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The Message Part 32 - William Branham and the Birth of the "Message"

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The Message Part 32 - William Branham and the Birth of the "Message":

This episode examines the transition of the "Latter Rain Revival" to the "Latter Rain Message", the separation it caused among Pentecostals, and the formation of William Branham's "Message" cult following. It also examines the multi-faceted public relations campaign, from Roy E. Davis through Voice of Healing, William D. Upshaw through "healing" and testimony in Paul Kopp's church, the publicity caused from the "divine healing" debate and "halo" photo, and the reverends Kopp promoting William Branham in video marketing. Last, it examines the emergence of all of these campaigns from "coincidental" meetings in San Bernardino California by Davis, Upshaw, Galloway, and Kopp, and the Federal trial that resulted from the birth of the "Americanization" project.

Names discussed in this video:
* LeRoy Kopp
* Paul Kopp
* Vernon Kopp
* Roy Borders
* James Randi
* Joseph Mattsson-Boze
* Meda Branham

Topics discussed in this video:
* Branham's associates and their connections to "Latter Rain"
* The sudden frenzy of meetings during the "Latter Rain Revival"
* Rev. Roy Borders preaching "Latter Rain"
* "Latter Rain" churches sponsoring Branham's campaigns
* The transition from "Latter Rain Revival" to "Latter Rain Message"
* The papers from the office of Joseph Mattsson-Boze from Fuller Theological Seminary
* Joseph Mattsson-Boze's list of Branham's important "Latter Rain" sermons from 1956-1962
* Branham's "Latter Rain" meetings in Windsor, ON
* Branham's invention of details to strike fear in the hearts of skeptics
* James Randi's critical analysis of William Branham
* Many evangelists using "Prayer Cards" in their "discernment" meetings
* LeRoy and Paul Kopp promoting William Branham in the video, "20th Century Prophet"
* LeRoy Kopp's biography
* LeRoy Kopp mentally ill at an early age
* LeRoy Kopp escaping sanitarium, jailed, returning for medical supervision
* LeRoy Kopp ordained as a pastor in Kansas during high school
* LeRoy Kopp's affiliation with Brethren Church
* William Branham's apparent affiliation with the Brethren Church when he married Meda Broy
* LeRoy Kopp purchasing the Hamiln Reporter to hush the news
* LeRoy Kopp preaching doomsday sermons
* LeRoy Kopp moving to Los Angeles and joining Foursquare Gospel
* LeRoy Kopp becoming pastor of Calvary Temple
* LeRoy Kopp defending "faith healers"
* LeRoy Kopp becoming vice chairman of the Angelus Temple Evangelists
* LeRoy Kopp hosting WIlliam Branham at the Calvary Temple
* LeRoy Kopp hosting other "Latter Rain" evangelists
* Vernon Kopp, LeRoy's brother, missionary to Africa
* Roy E. Davis and William D. Upshaw setting up in the San Bernardino, CA area to fund their "Americanization" project (Ku Klux Klan front
* Paul Kopp, LeRoy's brother, moving to San Bernardino shortly after
* Roy E. Davis and William D. Upshaw's orphanage scheme to fund the Ku Klux Klan
* Roy E. Davis and William D. Upshaw's federal trial
* William D. Upshaw and his future wife Lily Galloway and the Women's Christian Temperance Union (W.C.T.U.)
* Paul Kopp's work with the W.C.T.U.
* Roy E. Davis posing as a Federal Agent, William D. Upshaw and Lily Galloway helping him
* W.C.T.U. meetings in Paul Kopp's church
* Paul Kopp's affiliation with the Los Angeles Baptist Mission Society
* William D. Upshaw bringing in Baptist ministers for his "Americanization" project
* William D. Upshaw claiming to be healed in LeRoy Kopp's church
* Rev. Jim Jones' handwritten note describing his affiliation with "The Message"

* Rev. Jim Jones' handwritten note describing his affiliation with "The Message" h The Fair Use Exception Section 107 of the United States Copyright Act.


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11\09\2017: Family Secrets
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11\07\2017: The Power of a Question
11\06\2017: Off The Shelf Interviews John Collins - Part 3
11\06\2017: A Change In Perspective
11\04\2017: William Branham Misogynistic Audio Clips
11\03\2017: London Street Preachers - Awareness
11\03\2017: Clear and Present Danger
11\02\2017: The Whole Truth And Nothing But
11\02\2017: Jim Jones History - List of References
11\01\2017: Jim Jones and the Malachi 4 Prophecy of Elijah
10\31\2017: Nothing To Hide But Perception
10\30\2017: Second Childhood
10\30\2017: John Collins Interview with Off the Shelf - Part 2
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10\26\2017: The Black and White
10\25\2017: Wash, Rinse, Repeat
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10\23\2017: Childlike Cult Faith
10\20\2017: Reverend G. Willard Collins - 1926-2017
10\20\2017: Breaking Down The Walls
10\19\2017: Healthy Adjustment
10\18\2017: Nothing Shocks Me Anymore
10\17\2017: Public Apology And Correction
10\17\2017: No Longer The Victim
10\16\2017: Strike One You're Out
10\13\2017: No More Shame
10\12\2017: Feeling Overwhelmed
10\11\2017: Unraveling The Stories
10\10\2017: Brainwashed White As Snow
10\09\2017: I Didnt Think About That
10\06\2017: Freedom From Abuse
10\05\2017: Shunning
10\04\2017: No Longer A Prisoner
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10\02\2017: It Is Our Story - We Own It
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09\26\2017: Mayor of London Asks For Calm As Message Cult Preacher Confrontations Get Physical
09\26\2017: Hold Fast To What Is Good
09\25\2017: Establishing Who We Are
09\25\2017: CBC Interviews John Collins About Street Preachers Terrorizing London
09\25\2017: Audio of John Collins Interview On Londons CBC
09\23\2017: Matthew Carapella Profile of a Message Cult Recruit
09\22\2017: Understanding Identity Transformation
09\22\2017: Branham Message Cult Street Preachers Terrorizing London, Ontario
09\21\2017: Taking Back Control
09\20\2017: Separating Fantasy From Reality
09\19\2017: Healthy Places of Worship
09\18\2017: Creating Leaders
09\16\2017: Looking For The Missing Recordings of William Branham and Jim Jones from 1957
09\15\2017: William Branham's Second Joint Campaign with Jim Jones and Peoples Temple Held in 1957
09\15\2017: William Branhams Second Joint Campaign with Jim Jones and Peoples Temple Held in 1957
09\15\2017: The Emotional Identity Bond
09\14\2017: Overcoming Manipulation
09\13\2017: The Burden We Bear
09\12\2017: The Awakening
09\11\2017: Healing Programed Responses
09\08\2017: Boundaries That Heal
09\07\2017: For The Children
09\06\2017: Remembering The Good Times
09\05\2017: The Shadow of Something Greater
09\01\2017: Public Apology and Retraction - End Time Youth
08\29\2017: Does God Change His Word
08\22\2017: 1918 Eclipse - Is Voice of God Recordings Being Honest
08\21\2017: Caught Using False Eclipse Information As Fear Strategy
08\18\2017: Public Apology and Correction - Enoch and Noah
08\12\2017: Rev. Paul Cain
08\11\2017: Branham and Latter Rain - Manifest Sons of God
08\08\2017: Municipal Bridge Research Information Updated
08\07\2017: Cult Leaders Misrepresenting Facts To Stall the Exodus
07\28\2017: Timeline of Events Connected to William Branham
07\27\2017: John Collins Radio Interview - Jim Jones and WIlliam Branham
07\27\2017: Interview With John Collins-Jim Jones And William Branham
07\07\2017: FREE THIS WEEKEND Jim Jones - The Malachi 4 Prophecy
07\01\2017: William Branham and the Rapture Tent
05\25\2017: Jim Jones Identified As Leader In William Branham's 'Message' Cult
05\24\2017: Jim Jones Identified As Leader In William Branham's 'Message' Cult
05\15\2017: Return To The Amish - William Branham Message Cult
02\24\2017: The Bridge Architectural Drawings
02\24\2017: Blueprints for the 'Bridge Prophecy'
02\24\2017: Blueprints for Bridge 'Prophecy' Available on Facebook
02\23\2017: The Tabernacle Dedication Problem
02\21\2017: William Branham Prophesying Before His Birth
02\20\2017: Challenge To Cult Pastors Names of the Men Who Died on the Bridge
02\18\2017: William Branham Admits Plagiarizing Clarence Larkin's Timeline
02\17\2017: William Branham Admitting To Copy Clarence Larkin's Timeline
02\16\2017: William Branham Debate in Congo
02\13\2017: Feds Check Into Weapons Deal - Find Roy E. Davis
02\11\2017: William Branham and the Oppression of Women
02\10\2017: William Branham and Homosexuality
02\08\2017: William Branham Message Cult Controlling Government and Banking Systems
02\07\2017: Former Cult Pastor Charged With Sexual Abuse in Phoenix
02\06\2017: Roy E. Davis Mercenary Group Out Of Control
02\01\2017: The Mind Control Test
01\30\2017: Timeline Photos
01\27\2017: Now Claims That William Branham Was Jesus Christ
01\25\2017: William Branham Message Cult Debate in the Congo
01\24\2017: William Branham on Divorce and Remarriage
01\23\2017: Was William Branham Honest About His Mexico Trip
01\23\2017: Message Cult Pastors Saeed Abedini and Youcef Nadarkhani
01\21\2017: Still Waters Children Indoctrination Camp Hides Photo
01\20\2017: William Branham Performs Second Wedding of Rudolph Broy
01\18\2017: Davis' Message Cult Influence Hits British Columbia
01\17\2017: Leah Remini - Scientology and the Aftermath
01\16\2017: William Branham's Battle Against Civil Rights
01\13\2017: Was William Branham Honest About His Family
01\13\2017: Message Cult Falling Apart In The Congo
01\11\2017: William Branham and the Ku Klux Klan Protest Against Superman
01\11\2017: William Branham and the Klan Protest Against Superman
01\09\2017: William Branham's OTHER Life Story
01\06\2017: William Branham Praising Adolf Hitler - Believe Every Word
01\06\2017: Confirmation The Colonia Nazi Camp Followed William Branham
