virgins who were caught unawares. According to Branham, those who believe in the "prophet for their day" will be raptured before the tribulation, while all other Christians will suffer torment.

In the early part of his ministry, William Branham claimed that communisim was the Mark of the Beast, and claimed that he prophesied of the rise of communism in his prophecies of 1933. But in the latter part of his ministry, Branham claimed that all denominations that rejected his message had already taken the Mark of the Beast, promoting the idea that there were two classes of people: us (those who did not have the Mark), and "them" those that rejected his ministry and had taken the Mark of the Beast.

Branham's timeline for this event to take place is difficult to pinpoint due to his varying thoughts on the subject. In some places, Branham promoted the idea that the Mark of the Beast would come after the Bride had been raptured and the Great Tribulation had begun, while other places Branham claimed that all other denominations had already taken the Mark. When Branham started promoting the Jewish Mysticism teaching of "Serpent's Seed," Branham began to promote the idea that the Mark started in the Garden of Eden, and those that were from the seed of Abraham were the only ones who did not have the Mark within them.

Thoughout his ministry, Branham taught that one or more of the following was the "Mark of the Beast":

  • Communism
  • Apostacy
  • Union of Churches
  • Unbelief
  • Catholicism
  • Rome
  • Not having the Gift of the Holy Spirit
  • To blaspheme the Holy Spirit
  • Any denomination of faith other than Branham's
  • Not descending from the seed of Abraham

Over time, this teaching resulted in a strong separation between Branham's following and other Christians. While Branham claimed that the Mark of the Beast would happen after the rapture, he began to promote the idea that denominational churches had already taken the Mark of the Beast. Those inside the churches were already condemned to eternal separation.

The churches Branham name specifically as the "evil ones" were: Pentecostals, Presbyterians, and Baptists.

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Branham's description of the Mark of the Beast:

Look. In a few years from now, I will say within the space of five years, maybe a little longer, maybe a little less, your money won't be worth the paper it's wrote on. It won't be worth nothing. Over in Russia today, they have their houses papered with thousand dollar bills. It ain't worth nothing. Confederacy... That's right. And we're coming to the same thing. A missionary here in Miami the other day was talking to me. He walked down the streets of London, England, where we were going to there at the London Hall. He said, "I had six hundred pounds in my pocket," which was dollars. And said, "My little girl wanted a little cookie. And those six hundred dollars would not buy that little cookie. I had to have a stamp first. It's rationed." Mark of the beast... No man can buy or sell except he that had the mark. And it's coming right here. You listen to it. You'll probably be seeing it 'fore I get back here again. It's right at the door, and we're near the end.

When Russia goes down there to get that oil, look out. That's all she needs. That's what the prophet said it would do. And we're ready for it then. So Church, get ready to meet Christ. He's sending great revivals and meetings, and stirring the full Gospel people. Signs and wonders appearing everywhere, Great wonders to draw His people together. And one day He shall come, the Deliverer.

Today what is it in this church? A betrayal. They getting documents; they're going to try to have a... Well now, you just keep this on your mind. They're going to have a confederation of churches. The churches of Christ of America has already confederating with all their churches, and they're going to have a band here someday that'll shut out to fight Communism, which will hook up with Catholicism, with the Protestant church and the Catholic church together. And the interdenominations who stand out for the truth, and get away from that dogma that they've got, will be persecuted. The mark of the beast, the Seal of God, the showdown will soon come. And, brother, if That's not in there, you'll be deceived as sure as the world, 'cause it'll look so nice. You'll say, "Now, if Communism made a — a — made a... for the world, why, let us make another agreement, and bring all the Christian, and Christianize the world back." And look so good, the people will jump into it. See? They'll confederate the churches, and bring, try to make Christianity one unit. And the Bible says in Revelations, that he give his power and everything, that he made an image unto the beast and exercised all the power the beast did before him. Sure, it is. Wish we had time to hook Revelations in this thing (But we haven't. See?) to see where it's at. You're right here in the end of time, brother. We're at the end of the age.

People, we're living in the end time. How many of you people has heard years ago down here when they was going to have me arrested down here for preaching on that mark of the beast?

I heard a minister this morning, a Spirit-filled man, taking the mark of the beast and saying that the antichrist was Russia. What an error. Uh-huh. Russia has nothing to do with it. No, sir. That's Scripturally. Now, but notice in this great time that we're living, a warning.

