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The Basics: The Prophecies of 1933

Around 1952, William Branham started claiming to have had a series of prophecies in the early 1930's. According to Branham, God had spoken through him to warn the people of the End of Days, and that warning came through "seven" prophecies." In a large portion of his sermons, Branham would claim that these prophecies came to him in 1933. For this reason, cult members refer to this part of cult theology as "William Branham's Seven Prophecies of 1933."

Upon further examination of his sermon transcripts, however, we find that Branham gives three different years for this event, ranging from 1930 to 1933. And upon examining the prophecies themselves, we have identified as few as fifteen different "prophecies" instead of seven. As time went on and current events were drastically changing, many of his "prophecies" also appear to have changed to fit the times. And as new information concerning past world events became available, prophecie were updated to fit history, some of them the exact opposite of their original prophetic claim. For example, Branham can be quoted claiming that he prophecied that Franklin D. Roosevelt would lead the world into war, and later be quoted claiming that Adolf Hitler caused the war. Some of these "prophecies," such as the claim that the world would soon be driving egg-shaped-cars, are strangely similar to attractions in 1933 Chicago World Fair which had been the talk of newspapers and magazine articles for several years.

When we review the timeline created by government documents, newspaper articles, and Jeffersonville Indiana historical record, the 1931 or 1932 date would seem likely. Branham claimed that these prophecies came to him on his way to the "Baptist Tabernacle". Records show that the (Pentecostal) Missionary Baptist Church was purchased in December of 1930 by official Ku Klux Klan spokesperson and later Imperial Grand Dragon Roy E. Davis. Davis, fleeing prosecution of several crimes throughout the southern states and Louisville, KY, set up his base of operations in Jeffersonville, Indiana along with his brothers Dan and Halbert. While facing criminal trials in multiple states, Davis ordained William Branham as a minister. When the church was burned to the ground, the (Pentecostal) Missionary Baptist Church transitioned into the Billie Branham Pentecostal Church, which later was named the Branham Tabernacle.

Since William Branham usually claimed that there were "seven" prophecies of "1933," cult pastors today have condensed Branham's list of fifteen or more prophecies into the seven most common, and have chosen to ignore the claims to the earlier years of 1931 and 1932. Today, when new recruits are given books, pamphlets, or other cult propaganda advertising these "prophecies," they are condensed to the following list using "1933":

1. Roosevelt (later changed to Hitler) would take America into a second world war (read more)
2. Mussolini would invade Ethiopia and that would be his last invasion (read more)
3. The Maginot or Siegfried Line would be built
4. Cars will become shaped like an egg (later changed to automatic guidance systems) (read more)
5. The United States would be ruled by a woman (later changed to President Kennedy and the Catholic Church) (read more)
6. A progression of decay in the morality of women
7. The United States would be smoldering and burning

When condensed to these seven, Branham's claims do not seem so far-fetched. Most Christians believe in a coming Armegeddon, and a large number of Protestants believe the Catholic Church does not align with scriptural teaching. And with the advancements in self-guidance systems in todays automotive technologies, it is very easy to ignore the "egg-shaped" portion of Branham's prediction concerning automobiles. Most people are unaware that these technologies were "predicted" in the early 1930's, and have long forgotten the "egg-shaped" auto styles that faded as studies in aerodynamics shifted the industry towards sleek, low-profile design.

If potential new recruits were given Branham's full list of (as few as) fifteen prophecies of 1931-1933, cult pastors would have a much more difficult time persuading them to believe Branham had any "gift" at all. Many of them contradict each other. Several can be identified with common fears during the Red Scare and changes in fashion, and a simple study of the World Wars can overturn the same ones Branham himself changed over time. One of them had to be quickly changed after the assassination of President Kennedy, and others because Branham himself ignored the "voice of God" by eating eggs for breakfast while living in the Ohio River Valley. Not to mention that potential new recruits are never told Branham often predicted these events to happen before 1977.

The prophecies of 1931-1933 that we have identified so far:

1. Roosevelt would take America into a second world war (61-0312)
2. Hitler would take America into a second world war (Church Age Book - Chapter Nine)
3. Mussolini would invade Ethiopia and that would be his last invasion (60-1113)
4. The Maginot would be built (58-0927)
5. The Siegfried Line would be built (64-0823M)
6. Cars will become shaped like an egg (55-0501E)
7. Cars will have automatic guidance systems (60-1113)
8. The United States would be ruled by a woman (55-0501E)
9. The United States would be ruled by the Catholic Church (60-0716)
10. The United States would be ruled by president Kennedy, whose wife was the "Jezebel" for this "age." (64-0403)
11. Women will wear fig leafs (64-0726M)
12. United States would be destroyed (63-1117)
13. Do not eat eggs (63-0731)
14. Do not live in valleys (63-0731)
15. The United States will worship a woman named Mary. (61-0319)

Like the Mormon "prophecies of Joseph Smith," cult pastors also struggle explaining why Branham's "prophecies" have never been seen. In some accounts, Branham claimed that the "prophecies" were buried in Roy E. Davis' (Pentecostal) Missionary Baptist Church, making it easier for them to explain for a period of time. For several years, cult pastors claimed that a page containing seven prophecies was buried in Branham's church on the corner of 8th Street and Penn Street in Jeffersonville -- coveniently ignoring Davis' church altogether. This story no longer worked, however, when the pastor of Branham's Tabernacle on the corner of 8th Street and Penn Street exhumed the cornerstone of the building to find it empty.

They have more difficulty explaining why Branham claimed to have read from this "buried" paper in a 1960 sermon, and why Branham read the year "1932" instead of "1933." They also struggle to explain why they cannot find this paper that Branham also claimed to have been "written in a page of his bible (65-0718E)," "in his desk drawer (52-0727)," and also given to his traveling companions Gene and Leo for them to alter and "bring up to date. (60-1113)"

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Branham's accounts of these prophecies:

There'll come a worship of a woman in the United States, and that'll be Mary. I seen it, thirty—1931. Seven things happened. I got it right on paper here with me, wrote it in 1931. How that I said, "This President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, he will cause all the world, help do it, send the world to war." Hadn't come to war yet, during time of the depression. I said, "Another thing..." And my mother, a square-back Democrat, if she didn't look at me hard when I said that. I said, "I don't care if there's a Republican or if he was a Socialist or whatever he is, this is THUS SAITH THE LORD."
Branham, 61-0319 - Jezebel Religion

When I heard that egg situation the other day, I went back in my book where the Lord spoke to me in 1931, and there I had written in my book, "In the last days, warn the people not to eat eggs or live in a valley." And, see, not know what fallout and things would be, see, but yet the Lord forewarned that, way back thirty years ago, see, "Not to live in a valley, in the last days," and, "Don't eat eggs," everything will be poisoned. See? And that's just what's happened. Now imagine that, thirty something years ago.
Branham, 63-0731 - There Is Only One Way Provided By God For Anything

Just look, thirty-three years ago. You know what a—what a 1931, or whatever it was, model car would look like; it'd look like a relic. And It said, "It'll look just like an egg, become like an egg. Of course, there's nobody here, I guess, that's a-living today or among us that heard me say that. It's... You've heard me say it down through the ages, but... Yeah, here's a woman setting here. Why, Mrs. Wilson, I didn't see you there. You remember when that taken place.
Branham, 64-0823M - Questions And Answers #1

I didn't mean that to do any harm, women; I don't mean you Christian women. But just to see women coming into politics and everything, it's a disgrace; it's a breaking of the American morale. And remember, this is... America will... A — a woman... I — I better leave it alone. But just remember this. I predict this: that a woman will be president before we're annihilated. That's right. I said that in 1933 by a vision. Sure, it's a woman's world. Where did it start from? Hollywood. All your dirty, filthy dressing and things, that's what's crept into our homes and things like that. And now comes through television, everything else. It's a disgrace. All of our revivals won't help nothing till we get back to the good old fashion foundation again.