01\05\2017: VIDEO - Inside A William Branham 'Message' Cult Commune
01\05\2017: Interview with John Collins
01\04\2017: Voice of God Recordings Rejects 1947 In Children's Quiz
01\04\2017: God Is Not The Healer - William Branham is
01\01\2017: Voice of God Recordings Caught Lying About 1946


12\31\2016: Voice of God Recordings Responds to Seek The Truth -- AGAIN
12\31\2016: Vandenberg Launch Dates
12\31\2016: 1947 or 1946
12\30\2016: Voice of God Recordings Caught Withholding Sermons
12\29\2016: How To Spot A Manipulative Church Leader
12\28\2016: Voice of God Recordings Responds to Seek The Truth
12\26\2016: 2016 - A Year in Review
12\24\2016: Surviving The Holidays
12\23\2016: William Branham - 1 Corinthians 11
12\21\2016: William Branham's Little Known Revenue Stream
12\20\2016: Is the Message Cult Going Militant Again
12\19\2016: Truth Be Told
12\17\2016: Seek The Truth Site Search
12\17\2016: Are 'Message' Cult Leaders Executing Unbelievers
12\16\2016: Are Cult Leaders Honest About The Cabin
12\15\2016: Voice of Healing - Signs - Wonders - Prophets - Advertising - Business
12\14\2016: William Branham - Miracles For Sale
12\13\2016: Whispering Discernments Into William Branham's Ear
12\12\2016: How Long Have The Branhams Been In Business With T. L. Osborn
12\09\2016: William Branham and the Failed 1948 Doomsday Prediction
12\08\2016: William Branham vs. The Bible
12\07\2016: William Branham's Extreme Racism Examined After 2016 Death of Ku Klux Klan Chaplain
12\06\2016: William Branham Doomsday Predictions - Seek The Truth
12\05\2016: William Branham and the 1948 Doomsday Prophecy - Part 2
12\04\2016: William Branham 1954 'Nuggets'
12\04\2016: UPDATE AND CORRECTION - William Branham 1954 'Nuggets'
12\02\2016: William Branham and the 1948 Doomsday Prediction
11\30\2016: Self-Published Miracles of William Branham
11\29\2016: The Issue of Voice of Healing that VOGR Does NOT Want You To See (Cont)
11\28\2016: Was William Branham Honest About His Education
11\27\2016: William Branham - Senior Editor
11\25\2016: The Voice of Healing Issue that VOGR Does NOT Want You To See
11\25\2016: Only Believe Wilbur Ogilvie
11\23\2016: Another Healing of Congressman Upshaw -- By Brother Ogilvie
11\21\2016: The Failed Healing of Howard Branham
11\19\2016: Were The Branham Family Also Grifters
11\19\2016: Does The Branham Circus Act Lead To Roy E. Davis (Part 2)
11\18\2016: Prophecies Stolen From The Associated Press
11\18\2016: Did William Branham's Mother and Father Travel In A Circus
11\17\2016: Sixteen Men Fall To Their Deaths In Ohio River Bridge Accident
11\16\2016: William Branham and Medical Science Journals
11\14\2016: The Davis Brothers Jeffersonville Revival
11\11\2016: Timeline Photos
11\10\2016: Voice of God Recordings and JJF Report 112.3 Million Dollars in Assets
11\09\2016: Cult Pastors Gambled on Hillary Clinton for President -- BUT The Odds Were Against Them
11\09\2016: Cult Minister Responds To Interview With In-Sight Journal
11\07\2016: Congressman William D. Upshaw - Unassisted By Crutches in 1923
11\05\2016: William Branham and the 2016 Election
11\05\2016: Update And Addition - William Branham and the 2016 Election
11\04\2016: William Branham, John Barleycorn, and William D. Upshaw
11\02\2016: Congressman Upshaw and the Healing Power of Sargon
11\01\2016: John Collins Interview with In-Sight Journal
10\31\2016: Congressman Upshaw Healed By Sargon
10\28\2016: Upshaw Article Bragging In Klan Fiery Cross Newspaper
10\27\2016: William Branham Heals Only The Purple Hands
10\26\2016: William Branham Using Congressman Upshaw For Advertising
10\26\2016: Voting For Hillary Or Trump - Correction
10\25\2016: Voting For Hillary Or Trump
10\24\2016: Congressman Upshaw In Shreveport 1915 -- HEALED
10\23\2016: Jonestown Newsletter Examines Cult Mind Control
10\22\2016: Colonia Dignidad and Jonestown
10\21\2016: William Branham and the Florence Nightingale Photos
10\19\2016: Former Congressman Upshaw Caught Lying about Roy E. Davis
10\17\2016: Roy E. Davis Church of God Revival
10\15\2016: Interesting Coincidence In Branham's Death
10\14\2016: Roy E. Davis and the Seven Prophecies of 1931
10\13\2016: Congressman Upshaw and Voice of God
10\12\2016: Ku Klux Klan Burns Records In Shreveport Louisiana
10\11\2016: William Branham Caught Lying To Hide His Connection to Congressman Upshaw
10\10\2016: Congressman Upshaw Caught Lying To Protect Roy E. Davis
10\07\2016: Roy Davis and the Assemblies of God
10\06\2016: William Branham Using Ku Klux Klan Slogan For Segregation
10\05\2016: Roy E. Davis Arrested in Shreveport Louisiana
10\04\2016: Cross Burning In Shreveport Points To Roy E. Davis
10\03\2016: Roy E. Davis Saluting In A Ku Klux Klan Robe
10\02\2016: Voice of God Recordings Accidentally Publishes Branham's Missing 'First Ministry' Advertisement
10\02\2016: Update and Correction
10\01\2016: The Fifteen Prophecies of 1931
09\30\2016: The Gospel in the Stars
09\28\2016: William Branham and the Wheelchair Failure
09\23\2016: It Runs In The Family
09\21\2016: The Failed India Trip
09\19\2016: Only Believe, Branham's Theme Song Written by Paul Rader
09\16\2016: In The Mouth of Two Or Three Witnesses
09\13\2016: The Seed Is Not Heir With The Shuck
09\12\2016: 50 Reasons Why You Should Join The OKKK
09\11\2016: The Cadle Tabernacle Photographs
09\09\2016: Legal Discovery For Message Cult Victims
09\05\2016: Roy E. Davis Pentecostal Debate
09\03\2016: White Supremacy Branham's Early Influence of the Assemblies of God
09\02\2016: The Tragedy of Donny Morton
08\31\2016: See What Everybody Is Talking About
08\30\2016: The Trail of the Serpent
08\30\2016: Thank You For Your Support
08\29\2016: Brumback Holds The Key To The Ku Klux Klan
08\26\2016: Germany Releasing Files on Message Cult Pastor Paul Schafer
08\25\2016: Branham Cult Pastor Arrested For Religious Radicalism
08\24\2016: William Branham Healing Scandal - Part 2
08\23\2016: Message Cult Pastor Arrested for Hate Speech
08\22\2016: Federal Bureau Investigation of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
08\20\2016: Way of Life Ministries Describe Branham's Healing Scandal
08\19\2016: Roy E. Davis Letter To The Editor For Ku Klux Klan
08\15\2016: William Branham's Moving Targets
08\12\2016: Little David Walker And William Branham's First Ministry
08\05\2016: Cult Pastor Claims Leader Is Vindicated Because Woman Has A Period
08\04\2016: Paul Jenkins Radio Interview Discussing The Branham Cult
08\03\2016: How To Be A More Effective Message Believer
07\20\2016: Preacher Behind the White Hoods - Will They Stop It
07\19\2016: Preacher Behind the White Hoods - Will They Stop It
07\12\2016: William D. Upshaw - Running Man
07\11\2016: William D. Upshaw - Running Man
07\08\2016: John Collins Radio Interview About His New Book
07\04\2016: Rev. Jim Jones and William Branham
07\03\2016: William Branham and Berniece Hicks
07\01\2016: Ku Klux Klan dreams of rising again 150 years after founding
06\24\2016: Stone Mountain To Dallas - The Untold Story of Roy E. Davis
06\06\2016: Dark Mystery Publications, LLC
05\27\2016: Timeline Photos
05\13\2016: Are Message Ministers Credible
04\30\2016: Colonia - William Branham Sect Exposed
04\27\2016: I Never Took Up An Offering, Not One Single Time
04\26\2016: I Never Took Up An Offering, Not One Single Time
04\23\2016: Roy E. Davis Page Updated - Roy E. Davis Timeline
04\21\2016: Roy Davis Page Updated
04\20\2016: The 1945 Gift or the 1948 Gift
04\19\2016: Timeline Photos
04\18\2016: Roy Davis Page Updated With Congressman Upshaw Connection
04\08\2016: John Collins Radio Interview Discussing William Branham's Sinister History (Part 2)
04\05\2016: Government Documents Page Updated
04\04\2016: Government Records Page Updated. Changes include
04\03\2016: Roy E. Davis - Grand Theft Auto and Murder
04\03\2016: Leslie Douglas Ashley Page Updated
04\01\2016: John Collins Radio Interview Discussing William Branham's Sinister History
03\30\2016: William Branham and the Homosexual Transvestite Murderer Updated
03\29\2016: Coming Soon
03\26\2016: Government Records Page Updated
03\23\2016: Congressman Upshaw Page Updated
03\15\2016: Roy E. Davis Page Updated
03\05\2016: Sister Hicks Complaint Available Online
03\03\2016: Partner Page Updated
03\03\2016: Emma Watson Stars In Movie About William Branham's Message Mind Control Cult
03\02\2016: New Government Records Available
02\25\2016: Sister Hicks In Trouble With Racketeering and Corrupt Organizations Suit
01\31\2016: Keith Loker - A Victim of the Message Cult
01\30\2016: William Branham - Sex, Nudity, And the Seattle Worlds Fair
01\29\2016: Facebook Post
01\28\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Sexual Molestation
01\27\2016: Roy E. Davis - Family Abandonment and Felony Conviction
01\26\2016: Roy E. Davis - 1961 Dallas News
01\25\2016: The Amazing Floating Pulpit Trick
01\24\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Greatest Threat To The Message
01\23\2016: William Branham - Salt Is A Savior, not a Savor
01\23\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - One Way Door
01\22\2016: Voice of God Translators Caught Covering William Branham's Errors
01\22\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Chronological Therapy
01\21\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Somewhere In Time
01\20\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - The Emotional Roller Coaster
01\19\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Reversing Fear and Guilt
01\18\2016: William Branham - Jumalan Rauhaa I spoke In tongues
01\17\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Simulated Happiness
01\16\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Elitist Mentality
01\15\2016: William Branham - The Evidence of the Holy Ghost