Now, you see what the mark of the beast is? It's the mark of apostasy. It's a person who is a — just thinks that, "Well, I belong to church, and I'm just as good as the next fellow. Am not I belonging to this church?" And you realize where your church organization that you're depending on, where it come from? Do you realize, the Bible said, "He that worships the beast, receives his mark, or the letter of his name (Now, watch.) in forehead or hand." That's knowledge or deed. That don't mean you got a big tattoo on your face. It don't have to be that. It's not talking of the outward. It's talking of spiritual. Watch what he does.

Every time there's a little something flies up in the country, everybody said, "That's the mark of the beast." When the old... I'd just got ordained in the Baptist church, when I heard about the N.R.A. Well, everybody said, "That's the mark of the beast." And then everything starts along, "It's the mark of the beast." And now the say, "Here comes Russia down, communism; it's the mark of the beast." But it's a lie. It isn't the mark of the beast. The Bible tells what the mark of the beast is. The mark of the beast is not no great anti-religious anti-country raise up like that. Communism is not Russia; communism is a spirit. It's all...

And remember, that we found without one mistake, that the mark of the beast is a mark of apostasy, that is, church members hanging to their church instead of walking in the Light. They reject Light, and there's nothing left by darkness (That's right.), both Catholic and Protestant. There is "a beast," and a whore," and she had "harlot" daughters. And these harlot daughters, when they broke forth, they were virgins from the Light of that day, and they organized and bringing people down here, back into here, making them the same kind of a thing that Rome was in the beginning. The Bible said so: the beast, and an image to the beast, the letter of his name, and so forth.

Now... And they've took "the mark of the beast," or "the letter of his name," that they made a image to. The image was the organization just like the Catholic church. They organized it and made an image of the Catholic church. Is the Methodist church an image of it, the Baptist church, the Presbyterian church, the Pentecostal church, the Holiness church, the Pilgrim Holiness, and United Brethren? Every one that organized, patterned off of there. It never was in God's Bible.

Now, now, we're coming to the Mark of God. I got thirty minutes, the Lord willing. Now, I want you to turn with me, first, and find out how essential, this Mark of God... Remember what the mark of the beast is: not communism. The mark of the beast comes from Rome, throughout the world: Catholicism with Protestantism joined into it, organized religion. And they're going to unionize the churches, till every church will have to bow to that thing, or interdenominations are kicked on the sideline. That's right.

Mark of the beast, confederation of churches, Catholicism, all bound together, go into chaos. The remnant, the Holy Ghost Bride...

Now, I'll answer that one first, God helping. I said that the Catholic church was the... We find out that the mark of the beast (night before last) had to come out of Rome. Is that right? It can't come out of no other country but Rome. There's where it's seated; that's where it's placed.

THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT out of the Word of God, that, "America is in whole, turning God down, and will receive the mark of the beast according to Revelation the 13th chapter." And we're moving into it. God cannot let any nation...

The Mosque of Omar stands exactly where the temple stood. And He said that they would tread down the walls of Jerusalem, over Jerusalem, until the Gent — Gentile dispensation be finished. But at the end of the Gentiles, there would still be three and a half years yet to the Jews.

The mark of the beast is the mark of apostasy. The mark of the beast was those who rejected the right; they were bored in the ear to be wrong the rest of their days. Those who receive the Seal of God is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 4:30 said, "Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God whereby you're sealed until the day of your redemption." It's come to a place where a person can't stand mediocre any more. That's right.

You are a peculiar people, a separated people, a holy people, a royal priesthood, altogether different from the world. You don't act like them, dress like them, talk like them; you are a called out, separated. That's right. Now, you see what I mean? If you refuse, now you'll go away and say, "That preacher is just popping off." Am I? It's the Scripture. Then it's the Scripture popping off. Then if you got your ears so bored that you've listened to the devil, and you can never no more hear the Gospel truth and walk in the Light, that's the mark of the beast. That's the Scripture... You refuse to hear truth, liberation, that Christ has made you free from those things. And you men, you poor little boneless back thing you, that'll let a woman, your wife walk around and blow cigarette smoke through her nose, and wear shorts, and act like that around your house, and you're not man enough... You are a poor substitute as a son of God. I don't say mine will never do it. If she ever lets down, the devil gets a hold of her, she'll do it; but that's the day she ain't Mrs. Branham no more. That's right. That's the truth. Stand up. God don't put wishbones in men. He puts backbones in men, Gospel bones, that'll stand for the truth.