They spray the fields with this DDT, I seen the other day, and now we got eight hundred sick people in this community from eating eggs. Do you remember years ago when I first, when we had the little bitty structure here, and I was prophesying, and said, "It shall come to pass in the last days, don't live in a valley and don't eat eggs." I've got it on my book. I thought there was something about that, and I went and looked at it. "Don't eat eggs." That was way back in 1933. Eggs has got something in them now, and I see where science says that a man over fifty years old should never eat an egg, because it's the hardest thing on a heart that can be eaten. Diseases!

In 1933, when we were having services down here where the old, I believe the Church of — of Christ is there now, it used to be the old Amer... It's right over here, Brother Neville, right straight down. Charlie Kern used to live there. What's that? Orphan's home over here on Meigs Avenue. In 1933. I just got a 1933 Ford, and I dedicated it that morning to the Lord. And before leaving home, I saw a vision. I've got it wrote, old yellow paper still waiting in a Bible. I saw the end time coming. And, you, how many can remember what a '33 car looked like back there? Oh, it kind of run out like this, and way up the back, and chopped down for the spare tire to hang on. I saw a vision, that before the coming of the Lord, that cars would look like an egg. How many remembers that prediction? Is there anybody left in here? Brother Steward's gone, and I guess. It was 1933 when we were having services over here. I guess just about all of them's gone now, since then.

And I predicted that America, their number one god would be women. That's what it is. Everything is fashioned after Hollywood. I have things on records from the FBI file that would shock you to pieces just to tell you right where, and the scandal on these movie stars, there isn't a one of them, hardly, but what's prostitutes. And the FBI exposed it just recently; I have it from their own file. And so all of them living out, even these movie stars, where they've proved they went in and picked them up, living with men, twenty-five and fifty dollars a night, of men, all up and down, in Hollywood and everywhere, had private homes and men back in there where they would send them out to these people. And that's what we look to, television, and — and out here on these screens and things, and let our children call that an idol. And then call that mother? That's a long ways from being mother. That's filth. That's exactly. And yet they set the pace of the day. Well, let them, the kind of clothes they wear, watch the American women dress right up just like them, and everything. Sure. And America's god is a woman. Not Jehovah; they've turned away from That. Not to mother now, now lay that aside, that's a sacred thing we're going to talk about; but I mean woman. And, remember, I predict that before the great total annihilation, which I don't say the Lord told me this, but I believe there'll be something happen either between now or at that time in '77. It may come...?... at this hour. But between now and '77, I predict that either a great destruction or a total annihilation of the entire earth, between now and '77; I predicted it in 1933.

I predicted that women would keep demoralizing and the nation would keep falling, and they'd keep hanging to mother, or like mother like that, till they become, a woman become an idol. And after a while, that America would be ruled by a woman. Mark it and see if it's not right. A woman will take the place of a President or something, of great, some high power in America. When... I say this with respect, ladies. When a woman gets out of the kitchen, she's out of her place. That's right. That's where she belongs. Outside of that, she has no place. And now, I'm not hard on them, but I just tell what's the Truth and what the Bible. Used to be the man was the head of the house, but that was in Bible days. He isn't no more. He's the puppet, or he's the — or the babysitter or something. And now... No, they want to take care of a dog, practice birth control, and pack a little old dog around in their arms all the time, so you can run around all night.

It well brings to my memory what's wrote there in that cornerstone on that morning when we dedicated — or laid the cornerstone. When the Lord woke me up, not knowing what visions was in those days. I'm looking at the chimney on top of the house, five feet or more from where I was sitting when the vision taken place twenty three years ago in 1933. Be about twenty four years ago, I suppose. I'm looking at the chimney right now. It was long before I was ever married. I was single at home. We were just building this church, and we was laying the cornerstone that morning, when the Lord gave me the vision. I'd woke up and looked out the window, and it was along in June and the honeysuckle or the buds a blooming. And there, looked like I went walking out or something, and I — I saw the Lord Jesus, and saw my tabernacle; and He pronounced to me that this was not my tabernacle and kept me under the skies.

And you remember, I've already predicted in 1933, a woman would rule this nation before the chaos, by the annihilation. See her face on the money; she's everything; she's a goddess; she's... Hollywood's done it. The reason that takes place, is because you stayed home on Wednesday night from the prayer meeting to watch some old dirty play of "We Love Sucy," or something like that. Showed what was in you to begin with. And you women, instead of having your prayer meetings, on the morning, the ten o'clock prayer meeting, you stay home to watch some vulgarity stuff, and dirty jokes, like that Arthur Godfrey or Elvis Presley, some scavenger feeding on the carcass of their own people.
58-0512 LIFE

Picking up, the other day, an old book, up there, reading some of the things that the Lord had told, foretold, already come to pass: about this juvenile stuff, and about how the war would come out. And all those things has hit — just the two things left. And one of those great prophesies; that is, for cars to be on the road with remote control, looking like a egg, only you don't drive it; it controls itself. And then, there'll be a great woman rise up, 'cause America is a woman's nation. And it'll... A great woman will rise up and be president, or something like that in the nation, and then there will come a total annihilation, the entire nation will be wiped out. And that, I predict — now this is not the Lord saying this — the other about the woman and this, is the Lord. But I predicted in 1933 that the world would be total annihilation before '77. So I didn't know then that they had something that could annihilate it, like they got now, but I seen the nation in total annihilation — just stumps of trees and things like that left. So it's on its road.

Picking up, the other day, an old book, up there, reading some of the things that the Lord had told, foretold, already come to pass: about this juvenile stuff, and about how the war would come out. And all those things has hit — just the two things left. And one of those great prophesies; that is, for cars to be on the road with remote control, looking like a egg, only you don't drive it; it controls itself. And then, there'll be a great woman rise up, 'cause America is a woman's nation. And it'll... A great woman will rise up and be president, or something like that in the nation, and then there will come a total annihilation, the entire nation will be wiped out. And that, I predict — now this is not the Lord saying this — the other about the woman and this, is the Lord. But I predicted in 1933 that the world would be total annihilation before '77. So I didn't know then that they had something that could annihilate it, like they got now, but I seen the nation in total annihilation — just stumps of trees and things like that left. So it's on its road.