01\14\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Conspiracy Theory
01\13\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Black Or White
01\12\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Understanding The Cult Identity
01\11\2016: William Branham - Did 'Colored' People Come From Animals
01\10\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Unfreezing, Changing, and Refreezing Part 3
01\09\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Unfreezing, Changing, and Refreezing Part 2
01\08\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Unfreezing, Changing, and Refreezing Part 1
01\07\2016: Message Cult Mind Control - Regaining Control
01\06\2016: Testimony Of Leaving The Message
01\05\2016: William Branham Cult Pastor Stands For Truth
01\05\2016: Cult Pastor Set Free, Agapao Tablet Introduced
01\04\2016: Easy Marriage For Pleasure In Jeffersonville
01\03\2016: Message Cult Doctrine - Be Kind To The Bride
01\02\2016: Message Mind Control - Destruction of the Authentic Self
01\01\2016: William Branham's Vision Of Dr Sam Adair's Clinic
01\01\2016: William Branham - Because He Said So


12\21\2015: 2015 - A Year To Remember
12\20\2015: Timeline Photos
12\20\2015: The 1982 Resurrection of William Branham
12\19\2015: Branham Tabernacle Radio
12\18\2015: Was F. F. Bosworth Responsible For Death In The Healing Campaigns
12\17\2015: Congressman Upshaw and Roy Davis Children's Orphanage
12\17\2015: Christmas Comes Early - New STT Mobile Site Live
12\16\2015: Henry Branham - Bantamweight Champion
12\15\2015: William Branham - The Present-Day Ku Klux Klan Movement
12\15\2015: Joseph Branham - Thou Art A Prophet
12\14\2015: E. Howard Cadle and the Cadle Tabernacle Klan Meetings
12\13\2015: William Branham's Psychoneurotic Confession
12\12\2015: Jezebel Message Churches
12\11\2015: William Branham Cult History - Roy Davis and the Queens of the Golden Mask
12\10\2015: The Jeffersonville Branch of the Ku Klux Klan
12\09\2015: Congressman Upshaw and the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan
12\08\2015: William Branham's Klan Agenda - The Election Of President Kennedy
12\07\2015: Roy E. Davis, Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and the Kennedy Assassination
12\06\2015: William Branham And The Christmas Nativity Scorning
12\06\2015: Voice of God Recordings Removes Bridge Testimony
12\06\2015: Correction To Bridge Post
12\05\2015: William Branham's Christmas Tax Amazement
12\05\2015: Fully Decided To Move On
12\04\2015: William Branham's Santa Claus
12\04\2015: Halation - A 1931 How To Guide On Making Halos
12\03\2015: William Branham's Christmas Gifts
12\02\2015: William Branham's Christmas Tree
12\01\2015: Message Mind Control - Behavior Modification Through Group Conformity
11\30\2015: William Branham and the Stolen Piano
11\30\2015: Roy E. Davis And His Band Of Merry Women
11\29\2015: Young Foundations - Bowing To Branham
11\29\2015: The Louisville 1931 Egg-Shaped Car Prediction
11\29\2015: America's Final Decision
11\28\2015: Message Mind Control - Brainwashing
11\27\2015: Is Voice of God Recordings Being Honest - Family Liquor History
11\26\2015: Four Years - A Moment of Thanksgiving
11\25\2015: Is Joseph Branham Being Honest - The Archives
11\24\2015: Has Voice Of God Recordings Been Caught Lying - Part 2
11\23\2015: The Race for the Maginot Line Prediction
11\23\2015: Is The Pope Vindicated Too
11\22\2015: Hope Branham's Obituary - William Turns Against God
11\21\2015: Message Cult Mind Control Education
11\20\2015: William Branham's Kentucky History In Question
11\20\2015: Questions About The Newspaper Article
11\19\2015: Message Mind Control - Loaded Cult Language
11\18\2015: Newspaper Articles for the 1890 Bridge Caisson Disaster
11\18\2015: Is Joseph Branham And Voice of God Recordings Misusing Donations - Part 2
11\18\2015: George Smith - Fighting For Blood
11\17\2015: Sixteen Men Drown Like Rats
11\17\2015: Newspaper Articles for the 1890 Bridge Caisson Disaster
11\17\2015: Is Joseph Branham and Voice Of God Recordings Misusing Donations
11\17\2015: Has Voice of God Recordings Been Caught Lying
11\16\2015: The Race For The Egg Car Prediction
11\16\2015: Official Arizona Game And Fish Javelina Hunt Regulations
11\15\2015: Message of Terror - Richard Blair
11\15\2015: Apology And Correction - William Branham and the Vandenburg AFB Launch History
11\15\2015: Apology And Correction - William Branham and the Vandenberg AFB Launch History (Take 3)
11\14\2015: Is Joseph Branham Being Open And Honest With The People
11\13\2015: William Branham - State Game Warden
11\12\2015: William Branham - The Houston Bosworth-Best Debate
11\11\2015: William Branham and the Jonestown Massacre
11\11\2015: Joseph Branham Raises The Dead
11\10\2015: When Death Certificates Become The Nail In The Coffin
11\10\2015: Official Death Certificate for Sharon Rose Branham
11\09\2015: Official Death Certificate for Hope Branham
11\09\2015: Message Mind Control - Illusion, Abuse, and Addiction
11\08\2015: William Branham Cult Doctrine - Rape And Torture of Children
11\08\2015: William Branham - Infidels of Change
11\07\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Statement of Faith
11\07\2015: Cub Corner Message Cult Mind Control
11\06\2015: The Many Doomsday Predictions of William Marrion Branham
11\06\2015: Charles Branham Death Certificate
11\05\2015: Message Mind Control - Recruitment Approaches
11\05\2015: Edward Winford Branham Dies
11\05\2015: Earlier Post Pulled For More Research
11\04\2015: Was It A Branham Family Murder Or A Suicide
11\04\2015: The Message Connection of Jim Jones and William Branham
11\03\2015: Message Mind Control - Hidden Secrets and Lies
11\03\2015: Message Cult - Why Transparency Is An Issue
11\02\2015: Message Mind Control - Phobias
11\01\2015: Open Letter To Billy Paul and Joseph Branham
11\01\2015: Did We Catch Billy Paul Branham Lying About Vandalia
10\31\2015: Pentecostal-Style Mind Control Cult Law vs Grace
10\31\2015: Message Mind Control - Destructive Cult Structure
10\30\2015: William Branham and the Official 1907 Birthdate
10\30\2015: Breaking Free From The Cult - Start With The Foundation
10\29\2015: When Will We Start Examining The Fruits
10\29\2015: The Fruits of Sexual Abuse In The Cult Following of William Branham
10\29\2015: Message Mind Control - The Influence Continuum
10\28\2015: Servers Back Online
10\28\2015: Human Trafficking - For What Purpose Would They Let Evil Continue
10\28\2015: Branham Cult Secrets - Calvary Tabernacle Church
10\27\2015: Message Mind Control - Cult Growth
10\27\2015: Is The 'Message' Cult Responsible For Human Trafficking
10\27\2015: Cub Corner - Where Is Jesus
10\26\2015: William Branham's 1948 Testimony
10\26\2015: New Government Records Online
10\26\2015: Message Mind Control - Hypnosis and Metaphor Therapy
10\25\2015: William Branham - One Iota Right On The Dot
10\25\2015: Message Mind Control - Fear of Leaving
10\24\2015: Voice of God Recordings Articles of Corporation
10\24\2015: Message Mind Control - Life With Father
10\24\2015: Did The ... Message ... Bride of Christ Shrink
10\23\2015: Message Mind Control - Insiders
10\23\2015: Billy Paul Branham And The Letters Of Legal Defense
10\22\2015: Message Mind Control - Recruitment
10\22\2015: Billy Paul Divorce - Deciphering Court Shorthand
10\22\2015: Billy Paul and the Impossible God
10\21\2015: William Branham - The Non-Eternal Covenant of Grace
10\21\2015: Message Mind Control - Destructive Cults
10\21\2015: Back To The Future - More Accurate Than The Message
10\20\2015: Partner Page Updated
10\20\2015: Message Mind Control - The Cult Identity
10\20\2015: Exposing Cult Secrets - Billy Paul's Divorce
10\19\2015: The Message - A Mind Control Cult
10\19\2015: Still Waters Camp - Get The Young People
10\18\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Hiding King George
10\18\2015: Joseph Branham and the Dead Fly
10\18\2015: Is Billy Paul Proof of William Branham Having Pre-Marital Sex
10\17\2015: William Branham - The Bear, The Plane, and the Tent
10\17\2015: Was Hope Pregnant When She and William Branham Married
10\17\2015: God Stole William Branham's Prophecies From The Cornerstone
10\16\2015: 'Little' David Walker and Branham's 'Message'
10\16\2015: God Tabernacled In The Flesh - Farewell Speech By Former Pastor of the Branham Tabernacle
10\16\2015: Billy Paul's First Marriage
10\15\2015: William Branham - The Y2K Doomsday Problem
10\15\2015: William Branham - How Could I Forget That
10\14\2015: Raymond Hoekstra, Little David, Leslie Ashley, and William Branham
10\14\2015: Absolute Authority - Acceptance Speech By The Pastor of the Branham Tabernacle, Samuel Barber
10\13\2015: What Was William Branham Hiding
10\12\2015: Something Was Wrong - Resignation From The Branham Tabernacle
10\12\2015: Demanding The Return of Alleged Stolen Property
10\11\2015: William Branham Pastor Convicted of Rape and Pornography
10\11\2015: Letter To The Trustees of the Branham Tabernacle
10\10\2015: In The Mouth of Two Or Three Witnesses - Resignations From The Branham Tabernacle
10\09\2015: CONVICTION - Bro. GEORGE SMITH [ THE CLOUD OF 1963 ]
10\09\2015: Ashley-Ayers Evangelistic Association - Updated
10\08\2015: A Deacon's Small Voice - Resignation from the Branham Tabernacle
10\07\2015: William Branham and the Transvestite Elijah
10\06\2015: The Ashley-Ayers Evangelistic Association
10\06\2015: Pastor of the Branham Tabernacle Resigns
10\05\2015: Kipperman and Ayers Involved In Forgery And Counterfeit
10\05\2015: Joseph Branham Answers The Failed Prophecies
10\04\2015: Song Leader Resigns Amidst Branham Tabernacle Scandal
10\03\2015: Guitars and Cadillacs
10\02\2015: Resignation Letter From The Deacons At The Branham Tabernacle