And in this great hour that we're now living, in the day that when the nominal world is all bringing themselves together to form the mark of the beast, when the confederation of churches has swallowed them up, all denominations, and in the time that when even our full Gospel brethren are differing, and fussing, and fighting, and pulling, and stewing over little bitty Scriptural differences, and each one separating themselves and — and getting different, and calling disciples, I begin to think it's more for a meal ticket than it is to get souls saved.

Just like a trinity of heaven: like Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Like the trinity of the beast: the false prophet, the beast, and the — and the mark of the beast... And all that, remember, it's all in trinity. Trinity makes one, perfected. One is perfected. You're perfected, one in three: soul, body, and spirit: water, blood, and nerves. See, whatever you was, you have to take three to make a perfected one. Take a three cornered piece of glass and put the sun on it, you got a perfected rainbow. See, everything, you have to have three to make a perfect one.

The Bible said in this day that every man that wasn't sealed with the Holy Ghost would have the mark of the beast. What is the mark of the beast? Unbelief. Don't you know what your...

You'll be kicked out some of these days from these interdenominationals like this. It'll come a time when you'll have to belong to an organization or you can't worship. As you know, the Scripture says it will be. They just make fun of you now. But there'll be a time where there'll be a boycott. For the mark of the beast must come. You'll either belong to the confederation of the churches, the beast like it is in Rome, or you won't worship at all. That's what the Scripture says.

There's only two classes on the earth. One's got the Mark of God, the other one's got the mark of the devil.

You say, "What about the mark of the beast?" That's to come in the tribulation. The Church will be gone then. Won't have to mark these; these done gone. See? The marking's going on now. The marking is the showing forth, the brand. Flee to God; flee to Him quickly.

And every person on the earth would have one or the other. You just can't get out of it. One's the mark of the beast, the other one was a Seal of God. And the Seal of God is the Holy Spirit, God's provided way for His Church. Ephesians 4:30 said, "Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby you're sealed unto the day of your redemption." And to reject that Holy Spirit is to take on the mark of the beast. All that didn't have the Mark of God had the mark of the devil. So, you're marked. You're either marked a bondslave in the love of God, or you're marked a slave to the things of the world of the devil. That's hard. But we are slaves, and we want to serve Him all the days of our life. A slave is a servant . In order to be a servant of Jesus Christ, you have to be a slave to yourself, to crucify... Oh, God, let it sink in. Crucify yourself, and your flesh, and your desires, that God might take hold in your heart to move you and motivate you. That's the slave of Christ, the bondslave called — Paul called it. He said he was a slave to the Lord Jesus, a bondslave in service for the Lord Jesus, going about daily, crucifying the flesh to be a slave for Jesus Christ, rejoicing because he was a slave. That's it.

The mark of the beast is on today, and the — the Seal of God is the Holy Spirit. To reject It is the mark of the beast. Ever who sees the Holy Ghost, that you're supposed to receive It, and don't do it, automatically you take the mark of the beast; because there's only two classes to exist: all that didn't have the Seal of God had the mark of the beast. So to receive the Seal of God is to receive the Holy Ghost. To reject It is to have the mark of the beast. There's the whole thing. That's exactly right.

There'll come a mark of the beast soon. There'll come a confederation of churches, and they'll put out a sign that — a unionized church that no man can buy or sell. And Your Church, it won't bother them; for Your Holy Spirit shall lead them and feed them as You did Israel in the wilderness. You are God. Don't let us miss that, Lord. Let us remain faithfully. Let us be true.

Now, watch. In the last days there's going to be two classes of people. One of them's going to have the Seal of God, the other one the mark of the beast. Is that right? How many knows that? Well, if the Seal of God is the Seal of... If the Seal of God is the Holy Ghost, then without the Holy Ghost is the mark of the beast. And the Bible said that the two spirits would be so close together, it would deceive the very Elected if it was possible. It'll never do it, because they were elected to Eternal Life. See? Church going just as an ordinary...
60-0522E ADOPTION.4

As it is written in Revelation 13:6. You like to get to that just a minute? That He said He... that "This woman caused all to receive a mark (this beast did), caused all to receive a mark (both poor, great, whoever they was), a mark of the beast," which was the Roman Catholic Church.

Now, here's to him that has wisdom, draw, write that out: Vicarivs Filii Dei. And then when you draw a line under here and add the numbers, and you got exactly what God said the mark of the beast was: six hundred and sixty-six. See, Vicarivs Filii... Now, I've been in Rome and been in the Vatican. And the triple crown: jurisdiction of hell, heaven, and purgatory. See? Seen the crown, seen the vest, see all, right there.