In 1933, this is a woman's nation. It's the number thirteen. It appears in the thirteenth chapter of Revelation: thirteen stars, thirteen stripes, thirteen... Everything's a thirteen. Everything is a woman. And remember, THUS SAITH THE LORD there will be a woman rule before the end time. She'll either be President, Vice President, or it'll be the Catholic church as a woman. I've seen her: A great woman, the nation bowed to her. It'll be one before the end time. THUS SAITH THE LORD. Write it down and find out, you young people. See if it happens. If it isn't, I'm a false prophet.

You remember, I predicted that in 1933. And it will be that way too. For I saw a vision before the end time, that great and powerful thing stood up in the United States, and she become as stubbles. So then, it's going to happen. I said, "Automobiles will — come like the shape of an egg." You know what a '33 car looked like. And I said, "There'll even be traveling on the road, they won't even have to guide it." They've already got that out; I seen it here not long ago. It'll be controlled by electronics like, or by a magnetic post, to cut their speed and so forth, and raise their speed. They can't hit against one another and so forth. And I've got that wrote in a book since 1933. And it'll be that way; we're coming to it now.

And I was a pastor of the Baptist church there. I didn't even know what a vision meant, and now, them things that happened I'd calling it falling into a trance. I didn't know to call it a vision. At that time I was just a boy: 1933, on June.

I was on my way to Sunday school, and when I was getting my Bible, a vision came before me; and I was stopped in the floor. And here was what it said. It's on yellow paper. Will be printed in the "Herald of Faith" right away, because most all of it is fulfilled. 1933 — think of this now. Many, many years ago, about twenty-eight years ago it — it taken place. Watch how accurate His Word is. Said, "We now have a president (Dwi... Mr. Roosevelt), and this Mr. Roosevelt will cause the world to go into a world war through his — in his time of his administration, his — his — as president," and then said, "And during this time they have permitted women to vote, which will be a curse to the nation. They'll elect the wrong man sometime." And they did the other day. Now, think of that. Said, "We will go to war with Germany, and Germany will be fortified behind concrete. And we will take an awful beating at this place," the Maginot Line eleven years before it was built. See? Exactly.

Said, "This new dictator, Mussolini, will take his first step toward Ethiopia, and Ethiopia will fall at his feet." It did. It said, "That'll be his last. He will end in disgrace." And I said, "It will come to pass before the end time comes that there will be a great woman stand up in the United States, because the United States is marked woman. Her number is thirteen, and she'll rise up, either be president, or (I put it in parentheses) perhaps the woman being beautiful and attractive will be the Catholic church but cruel at heart, and she'll lead the nation to pollution. And then it will come to pass that they'll have an automobile perfected into a place, that I seen a family driving in an automobile that was glass topped and didn't have any steering wheel in it." It was... And I seen the other day that it in the "Popular Mechanics" that the machine is already invented. They can take it anywhere you want to by some sort of a — this radar control. Just set your post to it and it goes right on. You don't even need it, and it's glass topped.

Then I turned to look and I seen the United States was a smoldering something had burned it up. And down beneath there I said, not in the trance, but, "I predict..." (remember this, I guess this is taped too), "I predict that these things will take place between now, 1933 and 1977." Which will give us sixteen more years if my prediction strikes right. Now, there was seven things spoke of that would happen. Five of them has already happened. There's two left to take place. It'll be that way. That's in the Name of the Lord it shall be that way. See?

We see the great meetings and conferences that was spoke of twenty-five hundred years ago just take place a week or two ago. We see the atomic age. I was quoting last night a prophecy that was given me back in 1933 of seven things that'd take place: Germany, the Sieg — Siegfried Line, and the president election, and all these other things. Five of them has already taken place, two left — the coming of the control of a woman in the United States to take over, maybe a church to take over to rule... Watch. It's THUS SAITH THE LORD. And then I seen them create an automobile that didn't need a steering wheel in it. I seen that Maginot (Maginot Line, it was instead of the Siegfried) — the Maginot Line eleven years and told the people. It's wrote on paper.
60-1126 WHY

You remember the vision that was read here, 1933? I was going... The church wasn't even built. Didn't know what a vision was, called it a "trance." I was just a young Baptist preacher, and we were... All my life I saw those visions, and I'll ask anybody to rise and say if ever one of them ever failed. No, never did! It can't! See? It won't!

And now, and as I started the Sunday school I fell into a trance. We was having it over here at the old Masonic home, Charlie Kern's place, little group of us. And I seen this President Roosevelt leading the world to a world war. Predicted! I said, "And there's three isms: the Nazi, and the Fascism, and Communism." I said... (How many in here remembers?) I said, "Keep your eyes on Communism, it'll all head up in there." I said, "Ethiopia, Mussolini will go to Ethiopia, but he'll fail." And I said, "We'll finally go to war with Germany, but" I said "Germany will be fortified in, in a great big bunch of concrete." Eleven years before the Maginot Line was built, eleven years.

I said, "Then after the war... We'll finally win it. And after the war is over, it'll come to pass that science will be inventing great things." And I said, "When they do, they'll make an automobile, and automobiles will continually shape down." (You know what they looked like in '33.) Now then, said, "They'll become like eggs, look like eggs. For I seen on a highway, a great master highway, a car going down the road that didn't have any steering wheel in it. It was controlled by a power." They got it right now. I said, "During that time... Now they're permitting women to vote; and women, in voting, will finally... " I said, "This nation is a woman's nation, it's marked by a woman. It's a woman right down through prophecy, everywhere; and number thirteen everywhere in prophecy." And I said, "It's a woman's country, she has her liberties here. And she'll ruin it, she's the ruination of the world."

(And, Roy, I got your letters on that, that great woman that... "Every criminal case... We've... I'd X-rayed it down now to: every criminal case was ever done in this United States, a woman was behind it." That's exactly right. That's immoral women, you see, and things.) Now, so then I said, "There will be in that time, during that time the women will be permitted to vote, and they'll elect the wrong person." They did it on this last election. That's right. "Which will start the stronghold. During that time it'll come to pass that — that there'll be a great woman rise up in the United States, she'll be beautifully dressed," and I got in parenthesis: "(perhaps the Catholic church)." See? "That'll take rulership over the power, overpower the others in the United States. She'll be beautiful to look at, but she'll be cruel-hearted as she can be."

I said, "Then I looked again, and I saw the United States just blowed to pieces. There wasn't nothing left on it." And I predicted then. "Now this, that was THUS SAITH THE LORD." And think! Of five of those seven predictions, has already happened. The church to take a hold, the Catholic church. And the coming of the end time. And I said, "I seen, looked like there was stumps burning; rocks, blowed out; and the whole United States just looked bare, laying like that, as far as I could see where I was standing." And I said, "I predict, according to the way time is moving, it'll be sometime between this year '33 and '77." And it'll have to squeeze awful hard to get through there. And we're setting on a powder keg, friends. Everything's ready.