10\01\2015: Did William Branham Withhold Evidence In The Transvestite Murder Trial
09\30\2015: William Branham's Consistent Ministry
09\29\2015: William Branham The Spoken Word versus The Holy Spirit
09\29\2015: William Branham, The Prostitute, The Transvestite and the Cloud
09\28\2015: William Branham and the Atomic Saucer Scare Strategy
09\28\2015: William Branham, the Prostitute, and the Homosexual Transvestite Murderer
09\27\2015: William Branham's Vehicle Demon
09\26\2015: Unsealed FBI Files Reveal Cult Church Ponzi Scheme
09\26\2015: Cognitive Dissonance From William Branham's Cult Following
09\25\2015: William Branham's Uncertain Assurance of Salvation
09\24\2015: William Branham The Omnipotent God
09\23\2015: William Branham Along Came Avak The Armenian
09\22\2015: William Branham's Angel of May 18, 1948
09\22\2015: Testimony and Triumph
09\21\2015: William Branham And The Conquering Power of Knowledge and Wisdom
09\20\2015: Apology To Voice of God Recordings, and a Public Retraction
09\19\2015: William Branham's Apology
09\19\2015: On William Branham's Officiating the Remarriage of His Brothers
09\18\2015: William Branham and Children's Television Programming
09\18\2015: Joseph Branham, Kenneth Hagan, and Tommy Osborn
09\17\2015: William Branham Secretly Performing Remarriages After Divorce
09\17\2015: Who's On First Heaven
09\17\2015: One Last Question
09\16\2015: The Secret Marriage And Divorce Lifestyle Of The Branham Family
09\16\2015: Henry Branham - We're Getting Some new Gadgets for Recording
09\15\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Still Waters Resort Zoning Appeal
09\15\2015: Do Message Followers Believe William Branham Was God
09\14\2015: William Branham's Birthdate Issue
09\14\2015: No Strings Attached
09\13\2015: Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split - Part 5
09\13\2015: Education Versus Ignorance - William Branham's Strategy of Blissful Ignorance
09\12\2015: Several Cult Churches Challenge Voice Of God Recordings In Court
09\12\2015: A Thinking Man's Private Conversation
09\11\2015: William Branham Evangelistic Association Arizona
09\11\2015: William Branham and Gordon Lindsay Flying Saucer Phenomenon
09\11\2015: The New Government Records Page
09\10\2015: Branham Tabernacle - The Official Government Documents
09\10\2015: Beatle Healing Mania
09\09\2015: William Branham and Woman Preachers
09\09\2015: The 1936 Deed vs. William Branham's Life Story
09\09\2015: Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split - Part 4
09\08\2015: William Branham and Jack Moore
09\08\2015: Timeline Photos
09\08\2015: Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split - Part 3
09\08\2015: Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split - Part 2
09\07\2015: Edgar Cayce and William Branham
09\06\2015: The Baxter - Branham Campaigns
09\05\2015: William Branham - I Was Standing Just Below This
09\04\2015: William Branham and Snake Handling
09\03\2015: William Branham and the Zodiac of Healing
09\03\2015: Questions About The Branham Tabernacle Split
09\02\2015: Three High Words
09\01\2015: Tailoring To The Crowd
08\31\2015: The Message And The Messenger Are One And The Same God
08\31\2015: A Shaking Up At The Branham Tabernacle
08\30\2015: Who Heals The Infants
08\30\2015: Confessions of a Cult Pastor
08\29\2015: William Branham's Forced Alter Calls ... With Vengeance
08\29\2015: William Branham's Forced Altar Calls ... With Vengeance
08\28\2015: William Branham's 1946 Judgment
08\27\2015: Jeffersonville Indiana Is Doomed
08\26\2015: William Branham Deep Calleth Unto The Deep - Did Billy Paul Call an Audible
08\26\2015: Just Another Doomsday Cult
08\25\2015: William Branham's Rapture of 1962
08\24\2015: The Obliteration of Louisville Kentucky
08\23\2015: Them Ants Are Attacking The United States
08\23\2015: Billy Paul's Last Words
08\22\2015: The Passing of Pearry Green
08\22\2015: How to Spot a Legalist
08\21\2015: Tribute To Pearry Green (1933 - 2015)
08\21\2015: The Martian Prophecy
08\20\2015: Let's Join Together And Help
08\19\2015: UPDATED Secret Audio Letter to Lee Vayle
08\19\2015: Secret Audio Letter To Lee Vayle
08\18\2015: Science Is Of The Devil
08\17\2015: William Branham's 'Jonestown' of 1977
08\16\2015: Testimony Describing Experiences In A Branham Cult
08\15\2015: Africans Declare Branham To Be God
08\14\2015: Response From Voice of God Recordings
08\13\2015: Voice Of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 10
08\13\2015: Is Joseph Branham Honest - Court Records
08\12\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 9
08\11\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 8
08\11\2015: Is Joseph Branham Honest - We Stand Corrected
08\11\2015: Here I Stand - Updated
08\10\2015: Voice Of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 7
08\10\2015: Is Joseph Branham Honest - Claiming Ownership Of The Tabernacle
08\09\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 6
08\08\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 5
08\07\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 4
08\06\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 3
08\05\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 2
08\04\2015: Voice Of God Recordings - Because He Said So - Part 1
08\03\2015: William Branham's Disneyworld Supercar
08\03\2015: William Branham Advising Against Solomon
08\02\2015: Joseph Branham And Honesty
08\02\2015: Deceptive Cult Marketing
08\02\2015: Combining Seth With Cain
08\01\2015: William Branham - Just A Man - He Made Mistakes
08\01\2015: Helping Others
07\31\2015: To Hell With William Branham
07\30\2015: William Branham - No Man Knoweth The Hour In 1977
07\30\2015: A Walk Through History - Seek The Truth Blog
07\29\2015: The Strategies Of A Cult Pastor
07\29\2015: Freemasonry - The Masonic Lodge - religious cults, sects and movements
07\28\2015: William Branham, Dowie, and Wigglesworth
07\27\2015: William Branham And The Baal of Peor
07\26\2015: Satan Casting Out Satan
07\25\2015: Voice Of God Recordings Hides Blank Spots
07\24\2015: William Branham's Filthy Mouth
07\24\2015: only believe -- elvis presley
07\23\2015: Why Didn't Anyone Correct William Branham
07\23\2015: 10 Ways To Determine If Your Christianity Has Been 'Americanized'
07\22\2015: William Branham's Marriage And Divorce
07\22\2015: Because He Said So
07\21\2015: William Branham's Prophecy Humble Pie
07\20\2015: William Branham's Holy Ghost Experience
07\20\2015: Intentions
07\19\2015: William Branham Misinterpreting Nazarite Vows
07\18\2015: William Branham and Homosexual Pigalle
07\17\2015: The 'One' Vision That Didn't Happen
07\16\2015: William Branham Is Not False
07\16\2015: A Matter of Facts
07\15\2015: What About the Miracles
07\15\2015: How 'Bout Them Second Brown Bears
07\14\2015: Let's Talk Numbers
07\14\2015: Dedicated In 1933. Or 1934. Or 1935. Or 1936
07\13\2015: I'm Not An Old Man Yet
07\11\2015: The Pentagram Tabernacle Embarrassment
07\11\2015: Haters
07\09\2015: Seeking God
07\09\2015: Houston During Cloud, Back To Arizona, Later Add A Face
07\08\2015: An Example of William Branham's Blatant Lies
07\07\2015: George Smith Admitting Cloud Date Discrepancy
07\06\2015: Cancer
07\04\2015: William Branham's Racial Slurs in the Sermons
07\04\2015: The Chicken or the Woman's Egg
07\04\2015: Covert Narcissistic Personality Disorder
07\03\2015: DID YOU KNOW - Fourth of July
07\01\2015: Let's Talk Diseases
06\30\2015: Can you catch the 'Revelation' about 1977
06\29\2015: Moving Targets
06\29\2015: Letter To Bro Jackson
06\27\2015: To The Many Who Are Contacting Us About Homosexuality
06\26\2015: William Branham On Salvation
06\26\2015: A Refutation of William Marrion Branham
06\25\2015: Is "The Message" the Word of God for Today
06\25\2015: An In-Depth Comparison Between Larkin and Branham
06\24\2015: Things we can agree on
06\24\2015: Dispensational Truth by Clarence Larkin
06\23\2015: The Romans Road
06\23\2015: Slumber
06\22\2015: Unending Questions
06\21\2015: Proverbs 20.7
06\20\2015: The Park - William Branham and Homosexual Predators
06\19\2015: William Branham And The Dylann Roof Massacre
06\19\2015: Logical Fallacies--The Strawman
06\17\2015: Did William Branham Ban Soccer
06\16\2015: Logical Fallacies--Comparing Apples to Oranges
06\16\2015: Do the Math William Branham and 1977
06\15\2015: Logical Fallacies-The Ad Hominem
06\14\2015: Slothful Christians
06\13\2015: Pastors Leading Their Congregations From William Branham Back To The Bible
06\12\2015: Biblical Exegesis
06\11\2015: I Surrender
06\10\2015: Something's rotting in the message
06\10\2015: Rivera's 'Logical Refutation of Branham's Message
06\09\2015: The Testimony of Alfred Pohl
06\09\2015: Such an UNCERTAIN SOUND
06\08\2015: The Subtility of Message Recruitment
06\08\2015: Facebook Post
06\07\2015: I Survived A Cult - Personal Glimpses Of An Exodus
06\06\2015: I Survived A Cult - Personal Glimpses Of An Exodus
06\06\2015: Galatians 5.1
06\05\2015: William Branham's Political Agenda
06\04\2015: John F. Kennedy - William Branham Prophecy Fulfilled
06\03\2015: William Branham's Trumpet of Uncertainty
06\03\2015: Who Will Lead Us Now That William Branham's Exposed As A False Prophet
06\03\2015: Seek The Truth - The Cult of William Branham
06\03\2015: From William Branham to Christ - Emily's Testimony
06\03\2015: 'Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater'
06\02\2015: Branham's Bible Bashing Bonanza
06\01\2015: William Branham Shortnickers
06\01\2015: Facebook Post
06\01\2015: Christian Patriarchy and Sex—What the Bible Teaches (Part 5)
05\31\2015: Why Does The Birthdate Matter, Anyway
05\30\2015: The Law and the Prophets
05\29\2015: William Branham's 'Future Home' Plagiarism
05\28\2015: Leaving That Garbage Behind For Good