The church is going to come to a place where you're going to have to get in this organization or — or be... you're going to — you're going to have it, brother. That's all. You're either going to be organized or take the mark of the beast, or take... You're either going to organize it, or go in the denomination (which is actually coming the mark of the beast), 'cause it's a boycott. See?

But if you don't want to, then your organization, your master, whoever you're serving, will put a mark on your ear and you won't be able to hear It anymore. If God ever speaks to your heart to "Come, this is the time," and you refuse It, then you receive his mark, hardened from the Truth. There's the seal of the devil, the mark of the beast. You see? What does the mark of the beast do? Go put you right back to Romanism, denominationalism, and you'll never come in and be free; serve that forever. There's the mark of the beast.

Now, some people says, "Well, communism is the mark of the beast." You're wrong. Communism is not the mark of the beast, yet it is, but it isn't heading up. The — the mark of the beast is of — is a religious nature, very religious, so cunning and sly, until it'll deceive the very elected if it was possible, just so close till it would deceive the elected if it was possible.

But the mark of the beast is the wayward, the outcast that refused to take and come God's provided way.

And if they blaspheme the Holy Ghost, they take the mark of the beast, and there's nothing but destruction left.

They've done took the mark of the beast. Look at it now, the Pentecostal church has done showed its colors.

When the Baptist church, when the Pentecostal church, when the Presbyterian church, took on the mark of the beast instead of receiving the Holy Ghost, they went out from God and made them an organization. What'd they do? Took them a false wife, a false wife of the world, brought in painted up Jezebels and everything else, with short hair and wearing shorts and skirts and of a hollywood fashion.

Now, remember, you'll either have the Holy Ghost or take the mark of the beast. There's just two classes. We'll get to it tomorrow night. I just kinda throwed it out and made a big foundation to cap it off on tomorrow night.

Two classes, one will have the mark of the beast, the other one have the Seal of God. Just like Cain and Seth in the garden of Eden, comes to that thing.

I think that the Seal of God is the Holy Spirit. The Bible supports that. The mark of the beast is to reject the Holy Spirit. There's only two classes of people. And on the side of salvation and rejecting begin in Genesis like everything else begin.

The first angel, at the reformation, Luther preached the Gospel. Second angel, Wesley, sanctification. The fornication, he straightened up of the church. But the third message, the Pentecostal message should be, the true messenger warning them to escape the mark of the beast, saying, "Whosoever receives the mark of the beast, the same will drink the wrath of God poured out without mixture into the cup of indignation, be poured out upon the people." That's the very message today, the third angel, the third message, the last message. The Lutheran message of justification, the Wesleyan message of sanctification, and the Pentecostal message of the Seal of God: escape the mark of the beast; come out of them big walls of Babylon; be sealed into the Kingdom of God.

After it's brought right up to you and showed you that is the seal of God, and just because of prestige, you'd have to give up something, or quit your denomination, or — or something to receive it, and then walk away from it, you know what you do? You seal yourself out of the Kingdom: mark of the beast. When God told Abel, or told Cain, said, "Just go over and worship like your brother. Bring a lamb, come down here and worship like your brother," said, "you'll do all right. Do as your brother does, you'd be all right." But he wouldn't do it, said, "This is the best I can offer. You can take it or leave it." And he was marked and went out of the Presence of God.

What is the mark of the beast? To reject the Holy Ghost.

Now, we just went through that in California, back and forth and back and forth through the Mark of the Beast and the Seal of God. The only way you'll ever become Abraham's seed, 'cause that gives us Abraham's faith... And Abraham never received this promise while he was in circumcision, under the law, but when he was under grace, before circumcision was ever issued. Therefore, it's not nothing that we could do to merit; it's God's grace that gives it to us. By faith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed to him for righteousness. The law is what man wanted, not what God wanted.

"Where'd you say the mark of the beast begin?" In the garden of Eden. Mark of the beast and the Seal of God was performed in the garden of Eden. Exactly. It's performed through Easter, for the death of Abel brought forth Seth.

The Bible said that there would be a boycott, even to such a way it would 'cause people to not buy or sell unless they had received this: the mark of the beast, which is Romanism; and the image of the beast, which is Protestantism. That the image... The beast had power, authority, to give the image life, to speak, and it did. And that's the Confederation of Churches, when they confederate themselves together.

And here we are, organization, with the mark of the beast upon us, just exactly like the first beast; an image unto it, a federation of churches, joining a power.