But the Lord showed me a vision of the great powerful woman, in '33, 1933, it's on paper. Of how that "Roosevelt would cause... he would help cause the world to go to war." How that "Mussolini would make his first invasion to Ethiopia and he would take it, but he would come to a disgraceful end." And how that "Then the three ism: Nazism, Fascism, and Communism, would all wind up in Communism." And how many in here remembers me just keep having you stand, just say it over, I'd tell you, "Watch Russia! Watch Russia, the king of the North! Watch Russia, king of the North! Watch Russia, king of the North!"? How many has heard me just say, just wave that over, over? The old-timers, you see, back in the early part of the church. Just stand there and wave it over and over, "Watch Russia, the king of the North! See, what he would do, for all those isms will heap up into Russia."

Then I said, that "This nation would finally go to war with Germany. And Germany would be built in a concrete wall." And that was the Maginot Line, eleven years before it was ever started to build it, eleven years before. And I said, "The Americans will take an awful beating at that line." Some of these brethren here was at that line, Brother Roy Roberson and them; ask them what happened. They sure did. All right. "But finally," I said, "we will overcome and will be one of the winner in the war between us and Germany."

Now, I said, "Then after that time, that science would really progress." They did, they made the atomic bomb and everything. I said, "During their progression, they would make a... cars would constantly begin to shape like an egg." And you remember the big old hood on the 1933, the big back come down like this, the spare tire on the back of it? Look how it is now, see: streamlined, see, like an egg. And I said, "Finally they will invent a car that they won't have to have a steering wheel in it. I seen a family going down the... Call it, 'road,' in a glass-top car, great big fine-looking roads and fine car. And they were sitting, looking at one another, and the car was running by itself, going right on around the curves and everything." And they've got the car right now, it's already invented. They've got the car. And I said then, "Oh, how science will progress in that day!"

I said, "Then I seen a... They're going to permit women and are permitting women to vote. And by voting, they'll elect the wrong man some of these days." And you did at the last election. It was the woman's votes that elected Kennedy. We know that, see, between the crooked machines and things fixed up, that FBI exposed. And how could anybody... Why don't they do something about it? Why ain't something said? Hah! Afraid somebody'd lose their job. You see, it's just a bunch of politics, rotten to the core. That's all. Sure!

There ain't no — ain't no... isn't no, excuse me. There is no salvation in this nation, there is no salvation in any nation. Salvation's in Jesus Christ and Him alone! Uh-huh! That's right. Now, I'm thankful for America. I'd rather live here than any place in the world, because... outside of Canada. Canada and the United States is twins, we know that, neighboring nations, wonderful place, but I — I believe I'd rather live here than anywhere I know of, because it's my home. I'm glad that I am an American, and thankful for it. But I tell you, it certainly needs a counter revival, it sure does. And it will not get it! No, sir. She'll never rise again! No, sir. She's gone! You remember, about five years ago in Chicago, that's on tape. You got it, Gene. I said, "They'll either accept It this year, or they'll constantly drop down." And they've done it, see, and they will do it till she'll finally meet her end.

But there'll be a powerful woman! Now, remember! This is on tape, too. A powerful woman, great woman, she'll either be President, or it'll be a woman representing the Catholic church (which I think it is) will take over here someday and she'll rule this country. This nation is a woman's nation. Flag was made by a woman, it's number thirteen. She started out, thirteen stars, thirteen stripes, thirteen colonies. Everything's thirteen, thirteen, thirteen, right on down. Thirteen stars on her silver dollar now. Everything's a thirteen. It's number thirteen, and appears in the 13th chapter of Revelation. Completely thirteen! Everything is "woman, woman, woman, woman, woman," right on down. And she took over all the offices. She's took over Hollywood. She's took over the nations. She's took over the offices. She's took over everything there is; equal rights with the man, votes with the man, cusses like a man, drinks like a man, anything else. And just bait for the Catholic church, for the worship of a woman! They're already worshipping a woman, anyhow. She's the best... A immoral woman is the best bait the devil ever had. She's worse than all the barrooms that ever was. She can send more souls to hell than all the barrooms in the country. That's right.

"A good woman is a jewel in a man's crown," said the wisest man on earth. A man ought to honor a good woman, see. "But an evil one is water in his blood," and his blood is his life. You men that's got good wives, you don't know how you ought to thank God for a good wife! For if God could've give a man anything better for a helpmate, He'd have done it. But a woman is the best helpmate that God could give a man. But when they turn...

She was the one in the garden of Eden that Satan chose for his tool. He didn't take the man, he took the woman. Why didn't he go to Adam to give him passions? He come to the woman and give her, see, 'cause that was the one he chose. God took the man, and Satan took the woman. And look right on down, and in the end... When Babylon was set up in the beginning, Hislop's Two Babylons, a woman! When it come on down into the age; now it's ending up the Gentile age. Babylon started like that, and ends up with a woman-worship (Mary) in the church. What a day we're living in!

A few days ago we... Now, I'm not Democrat nor Republican; I'm a Christian; so I don't mention these things. But I picked up an old book there that the — the Lord had gave me a vision in 1933 when I just first become a minister, going down to the Baptist Tabernacle. And He gave me a vision that morning, and I seen the first one I remember of an international affair. And I seen that President Roosevelt that was in then, and seen that we'd go to a world war. Then I seen also that — that was eleven years before the Maginot line was built, I seen Germany fortify themselves in this big concrete place. I also seen they permitted women to vote, which was wrong. And said they would — they would someday elect the wrong man; they just did it. And then... So then I seen the time of — of the end coming, and five things that the Lord let... Seven things I saw, five of them has already come to pass. I seen a powerful woman stand up to the United States. You can write this down if you do so — it's going to happen. I don't know... She's on her road now. Exactly. And she took over. And then I seen the United States just like something had burnt it over hit it, and just something, blowed up rocks and things.

And then I seen the time there'd be an increase in science. I noticed there'd be an automobile... I had it wrote down there. I got it right with me now, old yellow paper, that there'd be a machine, automobile perfected, looked like an egg, would be glass over it. And there was a man and woman, the family, setting there with their backs turned to one another, playing cards, and the machine traveling itself. Something on the bumpers that would — it couldn't hit the others, going down. And I seen that on television a few nights ago. They got that thing perfected right now. See, all those things that the Lord spoke is true. And we just got two more things left of that to be fulfilled, and that's the end time. And if there ever was a time that we ought to be trying to get people to God, it's now.
61-0128 WHY

Now this was in 1933. I was still a missionary Baptist minister. And I'm fifty-one years old now, and I've seen thousands of those visions, and many of you here has been in the meetings. Now, just call anyone to ask if one ever failed. It's never failed. It can't fail. It's Him. Now — now if... We find out that's new to the church today, and like the power of the Holy Spirit is new in the church the way we see it here. (I hear Baptists, and my brethren, and so forth, testifying.) We find that this is new to the church. But what it is: it's — it's another branch coming forth out of that Vine. And if you'll watch it, it acts just like it did in Acts, how the Holy Spirit will rise up among the people and speak different things.