05\28\2015: Larkin's Trail of the Serpent
05\28\2015: Gender Roles --What the Bible Actually Teaches (Part 4)
05\27\2015: Sex Scandals and Christian Patriarchy (Part 3)
05\27\2015: Lee Vayle on the Bridge Prophesy
05\27\2015: Correction To Today's Post
05\26\2015: The Duggars (Christian Patriarchy) vs. The Message of William Branham (Part 2)
05\26\2015: I'm Jesus, I'll Take You In The Rapture
05\25\2015: Memorial Day
05\25\2015: Josh Duggar Sex Abuse Scandal
05\24\2015: One Prophet At A Time
05\23\2015: Billy Paul's Tough Job
05\21\2015: HOT OFF THE PRESS
05\19\2015: William Branham's Cloud - Seek The Truth
05\18\2015: GET IT WHILE IT'S FREE
05\18\2015: Branham's 1977 Prediction and Jonestown
05\17\2015: THE 1933 PROPHECY OF THE 1977 DOOMSDAY
05\17\2015: John 1228-36
05\16\2015: John 1217-28
05\16\2015: HOT OFF THE PRESS
05\15\2015: William Branham - Before I DIE
05\15\2015: The Many Commissions
05\15\2015: John 129-17
05\14\2015: The Twisted Scripture
05\13\2015: Facebook Post
05\12\2015: Facebook Post
05\11\2015: Rest, Through Salvation
05\10\2015: Facebook Post
05\08\2015: You Will Remain
05\08\2015: Food for thought
05\07\2015: The Intersection of William Branham and Jim Jones
05\06\2015: Scripture Warns of False Prophets
05\05\2015: Bible verses about pride
05\03\2015: These 10 Things We Don't Want Our Kids to Learn at Church Are 100 Spot On - For Every Mom
04\30\2015: Facebook Post
04\29\2015: Where My Troubles Started
04\29\2015: Hope's Nurse
04\28\2015: Torturing Turtles for Fun
04\28\2015: Posted to the user posts on this page
04\23\2015: Where do we go after leaving the message
04\23\2015: Rebekah The Prophet
04\23\2015: Letter to Joseph Branham
04\23\2015: HOT OFF THE PRESS
04\22\2015: Where is our Rest
04\22\2015: Voice of God Recordings - Questioning The Bible
04\22\2015: Recommended
04\22\2015: Facebook Post
04\21\2015: Logically Flawed Arguments on
04\21\2015: For those feeling all alone
04\20\2015: From the FAQs page on
04\17\2015: Voice of God Recordings Contradictions (continued)
04\16\2015: Voice of God Recordings Contradictions
04\15\2015: Toddler Prophecy - William Marrion Branham Quotes
04\15\2015: Happy Tax Day
04\14\2015: WOMEN DRIVERS
04\14\2015: Facebook Post
04\14\2015: Dead Baby Raised
04\13\2015: The Mexican General
04\13\2015: Facebook Post
04\12\2015: Facebook Post
04\09\2015: Beat Your Women
04\08\2015: Facebook Post
04\07\2015: Facebook Post
04\06\2015: Facebook Post
03\18\2015: With A Cheerful Heart
03\16\2015: Hebrews 3- Greater Than Moses
03\06\2015: Raising Lazarus from the Dead-Part 2 John 11-17-44
02\23\2015: Hebrews 2- Sufficiency of Christ
02\12\2015: John 11 - For God s Glory
02\02\2015: John 10-22-42 Ye Are Gods
01\29\2015: In These Last Days
01\24\2015: After The Message- A Letter to Those Who Have Left
01\20\2015: Blind But Now I See
01\16\2015: Galatians 6- Pride In Ourselves
01\07\2015: John 8-33-47- You belong to your father the devil
01\05\2015: The Bridge Grace Built


12\30\2014: John 8-12-32- Sin is 'Unbelief'
12\26\2014: Galatians 4- Our Chains Are Broken
12\16\2014: He Who Is Without Sin
12\12\2014: Galatians 3- Faith or Works
12\02\2014: Moving Forward
11\26\2014: John 1-17-43
11\24\2014: Leaving The Message
11\05\2014: We d Like Your Suggestions
11\04\2014: Who Is The New Voice Speaking For Seek The Truth
10\20\2014: The Intersection of William Branham and Jim Jones
10\14\2014: Response To Willard Collins- Polygamy
09\12\2014: Jim Jones and William Branham The Doomsday Prophet
08\13\2014: The Light Struck The Lens
08\05\2014: Future Home vs. Dispensational Truth
07\25\2014: Horizons - by Norman Bel Geddes
07\15\2014: Only Begotten Son
05\29\2014: A CALL TO ACTION
05\06\2014: To Become Like Sinners
05\05\2014: An Uncertain Sound
05\04\2014: The Evening Light
05\03\2014: Temporary Hell
05\02\2014: King James Only
05\01\2014: Pretending To Be God
04\30\2014: Divorce Your Wives
04\29\2014: The Achievement Of The Holy Spirit
04\28\2014: The Gospel
04\28\2014: Gene And Leo
04\27\2014: William Branham vs. The Bible
04\26\2014: Honesty
04\25\2014: The Prophets
04\24\2014: Elijah
04\23\2014: Balaam
04\22\2014: Moses
04\21\2014: Enoch
04\20\2014: Creation
04\19\2014: John F. Kennedy
04\18\2014: Franklin D. Roosevelt
04\17\2014: Moving Targets
04\16\2014: The Commissions
04\15\2014: Fatherless
04\14\2014: Childhood
04\13\2014: A Strange Birth
04\12\2014: The Twisted Scripture
04\11\2014: California- Still Standing
04\10\2014: Driverless Eggcar
04\09\2014: Tragedy Of Donnie Morton
04\08\2014: Grips of Fear
04\07\2014: The Church Ages
04\06\2014: The Bridge
04\05\2014: The Cloud
04\04\2014: Easy Questions
04\03\2014: Jehovah s Witness
04\02\2014: Ground Rules
04\01\2014: Marks of the Beast
03\31\2014: A Cloud By Day
03\30\2014: A Pillar Of Fire By Night
03\29\2014: Faith Healing
03\28\2014: An Angered God
03\27\2014: Prophecies of 1933
03\26\2014: 1933 Baptism
03\25\2014: Bridge Prophecy
03\24\2014: Toddler Prophet
03\24\2014: Job
03\23\2014: Jim Jones And William Branham- The Open Door
03\16\2014: The Rapture
03\13\2014: Adding New Prophecies Into The Table
03\12\2014: The Forest Cathedral
03\12\2014: Rev. Jim Jones and William Branham
03\11\2014: Hindering The Kingdom
03\10\2014: On Branham s Plagiarism of Clarence Larkin
03\07\2014: A Sodom Condition
03\06\2014: Creators of Squirrel
03\02\2014: Rosicrucians
02\24\2014: The Good Shepherd
02\20\2014: Mixed Marriage
02\19\2014: Raping Women
02\18\2014: Donny Reagan Most Racist Pastor In America response
02\17\2014: The Failed Prophecy Of The Women s Vote
02\14\2014: Divine Healing in the Branham Campaigns
02\10\2014: The Worldly Message of Divine Healing
02\03\2014: Your Father The Devil
02\01\2014: The Fruits of Trick Photography
01\30\2014: Casting The First Stone
01\28\2014: It s Time To Stand Up
01\27\2014: The Gnostic Holy Spirit
01\24\2014: Administrative Actions
01\23\2014: One Truth- Cafeteria-Style Religion
01\23\2014: Cafeteria-Style Religion
01\21\2014: The Da Vinci Code
01\21\2014: My Father Gives The Bread
01\20\2014: Prophet Like Unto Me
01\18\2014: What Is the Good News
01\17\2014: Hiding the Gospel
01\16\2014: The Authority of the Son
01\15\2014: Faith In Faith
01\14\2014: You re Not Alone
01\14\2014: Believe The Sign
01\13\2014: Condemn the Woman or Save The City
01\11\2014: Sir I Perceive That You Are A Prophet
01\10\2014: Handing Over The Reins
01\09\2014: Judgment Or Grace
01\08\2014: Worshipping What
01\07\2014: The Buck Stops Here
01\06\2014: Robert Gumbura
01\06\2014: Powerless Christ
01\04\2014: Son of Man
01\03\2014: Impure Sacrifice
01\02\2014: Behold The Lamb of God
01\01\2014: In The Beginning


12\25\2013: Merry Christmas
12\22\2013: Power In The Gospel
11\29\2013: Virtual Reality
11\01\2013: Let The Reader Understand
10\31\2013: The Spirit of the Antichrist
10\30\2013: The Eagle Prophet
10\29\2013: Lies For The Sake Of A Holy End
10\28\2013: Young Foundations
10\25\2013: The Power of Seventeen
10\24\2013: Halloween
10\23\2013: Lies About The Death Of His Father
10\22\2013: The God of Wrath
10\21\2013: The Latter Days
10\17\2013: The Day of the Lord
10\15\2013: Obadiah
10\14\2013: Titus
10\13\2013: Seven Church Ages
10\11\2013: Haggai
10\10\2013: Nahum
10\09\2013: Habakkuk
10\08\2013: Zephaniah
10\07\2013: Lamentations
10\02\2013: Can Two Walk Together
10\01\2013: Simon Magus
09\30\2013: Irenaeus- Offering Salvation To The Sinners
09\27\2013: Sethians and Cainites
09\26\2013: Fountain of Gnostic Light
09\25\2013: Marcus And The Number Seven
09\24\2013: The Second Church Age Messenger
09\23\2013: The Secret
09\23\2013: Leveraging Independence For Failed Prophecy
09\22\2013: The Secrets of a Cult Pastor
09\20\2013: 1933 World s Fair
09\19\2013: Rejecting The Holy Spirit
09\17\2013: Trail of the Serpent ... I mean money
09\17\2013: Serpent s Seed
09\16\2013: Marriage And Divorce
09\13\2013: Are You A Preacher
09\12\2013: The Failed Prophecy of Judgment
09\11\2013: The Prophet-God
09\10\2013: In The Beginning
09\09\2013: William Sowders
09\08\2013: Preparing Ourselves For The Coming
09\06\2013: Insult Or Exhortation
09\05\2013: Watch Russia
09\04\2013: A Prayer For Syria
09\03\2013: Our NEW Prophet
08\30\2013: Egyptian Nights
08\29\2013: Narcissism
08\28\2013: Profanity
08\28\2013: Morning Mercy
08\23\2013: Seed- Joint Heir With The Shuck
08\22\2013: Song Of Solomon - You Must Be Over 18
08\22\2013: Song Of Solomon - Must Be Over 18
08\21\2013: Transistor Radio Prayer Lines
08\21\2013: Out Of The Cult And Into Grace
08\20\2013: Moving Bracelets
08\19\2013: Splinter Groups
08\15\2013: William Branham s Life Story
08\14\2013: Adding More Failed Prophecies
08\13\2013: The Uncertain Sound of the Trinity
08\12\2013: The Love Story
08\11\2013: As The Father Spoke About Jesus Christ So Shall He Speak About His Prophet. ... Or Will He
08\09\2013: Psychological Warfare
08\08\2013: Weights
08\05\2013: Rebel Without A Cause
08\02\2013: Finding Comfort In Grace
07\30\2013: Boundaries
07\29\2013: Rules
07\29\2013: Out Of The Cult And Into Grace
07\26\2013: WWCD
07\25\2013: The Failed Tent Prophecy
07\25\2013: Failed Tent Prophecy
07\24\2013: Rest In The Sacrifice
07\23\2013: Light In The Wilderness
07\22\2013: Denominated
07\19\2013: Denying The Great Commission
07\19\2013: Bethel House of Whatevertheyserve
07\18\2013: I WILL leave you AND forsake you
07\17\2013: Coiled Springs
07\16\2013: Jewish Mysticism
07\15\2013: Avoiding The Book of Esther
07\14\2013: Cult Awareness Handbook
07\12\2013: Millstone Around The Neck
07\12\2013: Cult Awareness Handbook
07\11\2013: The Gospel of Jesus Christ
07\10\2013: Racist Elisha
07\09\2013: To Whom Shall We Go
07\09\2013: New Branham Apologetics Site In Romania
07\08\2013: Extra-Biblical Details
07\08\2013: Bypassing Calvary
07\02\2013: The Lawless One