And, tonight, that's the reason this nation stays. She is doomed. There is no hope for it, at all. She's crossed the line between judgment and mercy. And she's elected in what she has here, to control the nation. And she is rotten, to the core. Her politics is rotten. The morals of this nation is lower than anything I can think of. And her religious system is rottener than the morals. She becomes, in doing this, she has now joined herself, all these churches, and of the nation, into the federation of churches, and has taken the mark of the beast. What a thing! Why? Christ give them the opportunity, "Come to My feast," the Feast of Pentecost, which means "fifty."

Now, somebody said, "Now, there's going to be a — a mark of the beast, it's going to come someday." Let me tell you. It's already come. See? As soon as the Holy Ghost begin to fall, the mark of the beast begin to take place. See? You only have two things. One of them, is, accept It, takes the Seal of God. To reject It, takes the mark of the beast. To reject the Seal of God is to take the mark of the beast. Everybody understand? [Congregation says, "Amen." — Ed.] To reject the Seal of God is to take the mark of the beast. For, the Bible said, "All that was not sealed by the Seal of God took the mark of the beast." When the trumpet sounded, and all wanted to go free could go. Them that didn't, was marked. Now, you see, the mark of the beast, if we talk about it in the future, is when it's going to be made manifest, when you realize it's what you've already done. See? And so is the Holy Spirit, It's to be manifested. When we see the Lord Jesus coming in glory, and feel that transforming power, and see the dead rising out of the grave, and know, in a second longer, we'll be changed and have a body like His. It'll be made manifest. Then, to see those who rejected It, will be left down, out.

You say, "What about the mark of the beast?" Those who reject the Holy Spirit is already marked by the beast. The punishment will come later. See?
63-0901M TOKEN

Now, that doesn't contrary the Scriptures. It's with the Scriptures. "And they formed a image unto the beast." Uniting the world denominations in one Protestant, forming the mark of the beast, the image of the beast, according to Revelations 13:8. "And they made an image unto the beast." The beast is "Rome." We all know that. But always it's been Rome

It's the — it's the denominational goats today that's leading the innocent sheep to the slaughter. Put their self, their names on them books yonder, and they are finished. That is the mark of the beast. In the Name of the Lord, I speak. Held that for a long time. That's true. That's exactly. What is the beast? What is the beast? It's the Roman hierarchy, the first organization. What is the mark of it? The same thing, exactly, the same thing exactly as that was. The slaughter, to the glare!

And, today, the Protestants are throwing themselves together in the Ecumenical Council, doing the same thing, grafting in tradition of man, and instead of taking the Word of God which is thoroughly identified by the Holy Ghost, that He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. The church stands in the balance, today, and is found wanting. You're back in Pilate's judgment hall. Yes, sir. What does it do? It's making an image unto the beast. It's a satellite unto Rome. When the Ecumenical Council is forcing, and will force every Protestant denomination into it; and it practically all is there now, Full Gospel and all. The hour is going to come when they'll have to come or stay out, and, at that time, when that force come, you've already identified yourself with the mark of the beast. Now, that's exactly.

Denominationalism absolutely (I can prove it by the Bible) is the mark of the beast. "She was a whore; she had prostitute daughters." And we know that that is the Truth. Organized religion, it's contrary to the Word, and it's antichrist in its principles. Not everything in there is antichrist; but in its principles, it's system is antichrist, because it's against the Word of God. Every organized system is that way.

Where was trinitarianism born at? Remember, "three unclean spirits," individual spirits. Are you getting it? [Congregation says, "Amen." — Ed.] 241 Notice, they look back to the Nicaea Council where the trinity doctrine was born at, not in the Bible. There's no such a thing. They look back to the Nicaea Council at Nicaea, Rome, where the trinity was born at. Notice where they come from. Notice. And the trinity of frogs came out of an old trinity, give birth to a new trinity, their mother. What'd it come out of? A trinity, "the dragon," see, "the beast," and "the false prophet." A trinity, new. For when were these frogs come out? When did it? Notice, they was there all the time, but it wasn't manifested until between the Sixth and Seventh Vial, just before the Seals opened to reveal it. "For in the Message of the seventh angel, the mysteries of God would be known," all these trinitarian things, and false baptisms, and everything was to be made manifest.

How can a prostitute and a clean woman walk together in agreement? They can't do it. They have no fellowship at all. "Come out from amongst them!" It's of the devil. It's the mark of the beast. Heading right into it now; all denominations. I don't care whose it is.

A denomination, to wear the brand of a denomination, is the mark of the beast.

Which, I will prove someday, if God will let me, that denomination is the mark of the beast.

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