This morning I was going down to my church. I didn't know what to call a vision. But I — I saw these things. That was many years before the world went to war, and said, "There's a dictator now by the name of Mussolini. And his first invasion will be at Ethiopia, and he will overcome Ethiopia, but he will come to a disgrace. And everything that it spoke of, seven outstanding things... Maybe tomorrow I might just bring that old piece of paper and let you look at it. And show that how it come to pass — five things perfectly, and the seventh was predicted. Now, it spoke in there that when they gave to the women rights to vote, that in... So I have nothing against... I've been called... [ — Ed.]

Over the nation it looked just like where rocks was blowed out and stumps was smoldering, and — and so forth. And immediately after that, Mr. Roosevelt — truly in the time of his administration here — the world went to war. And Mussolini did just exactly, and Maginot line, and everything that we spoke of. And the electing, and it was women, we know, that elected our president now. I'm... just like it is in the southland, being a southerner, they ask a lot about, "What about segregation and so forth?" I just... The...?... As an American, I — I believe...?... Whatever it takes, all right. So now, if it be our president, we have to respect it.

Now, a few days ago something came to me, and I wrote it down. And someone said (I think it was a gentleman set here, had dark glasses, this morning, and I think it was he.), "he will make a real president for the first four years." Exactly right. But you just watch. We've sinned away our day of grace.

1933, one morning going to the Baptist tabernacle, I went into a trance, saw a vision. I saw President Roosevelt was going to help lead the world to a world war, told it that morning. They was going to lock me up for it. And I said, "They'll go to war with Germany." Eleven years before the Maginot Line was built, I said, "There..." in that same vision I saw Germany fortified in concrete. And America took a terrible beating there, and many of you boys know what happened, was there. Notice. I said, "Mussolini is standing up as a dictator; he will make his first invasion to Ethiopia. But he will take Ethiopia, but he will come to a disgraceful end, him and that woman both." And they hung them with their feet up, and her clothes hanging over her head in the street, and spit on them. I said, "Science will improve." I said, "Another thing, the nation has permitted women to vote, one of the most horrible disgraces they've done." And I said, "In voting they'll elect the wrong man." I'm neither Democrat nor Republican. I'm a Christian. Both sides is rotten. But they made their fatal mistake the other day. Women done the works. And how you colored people, sell your birthright to such a thing as that, when the blood of Abraham Lincoln's stains, up yonder on that dress. God have mercy. Help me, Lord. Oh, my. Maybe I shouldn't have said it. But I've done said it.

Remember. Oh, how can it be? My days as evangelist is soon done. I can't prophetic and evangelist too. I'll leave the field. That's in the spirit now. Soon He will be calling me; I'll leave the field of evangelism. Then He will use me as His seer. What's the matter with me anyhow? Where was I at? Yes. Genesis 18. Did you get that Gene? Genesis 18, I believe I was speaking on. Then, no, I was on what He told me, would happen. Then He said, "Science will be increased, until it comes to a place until they'll perfect an automobile, that looks like an egg, before the end time." There I seen it. And I said, "They'll control it with some kind of a steering outfit that they don't have to touch it theirself." I seen an American family, going down a great big broad way playing cards with a glass-top car, looked like an egg. They've got it right now. You seen it on television here not long ago. They've got it.

And I said, "Then I seen some great powerful woman rise in the United States." 'Cause this is a woman's nation: woman's picture on the money; everything is woman here. That's right. She's a goddess. Not you Christian women. I'm talking about... Let a little flapper come down the street here with all these shorts, and things. She can do more harm to the church of the living God, among men, than all the bootleg joints there is through the nation. That's right. This is a... America is a woman's nation. Got her pictures, Her number's thirteen, thirteen colonies, thirteen stripes, thirteen stars, thirteen so... Everything is thirteen, thirteen, thirteen and a woman. See? And I seen a great woman rise up, beautiful to look at, but a cruel wicked heart. And that will be a church. And she's on her road now.

Then I seen the end time when the United States looked like a big bunch of bursted up stones and things like that, just blowed out, smoldering everywhere. Five of them has happened, two of them's on their road. That has been twenty-one years ago (See?), when it was predicted. If five of them is perfectly hit, the other two's got to.

Now, in 1933 when we were worshipping over here in the Masonic temple where the Church of Christ stands today, on one April morning before leaving home, I was dedicating my — a car (I got a '33 model car, and I was dedicating it to the Lord's service.), and in a vision I saw the end time. Now, notice how striking this is. Back yonder when I was just a boy, and you can imagine what a 1933 model car looked like — now, what it looked like. And I went over there to the Masonic temple where... Some of you old-timers in here remembers; it's wrote down on an old paper at home. It's already in print and went out around the world. See? That was in 1933. And I predicted that there would be some great tragedy happen to this United States before or by the year of 1977. How many remembers me saying that? Look at the hands. Sure.

Now, watch. I predicted seven things was yet in the making of the — before this great consummation or great thing would take place here in the United States — some great horrible thing. I said... Now, remember, this is before it started. I said we would go into a second world war. How many remembers hearing me say that, say "Amen." [Congregation replies, "Amen." — Ed.] All right. A second world war. I said, "The President that now is (I copied this off of the old Scripture — old thing yesterday) — that the President that we now have, which was (how many remembers whose it was?) Franklin D. Roosevelt..." I said, "The President we have in now will run even in the fourth term (He's on his first then.) — will run into the fourth term, and we will be taken to a second world war."

I said, "The dictator that's now arising in Italy (which is Mussolini), he will come into power, and he will go to Ethiopia; and Ethiopia will fall at his steps." There's people setting here now that knows that there's a group of people come and stood (when I was having my meeting in the Redman's Hall down there that night, when I had to go down there to preach that, Redman's Hall) — was going to throw me out of the hall for saying such a thing (Here... Yeah, Mrs. Wilson, I know you're... That's right.) when I said that. But did he do it? But I said, "He'll come to a shameful end," and he did. Him and the woman he run with was turned upside down and hung on a rope in the street with their feet up, their clothes hanging down. All right, that come to pass. And then I said, "The women has been permitted to vote. Which is a — absolutely a disgrace upon the nation. And in voting, someday they'll elect the wrong man." And they did that in this last election. My, my.

Four: I said, "Science will progress in such a way..." No, here, that's third. Pardon me. Here's the next now. The fourth, I said, "Our war will be with Germany, and they will build a great big concrete place and fortify themselves in there, and the Americans will take a horrible beating." Almighty God knows that Who I stand before now; I seen those independent Nazis kicking the Americans like that and things at that wall. And there's many boys standing here now that was at that Siegfried Line that knows what it was. And remember, that was eleven years before the Siegfried Line was built. Is God true? Does He still foretell things to happen? Watch. That's — that was the fourth.