07\01\2013: Job s Accuser
06\29\2013: The Case for Christ
06\26\2013: Speed Demon
06\25\2013: What To Do With All That Time
06\25\2013: Mixed Audience in Jeffersonville
06\25\2013: Masonic Order of the Eastern Star
06\25\2013: FREE PUBLICITY
06\24\2013: Searching For Vindication
06\23\2013: A Thing Called Love
06\22\2013: Was William Branham Honest Part 2
06\22\2013: Branham s Jesus Or the Jesus of the Bible
06\21\2013: Sports
06\21\2013: Humility
06\20\2013: Discernment
06\20\2013: A thought for consideration
06\19\2013: BARK Like a DOG
06\18\2013: Purgatory- The same message that Paul preached
06\17\2013: The ACHIEVEMENT of the Holy Spirit
06\15\2013: Paris Reidhead and Islam
06\13\2013: Jesus vs. Jesus
06\12\2013: Separation
06\10\2013: Three Types of Believers
06\08\2013: Tourist Trap
06\05\2013: Moses
06\03\2013: South African Political Agenda
05\31\2013: Misogyny
05\30\2013: Hearts of the Fathers
05\29\2013: You sin ... therefore you do NOT believe
05\27\2013: Zionist
05\26\2013: Scofield
05\23\2013: Signs of a Cult
05\22\2013: Wormwood
05\20\2013: Works
05\17\2013: The Commission
05\14\2013: Superhero
05\13\2013: High Priest
05\11\2013: William Branham- Freemason
05\10\2013: William Branham- Shape Shifter
05\10\2013: The Dirty Thirties
05\09\2013: William Branham- Shape Shifter
05\06\2013: A Pardon IS A Pardon When God Gives It
05\05\2013: Possum Stories
04\30\2013: Incantation
04\28\2013: The Severed Hand
04\26\2013: Branham s Healing Numbers Game
04\26\2013: About Seek Ye The Truth
04\25\2013: Pride
04\23\2013: Thieving Pastors Stealing Tithe Money
04\22\2013: Kill The Prophet Save The People
04\22\2013: Homosexuality
04\21\2013: Kill The Prophet Save The Chosen
04\19\2013: Branham Organized Crime and Little Las Vegas
04\18\2013: Spiritual Sickness
04\16\2013: Worldliness
04\12\2013: In His Presence
04\09\2013: Apostle Paul- Let Her Hair Be Shorn
04\08\2013: Beauty Is Of The Devil
04\05\2013: Television
04\04\2013: Salvation Outside The Cult
04\04\2013: Salvation Outside of the Cult
04\01\2013: As It Was In The Days Of Noah
03\31\2013: Fulfilling The Law And The Prophets
03\31\2013: Branham- Altering the Covenants
03\31\2013: As It Was In The Days Of Noah
03\29\2013: The Park
03\28\2013: Drink your wine with a merry heart
03\28\2013: Combining Heresies Into The Godhead
03\26\2013: Branham Closet Trinitarian
03\25\2013: Deacons Or Military Police
03\23\2013: The Seventh Seal of Idolatry
03\19\2013: The Gospel- What We Stand For
03\19\2013: Serpent's Seed – From Kabbalah To Branham
03\18\2013: William Marrion Branham- The Accursed
03\18\2013: Three posts deleted
03\15\2013: Reminder To Users
03\14\2013: School Of The Prophets
03\14\2013: James Ayers
03\14\2013: Hidden Meanings In Genealology
03\12\2013: Rsponse To Donnie Reagan
03\12\2013: Donnie Reagan
03\09\2013: Response To Jeff Jenkins
03\08\2013: Misuse of Thus Saith The Lord
03\07\2013: Branham- The Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme
03\06\2013: William Branham- Sorcerer
03\05\2013: The Cloud The Idol In The Hearts
03\05\2013: Cloud Timeline
03\04\2013: Deception In The Church
03\03\2013: Teetotalism
03\02\2013: Roosevelt vs. Hitler
03\01\2013: Divine Love
02\28\2013: Signs of the Times
02\27\2013: The Squeeze
02\24\2013: Cookie Jars
02\23\2013: 1954
02\22\2013: Creating Another Door To Salvation
02\21\2013: Wake Up Christ Is Still Coming
02\20\2013: Cult Followers Afraid To Read Their Bibles
02\19\2013: Faith In Faith Not In Christ
02\18\2013: Screaming Preachers
02\17\2013: Hiding The Cross From Others
02\16\2013: Christ The Adopted Savior
02\15\2013: Praying To An Angel Preying Upon Us
02\14\2013: Freedom in the Gospel
02\13\2013: Hebrews Chapter Six
02\12\2013: The Mosque of Papacy
02\11\2013: A Different Jesus
02\10\2013: Sola Scriptura
02\09\2013: What Would You Do
02\09\2013: Popularity Contest With God
02\08\2013: William Marrion Branham- Antichrist
02\07\2013: Thus Saith William Branham Not God
02\06\2013: Women Were Made To Deceive
02\06\2013: The Holy Spirit Is Our Anchor
02\06\2013: Having The Holy Ghost and Going To Hell
02\05\2013: In The Beginning Was The Deception
02\04\2013: Sex Eve Adam and Steve
02\04\2013: Leonoids
02\03\2013: Send Me A Double Portion
02\02\2013: Those Who Would Condemn A Bundle Of Sticks
02\01\2013: Thus Saith The Lord
01\31\2013: Punishment To Descendants Of A False Prophet
01\30\2013: Paul Already Revealed The Mystery
01\29\2013: What s In A Name
01\29\2013: Bible Believers - Forging Copies For False Prophet
01\28\2013: Who exactly was WMB praying to
01\28\2013: Voices of Healing
01\28\2013: Seek The Lord And Live
01\28\2013: Molech Aliester Crowley and William Branham
01\27\2013: Power Without Foundation
01\26\2013: The Bride The Mother of Harlots
01\25\2013: The Seed Is Not Heir With The Shuck
01\24\2013: Super Apostles
01\23\2013: Delusional Lawlessness
01\22\2013: How Exactly Does One Plagiarize A Pyramid
01\22\2013: Be Ready To Defend Your Beliefs
01\21\2013: Followers of Christ Not Men
01\21\2013: Deep Calleth Out To The Deep
01\20\2013: The Light Not evening light of the Gospel of Christ
01\19\2013: Message Ponzi Schemes
01\19\2013: Do Not Let Your Women s Hair Be Like Maenads
01\18\2013: The Three Stooges
01\18\2013: The god Of A False Prophet
01\18\2013: Sociopathic Pastors
01\18\2013: Arianism
01\17\2013: Gluttony.
01\17\2013: All Things Are Lawful
01\16\2013: The Holy Spirit That Takes Away All Fear
01\15\2013: Praising John Alexander Dowie
01\15\2013: Fate of a False Prophet
01\14\2013: Creater of Deception
01\13\2013: Stay With The Word
01\12\2013: As It Was In The Days of Noah
01\11\2013: Meet Our New Leader
01\10\2013: Support Your Local President
01\09\2013: The Cloud -- From A Different Angle
01\09\2013: Rise Above It
01\08\2013: The Precepts Of The Law
01\07\2013: Touch Not Taste Not
01\07\2013: Signs To Look For In An Evening Light Ministry
01\06\2013: The Son The Archangel And The Evening Light
01\05\2013: Evening Light Upon The Ashes Of The Wicked
01\03\2013: Shutting The Kingdom of Heaven In People s Faces
01\02\2013: Harvest Time
01\01\2013: The Iron and the Clay
01\01\2013: Iron and the Clay


12\31\2012: Where The Dead Bodies Lay There Will The Eagles Gather
12\31\2012: The Dead Bodies Lay There Will The Eagles Gather
12\30\2012: William Marrion Branham - The Holy Daily Horoscope
12\30\2012: The Seventh Angel Messenger That Lied
12\29\2012: The Evening Light of Destruction
12\29\2012: It Shall Be Light About The Evening Destruction
12\28\2012: Pride And The Serpent
12\26\2012: Trying To Lift Satan Back Up When He s Down
12\26\2012: QUICK SATAN S DOWN ...Let s lift him up again
12\26\2012: Ahhh The Imagination Of A Two-Year-Old
12\25\2012: The Greatest Birthday Known To Mankind
12\24\2012: Measuring Our Blessings
12\23\2012: The Humble Servant Of Greatness
12\22\2012: The Burden Of The Truth
12\21\2012: The Un-lifted Veil
12\20\2012: Spiritual Discernment
12\19\2012: Power In The Name of Jesus
12\18\2012: The Tree That Bears No Fruit
12\17\2012: Once Enlightened
12\17\2012: A Different Gospel
12\16\2012: Fully Embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
12\15\2012: Hidden From The Wise and the Prudent
12\14\2012: Contaminating The Wine
12\13\2012: Gentiles Were Saved By Grace Not Law
12\13\2012: Christ The ALMIGHTY God Let me introduce you
12\12\2012: Those Who Proclaim The Gospel Without Sincerity
12\11\2012: Scatter The Seed
12\10\2012: The Royal Law
12\09\2012: Mary Ella Branham
12\09\2012: Free From The Law Bound By The Gospel
12\08\2012: The Javelina Hunt
12\07\2012: We Must Persevere With Faith Prayer and Love
12\06\2012: Our Stories - A Sigh Of Relief
12\06\2012: I Am The Least Among You
12\05\2012: Condemnation Of Those Who Do Not Love Truth
12\04\2012: Living Stones of a Spiritual House
12\03\2012: Paul s Message
11\29\2012: Vessels of Wood and Clay
11\28\2012: The Gospel is the Only Sound Doctrine
11\28\2012: Buy The Free Books
11\27\2012: The Deceivers Of The Harvest
11\27\2012: Our Stories - A Different Person
11\27\2012: Good Evening Friends
11\26\2012: And Not A Single Picture Developed ..but MY Halo
11\25\2012: The Dinosaurs
11\25\2012: I Have Overcome The World
11\23\2012: Another Helper The Spirit of Truth
11\21\2012: The Magic of Eighty Percent
11\21\2012: God s Rest
11\20\2012: Paul s Hierarchy Of Gifts
11\16\2012: The First Step In Your Journey Is The Hardest
11\16\2012: That First Step Of The Journey Is The Most Important
11\16\2012: Not By Will Of The Flesh
11\15\2012: The Monument
11\15\2012: Back When I Was A Child I Spoke Like That
11\14\2012: Did You Know
11\13\2012: The Walking Dead
11\13\2012: Paul s Mystery
11\12\2012: The Rich Young Ruler
11\12\2012: Brother Jones
11\11\2012: The Rock That Never Fails
11\10\2012: Curses Foiled Again
11\10\2012: Christ Is The Way To The Father
11\10\2012: Branham- The Trinitarian Non-Trinitarian
11\09\2012: Not The Righteous For The Sinners
11\08\2012: Paul s Example
11\07\2012: Test The Prophets
11\07\2012: Pinterested
11\06\2012: Egypt Will Be Blessed
11\05\2012: The Fire The Beast and the False Prophet
11\04\2012: God Is Love
11\03\2012: Love Makes Us Blameless Before God
11\03\2012: Impersonating God the Father
11\02\2012: The Failed India Vision Branham Admitted
11\01\2012: The Gospel To The Gentiles
10\31\2012: Jars of Clay
10\30\2012: The Cheerful Giver
10\29\2012: The Altar of Witness
10\28\2012: The Friendship of Herod and Pilate
10\27\2012: To The Unknown God
10\26\2012: Do Not Worship The Angel
10\25\2012: Trusting In Oppression
10\24\2012: Arrogance Towards Other Christians
10\23\2012: Christ Was The Shepherd Of The Flock Doomed To Slaughter
10\22\2012: William Marrion Branham- Necromancer
10\22\2012: But The Word of God Increased And Multiplied.
10\21\2012: The Woman With Thus Saith The Lord
10\20\2012: Those Seven Angels That Met Me In The Room
10\20\2012: But As For Us The Lord Is Our God And We Have Not Forsaken Him
10\20\2012: Brother Stair
10\19\2012: William Marrion Branham- The Cult
10\19\2012: Beware of the Scribes
10\19\2012: 1954 ... The First End Of The World Before 1977
10\18\2012: The Vindicated Prophet
10\18\2012: The Reason The Law Changed
10\17\2012: Mary the Mother of Jesus
10\16\2012: Searching Out The Truth
10\15\2012: Respect Authority And Fulfill The Law By Love
10\15\2012: Islam and Jesus The Prophet
10\14\2012: The Baptism Gospel
10\14\2012: Jewels In His Crown
10\13\2012: The Sixty-Seven Sins of the New Testament
10\11\2012: Paul s Departure
10\10\2012: Twisting Scriptures
10\09\2012: Those Sinful Ministers
10\08\2012: The Watchtower
10\08\2012: Some Will Hear But Will Never Understand
10\07\2012: Zoroastrianism and Balaam
10\07\2012: Women s Place In The Home
10\07\2012: Liberty Is Not Liberty When Bound By Another s Conscience
10\07\2012: Buddhism- Making Satan Equal To God
10\06\2012: The Thorn In Our Flesh
10\04\2012: Avoid Cleverly Devised Stories
10\03\2012: Setting Your Minds At Ease
10\03\2012: I Was Just Like You Remember
10\02\2012: Judged By The Spirit
10\02\2012: 1933 Municipal Bridge Prophecy
10\01\2012: Follow Me
09\30\2012: Warning Against Worldliness
09\29\2012: Delivering The Deceived From Thus Saith The Lord
09\28\2012: Undivided Body of Christ
09\27\2012: Take Up Your Cross and Follow Christ
09\26\2012: The New World Order
09\26\2012: Let My People Go
09\25\2012: Kaballah and Name Numerology
09\25\2012: Gnosticism
09\25\2012: Eat Drink and Be Merry God Has Approved It
09\24\2012: Vibrations in the Hand - Direct from Wiccan
09\24\2012: The Sun That Stood Over Gibeon
09\24\2012: Freemasonry And The Message
09\23\2012: Bless The Name Of The Lord
09\22\2012: Removal of Mold
09\22\2012: Cheating Death By Outliving Your Own Lifespan
09\21\2012: Preparing For Battle
09\20\2012: False Apostles
09\19\2012: The Priests Are At Fault For Leaving The Knowledge of God
09\18\2012: Blaspheming The Name of God Through Law
09\18\2012: 2000 Cities Worldwide
09\17\2012: The Sermon On The Mount- The Solid Foundation
09\16\2012: The Difference Between Law And Grace
09\15\2012: The Evil Doctrine
09\15\2012: Branham Messed Up ... Let s FIX it
09\15\2012: 1907 and Alexander Dowie
09\14\2012: Exalting Christ By Exalting Others
09\13\2012: The Ginormous Little Bride
09\12\2012: Rolling in Dog s Vomit After the Death of the Dog
09\11\2012: Do Not Forget The Gospel Of Jesus Christ
09\10\2012: Abiding In God Through Divine Love
09\09\2012: Imprisoned For Christ
09\08\2012: Going Beyond The Elementary Principals of the Law
09\07\2012: Do Not Go Beyond the Bible
09\06\2012: Paul and Peter s Argument
09\05\2012: Pure Joy in Christ
09\04\2012: Third Person of the Trinity
09\04\2012: Do Not Let Your Past Sins Drag You Down
09\03\2012: Forget About The Past Look Towards The Goal
09\02\2012: The Treasure To Be Revealed
09\01\2012: Paul s Astonishment
08\31\2012: Save Yourselves And Everyone Who Listens
08\30\2012: The Body Built By Love
08\29\2012: Made Perfect Through Christ
08\28\2012: Freed From The Law Walking in the New Law of the Spirit
08\27\2012: All Things Are Lawful to Lift Up One Another
08\26\2012: Search Us O God
08\25\2012: Take Assurance of Christ Through Faith
08\24\2012: Proud of our Weakness
08\23\2012: United We Are The Temple of God
08\22\2012: Once For All
08\21\2012: Encouragement of the Scriptures
08\19\2012: Let Our Enemies Believe The Sign
08\18\2012: The New Covenant- Christ Came to Fulfill The Law
08\17\2012: Praise God We re FREE
08\16\2012: Wisdom and Holy Spirit vs Witchcraft and Sorcery
08\16\2012: Mixing Law and Grace
08\15\2012: God s Wrath as Protection From False Prophets
08\14\2012: Vision Quest
08\14\2012: Calling Jesus a Liar by Denying Three Witnesses
08\13\2012: Paul s Warning To Avoid False Prophets
08\12\2012: Praising God for His Steadfast Love
08\12\2012: Our Stories - The Testimony of Jayman James
08\11\2012: The Eleventh Commandment
08\11\2012: Self-Made Religion of Asceticism
08\10\2012: Turning The Things of God Into An Idol
08\09\2012: The Worship of a Prophet
08\09\2012: The Marks of a Cult
08\09\2012: The Idolatry of Putting Our Faith In A Prophet
08\08\2012: Not One Word of God Will Fail
08\07\2012: Vision of the Plum and Apple Trees
08\07\2012: Let the Word of God Be True Though Every Man Is A Liar
08\06\2012: Vindication of the Lord
08\05\2012: Salvation for the Foreigners
08\04\2012: Vengeance is Mine Saith the Lord
08\03\2012: Was It An Angel
08\02\2012: Harmony Unity Love
08\01\2012: Praising God for His Protection and Safety
07\31\2012: Jesus the Everlasting Covenant
07\29\2012: Fortify Ourselves in God
07\28\2012: Untangling- I Will Be With You Even In You
07\27\2012: The Atonement For The Sins of the People
07\27\2012: Stature of a Mason Man
07\26\2012: The Nativity ... As Prophesied by Balaam
07\26\2012: Comfort and Strength from the Arm of the Lord
07\25\2012: The Everlasting Promise to Israel
07\24\2012: The War Man Cannot See
07\23\2012: The Sacrifice of the Unworthy
07\23\2012: Hello Miss Dog Meat
07\22\2012: Judging By Our Faithfulness
07\20\2012: Pleasing God Through A Worship-FIlled Music Ministry
07\19\2012: Untangling the Truth- Elijah
07\18\2012: The Deceived Prophets
07\17\2012: God Hates False Speak the Truth
07\16\2012: Comfort in the Coming Messiah
07\15\2012: Removing All Idolatry and Cleansing the Temple
07\13\2012: Women- From the Animal Kingdom s Point of View
07\13\2012: The Value of Wisdom
07\13\2012: Revelation 11- Elijah or Christ Your Decision
07\11\2012: For the Greater Good
07\10\2012: Like Mount Zion We Shall Not Be Moved
07\09\2012: The Good and the Bad
07\08\2012: Send Out God s Light and Truth
07\06\2012: Punishment For Speaking Against God s Children
07\06\2012: 1977- The Prophetic Prediction
07\05\2012: Responsibility of a Pastor
07\04\2012: The Converted Mexican General
07\04\2012: His Steadfast Love
07\03\2012: Waiting for the God of Salvation
07\03\2012: James E. McDonald
07\02\2012: Watching for His Return
07\01\2012: The Destruction of the Prideful
06\30\2012: God Will Never Abandon Us
06\29\2012: Our Accuser s Case Is With God Not Man
06\28\2012: The God of Judgement
06\27\2012: The Eternal Covenant of Peace
06\26\2012: The Appearance of Jesus Christ
06\26\2012: Failure to Teach The Truth
06\25\2012: Worshipping God in Times of Trouble
06\24\2012: The Story of the Exodus
06\23\2012: The Enemy s Powerful Weapon of Peace
06\22\2012: Give Glory Unto The Lord
06\21\2012: God Loves All Mankind
06\20\2012: Forgiveness for the Wicked
06\20\2012: Branham Taught From False Bible
06\19\2012: Learning God s Way By Waiting Upon the Lord
06\18\2012: The Moffatt Connection
06\18\2012: The King James Version
06\18\2012: Lamsa and the Gnostic Connection
06\18\2012: Going Through Trials Without Complaining
06\18\2012: Elohim or Yahweh
06\18\2012: Branham The Translator
06\17\2012: Heavenly Father s Day
06\16\2012: Wait for the Lord With Courage
06\16\2012: Is It Impossible To Believe All The Message
06\16\2012: David Forsberg WHAS Interview
06\15\2012: The Punishment of Uzziah
06\14\2012: The Coming King
06\13\2012: Highway to Heaven
06\12\2012: Kindness for the Poor
06\11\2012: The Beauty Contest
06\10\2012: The Hard Life of a Christian
06\10\2012: Blessed are the Forgiven
06\09\2012: Esau s Army
06\08\2012: The Mighty Power of God
06\07\2012: Miracles for Sale
06\07\2012: Blessings for Obedience
06\06\2012: The Song of Moses
06\05\2012: Battling The Enemy With God On Your Side
06\04\2012: Bright as the Noonday Sun
06\02\2012: Shepherd to the Lost Sheep
06\01\2012: An Example of Christ
05\31\2012: Be Ready for Good Work
05\30\2012: Return to the Lord
05\29\2012: Turn From Dead Works
05\28\2012: Repaying Evil with Divine Love
05\27\2012: Sharing the Load With Others
05\25\2012: Stewards of God s Grace
05\24\2012: The Life of a True Christian
05\24\2012: Response to WHAS comments
05\23\2012: My Soul Thirsts for God
05\22\2012: What Is the Second Coming of Christ
05\22\2012: The Lor.... William Branham hath SPOKEN
05\22\2012: The Heritage of Being God s Servant
05\22\2012: Prophets Are Likened To Eagles
05\22\2012: Luke 17-30
05\22\2012: Fabricated Statistics- To What Purpose
05\21\2012: The Municipal Bridge Prophecy
05\21\2012: The God Who Sends Comfort To The Righteous
05\20\2012: Let All Men Know The Lord Is God And None Else
05\19\2012: The Overpriced Cardboard Suitcase of Idolatry
05\19\2012: Response To Misleading Letter