Now, the fifth thing. "Science will progress in such a way until they will make a car that will not have to be guided by a steering wheel, and the cars will continue to be shaped like an egg until the consummation," the end time. I seen American family going down the road in a broad way, riding in a car with their backs turned towards where the wheel should be; looked like they were playing checkers or cards. And we got it. It's on television. "Popular Science" — "Mechanics," rather, all have it; we got the car. It's controlled by remote control by — by radar. They won't even have to have any steering wheel in it. Just set your dial like this — like you dial your phone — your car takes you right on to it, can't wreck nor nothing. No other cars — the magnet keeps the rest of them away from you. See? They got it. Oh, my. Think of it. Predicted thirty years before it happened.

Now, that brings us then to the election of President Kennedy, and this car coming on the — on the scene, bringing five things out of the seven that has happened exactly. Now, I predicted and said, "I saw a great woman stand up, beautiful looking, dressed in real highly royals like purple," and I got little parenthesis down here, "(She was a great ruler in the United States, perhaps the Catholic church.)" A woman, some woman... I don't know her to be the Catholic church. I don't know. I can't say. Only thing I seen, I seen the woman; that was all. But this is a woman's nation. This nation is number thirteen in prophecy. She's got thirteen stripes, thirteen stars; she started thirteen colonies. Thirteen, thirteen, everything's thirteen, appears in the 13th chapter of Revelations even. She's thirteen, and she's a woman's nation.

The divorce courts of America produce more divorces by our women than all the rest of the nations. The morals in our country is lower, and divorces, than it is in France or Italy, where prostitution's on the streets so... But they're prostitutes; ours is married women trying to live with several men, and several married men trying to live with other women. In the nations where they have polygamy, it's a thousand times better. And yet, polygamy's wrong; we know. But to show how degraded we are, I got a piece up there out of the paper where it showed that when our American boys went overseas in this last war, that over, I believe, it was around seventy percent... Well, now, wait a minute, I believe it was three out of four that went overseas was divorced by their wife before they got back. And great big headlines says, "What's Happened to the Morals of our American People?" You remember seeing it? All of you did, I guess. What's happened to the morals of our American women? Plants, working out yonder with other men... It's a woman's nation. What's she going have? A woman god — or a goddess.

Now, then after that, I turned and looked, and I saw this United States burning like a smolder; rocks had been blowed up. And it was burning like a — a heap of fire in logs or something that just set it afire; and looked as far as I could see and she'd been blown up. And then the vision left me. Five out of the three has happened — five out of the seven, rather, has happened. And here comes around and shows, and then I predicted... I never said the Lord told me that, but standing that morning in the church, I said, "The way progress..." I got back to one end of the wall and run to the other end of the wall, and I said, "The way progress is going on, I'll predict that the time (I don't know why I'm saying it.) — but I predict that that'll all happen between right now, 1933, and 1977. And not knowing it, God knows my heart, I never knowed it until yesterday, that 1977 is the jubilee, and exactly the same amount of time run out that He give with Israel and everything at the end. So we're at... And here we are at the end of the age, at the coming in of the seventieth week. We don't know what time that the church will be gone. Oh, my. What can we do, friends? Where are we at?

I remember when I stood by the side of the seashore the first time... It wasn't the sea; it was Lake Michigan. I was just a boy preacher, went up to hear Paul Rader preach at the World's Fair, about 1933, I believe it was, when it was at Chicago.


Do you remember years ago when I first, when we had the little bitty structure here, and I was prophesying, and said, "It shall come to pass in the last days, don't live in a valley and don't eat eggs." I've got it on my book. I thought there was something about that, and I went and looked at it. "Don't eat eggs." That was way back in 1933. Eggs has got something in them now, and I see where science says that a man over fifty years old should never eat an egg, because it's the hardest thing on a heart that can be eaten. Diseases!

Milk, it used to be our most balanced diet was milk. The doctors will tell you, "Stay away from it." It's making sinus and everything else. It's the same human being that used to drink it and live for years and never know sinus, but the interbreeding and so forth has broke down the structure of the human being till it's nothing but a bunch of muck, a ball — a ball of sickness. What done it? Science! Look! It's caused the genes between the — the man and the woman to weaken, the physical weakness of the human being, through the genes, and the increase of spastic children is around thirty percent. Mongolian is on the great climb. And these weakness of interbreeding of the foods that we are eating for life, is weakening the body, which causes cancer, mental troubles, and all kinds of diseases is setting in upon the human body because its weakness. Scientific, destroying themselves, getting away from God's plan. He said, "Let every seed bring forth of its kind."

See where we're at? I could go on and on; our time's getting away. But, notice, what's that's doing it? Science has brought death, sickness, and destruction.

There's coming a time when this nation's going to go to pieces. I saw it in 1933. See, I looked off. You said, you might have said, "Well, it didn't happen then."

But it's going to happen! Neither was Mussolini in power, neither was the Maginot Line built, neither did the car look like an egg in them days, and the things, neither did the women elect a President that would look like a — a college boy, and all these other things, neither would there be a Catholic President, and so forth, spoke of. About thirty years ago, or more, these things were predicted, but He only showed me way off down to the end.

And as that thing approaches, time by time, that cup's filling up! And repentance has been preached by Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, and who else. Prophets, and so forth, has crossed the nation with signs and wonders, and she continually wades into sin. That's the reason they don't repent, repent brings it.

The Council of Churches over there now, that's meeting in Rome. This circular letter that my good friend, David duPlessis; when I set there and cried to him about it, at Fourteen-Mile Creek, not long ago; not realize he swung the church right into Babylon, when everybody saying, "Oh, all the churches is going to be one now." Yeah, I know that, see, just exactly what's wrote on my book of prophecy in 1933, that would take place. Why, don't you realize that's Satan uniting together? The Bible says that. And just after a bit, just a little while, as soon as they become one, then the interdenominational is finished, see. There will be your mark of the beast, right. See?

1933, the Holy Spirit came one morning and told me seven things that would take place before this nation was destroyed. One of them is that. It's on old paper there at the church, many has looked at it. How that we would go to war with Hitler and they'd... How Germany would fortify and build a Maginot Line, or the Siegfried Line, I believe it was, eleven years before it was ever thought of. And how that automobiles would constantly shape like eggs. And how that they would permit women to vote, and, in doing so, they would elect the wrong President. And in this would be a woman stand up that would govern the United States; not actually a woman, but a church. Then I seen her with nothing but ashes. It's going to happen.

Five of those things has perfectly been fulfilled exactly. How Mussolini would rise and go to Ethiopia, and fall at his steps; and he would be turned to the people, in shame, with a woman. Many, many years before it happened perfectly on the dot. And it's never failed, and it won't fail, because it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. And it's not contrary to these Bible. It's got to be.
63-1117 ONCE.MORE

And in this Council of Churches, that all churches must belong to this council, or, if they don't, you're not even allowed to preach, you're not even allowed to have a prayer for the sick. And your church can be used for anything they want to use it for. If they want to store boxes in it, or ammunition, or whatever they want to do, you have no control of it at all. You either belong to the Council of Churches or you don't belong at all. And that's the system that's being formed here in the United States, that fulfills the Scripture, to the dot. It fulfills what the Lord spoke to me in 1933, see, and we're standing at that time this morning. And Jesus Christ, the Word, is at trial, today, as it was on the crucifixion, and now He's on our hands. He's on the hands of the world. The Word has been clearly identified, around the world, see, and He stands in on trial. All denominations turned Him down. And now He is tried as a... in the Council of the Churches, and they reject Him again and choose rather as they did then.

And is it not a strange thing, that in this day that when we have come through all these things, and the Message has crossed the earth against organization, It's blasted it from right to left, that, in this hour that's been told since 1933, when the Holy Spirit gave me that visions and showed me the end time, seven things that I spoke of, and five of them has already happened, perfectly, right on; like Germany and — and Italy and all the wars, and the national things (seldom speaks to me on those things). But they happened just exactly the way He said they'd happen. How Mussolini would go to Ethiopia, and Ethiopia would fall at his step, and then how that he'd come to a disgrace, and be spit on by his own people; and disgraced, hung upside down, with that prostitute that he lived with, on the street. How that the Americas would go to war with Germany, they'd take an awful beating at a place called, a great line where there would be concrete fortified in there, I believe it's called the Siegfried Line. And there's one called Maginot, I believe that was the French. Was that right? And the Siegfried Line was the German line. And the Lord let me see that, eleven years before it was built. And they never would admit getting a beating on it, the Americans wouldn't, till they almost sunk the complete army. When they went in there, the Germans had their guns just trained right out on that fleet, and let it get right in there, and almost sunk it. And I seen that, eleven years before the line was ever — ever a foundation was ever poured for it, or anything, the Siegfried Line. And all these other things, like machines and automobiles, and — and how everything has come right down exactly what He said, until a woman ruling this nation, which, perhaps, is the church. And then the end come.
64-0112 SHALOM

But speaking here, in 1933, of the pope taking his place out of, or coming out, rather, of Rome, and making a visit to the — the holy lands. He'll also come here. And the strange thing, is, a few nights before he left Rome, for the first time it ever was in history, the moon came down and went in total eclipse. Just that, what was it? Shadowing off the reflected Light of the Son. In this, he spoke to the Orthodox father; and they're all in agreement, "The pope does this for fellowship, good neighborly fellowship." Which sounds, to the natural ear, the most wonderful thing could happen. But to the spiritual ear, it's darkness. And how that we churches, we Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, and Pentecostals, could ever join into such a mess as that, and knowing our Bible teaches us different! It's a marvelous thing to me, that how Spirit-filled man can set in places and say, "It feels spiritual to be in such a place." To me, it's horrible.
64-0119 SHALOM

Darkness! Great denominations, and a great group of man gets together and sets their ideas about It, and that throws you right back into a twist like there was at the beginning. No hopes at all in that case; you're simply gone. And all of them just seem to be so stirred up about this friendly churches, think if God will be with them. "Well, the Millennium is going to start when the council all gets together up there, and all the ecumenical moves, and so forth," and they join in. What they doing? Making an image unto the beast, a power, that where all the undenominationals, and so forth, that won't join in with them, will be shut out. Just watch and see if that happens.

I've got it wrote down here, the very day we... The Lord let me see that in 1933. And here it is just exactly the way that he... the way It said, just coming the same way, how the pope would leave Rome, and so forth.
64-0119 SHALOM

He give seven things in 1933, would happen. And now every one of them has come to pass but two things, perfectly, just exactly. How that even President Kennedy would be taken in. It's right in there on my books right now, told thirty-three years ago, exactly. How that the Maginot Line would be built, eleven years before it built. How that Hitler would rise up, and — and Fascism, and — and Nazism, and all to bind in communism, and communism would destroy Catholicism. And it will, yes, no matter what they do. And showed, said there would be an Ecumenical Council, and how that all the churches would come together and would form the image called the Mark of the Beast. You see them right on the road, right now. Exactly right. It's got to happen, 'cause it's never failed to be.

Look at 1933, how it say the women would act in this last days. How it said the people... How Mussolini, how he'd come to his end. How Hitler would come to a mysterious end. How that the three ism would come in communism. How that the machines would come, looking like an egg. And how that women would wear garments and look like man, even like their underneath clothes; and would finally come to putting fig leaves, like, on them. How the immoral act, how they would act in this day. Look what they've done. And it's right before you, then.

And now I have predicted by revelation from God, or a vision in 1933, that seven things would happen before the end time. And that, one of them, that, "Mussolini," who was then becoming dictator, "he would become dictator. And, also, he would make an invasion and go down to Ethiopia, and would take Ethiopia. And the Spirit, It said, 'He shall fall at his step.'"

I wonder if there is any of the old-timers still left in the tabernacle, remember me saying that in the Redman's Hall down here when we preached, many, many years ago. Is there one in the building, tonight, that's left from down there at the old Redman's Hall when I preached that, when they had the N.R.A. out, way back in time of Roosevelt's first term? I guess there is not a one in here. Is there one? Yeah, yeah, one, there is one. Yes, Mrs. Wilson, I remember her. My wife, setting in the back. Two left, out of the old generation of those in that day. That, when they said this N.R.A. was the mark of the beast, I said, "Nothing to it; not at all. The mark of the beast don't come here. It comes out of Rome. And it can't be the mark of the beast."

And now remember that these things was said. Said, "Adolph Hitler would come to a mysterious end. And he would declare war on the United States. And they would build a great — a — a great concrete thing, that they'd even live in it. And right there the Americans would take a horrible beating, at this." And it was the Siegfried line, eleven years before it was ever started to be built. And then said, "But he would come to an end; and the States would win the war."

And then said, that, "There is three ism's; Nazism, fascism, and communism." And I said, "They'll all wind up in communism. Russia will take it all, in communism."

And I said, "Then science is going to be so great, man is going to get so smart, till he'll invent so many things until he's going to make an automobile that looks like an egg, that'll have like a glass top on it, and it'd be controlled by some other power than a steering wheel." And they've got the car.

And I said, "Then the morals of our women is going to fall in such a degraded things, till they're going to be a disgrace to all nations. They're going to wear man's clothes. They're going to keep taking off their clothes till actually they come down like they got their underneath clothes on, that's all. And, finally, they'll come to wearing just a fig leaf." And if you notice, in last month's Life magazine, they had the woman with the fig leaves on. And that's the new evening frock, or gown, what they wear of the evening; transparent, can see through it, only the fig leaves just hides a certain spot of her body; with strapless, or strap, unstrapped bathing suits, the top of it, exposed body. And how that those things has happened!

Then I said, "I seen a woman stand in the United States, like a great queen or something. And she was beautiful to look at, but wicked in her heart. And she made the nation ste-... go at her step."

Then I said, "Finally, He told me to look back East again. And, when I did, I seen, looked like, as it was, the world had exploded. And as far as I could see, was nothing but sticks, and — and smoldering rocks had been blowed up out of the earth." And these were to happen before the end of the world. And five of the seven has already happened, in thirty-three years. There we are, back to the end time!