05\19\2012: Rejoice His Eye Is Upon Us
05\18\2012: The Prosper of the Wicked
05\17\2012: Serving God s Purpose
05\17\2012: Questions for a Counterfeit Message
05\16\2012: Praise God for Help and Strength
05\15\2012: The Truth Will Stand Against Scrutiny
05\15\2012: The Bully on the Platform
05\15\2012: Florence Nightingale
05\15\2012: Consecrating Ourselves to God
05\14\2012: The Violence of an Angry Jesus
05\13\2012: Comfort from the Lord
05\12\2012: Paul s Sermon Telling Us To Grow Up
05\12\2012: An Open Letter to the Branham Tabernacle - Update
05\11\2012: Paul s Warning
05\10\2012: The Rainbow of the Covenant
05\09\2012: Moses Warns of Idolatry
05\09\2012: 65-0718M TRYING.TO.DO.GOD.A.SERVICE
05\09\2012: 65-0711 ASHAMED
05\09\2012: 65-0429E THE.CHOOSING.OF.A.BRIDE
05\09\2012: 65-0426 PROVING.HIS.WORD
05\09\2012: 65-0424 ONE.IN.A.MILLION
05\09\2012: 65-0418M IT.IS.THE.RISING.OF.THE.SUN
05\09\2012: 65-0418E DOES.GOD.EVER.CHANGE.HIS.MIND
05\08\2012: William Blake and William Branham
05\08\2012: The Name of Jesus
05\08\2012: Judging All the Sheep Because of the Bad Ones
05\08\2012: 65-0410 THE.EASTER.SEAL
05\08\2012: 65-0221M MARRIAGE.AND.DIVORCE
05\08\2012: 65-0221E WHO.IS.THIS.MELCHISEDEC
05\08\2012: 65-0220 GOD S.CHOSEN.PLACE.OF.WORSHIP
05\07\2012: Slandering John Wesley
05\07\2012: Mercy Towards Our Enemies
05\06\2012: William Sowders and Branham
05\06\2012: Spiritual Gifts- MSG Churches are falling behind
05\06\2012: Seek the Lord
05\06\2012: El Shaddai or a Semetic Godess
05\05\2012: Why Did WMB Forget Esther
05\05\2012: Praising God with Happiness
05\05\2012: Eliminate Conflicting History- Congressman Upshaw
05\05\2012: 65-0206 DOORS.IN.DOOR
05\05\2012: 65-0123 BROKEN.CISTERNS
05\05\2012: 65-0119 THE.GOD.WHO.IS.RICH.IN.MERCY
05\05\2012: 65-0118 Seed of Discrepency
05\04\2012: Man Up Dress for Action like a Man
05\04\2012: 65-0117 A Paradox
05\04\2012: 63-0115 Accepting God s Provided Way At The End
05\03\2012: Justly Kindly Humbly
05\02\2012: Choose This Day- God or Idols
05\01\2012: Sexual Addiction and Religion
05\01\2012: PTSD and Religion
05\01\2012: Our Stories - Shunned By The Message
05\01\2012: OCD and the Church
05\01\2012: Not Allowing Questions Causing NPD
05\01\2012: Keeping One s Healing By Faith
05\01\2012: Give God the Blessing Forever and Ever
05\01\2012: Fibromyalgia and Legalism
05\01\2012: Depression- Offer Help Not Hurt
05\01\2012: Antisocial Personality Disorder and Physical Abuse
04\30\2012: Fibromyalgia and the Message
04\30\2012: Come Lord Jesus
04\29\2012: See God and Live
04\28\2012: Truth and Love Through the Father and the Son
04\27\2012: The Scroll Written To Israel
04\27\2012: Our Stories - The Testimony Of Jennifer Collins
04\26\2012: For Love or Death
04\25\2012: Walking in the Truth
04\24\2012: Forgetting the Temple of the Lord
04\23\2012: Where the Corpse is the Vultures Will Gather
04\23\2012: Turning Jesus Away
04\22\2012: Hiding Your Faith in a Hole
04\22\2012: A Snapshot In Time
04\21\2012: Lamps Running Out of Oil
04\20\2012: Warning of False Prophets
04\20\2012: Tithing Verses Giving
04\20\2012: Helping Each Other on the Journey
04\19\2012: The Seven Woes of Today
04\19\2012: Plagiarism of Clarence Larkin
04\18\2012: The Two Commandments That Are The Foundation
04\18\2012: Sitting on OVER A HUNDRED MILLION BUCKS
04\17\2012: Holding Onto the Root of All Evil
04\16\2012: Caught With Their Wedding Garments Down
04\15\2012: We Are Workers In The Vineyard
04\14\2012: Lower Than The Prostitutes
04\13\2012: The Authority of Jesus
04\12\2012: Robbing the Poor To Feed the Rich
04\11\2012: The Importance of Keeping One s Healing
04\11\2012: Jesus the Prophet
04\10\2012: The Less Fortunate
04\10\2012: A Dove of Deception
04\10\2012: 1977- The End of the World or the Year of Jubilee
04\09\2012: What Cult Leaders Have In Common
04\09\2012: To Serve Or To Be Served
04\09\2012: That Short Time You Might Be Punished In Hell
04\09\2012: Overpowering Jesus - Part 2
04\09\2012: Overpowering Jesus
04\09\2012: Forget Russia Watch Blasphemy
04\08\2012: Jesus Has Risen
04\07\2012: The Vineyard
04\06\2012: The First and the Last
04\05\2012: On Marriage and Divorce
04\04\2012: Forgiving Others Without Hesitation
04\03\2012: Vision 6- California will Sink Beneath the Ocean
04\03\2012: Vision 5- Woman or the Catholic Church Will Rule
04\03\2012: Vision 4- Egg-Shaped Cars Driving Themselves
04\03\2012: Vision 3- The Siegfried Line … or Maginot Line
04\03\2012: Vision 2- Mussolini
04\03\2012: Vision 1- Franklin D. Roosevelt
04\03\2012: Thus Saith the Lord
04\03\2012: That Very Day Israel Became a Nation
04\03\2012: Humility Like a Child
04\03\2012: Divine Revelation or Clarence Larkin
04\03\2012: Alfred Pohl Interview Feb. 21 1990
04\02\2012: Healing by Faith in Jesus Christ
04\01\2012: Would We Recognize Jesus
04\01\2012: Peer Pressure- I Believe Because Others Do
03\31\2012: Upon the Rock
03\31\2012: Shhhhhhhhhh Don t Tell Anyone
03\31\2012: I Predict that a great fish will swallow Jonah
03\31\2012: Churchianity vs. Christianity
03\30\2012: Signs from Heaven
03\29\2012: Vain Worship
03\29\2012: Teaching on Moses
03\29\2012: Altar Calls Through Fear
03\28\2012: Wisdom in Christ
03\27\2012: Mysteries Out Of Context
03\27\2012: A Legion of Witness
03\26\2012: Saving the Saved
03\25\2012: Persecuted for Christ
03\24\2012: Rejoice in the Word
03\23\2012: Eat Drink and Be Merry With God s Gift
03\23\2012: Brother Paul Cain
03\22\2012: Spread the Word
03\21\2012: Fruits of the Spirit
03\21\2012: A Boy Raised To Life In Finland
03\20\2012: With Not One Valid Prophecy Was There A Prophet
03\20\2012: Teachers of Wisdom
03\19\2012: Jesus Christ is our High Priest
03\18\2012: The Man Christ Jesus
03\18\2012: Our Stories - Freedom
03\17\2012: Let our Love Continue
03\16\2012: The Important Letter of Love
03\16\2012: Our Stories - The Testimony of Sister Maya Pugatova
03\16\2012: Our Stories - The Testimony Of Brother Valery Orlov
03\16\2012: Our Stories - The Testimony of Brother Ivan Turoff
03\15\2012: Wisdom Through Knowledge
03\15\2012: The Message Inside View 2010
03\15\2012: Brother Joseph Branham
03\14\2012: Marvelous Faith
03\14\2012: Brother Smith
03\14\2012: Brother Santiago
03\14\2012: Brother Jim Jones
03\14\2012: Branham Taught the Trinity
03\12\2012: Which Nurse
03\12\2012: Judas Iscariot In Heaven With Us
03\12\2012: Bro. Branham Won t Be in the Kingdom of the Lord
03\12\2012: Blameless Before Others
03\11\2012: Smoking Man s Filter
03\11\2012: Really You re Pulling My Leg
03\11\2012: Love That Attracts Sinners
03\10\2012: What is the Message
03\10\2012: Perfect Love
03\10\2012: Brother Thomas
03\10\2012: Brother Danquah
03\10\2012: Brother Byskal
03\09\2012: The Message of Love
03\09\2012: Message in Johannesburg
03\09\2012: Latter Rain and Healing
03\09\2012: Brother Rudin
03\09\2012: Brother Asher
03\08\2012: Judging the Drinkers
03\08\2012: Do not Judge Others
03\07\2012: WMB s Big Lie- Paralyzed from Faking Sickness
03\07\2012: Siegfried Line Vision
03\07\2012: Pillar of Fire Deemed Supernatural by the FBI
03\07\2012: Marilyn Monroe Vision of a Heart Attack
03\07\2012: Back to the Original Faith
03\06\2012: Faith Without Actions
03\06\2012: A Pardon Not Accepted
03\05\2012: Two Visitations from the Angel
03\05\2012: Those Blessed FBI Agents
03\04\2012: The Visions Discernment Healings Prophecies
03\04\2012: The Correct Way to Have Faith
03\03\2012: After the Storm
03\02\2012: No Other Gospel
03\02\2012: Jeffersonville History
03\01\2012: Speaking in Tongues Movement
03\01\2012: Continual Sanctification
02\29\2012: The Second Resurrection Before The Ressurection
02\29\2012: The Root of All Evil
02\28\2012: How an Angel Came to Me
02\28\2012: Gifts and Callings are Without Repentance
02\28\2012: Bringing the Hearts Back to the Fathers
02\27\2012: Faith Comes by Hearing the Word of God
02\26\2012: Receive Chastening with Joy
02\25\2012: New Covenant
02\24\2012: Heirs of Salvation
02\23\2012: Preach a Sermon Through Your Actions
02\22\2012: Do Our Actions Deny God
02\21\2012: Said the Clay to the Potter
02\20\2012: Repentance Leads to Salvation
02\19\2012: Accept the Gift of Grace by Faith in Jesus Christ
02\18\2012: I Was Not Disobedient
02\17\2012: Baptism Required for the Holy Ghost
02\16\2012: Culture and Custom of the Jews
02\15\2012: Different Jesus
02\14\2012: Hymenaeus and Alexander
02\13\2012: Greatest Gift is Love
02\12\2012: The Large Body of Christ
02\11\2012: Puffed Up
02\10\2012: Not Ashamed
02\09\2012: Deceive The Very Elect If Possible
02\08\2012: The Message
02\07\2012: Excommunication
02\06\2012: Vindication of a True Prophet
02\06\2012: Signs of the Time