And I spoke against that denominational system right then. And I still believe, tonight, that it's a cesspool, that it's a place where the filth run into it. I can't believe that God would ever take such a thing in His Church, because it's got to be born of the Spirit of God and then cleansed before it can be called His. The mystical Body of Christ, we are baptized into It by the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Paul Boyd wrote here concerning those seven things that I seen in 1933, that was to come to pass. And he watches them just as close, technically, as he can, because he's a historian. And he watches it, just exactly what you say. And he seen those things that was told of many years ago: about how that Mussolini, and what would become of him, and Hitler, and what would become of him; and how Communism would take both Fascism and all of these; and how the — the Siegfried Line would be built, and how that the Americans would take a beating there (and they never would admit it till just about two years ago, and they got the German pictures of the siege there; and they really took a beating. They liked... They lost their whole army almost right there.); and all those things that were done.

And now, it also said, "And it shall come to pass, that before the end time shall come, that automobiles will take on the shape of an egg, become more like an egg. And I saw an American family driving down a highway in a car that... They were setting facing one another, and had a table, and were, look like, playing checkers or cards. And they didn't have any steering wheel in the car. And it was controlled by some power without a steering wheel. How many remembers me prophesying that (See?), that's been here? Now, at the World's Fair they've already got the car on the market. Here is the... It's sold now; some big company has taken many of them. And this car, here it is. Paul Boyd remembered the prophecy, looked into his book what I'd said, and took the picture in there. And there it is, exactly in the form of an egg, with two seats setting that way, and two setting this way, and a table setting in the middle to play the cards and things on, just exactly.

The Lord's Word is perfectly accurate. That was in 1933. That would be... Let's see, what would that be? Thirty-two years ago, wouldn't it? This is '64. Yeah, thirty... Yeah, thirty-one years ago. Thirty-one years ago the Lord told me that, and here it is. And the company's here that's already ordered them; and the — and trucking companies and things are getting trucks made like them. They can control it right from their headquarters like that, don't even have to have a driver in it. And here it is all already made, and there it is with the cars. Now, it's on the bulletin board in the back, and you can read the prophecy and just see how accurate our God is, how His Word... He said, "Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall never fail." Just look, thirty-three years ago. You know what a — what a 1931, or whatever it was, model car would look like; it'd look like a relic. And It said, "It'll look just like an egg, become like an egg. Of course, there's nobody here, I guess, that's a-living today or among us that heard me say that. It's... You've heard me say it down through the ages, but... Yeah, here's a woman setting here. Why, Mrs. Wilson, I didn't see you there. You remember when that taken place. That's when she was healed, dying with TB (The woman, her husband and daughter came for me to go pray for her.) till she'd hemorrhaged until the — the corner was laying full of — of pillow slips and things that she'd bled. And the doctor said, "There's not a way of getting her ever to live." And even... She was trying to say something to me before dying, and the blood would spurt out over the blankets and sheets when she was there, when she'd try to cough. And I took her out of that bed, and took her to a cold river here, in a icy water, and baptized her in the Name of Jesus Christ. And that's been thirty-three years ago, and here she sets today still living, when the big, healthy children, a lot of them are gone on. There you are. "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me." That just shows how perfect it comes to pass when it's THUS SAITH THE LORD.

[A woman speaks to Brother Branham from the congregation — Ed.] Yes, that's... That's right, sister. Yes, sir. The women... I said the women would become so immoral in the last... Now, you know thirty years ago how they dressed. Said they'd become so immoral, till they'd walk down the street with — till like — just like their underneath clothes on. And I said, "Then will come to pass, that they'll even be so disgraceful, till they'll wear something look like a fig leaf." I saw it, and they've got it; and they're wearing it. Just the — the immorality of women would get so low and degraded... We can't go no lower now; you can't go no worse. She's at the end. See, they'll never be completely nude. No, they... I preached to people, women by the tens of thousands that don't have one speck of clothes on them (See?), young men, and young women, and all, but they don't know they're naked. See? They don't know it.

144 And, God in Heaven knows, that lays right there in the corner of that Tabernacle stone since 1933, wrote on a page of a Bible, laying right there. Look how they've done it. Look what's come to pass. Impersonations, just exact. Said, "Let them alone, their folly will be made known in the same manner as Jambres and Jannes was." Here we are in that day.

If you will pardon a personal note here, I base this prediction on seven major continuous visions that came to me one Sunday morning in June, 1933. The Lord Jesus spoke to me and said that the coming of the Lord was drawing nigh, but that before He came, seven major events would transpire. I wrote them all down and that morning I gave forth the revelation of the Lord. The first vision was that Mussolini would invade Ethiopia and that nation would "fall at his steps". That vision surely did cause some repercussions, and some were very angry when I said it and would not believe it. But it happened that way. He just walked in there with his modern arms and took over. The natives didn't have a chance. But the vision also said that Mussolini would come to a horrible end with his own people turning on him. That came to pass just exactly as it was said.

The next vision foretold that an Austrian by the name of Adolph Hitler would rise up as dictator over Germany, and that he would draw the world into war. It showed the Siegfried line and how our troops would have a terrible time to overcome it. Then it showed that Hitler would come to a mysterious end.

The third vision was in the realm of world politics for it showed me that there would be three great ISMS, Fascism, Nazism, Communism, but that the first two would be swallowed up into the third. The voice admonished, "WATCH RUSSIA, WATCH RUSSIA. Keep your eye on the King of the North."

The fourth vision showed the great advances in science that would come after the second world war. It was headed up in the vision of a plastic bubble-topped car that was running down beautiful highways under remote control so that people appeared seated in this car without a steering wheel and they were playing some sort of a game to amuse themselves.

The fifth vision had to do with the moral problem of our age, centering mostly around women. God showed me that women began to be out of their place with the granting of the vote. Then they cut off their hair, which signified that they were no longer under the authority of a man but insisted on either equal rights, or in most cases, more than equal rights. She adopted men's clothing and went into a state of undress, until the last picture I saw was a woman naked except for a little fig leaf type apron. With this vision I saw the terrible perversion and moral plight of the whole world.

Then in the sixth vision there arose up in America a most beautiful, but cruel woman. She held the people in her complete power. I believed that this was the rise of the Roman Catholic Church, though I knew it could possibly be a vision of some woman rising in great power in America due to a popular vote by women.

The last and seventh vision was wherein I heard a most terrible explosion. As I turned to look I saw nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over the land of America.

Based on these seven visions, along with the rapid changes which have swept the world in the last fifty years, I PREDICT (I do not prophesy) that these visions will have all come to pass by 1977. And though many may feel that this is an irresponsible statement in view of the fact that Jesus said that 'no man knoweth the day nor the hour.' I still maintain this prediction after thirty years because, Jesus did NOT say no man could know the year, month or week in which His coming was to be completed. So I repeat, I sincerely believe and maintain as a private student of the Word, along with Divine inspiration that 1977 ought to terminate the world systems and usher in the millennium.

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